Friday Night Multimedia Extravaganza!

Thom: The G.O.P.’s plans for the 2016 election.

SlateTV: Cory Booker starts his food stamp odyssey.

Former Sen. Alan Simpson goes all Gangnam style.

Maddow: FreedomWorks loses it’s Dick Armey.

The War On Xmas™:

Sam Seder: Stoopid Republicans think the election was stolen by (the non-existent) ACORN.

Thom with The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Supercacaneously Ugly.

SlateTV: Hillary Clinton laughs off Presidential talk.

Red State Update: Romney and Obama have lunch.

Sam Seder: Teabaggers lose their Dick Armey.

Thom: The Good, The Bad, and The Very, Very Ugly.

Fiscal Cliff Notes:

Thom with The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Potomaniacly Ugly.

Washington State Issuing marriage licenses for same-sex couples (via Crooks and Liars).

Jon does Gov. Chris Christie.

Truth in advertising: Exxon hates your children (via Slog).

FAUX News sidelines Rove and Morris:

Thom and Pap: Teabaggers are the GOP’s “invasive species”.

Martin Bashir: Romney Surrogates using the same feckless & offensive talking points.

Lunatic Congressman Gohmert casts sole vote against striking “lunatic” from laws.

White House: West Wing Week.

Shitting upon the Disabled:

Ezra Klein: Republicans resume their War on Workers.

Sharpton: Obama honors ‘living legends’ at the Kennedy Center.

SlateTV: Senator Ashley Judd?

O’Donnell: 51% of voters want Michelle Obama for Senator.

From Teabagger to Moneybagger:

Jon: Republicans haven’t learned a damn thing (via Slog).

Young Turks: Ed Asner’s anti-trickle down video.

Pap: Cut the Tea Party cancer out of USA.

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  1. 3

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    I guess if you have no talent and no cred, you have to say outrageous things to get attention and a following.

    Roger Rabbit Commentary: I wonder how many people remember that during the Vietnam War, military pay was so low that the families of many of the soldiers fighting in Southeast Asia had to live on food stamps and welfare?

    According to Ted Nugent, who dodged the draft, these folks shouldn’t have been allowed to vote because they’re “takers.”

  2. 4

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Speaking of “takers” …

    “He has had two wives and has eight children, including three out of wedlock in two liaisons almost 30 years apart. In the late 1960s, prior to his first marriage, Nugent fathered a boy, Ted (Mann) and a girl, whom he gave up for adoption in infancy. This did not become public knowledge until 2010. The siblings were adopted separately and had no contact with one another. The son learned the identity of his birth father in 2010 through the daughter’s quest to make contact with him and their birth parents. According to a news report, Nugent over the years had discussed the existence of these children with his other children.

    “In 2005 Nugent was involved in a legal battle for not paying enough child support for a child he had out of wedlock in 1995. It was finally resolved when Nugent was ordered to pay $3,500 per month in child support. …

    “In 1978, Nugent began a relationship with seventeen-year-old Hawaii native Pele Massa. Due to the age difference they could not marry so Nugent joined Massa’s parents in signing documents to make himself her legal guardian, an arrangement that Spin magazine ranked in October 2000 as #63 on their list of the ‘100 Sleaziest Moments in Rock’.”

    How Nugent evaded the draft isn’t exactly known, because his story keeps changing.

    Roger Rabbit Commentary: What a swine. Why does anyone listen to this guy?

  3. 5

    wharfrat spews:

    Now that the Supremes have decided to take up Prop.8 and DOMA will they come up with their own Dred Scott?

  4. 6

    Geov spews:

    I happen to speak Mandarin, and for anyone who watches the Chinese take on the War on Christmas: that’s not a parody. It’s meant as a completely serious “news” report, apparently compiled by Chinese Fox News fans. I’m feeling a little better about the PRC’s persecution of Christians now…

  5. 7

    MikeBoyScout spews:

    Hey, did you know that EVERY WA Republican Congress critter is OK with you and your employer paying higher taxes in 2013?

    Not only has the Republican House leadership [looking at YOU, Cathy McMorris-Rodgers!]
    denied the House to vote on extending the middle class tax cut after deciding to end their work week on Wednesday, but our WA reps refuse to sign the discharge petition.

    Call your WA Republican rep and demand that s/he end the Middle Class Hostage Crisis!

  6. 8

    Mrs. Rabbit spews:

    6. I don’t feel good about persecution of Christmas, Christians or any other religion in fect. Persecution may start with Christians but where and who will the next religious target be?

    Merry Christmas Geov

  7. 9


    Haven’t looked at TH’s report on the Gooper’s plans for 2016 but I can only hope it’s:

    double, triple, quadruple.. infinity down.. on the

    How “conservative” a strategy that would be indeed..

  8. 11

    Politically Incorrect spews:

    I’m worried that some of the less wise among the cannabis users here in WA are going to make the feds get involved in a nasty way. Flaunting the law will piss-off the DEA royally.

    Cannabis users: a little discretion, please! don’t fuck-up a major victory by showing your ass in public!

  9. 12

    MikeBoyScout spews:

    We sort of all knew and understood this, but it is nice to know science has confirmed it.

    Intelligence Institute Study shows Fox News viewers have an IQ that is 20 points lower than the U.S. National average

    I thought this was the most hilarious part of the news story

    P. Nichols concludes that he wasn’t shocked by the studies’ results, rather how dramatic their range. “Several previous studies show that self-identified conservatives are less intelligent than self-identified moderates. We have never seen such a homogeneous group teetering so close to special needs levels.

  10. 13

    MikeBoyScout spews:

    @11 Usually Incorrect,

    You needn’t worry. Consuming cannabis in public is no more likely to hold back the tide than public consumption of alcohol is likely to bring back Prohibition.

  11. 15

    No time for Fascists spews:

    I have to remember the links to the Cory Booker Food stamp stories for every time our conservatives yammer how good and easy it is to be on food stamps.
    To read it, it seems the system is successful in making it miserable and unpleasant for the recipients.
    Society: “We will keep you all alive but you better be miserable to earn our largess.”

  12. 16

    No time for Fascists spews:

    Why won’t Republicans help force a vote on the floor on extending middle class tax breaks? Rep. John Duncan (R-TN) explains:

    He’s for keeping the tax break for the middle class, he “voted for that.” But he won’t sign a discharge petition on the bill that will actually make it happen because “I’m not going to give control of the floor to Democrats.”

    And there you have it.
    Republicans at work.

  13. 17

    No time for Fascists spews:

    I don’t pay Nugent any attention because he always seemed like an unpleasant fanatic, but this makes him seem like a spectacular asshole too.

  14. 20

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    SEC Investigates Bankster For Insider Trading

    The Feds are after this guy in a big way and he’s looking more like jail bait every day.

    Roger Rabbit Commentary: Cheat at elections, cheat on Wall Street, it’s what rich white guys love to do.

  15. 21

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    A JP Morgan Chase banker told me yesterday that veterans get their “Premiere” account services, which normally cost $25 a month, free.

  16. 22

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Where is everybody today? Did the trolls drop dead? Is everyone at Seattle Center smoking tokes?

  17. 23

    MikeBoyScout spews:

    @22 Roger,
    Obama’s hypnotic mind control has made them catatonic. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  18. 24

    EvergreenRailfan spews:

    Don’t know where to post this, but tonight in Cheney, Eastern Washington University Eagles had a tough fight with the Illinois State Redbirds for the quarterfinals in the NCAA Division 1 FCS for a little while, then pulled ahead, to win 51-35, to advance to the Semis. EWU will play Sam Houston State University, on the Inferno at Roos Field in Cheney, on Saturday.

  19. 27

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Guns Don’t Kill People Dep’t

    “A 7-year-old boy was fatally shot by his father outside a gun shop in western Pennsylvania, according to a Pennsylvania State Police report.”

    Roger Rabbit Commentary: We all know guns don’t kill people. It takes a stupid human of the short who shouldn’t have guns to kill his own kid by accident.

  20. 28

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Hugo Chavez’s cancer has returned, he’s going to Cuba again for more surgery, and he has designated his successor.

  21. 29

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    I read an article today in a business magazine that made a light bulb go on between my long pink ears.

    The GOP’s opposition to raising taxes on the rich isn’t about protecting the rich at all. It’s about deliberately creating huge deficits in order to force spending cuts on programs they hate, like Social Security and Medicare.

    When you understand this, Romney’s campaign promise to increase defense spending while cutting taxes even more makes perfect sense, because that makes the deficits even larger, which increases pressure on the public to demand that Congress cut entitlements, and makes those cuts seem necessary and inevitable.

    This means the “fiscal cliff” negotiations aren’t just about deficits. Republicans don’t want to reduce deficits, because that’s their leverage to impose entitlement cuts. Higher revenues and smaller deficits would kick that stool from under them.

    It follows that the “fiscal cliff” battle is an Alamo of sorts conservatives, because if they lose the fight to keep taxes from going up and deficits from going down, that’s the ballgame. In this game, compromise is retreat, if not defeat.

    That’s why I think there won’t be a compromise and we’ll go over the cliff on January 1.

  22. 30

    Liberal Scientist is a Dirty Fucking Socialist Hippie spews:

    Absolutely true.

    Essential to their dogma is demonstrating that government is bad in every way. This takes many forms, including what you describe – bankrupting the government so that its role in leveling the playing field and providing a safety net is obliterated.


    They want to make government ‘other’, and then eviscerate it, so that there is a small slice of very wealthy and teeming masses of desperate, powerless serfs to provide free labor.

    Government is a working person’s best defense against rapacious rich greed-heads.

  23. 31

    Herzog spews:

    @29 – that’s why the GOPers spend like drunken sailors when they’re in the white house and whine about the deficit when they’re not. Its never been about the deficit.

  24. 33

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Mass Shooting Of The Day (TM)

    A California man killed three adults and wounded three children (including his two young daughters) before being wounded and captured in a police shootout.

    Roger Rabbit Commentary: It’s obvious some people shouldn’t have guns; but some Republicans think anyone should be able to get a gun without a background check, and carry it anywhere without a permit. Why would anyone who loves their children vote for Republicans? Unfortunately, some people hate their children, so you’ve gotta expect Republicans will get some votes in every election.

  25. 34


    Paid almost 3.21/gallon for gas today at Costco..

    What happened to $10/gallon gas due to the “socialist” policies of Obama and his Obamacare?

  26. 35

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @34 Election’s over, and Romney lost, so the Rethugs who own the refineries and pipelines (see, e.g., Koch Bros.) let it fall back to the market price.

  27. 38

    EvergreenRailfan spews:

    Roger Rabbit@25, it has, but for a football game, playoff game no less, that was a high scoring game. I was expecting it to be close, same against Wagner. Probably be a more closer football score in the game against Sam Houston State. I remember when I was working at the Kingdome, there was a Mariner game where the score looked a little like a football game, 22-6. Sportscasters joked that Detroit(who they played) missed the extra point!

  28. 39

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @38 I remember going to a Mariners game where the Mariners were losing 11-1 after the first inning. That was back when they were really bad. Shit, the front office should have canned those guys, and brought in a Little League team. The kids would have done better.

  29. 40

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    As the fiscal cliff negotiations continue, remember this: The House is an undemocratic body. I can prove it.

    Last month, Democratic House candidates won 56,056,564 votes, while Republicans won 55,028,230 votes, but Republicans got 234 seats to the Democrats’ 201. How can a party that loses by a million votes get 16% more seats???

    In Pennsylvania, Michigan, and North Carolina, Democrats won more votes than Republicans, but here’s how those states’ House seats are distributed: Republicans 31, Democrats 13.

    How is this possible? Gerrymandering.

    Republicans may control the House, but they don’t represent the American people. They have a House majority, but they don’t have legitimacy.

    As the “fiscal cliff” negotiations continue, if some wingnut tries to tell you “the American people” elected the GOP house majority, you should say to him, “No, they didn’t.” Those Republicans chose themselves. Our country doesn’t want them.

  30. 41

    EvergreenRailfan spews:

    Roger Rabbit@40,

    THe Gerrymandering issue is one of the reasons I have always supported a couple forms of Proportional Representation, at the very least, Ranked Choice Voting, combined with taking the redistricting out of the hands of the partisan legislators. Washington worked out O.K this time, with the 1st, 2nd, 6th, 7th, 9th, and 10th Congressional Districts in the hands of the Democrats. Arizona, I think the Governor there was on too something when she had the head of the Independent Redistricting Commission impeached, they were drawing districts that at the very least were competitive. The Democrats took 5 of 9 there.

    THe forms of Proportional Representation I would prefer is the Irish systm(Single Transferable VOte in multi-seat districts, could be as few as 3 seats, or in the case of the Australian Senate, 6-12), or the German System(Mixed Member Proportional, single-seat districts combined with proportional party slate), and the parties could see as a compromise the Japanese system(Mixed Member Majoritarian with the party vote only counting towards proportional seats).

  31. 42

    Liberal Scientist is a Dirty Fucking Socialist Hippie spews:


    The Senate is even worse – it’s a miracle it’s in Democratic hands. How can the people of Wyoming and North Dakota have as much say as those in California and New York?

    Our government is only marginally and superficially democratic (small ‘d’). Imagine the government we would have if it were really responsive to the citizenry?