Will Pastor Joe Fuiten evict retired ministers and steal their homes?

I’ve only read the New Testament cover to cover once (and I have to admit it was more an exercise in opposition research than it was a journey of spiritual discovery) so correct me if I’m wrong, but I seem to remember Christ teaching things like charity, loving thy neighbor, feeding and clothing the poor… you know, social justice stuff like that.

Thus it came as bit of a surprise to learn that Pastor Joe Fuiten — who routinely jostles with Reverend Ken Hutcherson for the role of Washington state’s loudest defender of Christian values — is in the process of turning retired ministers and missionaries out of their homes and onto the streets. I dunno… doesn’t sound very Christian to me.

I’m referring to the longtime residents of the Cedar Springs Bible Camp near Lake Stevens, who over the past thirty years, and with the Camp’s active encouragement and support, have built conventional homes on leased lots in the Camp’s five-acre residential area, and who have volunteered many hours of their time to Camp improvement projects.

The Camp leased lots only to “qualified tenants” with the stated purpose of providing low-cost, year-round residency to both active and retired Assemblies of God ministers, missionaries and lay people. Monthly leases remained low, sporadically rising by no more than 15 dollars a month from $10.50 per month in 1966 to $150.00 per month in 2004. Leases had historically been renewed annually at the option of the tenant.

That is until Pastor Fuiten’s mega-church, the Cedar Park Assembly of God, purchased the Bible Camp in 2005.

In September of 2005, Fuiten’s church offered residents a new lease that would increase rents by 83% over three years, a particular burden on the Camp’s retired seniors living on low, fixed incomes. But the most devastating alteration of the lease terms under Fuiten’s management was the elimination of the option to renew… destroying the resident’s resale value, and forcing them to abandon their houses and improvements in the event the leases are not renewed.

Under the terms of the new lease, there is only one potential buyer for the residents’ homes — Pastor Fuiten’s mega-church — which would be unjustly enriched should it choose to terminate the leases, or the tenants be unable to afford the new terms.

The residents have filed suit in Snohomish County Superior Court, and while I have no idea how the judge will rule, I’m pretty damn sure that if it were up to Christ, he’d feel a tad uncomfortable evicting a bunch of retired ministers and stealing their homes.

So now that the residents’ plight has been publicized, the question remains: what will Pastor Joe Fuiten do?


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    Roger Rabbit spews:


    “Donngeddon is back”

    I sure hope so! I’m a big Donnageddon fan!! Donnageddon rocks!!!

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    Roger Rabbit spews:


    PS, I notice you misspelled “Donnageddon” which maybe is why your Google search doesn’t work.

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    See BS - I Love that Station spews:

    I SEE BS I call it.


    Left Turn
    Carl Grossman

    BTW, why do liberals use the term NEO-CON? We never used that term at SEE BS. It was degrading and it opend us up to attack. Did you see our HERO Mike Wallace interview Whackmeoffjob in Iran. That was a great interview!

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    The Socialist spews:

    well the republicans are for social justice. They are working feverishly to get rid of that horrible nasty mean millionaire inheritance tax . Heavies to Betsy they might have to move out of a 125 room mansion to a 120 room mansion!!!!!

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    Roger Rabbit spews:


    Benjamin, you are absolutely right — refusal to answer for what they do is the linchpin of both fundamentalist religious extremism and rightwing political extremism, which almost invariably coincide in the same bodies politic.

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    Mike Webb Sucks spews:

    MyLeftFoot@8 The poster who is currently posting as MWS is also identifiable as Puddybuddy. He has identified himself as “Darrell” and shared with us that he is “A Sabbath Keeper”. I’m not sure exactly what he means by this, whether he is some flavor of “Messianic Jew” or Seventh Day Adventist, or even further out in the ozone layer like David Khoresh, but he shares many characteristics of the hard right whackjobs of several religions, Christian, Jewish or Islamic. Fanatics tend to blend into one, whether they are Christian Enthusiasticks, Likudnik Ultra-hawks, or militant Jihadist Shiites. Commentby Tree Frog Farmer— 8/16/06@ 5:50 pm

    KillatreeFrog: Since you claim I am Puddy, how can you prove this? My blogging is no where the level of his. Unlike you who uses the same names for your political enemies, you have no proof.

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    Tree Frog Farmer spews:

    MyLeftFoot@8 The poster who is currently posting as MWS is also identifiable as Puddybuddy. He has identified himself as “Darrell” and shared with us that he is “A Sabbath Keeper”. I’m not sure exactly what he means by this, whether he is some flavor of “Messianic Jew” or Seventh Day Adventist, or even further out in the ozone layer like David Khoresh, but he shares many characteristics of the hard right whackjobs of several religions, Christian, Jewish or Islamic. Fanatics tend to blend into one, whether they are Christian Enthusiasticks, Likudnik Ultra-hawks, or militant Jihadist Shiites.

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    LeftTurn spews:

    Another good reason that all those people trying to kill Christians in the old days should have done a better job!

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    Mike Webb Sucks spews:

    SEE BS: That’s all LeftHisTurdBehindLostHisBrain can do, post BS. In his case the old adage is nothing ventured and nothing gained! His posts are nothing and hi gains nothing. Even ArtFart whom I quietly disagree with vehemently disagrees with LeftHisTurdBehindLostHisBrain.

    I guess Goldie needs a lefty whipping boy, so his posts look like a choir boy next to LeftHisTurdBehindLostHisBrain!

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    pbj spews:

    A Jew like Goldstein meddling in the affairs of Christians. I dunno…doesn’t sound very Jew-Like to me. Most Jews tend to follow the tenets of their religion and keep their noses out of the business of other religions.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Hey rightys! How’s your “nation building” experiment working out?

    “Afghan Opium Cultivation Hits a Record

    “Published: August 16, 2006
    “Filed at 3:06 p.m. ET

    “KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Opium cultivation in Afghanistan has hit record levels — up by more than 40 percent from 2005 — despite hundreds of millions in counternarcotics money, Western officials told The Associated Press.

    “The increase could have serious repercussions for an already grave security situation, with drug lords joining the Taliban-led fight against Afghan and international forces.

    “A Western anti-narcotics official in Kabul said about 370,650 acres of opium poppy was cultivated this season — up from 257,000 acres in 2005 — citing their preliminary crop projections. The previous record was 323,700 acres in 2004, according to the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime. …

    “The U.N. reported last year that Afghanistan produced an estimated 4,500 tons of opium — enough to make 450 tons of heroin — nearly 90 percent of world supply.

    “This year’s preliminary findings indicate a failure in attempts to eradicate poppy cultivation and continuing corruption among provincial officials and police — problems acknowledged by President Hamid Karzai.

    “Karzai told Fortune magazine in a recent interview that ‘lots of people’ in his administration profited from the narcotics trade ….

    “The U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime estimate that opium accounted for 52 percent of Afghanistan’s gross domestic product in 2005.

    “‘Now what they have is a narco-economy. If they do not get corruption sorted they can slip into being a narco-state,’ the U.S. official warned.

    “Opium cultivation has surged since the ouster of the Taliban in late 2001 … officials say Taliban-led militants are now implicated in the drug trade … using the proceeds to help fund their insurgency.

    “‘(That) kind of revenue from that kind of crop aids and abets the enemy,’ Chief Master Sgt. Curtis L. Brownhill, a senior adviser to the head of the U.S. Central Command, during a recent visit to Afghanistan. …

    “Afghanistan has seen its deadliest bout of fighting this year since U.S.-backed forces toppled the Taliban …. Officials believe the insurgency, most vicious in the south — Afghanistan’s main poppy belt — includes die-hard Taliban, warlords and drug lords and smugglers.”

    This article is excerpted under the Fair Use doctrine; for complete story and/or copyright info, see http://tinyurl.com/jgpat

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    RUFUS Fitzgerald Kennedy spews:

    Before I forget:


    Was the Jew killer a conservative or liberal. In the Seattle Times we have the following quote:

    Haq’s friend said he couldn’t believe the timid, “geeky” man he knew from the tutoring center was capable of such violence.

    “Are you sure we’re talking about the same person?” he said Sunday………….

    He said Haq was not a devout Muslim and often complained that the Tri-Cities were too politically conservative.

    “I’m beginning to think I was his only friend in the Tri-Cities. I don’t recall him hanging out with anybody else.”

    Now for the other side we turn to Goldy’s story from two weeks ago:


    Ah it looks like the story was all a bunch of hot air. Well there you have it. Enjoy all you Nazi Libs.

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    See BS - I Love that Station spews:

    Remember Tree Frog Puddy is black. I assume MWS is white. Totally different writing style. While you are at it, you sometimes write like the HCYBPTBAK accusation of the eunuch dj!

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    proud leftist spews:

    Goldy seems to have a better understanding of the Gospel message than does the good Reverend Fuiten. Of course, charlatans like Fuiten and Hucherson are first and foremost political beings who crave power, not men of the Gospel. Their political beliefs inform their faith, not the other way around.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:


    Leave it to pbj to dump some anti-Semitic toxic waste into this thread. Don’t forget to put on your swastika armband when you do it, pbj.

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    My Left Foot spews:

    JCH at too many too mention for far too long:

    I am sure that JCH is going to justify the good Rev’s actions by calling him a producer. Just because you have the right, does not mean you ARE right. I believe that we all have a responsibility to act in the interest of our fellow man whenever possible. It seems to me that it is possible in this instance.

    I spent a good part of my evening last night asking you come to Seattle on my dime. The offer stands.

    Until you identify yourself, though others have done so here and quite accurately I might add, on your own here, your words fall on deaf ears. You aren’t changing anyone’s mind, you are just giving yourself a hard-on. No one is impressed except you.

    You can do all the Tookie jokes, homosexual references and toilet humor you wish, but unless and until you stand behind your hate filled mantra, you have no credibility.

    Sir, you are no former officer. No former officer I know behaves in a manner mirroring your actions and words. Your ignorance is exceeded only by lack of intelligence and sensitivity to your fellow humans.

    That said, I will no longer address you or answer the hyperbolic bullshit that eminates from what passes as your mind.

    I would encourage all HA posters to do the same and ignore JCH. Eventually, like Mr Cyniclown and SoupySales, he will wander off and attempt to feed his wildly undeserved ego elsewhere.

    Thank you.

    Carl Grossman
    Liberal, Democrat, Patriot, and really done feeding into the conservative sides crapola.

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    Vurz spews:

    Pastor Joe Fuiten seems to have taken his “Christianity” from the ‘new’ version I’ve been reading about in the last few years.

    In that version:

    God wants you to be rich. Jesus didn’t mean YOU when he was talking about camel’s eyes.
    Poor people are lazy, they need to all go away and stop embarrassing the rest of us.
    Jesus didn’t mean that regular people should follow the ‘Golden Rule’, he only wanted his apostles to follow it while teaching.

    He didn’t mean it when he said:
    Love thy enemy
    Turn the other cheek
    Give them your cloak as well as you coat.

    What he really meant was:
    Make your enemy feel bad and embarrassed so the people around will look down on your enemy.

    When he said:
    Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.

    What he meant was:
    You must be a producer to be worth anything.

    When he said:
    But when you give a feast, invite the poor, the maimed, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed, because they cannot repay you. You will be repaid at the resurrection of the just.

    What he really meant was:
    Poor people are really lazy, they should just go away and stop being an embarrassment to the rest of us.

    When he said:
    And when thou pray, thou shall not be as the hypocrites are: for
    they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. But thou, when thou pray, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret

    What he meant was:
    You must pray on the cover of Time magazine. You must also publicly pray loudly and in the biggest church you can build. This is the only way you can show me honor.

    Luckily, for those of Reverend Fuiten’s faith, Jesus did promise them their just reward after death.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Hey, JUST KIDDING!!! If Coulter can crack jokes about “executing” people, why can’t I? Sure, it’s sick, but what the hell — why should Republicans have a monopoly on sick jokes? After all, lots of people laugh and applaud at HER sick jokes, so why shouldn’t I try for audience approval the same way? Republicans want a monopoly on every fucking thing.

  19. 24

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    That’s why we liberals — as a force external to their religious and political communities — must enforce accountability. Let’s start with some public hangings.

  20. 25

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Republicans are keeping electronic voting machines in reserve, in case voter suppression tactics don’t get the job done.

    Another lawsuit seeks the decertification of “paperless” voting machines used in 58 of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties. A similar lawsuit forced New Mexico to use optical scan ballots, and lawsuits against electronic voting machines have been filed in several other states (including Washington, California, Arizona, and Colorado).

    For story, see http://tinyurl.com/kg4ha

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    See BS - I Love that Station spews:

    Looks like the morning BS started last night with post #59.

    Carl: You have hangups. You should let them go. You should look at life and SEE the BS on your side. Hypocrites like Loony Lamont are changing his stripes because he’s now losing support after the potential English bombers were caught. Don’t you get it? No, rhetorical question Carl.

    As per your commentary on your life, I have seen each and every right side poster from Christmasghost who lost her niece, to Yossarian be attacked for their heritage, their children, their spouses and their lifestyles. The great sgmmac, 30 years in our glorious military is called smegma. You know what smegma is Carl? Since you have other knowledgebase issues you better look it up. Your post#59 is the most SEE BS I viewed in a long time. You could come and work for us at SEE BS!

    That’s all for now.

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    ArtFart spews:

    14 “Turns out the killer in the Ramsey case was indeed a teacher – a teacher at a Christian school. Nuff said!”

    That’s one hell of a cheap shot, and as bigoted as any other ethnic slur.

    Not all of us Christians are of the Robertson/Falwell/Dobson stripe. In fact, a great deal of liberal/progressive thought and leadership in our nation’s (and the world’s) history has come from followers of Christ who pay heed to the ENTIRE gospel message, including the Sermon on the Mount, not just Leviticus, the crucifixion and Tim LaHaye’s twisted interpertation of the Book of Revelation.

  23. 29

    Mike Webb Sucks spews:

    You know, if the moonbat could use Jedi mind tricks they would. Repeat after them (moonbats)
    -There is no terrorist threat.
    -Jews are the real enemy.
    -9/11 never happened.

  24. 30

    Mike Webb Sucks spews:

    Poor clueless! No debating skills so he “ignores” Puddy. Clueless, educated by moonbats and built to stay that way (plagiarizing the commercial)

  25. 32

    Mike Webb Sucks spews:

    Tree Frog Farmer/Killatroll: You were busted by Puddy and since I brought it up again you accuse me of him? Well I post on Saturdays. Does Puddy?

    See BS: Yes, I think TFF?Killatroll is eunuch dj in drag!

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    Roger Rabbit spews:


    Hypocrisy is a universal human trait. Kleptomania, compulsive lying, and sociopathic behavior are not. All Republicans should seek therapy, and should be involuntarily committed to a locked ward until a mental health professional certifies they are cured of Republicanism and can be safely released into the community.

  27. 34

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    Does this mean that when the local GOP commissar comes to my burrow to confiscate my guns, I can legally shoot him?

    Hey — JUST KIDDING!!! About any GOP commissar being dumb enough to try to confiscate my guns, I mean.

  28. 37

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    “TreeFrogFaggotKilla: How do you equate me with MWS? Please tell me? How do you do that?” Commentby Puddybud Fitzgerald Kennedy— 8/16/06@ 6:21 pm

    If it walks like a Dufus and squawks like a Dufus, maybe it’s a Dufus

  29. 38

    klake spews:

    Goldy your add for Maria Cantwell is bogus due to the fact that Republicans in Washington DC do not control minimum wage in this state. They can increase minimum wage on the federal level but not over ride a state law that increase above federal minimum wage. Remember if you have a Union card you do not need Federal minimum wage laws the Union do a far better job than the Fed’s or the local Socialist Democrats. You all get with the program join a union and get paid real wages.

  30. 41

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    “How do you reconcile your support of Maria I CantVoteWellAtAll?”

    She’s the lesser of two evils.

  31. 43

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    90 (continued)

    However, if you’d like to tackle it, please start by posting a 6000-word essay on the federal pre-emption doctrine — its origins, legal basis, history, current status in federal and state jurisprudence (with case citations, please), and applicability to the issue at hand (explain your reasoning).

  32. 44

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    Yeah, no problemo. Bush referred to it (the Constitution) as “a piece of paper.” He’ll find out whether it’s a “piece of paper” when he tramples on too many constitutional rights of too many people …

  33. 45

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    C’mon Richard, where’s the magic words “detrimental reliance”? You do know what detrimental reliance is, don’t you? Do you recognize an equitable estoppel case when you see one? You’d better, since I stuck my neck out by endorsing you for district court judge.

  34. 46

    Puddybud Fitzgerald Kennedy spews:

    Rabbit Pellet: The only thing I KNOW about you is your single line posts of rabbit pooh. Nothing there UNLESS it’s from conceptguerilla or Cheap Labor Conservatives. How do you reconcile your support of Maria I CantVoteWellAtAll? She voted for NAFTA and CAFTA. Didn’t Bill StuffPussyWithCigar Clinton ask for NAFTA over the sucking sound of Ross Perot?

    Speaking of ducks: if it walks like a donk, quacks like a donk, waddles (or hops) like a onk, MUST BE DONK!

    BTW profiled? Yes, let’s see Driving While Black – New Jersey State Patrol and Seattle Cops, Walking While Black – Dee Brown in Boston looking for a house in white Boston suburbs, Shopping While Black – Clerks who ignore you or run over to you asking if they can help you while ignoring whitey, Eating While Black – bad seats in the house or service that takes forever or if you are FBI agents in Alexandria VA, you don’t get served!, or not promoted while black – black Secret Service agents not promoted.

    Now that’s profiling Rabbit Pellet.

    Look only one post. Too bad Pellet can’t think beyond simple sentences!

  35. 47

    Puddybud Fitzgerald Kennedy spews:

    Over the river and through the woods to Google’s Search Engine I go. To look for the moonbat who post like another, to the white screen of ASSes before.

  36. 48

    Puddybud Fitzgerald Kennedy spews:

    Ahh yes Mt Rainier. Give me a minute and I’ll post your alter ego like TreeFraggedFaggot.

    Oldest son? You assume I have three or more sons. Too bad you are still wrong! Also He is not in Germany.

  37. 49

    MtRaimier spews:

    Congealed ButtPuddy, How’s life? I heard your oldest son recently flew to Germany to marry His Boy friend! Congratulations to the Viagra Father In-Law. (ps. don’t try and seduce your Son in LAW like the last tine)

  38. 50

    Puddybud Fitzgerald Kennedy spews:

    Then Pellet why do you call KLake a Nazi? National Socialist (Democrats) Party. He is a NEO-CON!

  39. 51

    My Left Foot spews:

    Dear Jesus,

    I am a humble Jew, I stand before you begging:

    Please, save me from your followers. Especially JCh and the Good Rev. Fuiten.


    Carl Grossman
    Liberal, Democrat, Jewish and really frightened by the Christian Right.

  40. 53

    klake spews:

    Goldy it looks like Seattle will be diverting funds from the schools to complete this new project. WOW increase property Taxes for everyone what next charge the Eastside tolls just to drive threw Seattle to get to Canada.
    The city could charge landowners $200 million toward the project, based on increased property value, would get $14 million to $28 million in sales taxes on new construction and would reap $32 million to $60 million a year in extra taxes related to increased property values and tourism and to new development, Pascall said. He said the tunnel would cover its extra cost in 10 to 20 years.
    The association, which supports a tunnel, hired Pascall to review the effectof building one. Pointing to benefits that resulted from tearing down the Embarcadero Freeway in San Francisco and even from the construction of the notorious Big Dig in Boston, he said a tunnel would “create a magnet event.” http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/14386317/

  41. 54

    klake spews:

    Anybody see parallels?

    Commentby Roger Rabbit— 8/16/06@ 9:48 pm
    Roger you are full of rabbit pellits and you still have problems from Viet Nam. Step out of your box and see if their is a different point of view on all that shit you just said.

  42. 55

    John Barelli spews:

    “I don’t belong to an organized political party. I’m a Democrat.”” – Will Rogers

    I’m a bit hesitant here, as this is not a religious debate board, nor should it be. Still, this needs to be answered.

    Benjamin asked:

    “Hey, ArtFart: how’s about standing up to the folks who control 99% of the “Christian” message these days. There is ONE GUY in MN who is willing to be a shepherd instead of another sheep.

    Uh, no, that’s not exactly true. The vast majority of churches have loudly and publicly been standing up and condemning the noise that comes out of the far right. Unfortunately, we do so with such regularity that it really isn’t news, so it isn’t covered well.

    Notice, please, that I’m not blaming the media. “Plane Lands Safely” isn’t front page headline material, and “Christian Group Condemns Hatred” is pretty much the same category.

    (Why am I tempted to quote Tom Leher here? “There are people in the world that do not love their fellow human beings, and I hate people like that!”)

    Additionally, our messages tend to be somewhat less flamboyant, and often make lousy soundbites. People screaming hatred makes for more interesting news than groups praying for peace.

    Of course, many far-right groups like to claim that Methodists, Presbyterians, Lutherans, Episcopalians, Catholics, United Church of Christ, etc… (there really are a bunch more, and our membership far outweighs that of the more strident minority) aren’t “real Christians”. Do you really want to buy in to their definition? I’m unwilling to let Rev Phelps (anyone who doesn’t know the name should look him up. He’s an embarrasment, and more than a bit scary) decide who is and is not a Christian.

    One last point, from your own post. The church had 5,000 members. 1,000 of them (yes, a painfully large number) left. 4,000 of them did not. 80% of the membership was open to the idea that God is not a Republican (or Democrat, for that matter). That constitues a majority, and we haven’t even heard about others that may now join that church because they got their priorities straight.

    Check out the National Council of Churches website, http://www.ncccusa.org, and you might also want to look at the World Council of Churches site, http://www.wcc-coe.org.

  43. 56

    My Left Foot spews:

    Puddy and friends,

    I don’t know how else I can say this. Let me make it as plain as possible so your small,evil minds can get wrapped around it.

    My accomplishments in school, the military, life experience and career are, intentionally, not fodder for this blog. I am rightfully proud of my son, who has followed the two previous generations of this family, and served this country with honor, distinction and pride. Do not think for one moment I am living through him, I have my own experiences to remember and cherish. If you had a child, a child in harms way, a child who is among the elite of his chosen profession, a child who honors himself, his family and his country every single day that he puts on the uniform, if this child was yours then, and only then, would you understand how I feel.

    However since no woman in her correct mind would bear any of you pimply faced losers a child, you will never know the depth of the love and pride I have for my son.

    Now, if you want to continue with this, be man enough to do it to my face. Not here where you can hide like the pussies you are and not be held to account.

    Carl Grossman
    Liberal, Democrat, Patriot and Proud Dad

  44. 57

    Doctor JCH Kennedy spews:

    Ask one-time presidential candidate Gary Hart who had the misfortune to challenge an Enquirer reporter about his wandering eye. Oh, shucks. Mr. Wolfson, if Hillary didn’t say anything to do with allegations of “Bastard-gate,” legal action is an absolute must. Of course, it is one thing not remembering where your missing legal billing files over Whitewater were for two years, it is one thing to emotionally and financially ravage Billy Ray Dale in Travelgate, but it is just something else to allegedly call someone “f- – -ing Jew bastard” when there are three impeccable witnesses. Dick Morris, a former Clinton aide, someone who was born a Jew, recalls a time when the hairs of anger stood up on the back of his neck. He was discussing with Mrs. Clinton consulting fees, fees which he’d earned working for the Clintons. “She said: ‘That’s all you people care about is money,’” Morris told Tony Snow of Fox News yesterday. [.............................................................................................................................................JDB,, I must have missed your post on this. hehe, DOCTOR JCH Kennedy]

  45. 58

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    No, that pile of bull shit definitely is you, MWS. My super-sensitive rabbit nose is never wrong about odiferous issues.

  46. 60

    My Left Foot spews:

    Anyway, back to the good Reverend…. how does this man sleep at night? Greed is one of the seven deadly sins, right? If I were the good lord, I might be thinking about a well placed lighting bolt of come-uppance is in order.

    Carl Grossman
    Liberal, Democrat, Jew

  47. 61

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    You’re talking to armchair patriots, Carl.

    In 1930 the British military historian B. H. Liddell Hart, considered by many the father of modern armor warfare, wrote in the “Epilogue” of his epic strategic analysis of World War I, “The Real War, 1914-1918,” the following observation of human nature which seems to hold true for all eras and conflicts:

    “On the original Armistice (Day) … the dominant note was a sigh of relief, of infinite volume, most restrained among those who had the most direct cause for relief, most exuberant, perhaps, among those who least appreciated the relief.”

    So it was with the march to war, as well. Those who read history know the mood of Europe, upon the outbreak of war in 1914, was one of joy and celebration — most exuberant among those farthest from the front. Throughout the war, the flags (on both sides) were most enthusiastically waved by those farthest from the front. The cynicism of the trenches was least likely to affect those least acquainted with the horrors of the trenches.

    And so it is today, over 90 years later. Different generation, same human nature. Those who beat the war drums loudest are always those who exhort OTHERS to go off to the front, wherever it is. No braver soldier exists than the armchair warrior whose knowledge of battle is limited to nationalistic sloganeering.

    Pre-eminent among them, in our national government today, is Five Deferments Cheney, who fits the classic mold of warmonger and war profiteer. Burn in Hell, Cheney, you fucking coward; burn in Hell for all the evil you’ve done in this world.

    World War I will always be remembered for its generals who, ignorant of conditions on the front, blithely and blindly sent millions of men to their deaths — and had no skins for criticism. Of French marshal Joffre, who stands as a symbol of bureaucratic thick headedness for all time, Liddell Hart wrote:

    “For some time, rumors had percolated through to Paris about the inadequate state of the Verdun defenses, and in December Gallieni, as Minister of War, had written to Joffre asking for information and an assurance that they should be developed. Joffre’s reply might well be framed and hung up in all the bureaus of officialdom the world over — to serve as the mummy at the feast. Rebutting the suggestions, he added, ‘But since these apprehensions are founded on reports which allege defects in the state of the defenses, I request you to … specify their authors. I cnanot be a party to soldiers under my command, bringing before the Government, by channels other than the hierarchic channel, complaints or protests concerning the execution of my orders. … It is calculated to disturb profoundly the spirit of discipline in the Army.’ The enemy was soon to dispel his doctrine of infallibility …, as the mutinies of 1917 were to show that the incapacity of generals and their waste of human life are the most potent factors in disturbing the spirit of discipline.”

    Anybody see parallels?

  48. 62

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    Watergate figure John W. Dean is coming out with a new book called “Conservatives Without Conscience,” which a reviewer appropriately re-labels “The Fast Lane to Fascism.” To read the review, click here: http://tinyurl.com/fyoah


    “In his 2004 book ‘Worse Than Watergate,’ Dean excoriated the CheneyBush presidency for its secrecy, unconstitutional over-reaching, and in-your-face nastiness. But, aside from revealing its dastardly governance, Dean didn’t have an over-arching theory of why the Administration and their followers behaved that way. Here, in ‘Conservatives Without Conscience,’ he has come up with a believable explanation as to why those traits are so prevalent in rightwing circles.

    “So how did America wind up on the freeway … toward … fascism? Dean finds a good share of the answer in the pulling power of authoritarianism, both as practiced by demagogic officials and as accepted by the third of Americans who, without much thought, permit themselves to be swayed so easily by those leaders. But what explains the willingness of so many millions of American citizens to blindly follow such leaders? Dean points to the power of fundamentalist religious thought, both in this country and in other areas of the world as well …. Dean keeps digging: What has led to the resurgence of fundamentalist belief systems? In America, he notes, fundamentalist/evangelical Christians had political reasons for their … activism … (b)ut there is something much deeper, which is true as much in Afghanistan as it is in the U.S. of A.


    “To put it simply … there are those who are reasonably comfortable with major social changes, or at least can adapt to them, and there are those who … find psychic safety in returning to … simple prescriptions for behavior ….

    “Not having to think for themselves, or about themselves, provides a secure ‘container’ for their anxiety. Conservatives have a ‘heightened psychological need to manage uncertainty,’ notes one social researcher quoted by Dean.

    “Fundamentalism … seems to provide a safe harbor … that helps in dealing with the frightening and contradictory cacophony outside the religion. … But, says Dean, in addition to the doctrinal underpinnings, something in the personality of many fundamentalist religious leaders, and their followers, may be working even more strongly: a built-in tendency toward authoritarianism. He quotes from voluminous studies by social psychologist/researcher Bob Altemeyer, who … concluded that ‘acceptance of traditional religious beliefs appear to have more to do with having a personality rich in authoritarian submission, authoritarian aggression, and conventionalism, than with the beliefs per se.’”

  49. 63

    Benjamin spews:

    -Not all of us Christians are of the Robertson/Falwell/Dobson stripe. In fact, a great deal of liberal/progressive thought and leadership in our nation’s (and the world’s) history has come from followers of Christ who pay heed to the ENTIRE gospel message-

    Hey, ArtFart: how’s about standing up to the folks who control 99% of the “Christian” message these days. There is ONE GUY in MN who is willing to be a shepherd instead of another sheep. And he lost a significant portion of his congregtion saying what you said.


    Boyd is an unlikely person to be in the spotlight. He is not an actor or an athlete. He is a preacher, an evangelical pastor who leads a Maplewood megachurch called Woodland Hills Church, with 4,000 members.

    It used to have 1,000 more members. But they went away after Boyd gave a series of sermons explaining why he refuses to espouse political causes and why he thinks the growing political involvement of believers is not what God wants.

    Boyd’s refusal to endorse specific Republican talking points from his pulpit was profiled in a front-page story in Sunday’s New York Times. Headlined, “Disowning Conservative Politics, Evangelical Pastor Rattles Flock,” the story was widely read.

  50. 64

    Benjamin spews:

    -But what explains the willingness of so many millions of American citizens to blindly follow such leaders? Dean points to the power of fundamentalist religious thought-

    One does not need to ask the tough questions Democracy demands when you already have a “manual for life” to cherrypick from. Just ask Mark thee Redneck or some of the other lurking right wing kkklowns here.

    Or, just read one of Chuck Colson’s books, where he always concludes: “man is not capable of controlling his own destiny – it’s in God’s hands.” Ergo, anything can be excused, and nobody – especially right wing Christians like Bush and Limbaugh – are ever held accountable for their own actions.

  51. 65

    proud leftist spews:

    Well-stated. Christians have been at the heart of the major progressive changes in this nation’s history–the antislavery, civil rights, and peace movements, for instance. So, it can be troubling to hear the occasional anti-Christian statement from allies on the progressive side of the fence. It is more troubling, however, to see rightwing haters like Pat Robertson become the face of Christianity for many non-believers.

  52. 68

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    What have we here, another wingnut know-it-all using this site for free advertising of her services-for-fee? Are you selling porn, or just stupidity?

    Let me explain something to you about law and judges, Linda. I’m somewhat qualified to do this, having been both a lawyer and a judge. Probably more qualified than you, at any rate.

    First of all, there are two kinds of law, common law (sometimes referred to as “judge-made law”) and statutory law. While judges theoretically can change the common law, they are restrained by the doctrine of stare decisis, which requires them to follow existing precedents. Another limiting factor on judges’ control over the common law is that only appellate court judges can rewrite the common law; trial judges have no authority to do so. But over the last century, a great deal of American common law has been supplanted by statutory law; and given the tendency of Congress and state legislatures to micromanage nearly everything, U.S. law now overwhelmingly consists of statutory law and administrative regulations. Judges have power to interpret ambiguous statutes and reconcile conflicting legislation, but can’t legislate or rewrite statutory law to their liking. They have to follow the law, whether they like it or not.

    Thus, if a given sentencing statute limits the sentence a judge can impose on a child molester to 20 years, the judge can sentence the convicted molester to only 20 years, even though he might personally like to execute the cretin. This is invariably followed by media reports and rightwing teeth-gnashing about “lenient judges” who “turn child molesters loose.” As a matter of fact, no judge in America has authority to impose a death sentence; the Supreme Court has ruled the constitution requires that all death sentences must be meted by a juries of peers.

    One of the most fundamental (and important) features of our political and legal systems is that they are based on “rule of law” instead of “rule of men.” This means we are entitled to be judged objectively and dispassionately by disinterested judges based on what the facts of the case are, what law applies, and how the law applies to that set of facts — as opposed to having our fates determined by whether the judge likes or dislikes us. This is a right that our ancestors laid down their lives for.

    Our judges are carefully trained to set aside their personal biases and beliefs, and to administer justice objectively and dispassionately according to the law, whatever the law is. They they do so, and do it well, is incredibly important to all of us.

    But unsophisticated people who are unschooled in political science, history, or law often take the dispassionate objectivity of our judiciary as “heartlessness.” This is not surprising, as it can feel that way at times, and courtroom experiences usually are not very pleasant for either litigants, witnesses, or jurors. That has to do with the nature of law’s tasks, and does not signal any defect in how we administer the courts or laws. Our legal system does give judges some “wiggle room” to exercise compassion in appropriate circumstances, and our civil and criminal laws pretty much across the board require judges to take account of mitigating or offsetting factors (such as shared fault in a vehicle collision); and in my opinion, judges who lack compassion or are rude to the public they serve don’t belong on the bench.

    That’s why I endorsed Richard Pope for N.E. District Court Judge Position No. 2 on this board a few days ago, instead of Mary Ann Ottinger’s other opponent. (I can’t vote for a judge who threatens small claims court litigants with jail if they don’t kiss his ass.)

    Be very, very careful whenever someone excoriates a judge because they disagree with a ruling he/she made. How much latitude did the judge have in making the ruling? Perhaps none; perhaps the defect, if there is one, originated with the legislature or a higher court whose bidding the judge must follow. Or perhaps the media has selectively reported the facts of the case, and the ruling makes much more sense if you know all of the facts instead of some reporter’s colored (and perhaps politically biased) view of the case. There’s lots of caveats, cautions, and opportunities to err here.

    I’m always, always, always suspicious of uninformed lay persons who get up on a soap box about “out of control judges” — people-who-don’t-know-what-they’re-talking-about invariably don’t know what they’re talking about.

  53. 69

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    “Goldy it looks like Seattle will be diverting funds from the schools to complete this new project.”

    I don’t know if it will or won’t, but a fundamental ignorance among politicians is their failure to understand that a taxpayer can pay a given dollar only once, to one taxing entity.

    With federal, state, municipal, and special-district taxing entities all coming to us with outstretched hands, each ignorant of what the other is demanding of us, and each focused on their own wants, taxpayers are besieged by more demands for taxes than can be paid from the available funds.

    Politicians don’t seem to understand that when they tax us $1 billion for sports palaces, that $1 billion is no longer available for schools, tunnels, or street repairs. It has left our pockets and isn’t there anymore.

    Most families have less income than wants, and have to prioritize their budgets: If we buy this, we can’t buy that. Why do virtually all politicians think this fundamental law of mathematics — you can spend the same dollar only once — is suspended in relation to taxes? Why do they think they can tax away the same dollars they’ve already taken from us for sports stadiums to spend on a tunnel? Why don’t they understand that if they build the stadiums, our city’s taxpayers might not be able to afford the tunnel, the schools, or the street repairs?

    One of the more invidious effects of spending on megaprojects like the stadiums or tunnel is that if taxpayers are given no choice about paying taxes for these projects, they will try to economize on taxes where they do have a choice. If politicians build more stadiums and tunnels than average taxpayers can afford, those taxpayers will vote “no” to school levies. Not because they’re against school levies, or because they’re evil people who would shortchange our kids out of selfishness, but because their pockets have already been picked clean and they’ve been put in the position of having to choose between schools or paying the mortgage or buying food.

    The fault lies with the politicians and promoters who put them in that position, not with the taxpayers who are being asked to pay the same dollar to two, three, six, or ten different taxing entities, all of whom want the last piece of lint in the bottom of the taxpayer’s pocket.

    If this tunnel is a bad idea, it’s because those who want it aren’t willing to pay for it, and are trying to shift as much fo its cost as they can to people who can’t afford to pay for it; and if they get away with this, our schools and schoolkids will suffer when hard-pressed taxpayers vote “no” to school funding because they’ve got nothing left.

  54. 70

    Richard Pope spews:

    It is also much better to settle disputes OUT OF COURT, instead of having to make the judge rule on the matter. You settle out of court, at least it is something both sides agreed to — perhaps under a lot of pressure and not nearly what they wanted, but something they agreed to.

    This Assembly of God residential community in Snohomish County could be a prime example of this. It isn’t an enviable position to own a valuable improvement (i.e. a family home with the building worth up to $100,000 or more), but not own the land upon which it sits, nor have any long-term lease rights to the land. (There are homes back east, and I think in Hawaii too, that sit on land that is leased for 99 years or so.)

    If the judge rules that the landowners have the total upper hand legally (i.e. the right to have strict month-to-month tenancy, with no right to renewal), then the outcome for the building owners is, to say the least, very undesirable (and that is understating it) — i.e. almost complete loss of property value. If the judge rules that the building owners have the total upper hand legally, then the landowner could be required to rent out the land permanently at $150.00 per month (plus CPI inflation adjustments), then the landowner will be getting far less than market value (mobile home park spaces rent for a LOT more than that), and required to allow any church member to live there, instead of giving preference to retired ministers.

  55. 71

    For the Clueless spews:

    Carl – JCH and Klake are the two I find easiest to ignore. I just scroll right past their bilge. I agree – everyone should do the same and maybe add the bet-welshing, willfully ignorant redneck to the list.

  56. 72

    The Socialist spews:

    Bush is crap, says Prescott
    Deputy PM criticises US handling of Middle East, condemning ‘cowboy’ President at private meeting
    By Colin Brown, Deputy Political Editor
    Published: 17 August 2006

    John Prescott has given vent to his private feelings about the Bush presidency, summing up George Bush’s administration in a single word: crap.

    The Deputy Prime Minister’s condemnation of President Bush and his approach to the Middle East could cause a diplomatic row but it will please Labour MPs who are furious about Tony Blair’s backing of the United States over the bombing of Lebanon.

    The remark is said to have been made at a private meeting in Mr Prescott’s Whitehall office on Tuesday with Muslim MPs and other Labour MPs with constituencies representing large Muslim communities. Muslim MPs wanted to press home their objections to British foreign policy and discuss ways of improving relations with the Muslim communities.

    Some of the MPs present said yesterday they could not remember Mr Prescott making the remark. He has been at pains to avoid breaking ranks with Mr Blair in public although he is believed to have raised concern about the bombing of Lebanon at a private meeting of the Cabinet. But Harry Cohen, the MP whose constituency includes Walthamstow, scene of some of the police raids in the alleged “terror plot” investigation, said Mr Prescott had definitely used the word “crap” about the Bush administration.

    “He was talking in the context of the ‘road map’ in the Middle East. He said he only gave support to the war on Iraq because they were promised the road map. But he said the Bush administration had been crap on that. We all laughed and he said to an official, ‘Don’t minute that’.” Mr Cohen added: “We also had a laugh when he said old Bush is just a cowboy with his Stetson on. But then he said, ‘I can hardly talk about that can I?’

    Told that others at the meeting could not recall the words, Mr Cohen said: ” He did. I stand by that.”

    The Deputy Prime Minister’s office said last night that the meeting was private and would not confirm or deny his use of the word “crap”. ” These discussions are intended to be private and remain within the four walls,” said one official. “They are private so that there may be frank discussions.”

    Many Labour MPs have been infuriated by the spectacle of Mr Bush and Mr Blair jointly supporting the Israeli action. The Labour MPs went to see Mr Prescott to lodge their criticism of the Government’s foreign policy and some said last night that they would be delighted if he did break ranks over the Bush administration following the outcry at the bombing of the Lebanon.

    In the private discussions with Mr Prescott, the Labour MPs representing large Muslim communities pulled no punches in their criticism of Mr Blair for giving his backing to Mr Bush. Another of those who was contacted about the conversations did not deny Mr Prescott’s words, but laughed and said: ” I can’t discuss that.” When asked whether he had heard Mr Prescott use the “C-word”, he said: “I don’t remember that.”

    The Deputy Prime Minister is said to have made it clear he strongly backed the efforts by Mr Blair to persuade the Bush administration to revive the road map for Palestine and Israel. Mr Blair has given a commitment that he will give the peace process his priority when he returns from his holiday in the Caribbean.

    “There was a very robust exchange of views,” said the MP. ” We had a row about community relations. The Deputy Prime Minister was told in no uncertain terms that the Government was relying too much on the elders in the Muslim community who didn’t have the credibility that was needed.”

    Muslim Labour MPs also told Mr Prescott that they needed to retain their own credibility in their communities, which was one of the reasons why they had signed a controversial letter calling for a change in British foreign policy. They said it was not helpful for the Government to have attacked their letter.

    Mr Prescott has been accused in the past of making his feelings known about the Republican administration in the White House. He became friendly with Al Gore, the unsuccessful Democrat presidential candidate in 2000, during the negotiations on the Kyoto treaty and allegedly told Mr Gore after his defeat that he was sorry he lost the race to Mr Bush.

    Mr Prescott is also known to have used the word “crap” in relation to political events before. Earlier this month, he angrily rejected claims that he could resign over the row about his links to the bid by the tycoon Philip Anschutz for a super-casino at the Millennium Dome as “a load of crap”.

    Mr Prescott was left in charge by Mr Blair when the Prime Minister went on his delayed holiday but has largely taken a back seat while John Reid, the Home Secretary, has led for the Government on security and the alleged terror plot to blow up planes across the Atlantic.

    Behind the scenes, Mr Prescott had to contend with growing backbench demands for Parliament to be recalled to debate the crisis in the Middle East. It remains an option, in spite of the ceasefire in the Lebanon. Campaigners claimed they had the signatures of more than 150 MPs from all parties for a recall. Significantly, they included Ann Keen, the parliamentary private secretary to Gordon Brown, the Chancellor, who is on paternity leave following the birth of his second child. Jim Sheridan, the Labour MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, resigned as the parliamentary private secretary to the defence ministers over the bombing of Lebanon.

    Mr Prescott has been keen to show Labour MPs that he is prepared to listen to their grievances but has insisted on party discipline to avoid splits. He will be furious at his alleged remarks being repeated, but the signs of dissent within the Cabinet are becoming greater.

    Straight-talker’s way with words

    * Posing with a crab in a jar at the Millennium Dome, while Peter Mandelson was standing for election to Labour’s ruling national executive committee, he said to cameramen: “You know what his name is? He’s called Peter. Do you think you will get on the executive, Peter?”

    * When asked why a car was transporting him and his wife 200 yards to the Labour Party Conference in 1999:

    “Because of the security reasons for one thing and second, my wife doesn’t like to have her hair blown about. Have you got another silly question?”

    * On the Millennium Dome: “If we can’t make this work, we’re not much of a government.”

    * “The green belt is a Labour achievement, and we mean to build on it.” (Radio interview, January 1998)

    * On the Tories at the 1996 Labour conference: “They are up to their necks in sleaze. The best slogan for their conference next week is ” Life’s better under the Tories” – sounds like one of Steven Norris’s chat-up lines.”

    * When asked by a journalist about Peter Law’s decision to quit the Labour Party after 35 years: “Why are you asking me about this? I don’t care, it’s a Welsh situation, I’m a national politician.”

    John Prescott has given vent to his private feelings about the Bush presidency, summing up George Bush’s administration in a single word: crap.


    well sead

  57. 73

    klake spews:

    Roger and Gang it appears that the Church of Liberalism is still out for your guns in New Orleans. WOW leaving the local citizens defenseless to the villians of the day.

    Today, in a landmark victory for NRA and law-abiding gun owners, Judge Carl J. Barbier of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana denied the City of New Orleans’ motion to dismiss NRA’s lawsuit against the city and held that the Second Amendment applies to law-abiding residents in the State of Louisiana and the City of New Orleans. Straining the bounds of credibility and reflecting the true sentiment of anti-gunners, the City of New Orleans contemptuously argued that the Second Amendment does not apply to residents in the State of Louisiana and the City of New Orleans.

    NRA first filed suit after reports surfaced indicating that, following Hurricane Katrina, firearms were confiscated from law-abiding New Orleans residents. Former New Orleans Police Chief Eddie Compass issued orders to confiscate firearms from all citizens, under a flawed state emergency powers law. With that one order, the one means of self-protection innocent victims had during a time of widespread civil disorder was stripped away.

    NRA filed suit in federal court and won a preliminary injunction ending all the illegal gun confiscations. After the City of New Orleans failed to comply with the court’s ruling and dishonestly claimed that the gun confiscations never occurred, NRA filed a motion for contempt that included an order directing all seized firearms be returned to their rightful owners.

    After denying the illegal confiscations for months, on March 15, 2006, Mayor Nagin and the New Orleans Police Department finally conceded in federal court that the seized firearms were stored in two trailers. The city then agreed in court to a process by which law-abiding citizens would be able to file a claim to receive their confiscated firearms. However, few firearms were returned because the NOPD never notified gun owners how to claim their guns, and turned many away citing impossible standards for proof of ownership.

    Today’s ruling sets the stage for a continued legal fight in which NRA will be forced to expend additional resources to fight back the anti-gunner’s blatant and shameful attempts to ignore the Second Amendment. The case will now move to discovery and pre-trial preparation.

  58. 74

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    75 (continued)

    Before people get too carried away with this arrest, let’s wait a bit and see if he’s a viable suspect or a nut.

    His ex-wife claims he was with her in Alabama when JonBenet was killed. There are numerous examples in the history of American criminology of people “confessing” to notorious crimes they didn’t commit. Authorities aren’t saying much yet about what they have linking Karr to this crime; presumably they have more than Karr’s say-so, but I think it’ll take a little time for enough information to come out before citizens not privy to confidential investigative records (i.e., us) can evaluate whether there’s a solid case against this suspect or he’s a whackjob blowing smoke out of his nostrils.

    One thing is for sure — somebody killed the little girl, so there’s a perp somewhere (either living or dead). And another perp hasn’t been definitively fingered, so Karr has to rank as AT LEAST “a person of interest.”

  59. 75

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    “BTW, why do liberals use the term NEO-CON?”

    The term was coined by the neocons themselves. In recent years, however, the term has become a pejorative. A “pejorative” is a term with negative connotations. Examples of pejoratives include terms like “Nazi” and “robber.” The term neo-con became a pejorative because they behave like Nazis and robbers. Notice I didn’t say they ARE Nazis — but also notice I didn’t say they’re NOT robbers.

  60. 76

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    I have no illusions about the prospects of innocent people who have been detained, tortured, and libeled by this sociopathic autocrat (Bush) getting any recourse through either the legal or political systems. Look what happened to the 120,000+ Japanese-Americans who had their homes and businesses confiscated and families thrown into concentration camps during WW2; 50 years later, Congress reluctantly approved a token monetary paymnent that was symbolic, not compensatory, for a handful of survivors still living. I’m not even remotely suggesting those wronged by this autocrat should pursue self-help remedies — as a lawyer and retired judge, I’m vehemently against anything of an extra-legal nature on principle — but I’ve got a suspicion that Bush may spend his retirement looking over his shoulder and worrying about all the innocent people he wronged who may be thinking about what they’d like to do if they crossed paths with him.

  61. 80

    Puddybud Fitzgerald Kennedy spews:

    Rabbit Pellet, I am glad you are honest and truthful at times. Carl Two Left Feet Grossman doesn’t know what service GBS enlisted in, so how do you think he would know John Craig already ID’d himself?

    Another dumbASS librul with no brain power, vicariously living through his son’s exploits.

  62. 81

    See BS - I Love that Station spews:

    Looks like I SEE BS from Tree Froggy. Time to wake up from sleep Ahhhhhhhhh! *Yawn*

    Tree Frog: I “proved” my papers from Bill Burkett were “real”. Where’s the Beef?

  63. 82

    The Socialist spews:

    My GAWD Dr Kennedy might have to get a real job and stop joy riding around in hi luxury SUV.

  64. 83

    pbj spews:

    Ohio Democrat Ends Campaign after arrest

    CINCINNATI (AP) – Democratic congressional candidate Stephanie Studebaker is removing her name from the ballot after being charged with domestic violence, according to a statement posted Tuesday evening on her campaign Web site.

    Studebaker and her husband, Sam, were booked Sunday morning into the Montgomery County jail after police answered calls about a fight in their home. Each was charged with domestic violence and released on a $25,000 bond.

    “After deciding to focus my efforts entirely on my family, I am withdrawing my name from the ballot as a candidate for Ohio’s Third Congressional District, effective immediately,” the statement on the Studebaker for Congress site read.

    She suspended her campaign Monday evening against two-term incumbent Mike Turner, a Republican already considered the solid favorite. The seat, in southwest Ohio, includes Clinton and Highland counties, most of Montgomery County and about half of Warren County.

    Studebaker, 45, a veterinarian and political activist, won her party’s nomination in her first run for elective office. Dennis Lieberman, Montgomery County’s Democratic Party chairman, said a special primary election would be held to replace her.

    That likely will be Ohio’s second special congressional primary next month. Six-term Republican incumbent Bob Ney officially withdrew from the 18th District race in southeast Ohio on Monday.

    According to Montgomery County Sheriff Dave Vore, deputies observed evidence of a “physical altercation” on Sunday. Sam Studebaker, 39, told deputies “his wife had been beating him,” and had marks on right upper arm and right upper back, according to the incident report. His wife told deputies he had hit her, and she had marks on her right upper arm, the report says.

  65. 84

    My Left Foot spews:

    Reverend Fruitart is about learn the lesson of public disclosure. His actions have been disclosed to the public. The Times and PI staff both read this blog. The Rev. Fruityone can probably expect MSM to show up in the next several days, but only after they talk to the retired, kindly old Reverends living on the property. Then they will air the piece, and effectively hang the good Reverend Frutituti out to dry.

    He will come up with a nice apology, somehow he was unaware of this “situation” and is now “looking into” it and will take “the necessary steps” to correct any problems “if any are found”.

    Nice to have you around Rev. Thanks to Goldy your dirty little decidedly un-christian secret is out. And the Wingnuts say no one sees this blog.

    Carl Grossman
    Liberal, Democrat, and now, I am sure, soon to be branded anti-christian by the Christain right. Oh well, I am Jewish. I will worry about if David or Solomon is not on duty the day I show up.

  66. 85

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    A lawsuit against Missouri’s photo-ID voting law points out that, “It is statistically more likely for a Missourian to be struck by a bolt of lightning than to have his or her vote canceled by someone posing as another voter to cast a ballot.”

    Source: http://tinyurl.com/rg5e5

    The photo-ID requirement is a solution looking for a problem. Since imposters voting under other people’s names is a non-existent problem (I don’t know of a single verified case), the only problem that photo-ID proponents have been able to find is that poor people and minorities are still voting for Democratic candidates in distressingly large numbers. They hope to deal with the threat this poses to the GOP’s grip on power by disenfranchising as many poor people and minorities as they can.

  67. 86

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    “I would hope RR has a field day with the JonBenet Ramsey arrest.”

    The guy looks like a Republican to me. He’s got that “Republican look” about him.

  68. 88

    Puddybud Fitzgerald Kennedy spews:

    TreeFrogFaggotKilla: How do you equate me with MWS? Please tell me? How do you do that? Did you get some satanic deliverance? Did you hear it from the moonbat drums? Because he repeated my Rancidbuttputty comment?

    Didn’t you accuse me and PacMan as the same person which was easily refuted already? So if MWS and I arrive at GBS’ favorite eating hole will that shut you up again?

  69. 89

    Doctor JCH Kennedy spews:

    HARVEY, La. – Murders are up more than 50 percent this year in suburban New Orleans’ Jefferson Parish, and the sheriff blames drug dealers who have set up operations here after being driven out of the big city by Hurricane Katrina. Thirty-five people had been murdered in the parish as of Tuesday night. Through mid-August of last year, the number was 23.

    Welcome to Democrat controlled Chocolate City! I wonder who Mayor Ray “School Bus” Nagin will blame???

  70. 90

    Doctor JCH Kennedy spews:

    The ONLY way the Democrats will win in 06 and 08 is with 20% voter fraud in large urban, black and cities and illegal alien votes. Democrats must achieve 115% turnout of registration, and, in my best guess, will!! Any and all questions about voter fraud in Chicago, Philly, Detroit, Cleveland, Atlanta, Gary, and LA will be considered “racist” and will not be allowed. Expect additional voter fraud in Columbus, OH and Broward County, FL. The sad fact is the Dems will pull it off.

  71. 91

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    “…a great deal of liberal/progressive thought and leadership in our nation’s (and the world’s) history has come from followers of Christ who pay heed to the ENTIRE gospel message…” Commentby ArtFart— 8/16/06@ 10:54 pm

    You are so right, and the fundamental failing of the fundamentalist non-thinkers (and the too-clever demagogues who lead them) is their failure to practice what they claim to believe.

    My experience in life has been that those who proclaim their adherence to Christianity most loudly usually are the same people who practice Christian principles the least.

  72. 92

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    But regardless of whether his “confession” pans out, he sure has that “Republican look” about him.

  73. 93

    My Left Foot spews:

    Tree Frog Farmer,

    Well said. Right on the button.

    For the Clueless, you know I agree with you. I used to read their stuff and wonder how anyone could be that stupid. Now it only matters that they are stupid, not how they got that way.

    Carl Grossman
    Liberal, Democrat and Proud to be so

  74. 94

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    The Democratic National Committee sent out this e-mail today that I thought I would quote from, to alert HA readers to the situation:

    “Here’s what a CNN Headline News anchor asked a Washington journalist on Friday during an interview about the British terror arrests:

    “‘How does this factor into the Lieberman-Lamont contest in Connecticut? Might some argue, as some have, that Lamont is the al Qaeda candidate?’

    “You would expect this kind of disgusting and inappropriate suggestion from someone more like Dick Cheney. In fact, it was Dick Cheney who said last week that electing people who question the Republican war in Iraq encourages ‘the al Qaeda types’.

    “The anchor later apologized to Lamont for misquoting Cheney — but then went on to question Lamont about the same ridiculous accusation. He’s not alone — commentators and journalists have mindlessly repeated Cheney’s remarks over and over again, reporting on it or inquiring about it over the past week as if it’s a real question for debate.

    “Journalists have a responsibility to do more than regurgitate the most desperate and most extreme talking points. When journalists allow these defamatory and un-American suggestions to infect their coverage of the news, we have to act swiftly to call on them to stop it.”

  75. 95

    LeftTurn spews:

    Turns out the killer in the Ramsey case was indeed a teacher – a teacher at a Christian school. Nuff said!

  76. 96

    See BS - I Love that Station spews:

    14 “Turns out the killer in the Ramsey case was indeed a teacher – a teacher at a Christian school. Nuff said!”

    That’s one hell of a cheap shot, and as bigoted as any other ethnic slur. Commentby ArtFart— 8/16/06@ 10:54 pm

    ArtFart: It’s okay Left Turn puts out so much BS I am so glad others SEE his BS too. MWS told him to research his crap before posting. But Left Turn gets anally retentive so he has to place BS on this board.

    Left Turn don’t disappoint. I want to SEE more BS!

  77. 97

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    90 (continued)

    When you write your essay, please do not neglect to discuss the topic of concurrent and superseding federal jurisdiction, providing examples of each, followed by a reasoned discussion of which might apply to the federal minimum wage statute, and why.

  78. 98

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    That article is not very informative. It leaves key questions unanswered: Does the $1 billion extra cost include bond interest? (Remember how the original $1.75 billion cost of the Seattle Monorail Project ballooned to $11 billion when interest costs were figured in?) If the downtown property owners who will benefit from increased property values put up only $200 million of the cost, who will pay the other 80%? Drivers paying tolls? Retirees on fixed incomes in Ballard, Lake City, Kent, and Shoreline? How much will downtown property values increase in relation to the $200 million the owners of that property pay toward the project — billions? Sounds like a good deal for them — no, it sounds like city officials may be brewing up a ripoff by downtown business interests of those least able to pay. Same old, same old.

    Yes, you may infer that I’m suspicious as hell of the tunnel project, its proponents, and their motives.

  79. 99

    Benjamin spews:

    -Finally, it’s unclear what Mehlman had in mind when referring to surveillance programs that are legal in Britain but not in the United States … even Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff … acknowledged that they might run afoul of the Constitution-

    Constitution, no Constitution. What’s the difference, right? No problemo if you’re Alfred E. Mehlman.

  80. 101

    Mike Webb Sucks spews:

    Look Moonbats: This is disgusting. He does not have my support. I will not entertain questions at this time.

  81. 102

    Benjamin spews:

    -Pennsylvania is where Rick Santorum, one of the shrillest wingnuts in the U.S. Senate, appears on the verge of a re-election defeat-

    Three GOP incumbent seats in red Indiana can also switch to blue. Can you say “bloodbath,” right wing trolls?

  82. 103

    ginger spews:

    once again, you’ve strayed off topic. back to discussing fuiten’s hyprocritical christianity, please. RIGHT. NOW.

    thenk yew.

  83. 104

    Puddybud Fitzgerald Kennedy spews:

    This on is tough: Eitehr Donngeddon is back or LiberalRedneck is stalking. Similar comments from last year and early this year.

  84. 105

    Puddybud Fitzgerald Kennedy spews:

    Speaking of losers I nominate clueless. He hangs with losers:

    Loser John Forbes Kerry,
    Loser Albert R. “Willie Horton” Gore Jr.,
    Loser Howard Yeeeeeeagh Dean,
    Loser Jesse Jackson,
    Loser Terry McAuliffe,
    Loser Walter F. Mondale,
    Loser and Plagiarizer Joseph R. Biden,
    Loser Michael “Rape My Wife Kitty” Dukakis,
    Loser Teddy Here LEt Me open that Buick Door Kennedy.

  85. 108

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    32 (continued)

    Apparently you’re not an avid reader of my posts, because I posted just a couple days ago that Democrats should hold their noses and re-elect Maria, then find someone to replace her in 2012. There’s no viable alternative to her this year.

  86. 109

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    “Then Pellet why do you call KLake a Nazi?” Commentby Puddybud Fitzgerald Kennedy— 8/16/06@ 7:07 pm

    I didn’t call klake a Nazi. I called him a nazi.

  87. 110

    Benjamin spews:

    I would hope RR has a field day with the JonBenet Ramsey arrest. Clearly, the gays (and gay marriage) are to blame. The fact that the perpetrator was also a Limbaugh sex tourist (bring your Viagra!) makes this another open-and-shut case against the anti-family values homo lobby…

    “He said his brother lived in Alabama until around five years ago before moving to California and since then they haven’t talked as much. Nate Karr said his brother was married about 13 years ago and has three children but he wasn’t sure if he was still married.

    District Attorney Mary Lacy said the arrest followed several months of work, but she said no details would be released until Thursday.

    U.S. authorities said Karr was initially taken into custody in Bangkok on unrelated sex charges.”

  88. 111

    My Left Foot spews:

    Mike Webb @ 6:

    I am not dwelling. I am making sure he understands that I am leading a campaign to give him the non-attention he so richly deserves.

    By the way, your moniker is neither funny nor clever. But that is what you can expect from a RightWingNut, just old ideas with nary an original thought.

    Carl Grossman
    Liberal, Democrat, Patriotic and Proud to stand up to the RightWingNuts.

  89. 112

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    “You must be a producer to be worth anything.”

    To prosper in today’s economy, you must figure out how to profit from the labor of producers (workers) to be worth anything. Merely being a producer (worker) does not bring prosperity.

  90. 113

    klake spews:

    My experience in life has been that those who proclaim their adherence to Christianity most loudly usually are the same people who practice Christian principles the least.

    Commentby Roger Rabbit— 8/17/06@ 10:42 am
    You might have a point Roger but not all the time.It depends on what pulpit you preach from and the sermon that is being shouted.

  91. 114

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Wasn’t Dick Cheney — who this week labeled Ned Lamont “the Al Qaida candidate” — one of the Republicans who complained about incivility when Kerry privately referred to Republicans as “crooks and liars”?

    Wasn’t that private Kerry remark recorded and distributed to the media without Kerry’s knowledge and consent?

  92. 115

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Pennsylvania is where Rick Santorum, one of the shrillest wingnuts in the U.S. Senate, appears on the verge of a re-election defeat — and the turnover of a GOP seat to the Democrats. For latest polls on this race, see http://tinyurl.com/z7c4q

  93. 116

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    The L.A. Times editorialized yesterday against the GOP’s playing politics with terrorism. Here are pertinent excerpts, quoted under the Fair Use doctrine. For complete editorial and/or copyright info, see http://tinyurl.com/nxq99

    “Pre-election Terrorizing
    “The Republicans, again, play unseemly politics with terrorism.
    “August 15, 2006

    “THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION is a past master at playing politics with terrorism, portraying critics … as naive or even accusing them … of giving ‘ammunition to America’s enemies.’

    “Vice President Dick Cheney may have provided a sneak preview of just how nasty the coming campaign will be. Speaking to reporters last week … Cheney said that Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman’s primary loss … would embolden ‘Al Qaeda types.’

    Then Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman went on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ to suggest that the fundamental question in the November congressional elections is: ‘Do you believe we’re at war?’ Democrats, according to Mehlman, don’t. That’s why they ‘voted against the Patriot Act, against the surveillance programs …,’ and … want to withdraw U.S. forces from Iraq, which is ‘central to the war on terror.’

    “For the record, the USA Patriot Act was supported by most congressional Democrats … with changes …. Iraq, for its part, became ‘central’ to the war on terror only after the administration decided to invade the country and botched its occupation.

    “Finally, it’s unclear what Mehlman had in mind when referring to surveillance programs that are legal in Britain but not in the United States … even Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff … acknowledged that they might run afoul of the Constitution. …

    “But Mehlman obviously was interested less in opening a discussion of comparative antiterror strategies than in pushing the idea that … the ‘Democrat Party’ is really the ‘Defeatocrat Party.’ That may be election-year politics … but it’s unseemly … when the stakes in terms of national security and civil liberties are so high. …”

  94. 117

    Tree Frog Farmer spews:

    There have been many edifices of intellectual stupidity erected throughout history. Many of these monuments to brainless excess can be distilled down to the phrase: Of course we(I) are(am) right! God is on our(my) side!
    Savonarola and de Torquemada, as well as Bishop Landa spring to mind, each a superstar in their own respective ‘Inquisition into the Matter of Faith’. Fuiten and Hucherson have much to aspire to, but they are trying . . .