The weekend rallies for workers

Pro-democracy, pro-worker rallies were held in all 50 states on Saturday. People were protesting Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s move to take away collective bargaining rights from public employees (at least those in unions that did not support Walker’s election campaign). More generally, people were protesting the Republican War on Workers.

Here in Washington a rally was held in Olympia where

…several thousand union workers faced off with hundreds of tea party enthusiasts in competing rallies.

King 5 has a gallery of photos of today’s event in Olympia.

The main even in Madison, Wisconsin drew, perhaps, 125,000 people—seemingly the largest protest ever in a city known for big protests. (FWIW, the Madison police provide an estimate of from 70,000 to 100,000 protesters.)

Even police officers joined the protesters in a remarkable show of solidarity:

“Hundreds of cops have just marched into the Wisconsin state capitol building to protest the anti-Union bill, to massive applause. They now join up to 600 people who are inside.”

“Police […] announced to the crowds inside the occupied State Capitol of Wisconsin: ‘We have been ordered by the legislature to kick you all out at 4:00 today. But we know what’s right from wrong. We will not be kicking anyone out, in fact, we will be sleeping here with you!’

Here is the video:

And even though the right wing lunatics will claim that all those protesters in Wisconsin were bussed in by George Soros with help from ACORN and Van Jones, there were, apparently, enough people left behind to put together an impressive number of rallies all over the U.S.

Here are some estimates from the numerous other locations that I was able to find Saturday evening using The Google:

Here is a nice collection of photos from protests around the country.

As I mentioned previously, Walker may well get his way in Wisconsin. But he will pay dearly for it in Wisconsin.

A recent USA Today/Gallup poll shows that “61% would oppose a law in their state similar to such a proposal in Wisconsin, compared with 33% who would favor such a law.” If Republicans in other states join in on Walker’s War on Workers, the damage will certainly spread to them.

Update: As Dave points out, I missed Spokane. I’ll include an addenda. Leave a comment if you find news of another demonstration from the weekend:

Update: Fifty more photos.


  1. 2

    Doc Daneeka spews:

    Cynical Republican greed-heads like Walker and the Koch bros. have once again misjudged the people. They let their past successes at manufactured resentment go to their heads. But it won’t work with public employee unions, or with unions in general.

    In the end what the vast majority of voters (including tea baggers) see when the Koch bros. attempt to paint a fright mask on union members is workers just like themselves. Folks who struggle every month to pay the bills and feed the kids, and who had about as much to do with the failures of the Bush economy as Michelle Bachman has to do with sobriety.

    Chalk this one up as a big loss for the GOP, driven into it once again by their masters dwelling at the fringes.

  2. 4

    What rubbish spews:

    Hey people, there is a huge problem with these protests.

    There are no minorities showing up in the Olympia pictures. Are there no blacks, browns, or yellows in favor of the protests?

    Maybe they aren’t welcome?

  3. 5

    Walk the talk spews:

    @1 Solidarity forever

    Right – how many of the HA faithful showed up at Olympia to show their solidarity?

    Rabbit? YLB? Liberal Scientist? Geov? Goldy? Someone . . . anyone??????!!!!!

  4. 6

    Monty Burns spews:

    Release the hounds!

    That’ll show those lazy Joe Six-packs.

    It’s time for the common workers to be taught their place.

    Don’t make me activate my sun blocking device.

  5. 7

    mark spews:

    I’m sure you tards would be fully behind all
    non union people being required to pay dues
    against their will and that money went
    exclusivley to Republican candidates. The party
    is coming to an end. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  6. 8

    Steve spews:


    What’s up with wingnuts and their psycho-laughs? Got a screw loose?

  7. 10

    uptown spews:

    The party is coming to an end.

    Damn right it is. Folks are waking up to the fact that large corporations and their republican stooges have been screwing the middle and working classes for years.

  8. 12

    Michael spews:

    I’d like to thank Governor Scott Walker for making this all possible.

    Yay, Spokane! Now if we can just get the folks in Spokane County to give the bird to the rest of the 5th CD and elect a Democrat…

  9. 14

    Michael spews:


    The party is coming to an end.

    By what Darryl posted it looks like the party is just getting going.