Time to vote

Still have that ballot sitting on your kitchen table?

Fuse has produced their Progressive Voter’s Guide for this election.

Actually…they only have a voter’s guide for nine of Washington’s 39 counties, but if you are reading this, there is a good chance you live in one of those nine counties.

Do you vote in King County? Fuse recommends a yes vote on Prop. 1 that would renew a levy to fund some veterans & human services.

Oddly enough, the Seattle Times recommends a yes vote as well. Strange bedfellows. No, wait, that’s the other daily….

Whatever…just make sure you vote.


  1. 1

    ivan spews:

    For recommending re-election of the four incompetent incumbent Seattle School board directors, FUSE is a pack of morons, and its “Progressive Voter’s Guide” belongs in the recycling bin.

  2. 3

    Pat Griffith spews:

    If you take a look at the dropoff sites for ballots, you will see that there are two location in North Seattle in addition to the King County Administration Building on 4th Ave. in downtown Seattle. But there are NO sites in West Seattle and South Seattle. That seems discriminatory to me. Please call your county councilman’s office if you agree.
    Councilman Larry Phillips 296-1004
    Councilman Larry Gossett 296-1002
    Councilman Joe McDermott 296-1008