See Jane Run

Do you remember what we learned about Jane Hague the last time she ran for the King County Council sixth district seat?

KUOW‘s Amy Radil has an interesting profile of the candidates for this seat. The story begins with a reminder:

Jane Hague was first elected to represent the Eastside on the King County Council in 1994. She’s always won reelection fairly easily, despite some personal mishaps. Mostly recently, in 2007, she was arrested for driving under the influence. And her then–opponent revealed that Hague, King County’s former elections director, did not have a college degree from Western Michigan University as she’d claimed.

Hague denied ever intentionally deceiving anyone about her education.

But a public records request from King County shows that Hague put a Bachelor of Science degree from Western Michigan University on her resume when she applied for the elections job in 1986.

You can listen to the audio version here:

So, besides getting pulled over and arrest after blowing a 0.14, an incident in which she verbally abused the arresting officers, we also learned that Hague got her career in government started by lying about having a college degree on her application for King County’s manager of records and elections.

And somehow the fake degree perpetuated:

But Hague denied intentionally providing incorrect information and initially said she was puzzled at how several “Who’s Who” books, The Seattle Times, the Municipal League of King County and the National Association of Counties all reported erroneously that she had a bachelor’s degree from Western Michigan University.

Two things. First, let’s not forget the real victim here. Until this became public, the lack-of-degree secret must have been a horrible burden for Jane. Imagine knowing you built your entire career on a fabrication that your political opponents could easily uncover.

I mean, a burden like that can drive one to drink!

Second, electing Jane Hague to King County Council after she lied to get an appointment to King County Elections Director, seems akin to…well, sort of like hiring the person who just robbed you as your Head of Security.

I think it’s likely that Jane Hague and Richard Mitchell will be the top two coming out of the primary. But let’s not make it easy for Hague. If you’re eligible to vote for this race, be sure to vote…for someone other than Jane.

Get that ballot off your kitchen table and into the mailbox!


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    Howie, it’s not an either/or. She should be attacked for her bad record, her lack of accomplishments, and her personal shortcomings.

    Less of the last than of the others, even though that’s what makes people notice (see Irons, David for further evidence). Also, it’s difficult to make a compelling case for another candidate out of what an elected official hasn’t done.

  2. 5

    YellowPup spews:

    Already voted, easiest vote ever.

    I love Hague’s rationalization on her legal/ethical troubles, that being an abusive drunk driver helps her relate to the common people.

  3. 6

    Michael spews:

    How is it that Hague got her job after lying on her resume and why wasn’t anyone disciplined for not doing a basic check on her background?

    That sounds pretty fucking shoddy to me.