Screw you, TVW

TVW is playing their stupid little takedown notice games again, and this time I was prepared.

About an hour ago I received notice from YouTube that they had disable my “Suzie Huckabee” video at the request of TVW, claiming I had violated their copyright.  Yeah, well, so I quickly updated the original post by replacing the YouTube embed with one from Vimeo; you can view it at the top of this post as well.

I have also filed a counter-notice with YouTube, and fully expect the video to be re-enabled. If TVW wants to take this any further, I guess they’re welcome to sue me, but I think they know damn well that I have the law on my side. And of course I’m talking about the Fair Use doctrine.

My 2 minute and 16 second video includes a total of 26 seconds of copyrighted material excerpted from over 1 hour and 40 minutes of TVW streaming video. The clips are used to fact check and contrast Susan Hutchison’s claims during a KCTS debate with her statements during a Washington Policy Center annual dinner, a journalistic critique that simply would not be possible without the use of these clips.

TVW’s copyright notice may be broad and restrictive, expressly prohibiting both modification of their material and its use for commercial or political purposes, but its non-binding disclaimer does not revoke the right to fair use granted to the public over all copyrighted works. And there’s no doubt in my mind that my video does constitute fair use.

Now, I fully appreciate the purpose of TVW’s overly restrictive copyright policy, and as such I try to make use of their embedding tools whenever possible, and commend them for making these tools more functional for bloggers.  TVW’s mission is to provide a public record of public events, and I can’t argue with their concern that using their material as I have might dissuade some people from allowing TVW to record their events.  But… well… too bad.

Hutchison said what she said, in a public venue, on a taxpayer funded government channel, and I have every right to use these clips in the manner above. It may make TVW’s job more difficult, but that’s not my problem, and… nobody said democracy was gonna be easy.

TVW also apparently had the YouTube of Dow Constantine’s new ad pulled too (it uses a different TVW clip), so I replaced the video in the post below to one from Vimeo as well.

TVW has apparently had my Vimeo video pulled, so I’ve replaced the embed with one from LiveLeak. I’m willing to play this game all day, if that’s what they want.


  1. 1

    Steve spews:

    Great video you put together there, Goldy. Hutchison lies with ease, a trait highly valued by wingnuts.

  2. 3

    The Dow of Goldy spews:

    If Dow the Dweeb has nothing to hide, then why and what is he hiding? All he has to do is a modified limited hangout Clinton, produce a DNA-stained dress, and he totally takes the HA demographic and EnRon Sims’ sloppy seconds.

  3. 6


    Mr. Cynical,

    “I wonder if they took any down about Dow the Inappropriate Lecherous Scumbag??”

    Ain’t that just like you, Cynical, ol’ buddy…projection, projection, projection.

    Now get off the computer and do something useful…but leave the neighbor girls alone….

  4. 9

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Their idea that we can’t see video that we paid for with our tax dollars is just too precious!

  5. 11

    The Dow of Goldy spews:

    Screw you, Ekim. As if anybody would bother.

    Let’s Do It like this: A barnyard betting pool. Just among us barnyard horsesasses. We’re betting on the secret contents of those conveniently TRO’d Dow docs: Did he harass her-ass? Or did she harass his?

    Because Dow is a slightly more sexless Goldy, it’s a puzzle.

    All I know for sure is that either way it’s a cool career move for The Dowist. Gives him perv cred here at HA, where it really counts, but only if he and his embargoed documents come out of the closet. (Constantine? A closeted heterosexual? This changes everything. Even I might have to vote for him.)

    Dow the beastly Beastie Boy: He did it like this, he did it like that. Then Dow did with a whiffle ball bat.

  6. 12

    James spews:

    Errr…isn’t TVW a publicly funded entity?

    As in…our tax dollars pay for their video stream?

    Isn’t TVW supposed to be a “public affairs” network? As in, they are supposed to be educating us…not selling widgets commercially?

    The people running TVW must be jerks.

  7. 13

    James spews:

    You meant ‘Poor Orchard,’ right Roger?

    Mr. Cynical would fit right into that backwater town….

  8. 15

    James spews:

    Another reason the HA Trolls will never try to defend their Airhead County Exec candidate:

    “Susan looked at the telephone,” Pauli recalled, “and said, ‘This is an ugly phone—let’s get rid of it.'” When a crew member explained to her that the phone was painted yellow and green to dissuade people from stealing it, Hutchison is said to have asked, “Who would want that number?”

  9. 16

    Steve spews:

    “Who would want that number?”

    And with that the wingnuts knew Hutchison would make a great Republican candidate.

  10. 17

    Steve spews:

    @14 The wingnuts have been in a fever today speculating whether or not Dow once harrassed somebody. They’ve gone off the deep, especially the freaks over at Sound Politics.

  11. 19

    Daddy Love spews:

    Heck, I’m so old that I remember that back in teh day, when I would do my legendary thing in a variety of political fora across the Intertubes, I was assured again and again (and again and agin) that Any Day Now overwhelming, irrefutable, and devastating evidence that would deinitevely prove ALL of the crazy shit of which wingnuts never tired of accusing Bill Clinton would be coming to light.

    And then they would assure me again, a month or two later, that Any Day Now that devastating evidence would be revealed.

    And then they would assure me again, a month or two later still, that Any Day Now that devastating evidence would be revealed.

    Bullshit is all they have.

    And now that they have lost the American voter, and honestly, a 20% voter ID and 19% (GOP COngressional) approval rating pretty must seals the deal (that is, it is “overwhelming, irrefutable, and devastaing evidence” or Republican unpopularity), their hilariously clueless insistence that 2010 they’ll “take back the Congress” just makes me sad. But in not so sad that I don’t still laugh at them.

  12. 20

    Daddy Love spews:

    #19 was really about whatever Really Terrible Thing the GOP thinks that they can show that Dow Constantine did.

    Um, meet your new County Executive, fucking losers.

  13. 22

    manoftruth spews:

    dont fret goldy…when the government takes over the internet, only your kike lies will be allowed on youtube. and anywhere else for that matter.

  14. 23


    19 – Remember they used to crow about Bush being more popular at less than 30 percent than the Congress..

    Look at what happened Nov 2008.. Wow that unpopularity of Congress worked out so great for the right wing.

  15. 24

    Ekim spews:

    Pravda @22,
    You Nazi you. You have to try harder. Your posts are so lame tonight. No punch. No impact. No entertainment value. This is very sad. You have to do better.

  16. 27

    manoftruth spews:

    in all probability, in about 3 or 4 years, the economic system we’ve created is going to crash. who do you think people are going to blame for this? wake up.

  17. 30

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @22 Actually, I kinda like that idea — us taking over the internet, allowing only Goldy to post on YouTube and the Internet Tubes, and stomping you shitheads into the dirt. You see, I was born and raised as a Republican, so I think exactly like you do — none of this democracy or fair play stuff for me! Deep down inside, I’m a fucking Nazi just like you! I’m not only for silencing our political enemies, I’m for killing them — all of you!*

    * Just kidding. This whole comment is a joke! Wingnut humor, that is. I copy it from you guys.

  18. 31

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @27 “in all probability, in about 3 or 4 years, the economic system we’ve created is going to crash.”

    Oh yeah, it’s crashing alright! GDP growth of 3.5%, DJIA up 200 points today — bring back Hooverism! The wingnuts are scared that workers might have jobs and their children might have food and shoes.

  19. 33

    Empty Suit Obama spews:

    Sounds like the unemployed Goldy is getting desperate.

    Too bad the news about Dow being a sexual predator at work can’t help his chances in this race…..but then again, this is cook King county. Where perversion is celebrated.

  20. 36

    Empty Suit Obama spews:

    How come the pervert that says his record is for public consumption is so reluctant to release public records…

    “Frankly, I’m an open book. I’ve lived in this community 48 years. Everything I’ve done as a public official is a matter of public record. … I want to make sure we carry that spirit forward.” ~ Dow Constantine

    This boy is guilty and he knows it. The question is are King county voters smart enough to see through the diversion. I don’t hold out much hope as the collective IQ in this county is near room temperature.

  21. 39

    proud leftist spews:

    Little Ricky Dumbass at 36
    Your girl, Suzie Taliban, is a pathological liar. We have that on video that Goldy has shown. She lies through her bleached teeth, every day. There is not the slightest proof of Dow doing anything wrong; there is wingnut innuendo. I have to say, Little Ricky Dumbass, of all the Golden Goat winners, you are the one that I like the least. I have never detected the slightest trace of humanity in you. Go to your cave. Stay there. Do humanity a favor.

  22. 43

    proud leftist spews:

    You’re doing something right, as all of our trolls seem to have it out for you. They seem obsessed with you. Kudos, man. Keep up the good work.

  23. 46


    playing “gotcha” on HA,

    Well you’ve been got all right. You’ve shown yourself to be a name-caller, a homophobe and someone who has no compunction about ordering a “bitch” to STFU.

    That seemed to flow naturally from you without much if any prompting. You seemed all too eager to express yourself that way.

    Thanks for confirming for umpteenth time here what being right wing is all about.

  24. 47


    @46…you fool, the only bitch I have “ordered” to STFU is YOU….so at least you acknowledge your place in the world.

    LMFAO @ “you got me”…oh please! Do you REALLY think I care much about what some lazy, jobless(by choice) fool thinks? What weird imaginary world do you live in? One that consists of drinking diet coke all day long and surfing the internet?

    Like I said before, your world seems to revolve around this place – and THAT is just plain pathetic.

    now go run along and try your little games on someone else…and yes, that is an order.

  25. 48

    Empty Suit Obama spews:

    Plowed leftist queefed:

    There is not the slightest proof of Dow doing anything wrong;there is wingnut innuendo.

    Sure there is, dumbass. Why else would the accuser request a restraining order for the allegations not to surface and why would a judge grant said restraining order. We will have the facts soon, as they can’t keep public records private for long.

    Thinking isn’t your strong suit,plowed, so why bother trying?

  26. 49

    Empty Suit Obama spews:

    ……the wife home yet? or is she “working late”?

    I wasn’t aware blow up dolls could work. I guess there is always the store front windows at nordstroms. Pretty sad when she’s the bread winner in the family isn’t it?

  27. 50

    Ekim spews:

    Empty Headed Troll @48

    You idiots love your proof.
    How did the Kenyan birth certificate work out for you?

  28. 51

    Ekim spews:

    Empty Headed Troll @48

    Why else would the accuser request a restraining order for the allegations not to surface

    Maybe because “jane Doe” believes the facts being know will reflect badly on her and affect her chances of future employment. Same reason Suzie suppressed release of her suit against KIRO.

  29. 53

    Ekim spews:

    It must really suck to be a wingnut these days. Usually the Reich does really good in off year elections.

  30. 54

    Puddybud Remembers Progressives Forget spews:

    proud leftist farts

    YLB, You’re doing something right

    Yes proud leftist would jock strap a loser such as ylb arschloch as he lives on his wife’s hard work.

    Yes proud leftist would jock strap a loser such as ylb arschloch who stays unemployed and lives on HA and the whackamole kook-aid sites. Puddy is sure proud leftist would hold ylb arschloch as a prime role model for his children.

    “Just watch this “man’s” words children. Watch how deftly he deflects the truth about being unemployed. He’s a great role model for you. So much better than daddy because daddy has a job, even though I’m just a lawyer. Ylb is unemployed, leeching off the government teat.”

    Yes proud leftist would jock strap a loser such as ylb arschloch as ylb arschloch vicariously appropriates other peeps successes as his own.

    Just like a laywer eh proud leftist?

  31. 55

    YLB spews:

    54 – Deflect, deflect, deflect.

    The topic of discussion here is and always has been:


    BIAW sucks.

    Suzie Hutchison sucks.

    Dino Rossi sucks.

    The chimp you voted for twice sucks.

    (un)SP sucks.

    David Irons Jr sucks.

    Greedy developers like Skip Rowley and Martin Selig suck.

    Scaife, Murdoch and Moon suck.

    And on and on and on..

    And of course all you sycophants and lackeys suck.

    Look at the moron @ 47 – he couldn’t hold it in any longer!!!

    You fail Stupes – fail, fail, fail!!!!

  32. 56

    YLB spews:

    Hey Stupes,

    I can’t let this one go – it’s too damn hysterical.

    In one of those little fantasies you farted out, you supposedly asked me about my “skill set”.

    LMAO!!! Here it is fool:

    F YOU!!!

    Oh my this is just too much fun…

  33. 57

    Puddybud Remembers Progressives Forget spews:

    Deflect my ASS ylb arschloch. That’s all you are doing. Well ylb arschloch, being a hard worker is something foreign to you so

    back at ya fool! ylb arschloch vicariously appropriates other peeps successes as his own.

  34. 60

    YLB spews:

    Moron @ 57

    This is Goldy’s site. You’ve been playing off-field for years now. If this was (un)SP and I pulled shit like you do here, my ass would have been banned long ago.

    You are our guest and your presence here is tiresome most of the time but it’s instructive as well. You demonstrate for all who are interested the bankrupt, degenerate and plain batshit insane nature of the right wing.

    The more asswipes like you parade your ugly name-calling and right wing bullshit from the propaganda mills of the right, the easier it is for us to illustrate by contrast our progressive people-first politics and policies.

    You’ve been doing a fantastic job all these years showing people what they need to RUN AWAY from!! I commend you.

    Keep up the great work being our pet fool!

  35. 61

    Puddybud Remembers Progressives Forget spews:

    Wow ylb arschloch,

    You are our guest and your presence here is tiresome most of the time but it’s instructive as well.

    When did HA become your playground fool? Can you place thread heads here? Are you the site administrator? Are you the site thread policeman? NOPE YOU DOPE! The only thing you are is the strange guy with the porn left eye! Up yours arschloch. Get a effin job ya dope!

    When Goldy tells me to back down then Puddy will. Until then arschloch fool you are cannon fodder for all to see what you can be when you grow up to be an unemployed libtardo progressive living vicariously on other peeps successes.

    You are the ugly ASSWipe who first named Puddy buttpuddy, then buttpacker.

    You are the ugly ASSWipe who called Piper Pooper.

    You are the ugly ASSWipe who called RickD Ricky Dumbass.

    Shall Puddy give your names for PacMan, Marvin, KLake, RightStuff, Pudge, etc.? Your audacity is only surpassed by your unemployed status. Ya stupid moron.

    You are the ugly ASSWipe who calls anyone not a progressive any name in the book.

    It is you who is pathetic. A real man takes on the burden of providing for his wife and kids. A real man doesn’t sit here and fart the day away. We see what type of “man” you are doofus!

    ylb arschloch vicariously appropriates other peeps successes as his own.

  36. 62

    YLB spews:

    who first named Puddy buttpuddy, then buttpacker.

    Link? Not me. To my recollection I’ve never called you that. I’ve called you many things but not that. I certainly wasn’t the first anyway.

    who called Piper Pooper.

    Mea culpa. I don’t think I was the first though. If there’s one right winger more deluded than you, he’s a mighty strong candidate. Probably at the top of my list so yes my disdain for him is strong.

    who called RickD Ricky Dumbass.

    Nope. I called him “Little Ricky Dumbass”. Get it right fool. I called him that because he’s small-minded and ignorant and the name stuck because it’s appropriate.

    PacMan, Marvin, KLake, RightStuff, Pudge, etc.

    I’ve called PacMan nothing stronger than fool (which anyone would be who signs up to tag team with your ugly ass.) Marvin? Marvelous. Klake? Flake. RightStuff? WrongStuff. Pudge? Nothing but Pudge. None of these names are anything special.

    “man” you are doofus!

    Naahhh.. Doofus was yet another right wing loser you used to stick up for who folded up the tent and blew away. That was one dipshit right winger. Maybe he morphed into Troll. I don’t know. An obnoxious idiot like that tends to stick around.

    And I can respond with all the names you’ve called people here over the years unprompted, just a person expressing an opinion and you calling them a name. Maybe later.

    Deflect all you want with personal attacks. I pay them no mind. This website is about how you right wing fiends suck and it always will be.

    Try to make it all about me as long as Goldy lets you but you’ll fail at that like you have at everything else here because you’re denying reality and reality always catches up. Yet another hallmark of the degenerate right wing.

    Thanks for playing.

  37. 63

    Puddybud Remembers Progressives Forget spews:

    Fool, Puddy provided the links. Use your stupid tctmgr.

    Everyone can see you from above what you are. You admit it. You admit you are a follower most of the time. All you do is change the subject arschloch.

    ylb arschloch vicariously appropriates other peeps successes as his own.


  38. 64

    Puddybud Remembers Progressives Forget spews:

    And I can respond with all the names you’ve called people here over the years unprompted,

    This is about you and your continual living here as an unemployed ASShole fool! Keep deflecting ya moron!

  39. 67

    YLB spews:


    If I had to guess who was calling you those names whose origin you’re attributing to me, it was ByeByeGop as Cougar or MtRainer.

    That was his style, very rarely if at all mine.

  40. 68

    Puddybud Remembers Progressives Forget spews:

    Looks like Steve likes Pandas. He went and found what he’s wearing for October 31st.

    Go for it.