Republicans do the darnedest things


The Pima County Republican Party is raffling off a Glock 23 handgun to raise money for get out the vote efforts in the district where a Glock was used last winter to kill six people and wound Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.).

Really? Republican GOTV efforts?!?


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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Nothing’s unbelievable anymore. Rujax posted this in a previous thread:

    Gunman Opens Fire on Office of Democratic Texas Lawmaker

    “The Houston Police Department and the Harris County Sheriff’s Department are investigating two gunshots that were fired through the window of U.S. Rep. Gene Green’s (D-TX) office Tuesday.

    “Houston Police told Fox 26 that they were not ruling out the possibility the shots could have come from a BB or pellet gun. …

    “Thanks to a law signed by Gov. Rick Perry, Texans with concealed-carry permits can bypass the metal detectors when carrying weapons into the Texas Capitol building as of Thursday. …”


    And the very next post in that thread, from an idiot troll, was:

    ” … insert laughter here …”

    This is what the clown show calling itself the Republican Party has now come to.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Well, at least Texas requires a concealed weapon permit to bypass metal detectors in government buildings were elected officials’ offices are located.

    In Wisconsin, GOP lawmakers wanted to let anyone buy a gun and carry it anywhere, without any background check or permit whatsoever.

    Stupid is as stupid does …

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    Mrs. Rabbit spews:

    #3 Sister Clueless: Only you delusional right wingers are in denial/blind that the GOP lawmakers make it easier for felons and anyone to purchase guns without background checks that bypass metal detectors in government buildings.

    What is it you fail to understand?

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    Liberal Scientist wonders why the intelligent designer made Republicans such assholes spews:

    The ongoing Republican gun/penis fetish.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @3 Guns are inherently dangerous instrumentalities which, in the wrong hands, are capable of inflicting grievous harm; therefore, society has an interest in keeping guns out of the wrong hands, e.g., children, mental defectives, and felons.

    I would argue that, under the “mental defectives” provision, we should also keep guns out of the hands of Republicans.