Reports from chimpeachment weekend

Last Saturday (April 28th) was a day filled with pro-impeachment events in over 125 locations in the U.S., and even a few locations overseas. The nationwide impeachment protests were organized by, and consisted of many types of public display of free speech. Here is an example from Madison Park in Seattle:

One of my favorite forms of this type of exercise in free speech is the posting of signs along the freeway. And the foremost proponent of this technique is Scarlet, a.k.a. The FreewayBlogger, who has personally posted over 4,000 such signs. (I believe it was Scarlet who first used the word “Chimpeachment.”)

Here is FreewayBlogger’s collection of freeway blogging from the April 28th Impeachment Event.

Locally, the Backbone Campaign has been busy placarding in Seattle for some time. They’ve recently had a showdown with the police, but it appears that the police backed down. I’ve not heard of any police-related incidences from this weekend.

The fact is, this is generally considered free speech protected by the first amendment. But, state and local laws may restrict where signs can be placed. Here’s an easy way to find out what is legal in your area:

It is your right as a citizen to display non-commercial signs and banners, with some exceptions. Rules regarding signposting along roadways vary from state to state, and locality to locality. So, call your local department of transportation to find out more. Ask for public relations and say you’d like to put up some American flags and “Support the Troops” signs… they will likely be more than helpful. Don’t feel bad if that’s not precisely what you intend to put up: this is America, and the rules apply equally to all points of view.

And Scarlet offers these defiant words of inspiration:

It is our contention that the town square of colonial times has now become the interstate: for better or for worse, that’s where all the people are. With this in mind, we feel it is our God-given and constitutionally-granted right to post our messages on the interstates, freeways, or wherever-the-hell-else-we-think-people-will-read-them and we’re willing to fight for this right all the way to the Supreme Court.

But you’ll have to catch us first.

Interested in doing you own freeway blogging? As can be seen in his video the making of signs is extremely easy. For about a buck per sign, you too can reach 100,000 readers a day!

The really fun part comes after you make the signs. “Picking locations for signs is something of a chess game,” Freeway Blogger told me last July when he showed up at the Seattle gathering of Drinking Liberally. I’ve been saving large pieces of cardboard ever since….


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    Rudy spews:


    Take an old overhead projector and project the words on the clear wall in big letters – tape the white sheet (goodwill), or tyvek, or any other material, on the wall, outline in pencil from the projected large size images, take down- paint to fill in…. small cans of latex house paint is fine, just use odds and ends (recycle)

    cheap- fast – nice – good karma from the hands of the anointed citizen

    from Act Up Seattle


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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Thank you, Freeway Bloggers, for being out there and speaking for the voiceless and the rest of us. You have more support than you know. A hundred years from now, history will remember the stand you took against the GOP’s bullies as this generation’s finest hour.

  3. 4

    RightEqualsStupid spews:

    This is just perfect. The righties steal the White House – ruin America and the world – while pretending to be moral and patriotic. It’s about fucking time someone stood up and said what had to be said. We need a REAL opposition party to stand up to the Publicans – not these middle of the road, play it safe politicians. We need people with the courage to protect America against the right wing attack on freedom. Let’s impeach the entire fucking Publican party. Maybe if we act now, the rest of the world won’t try to blow us up.

    And yes, it’s unlikely we will get to impeach monkeyface, but the fact that we’re talking about it, gives us one more thing with which to drive the inbred cowards on the right crazy.

  4. 8

    Puddybud's Who Left the Reservation spews:

    Since I can’t post from MSNBC but Gloomy Gus Used Full Toilet Roll Stupid seems to all the time:

    “By trying to again empower the government to regulate broadcasting, illiberals reveal their lack of confidence in their ability to compete in the marketplace of ideas, and their disdain for consumer sovereignty—and hence for the public.

    The illiberals’ transparent, and often proclaimed, objective is to silence talk radio. Liberals strenuously and unsuccessfully attempted to compete in that medium—witness the anemia of their Air America. Talk radio barely existed in 1980, when there were fewer than 100 talk shows nationwide. The Fairness Doctrine was scrapped in 1987, and today more than 1,400 stations are entirely devoted to talk formats. Conservatives dominate talk radio—although no more thoroughly than liberals dominate Hollywood, academia and much of the mainstream media.

    In 1969, the Supreme Court rejected the argument that the Fairness Doctrine violated the First Amendment protection of free speech, saying the doctrine enhanced free speech. The court did not know how the Kennedy administration, anticipating a 1964 race against Barry Goldwater, had wielded the doctrine against stations broadcasting conservative programming. The Democratic Party paid people to monitor conservative broadcasts and coached liberals in how to demand equal time. This campaign burdened stations with litigation costs and won 1,678 hours of free air time.

    Bill Ruder, a member of Kennedy’s subcabinet, said: “Our massive strategy was to use the Fairness Doctrine to challenge and harass right-wing broadcasters in the hope that the challenges would be so costly to them that they would be inhibited and decide it was too expensive to continue.”

    In 1973, Supreme Court justice and liberal icon William Douglas said: “The Fairness Doctrine has no place in our First Amendment regime. It puts the head of the camel inside the tent and enables administration after administration to toy with TV and radio.”

    “I believe we need to re-regulate the media,” says Howard Dean. Such illiberals argue that the paucity of liberal successes in today’s radio competition—and the success of Fox News—somehow represent “market failure.” That is the regularly recurring, all-purpose rationale for government intervention in markets. Market failure is defined as consumers’ not buying what liberals are selling. [emphasis mine]

    Puddy Commentary: Sucks to be a libtard on the radio!

  5. 9

    ABBA spews:

    I think the average American has grown tired of the Left focusing entirely on the past when we presently live in a very dangerous world. Americans want to know precisely what the Left is going to do to make the world a safer place from Al Qaeda.
    It appears the Left has no plan…unless you consider pacifism a plan.
    If a Democrat is elected president in 2008, we will be hit in America in the first 6 months.
    Because these Muslim extremists hate us. Period.
    What is YOUR plan?
    Be specific.

  6. 10

    Puddybud's Who Left the Reservation spews:

    Now I know Voice of Chalk Scratching will post the link!

  7. 11

    Puddybud's Who Left the Reservation spews:

    Wow acts of Terrorism went down over the last year in many parts of the world, but Voice of Chalk Scratching and the Moonbat! Loony MSM won’t report on it.

    Pays to be well read!

    So Headlice/Col Biff/Harry Poon/Col Tucker AKA IDIOT, did you learn reading at Arizona State?

    Cheesecake Factory anyone?

  8. 14

    RightEqualsStupid spews:

    Our plan is to rid America of the asshole cowards who helped the terrorists win.

    BinLaden family friend George Bush has to go. Remember it was HIS watch when 9.11 happened.

    By removing cowardly Publicans from office, we’ll make America stronger.

  9. 15

    RightEqualsStupid spews:

    All the polls show that America has wised up to the lies and cowardice of the right. Monkeyface has the lowest approval of any recent President. WHATADICK Cheney has a 9% approval rating. Hey wingnuts, how does it feel to be in the marginalized minority? HE HE!

  10. 16

    Rujax! spews:

    Good ‘Ol Pee-Dookie just can’t change can he? Despite the house of neo-klown cards falling, the stench of all the emerging corruption, the probability of indictments, impeachments and the general failure of the Ka-Razy Korruption Konservatives to lead, govern, or present ANY workable social and/or Governmental model; he’s a true DEAD-ENDER. He’s relentlessly clinging to the dishonored and discredited dream he was fed about a nostalgic utopia…a patriarchy where men (WHITE MEN…But doesn’t Dookie say he’s black? He’s so crazy I can never tell.) rule with a theocratic vision which shapes the behavior of all.

    Say good-bye to the rest of your wingnut buddies, baby…they’re going to Leavenworth…and NOT for “Oktoberfest”!

    And YOU, YOUSELF, should be ashamed for protecting and promoting this gang of incompetents, thieves and thugs…who loot and murder in the name of God.

    What a vile hypocrite you reveal yourself to be.

    So carry on, loser. This is the beginnuing of the end of the long national nightmare your “heros” foist upon us…and you, you can wallow alone in your own foul stew.

  11. 17

    George W. Bush lost the WAR and GBS knows that conservatives politicians and their supporters are TROOP HATERS!! spews:

    Happy “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED DAY” to all you right wing losers who celebrate the needless death of more than 3,300 American’s and the wounding of 25,000+.

    Shame on Puddybud and the rest of the ilk who think that Democrats putting billions of dollars in Veterans Health issues is “PORK.”

    Spend money on our troops and that’s PORK, run up $5 Trillion dollars in borrowing from countries like China while giving Tax Breaks to Paris Hiltion and Brittney Spears is being fiscally “conservative.”

    Conservatives are TROOP HATERS!

  12. 18

    Jack Burton spews:

    Yeah, that’s it, make a sign.

    It’s cheap…just break out your favorite crayons and get busy.

    Please pass the magenta………………..

    YELLOW would be an fitting color for you guyz.

  13. 19

    George W. Bush lost the WAR and GBS knows that conservatives politicians and their supporters are TROOP HATERS!! spews:

    Jack Burton @ 18:

    WHITE would be the fitting color for you guys.

  14. 20

    Jack Burton spews:

    19@ “WHITE would be the fitting color for you guys.

    Oh SNAP! Well you got sure got me there. I am so humbled that I’m actually speachless.

    Not really.

    BTW: That’s an impressive screen name. Think you could have made it any longer and incoherant?

  15. 21

    Broadway Joe spews:

    Actually, impeachement would be a bad idea. It’d never be completed before the Chimpmeister left office, and wouldn’t it be better for us to just let him drive the Recraplicans so far down into the toilet that THEY become the ‘permanent minority’ party they tried to make the Dems into?

  16. 22

    Jack Burton spews:

    Broadway Joe says: “…..and wouldn’t it be better for us to just let him drive the Recraplicans so far down into the toilet that THEY become the ‘permanent minority’ party they tried to make the Dems into?


    The Dems have also worked very hard at becoming the “permanent minority” party.

  17. 23

    dw spews:

    I’ll jus point out that she thinks the freeways are the equivalint of the colonial town square then I guess if avoiding any kind of contemporary dialog with others that disagree is important and her feedback is a fantasy based upon how many cars went by? Sumptum wrong here. kije to hear opinion of someone that agrees.