Podcasting Liberally — July 22nd Edition

Goldy was joined in political punditry by a diverse panel: Seattle P-I columnist Joel Connelly, initiative specialist Laura McClintock of McClintock Consulting, the newest Seattle Weekly online contributor (and former Sound Politics front-pager) Don Ward, and Eat the State, KEXP and occasional HorsesAss contributor Geov Parrish.

The conversation begins with a Netroots Nation debriefing. Goldy observes that Darcy Burner was welcomed to Austin as a veritable rock star. Do voters in the eighth notice? Should they? The topic turns to Tim Eyman, his so-called anti-congestion initiative, and the media’s failures to scrutinize his initiatives and claims.

The panel then takes a bite out of Attorney General Rob McKenna. Are his PSAs being used as a campaign tool in violation of the law? Are the words followed up by actions? The podcast closes with a round of speculations about vice presidential running mates.

The show is 52:01, and is available here as an MP3:

[Recorded live at the Seattle chapter of Drinking Liberally. Special thanks to Confab creators Gavin and Richard for hosting the Podcasting Liberally site.]


  1. 1

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    The same conservatives who bitch about gas taxes support Eyman’s initiative to shift general fund spending to roads. Obviously they don’t give a damn about education, which is where half the state budget goes, and where some of the $250 million a year that Eyman wants to permanently shift from other state spending to timing stoplights would go. Oh, and by the way, nothing in Eyman’s initiative would take cars off the road or increase lanes, so it would do nothing to relieve congestion.

  2. 3

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Republicans keep telling us Darcy has no accomplishments. Yet these are the same people who worship money and measure a person’s worth to society solely by their wealth. If Burner became wealthy as a result of her successful career at Microsoft, then by their own values, she is more qualified than Reichert, who was nevery anything but a government employee, which in the Republican world is the same thing as a failure. So why are they backing Reichert instead of Burner?

  3. 4

    Politically Incorrect spews:

    “who was nevery anything but a government employee,…”

    So, who else does that describe, Roger?

  4. 5

    The Real Mark spews:

    Roadkill @ 3

    Darcy worked at MS, but there is nothing to lead one to believe that the words “wealth” and “success” were part of that for her. She was a “customer service” person with the requisite puffery title — she was “interfacing” with customers, not making decisions. Her old MS blog is still out there if you want to look it up.

  5. 6

    YLB spews:

    Ward at the Weekly? I thought anything having to do with the word “Seattle” was evil.

    Along with the Blethen times, a rag I haven’t bothered with for years.


  6. 7

    YLB spews:

    Ha! One thing I agree with Ward. Must be chilly down under.

    George “Term Limits” Nethercutt. An appellation what will endure.

    Much better then Rod “Mr. Potatohead” Chandler. Anyone remember him?

    Whoa! Chandler was fired from a Colorado High School in 2007?