by Darryl, 04/30/2008, 2:38 PM

Is it acute media silliness or has the Rev. Wright issue now cost Obama the election? Should a prescription for medical marijuana come with a death sentence? Do Americans have something to learn about war from Europeans? (Are we traitors for even contemplating such a thing?). Will Sound Transit take the road less traveled? Is Dino’s fantasy transportation plan going to put him on the fast track to Olympia or board him on a bus back to Bellevue?

Goldy and friends dig into these savory questions over a pitcher of beer at the Montlake Ale House.

Goldy is joined by Geov Parrish, Seattle P-I columnist Joel Connelly. Carl, and Lee.

The show is 55:10, and is available here as a 51.7 MB MP3.


[Recorded live at the Seattle chapter of Drinking Liberally. Special thanks to creators Gavin and Richard for hosting the site.]

3 Responses to “Podcasting Liberally — April 29, 2008 Edition”

1. pew spews:

What turns off voters is the detached egghead quality that they tend to associate with a wimpishness, wordiness, and lack of action … The new attack line for Obama rivals is that he’s gone from JFK to Dukakis. … Whole Foods arugula …

- Typical White Person Maureen Dowd, Jayson Blair Times, P-I reprint: 17 April 2008.

Mr. Obama’s major speech on race last month was forced from him only after a political crisis erupted: It became widely known that he’d sat for 20 years in the pews of a church where Rev. Jeremiah Wright lashed out at white people. The minister cursed America as worthy of damnation, made lewd suggestions about the nature of President Clinton’s relationship with black voters, and embraced the paranoid idea that the white government was spreading AIDS among black people. …

But when Barack Obama, arguably the best of this generation of black or white leaders, finds it easy to sit in Rev. Wright’s pews and nod along with wacky and bitterly divisive racial rhetoric, it does call his judgement into question. And it reveals a continuing crisis in racial leadership.

What would Jesus do? There is no question he would have left that church.

- Juan Williams (NPR/FOX), WSJ, 4 April 2008

And latter-day saint Obama showing up on FOX to pander? What’s with that?

And Hillary sucking up to Luffa Bill? When John Edwards insisted that Democrats are too pristine to degrade themselves on Faux News? No way.

2. Darryl spews:

“No way.”

Yes, way.

Look…fair is fair. If John McCain gets to invade liberal households via liberal comedy shows like Colbert Report and The Daily Show, Hillary and Barack ought to be able to make appearances on the Wingnut Comedy Network and their comedy shows!

3. GBS spews:

Yeah, we also need to keep giving oil companies tax breaks.

I just read on MSNBC business section that ExxonMobil revenues this year will most likely position it as the 18th largest economy in the world. Just above Sweeden and below Turkey.

I know, let’s give tax breaks to entire countries that we trade with.

Yeahhhhhh, great idea because everyone knows taxes are a killer.

Republcians are such morons.