Open thread. End of the world edition.

Bill Maher listed off some New Rules yesterday.

In doing so, Bill pointed out that a recent poll showed 25% of Americans think the second coming of Christ would happen sometime this year.

Those 25% may be on to something. You see, way back in the early 1990s, televangelist and former presidential candidate Pat Robertson predicted, based on happenings in the Middle East and using some good old biblical numerology, that the world would end this year. In fact, he predicted that it would end tomorrow, on Sunday, 29 April 2007.

Its been nice knowing y’all. So long, and thanks for all the hits.


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    Richard Pope spews:

    Actually, Sunday, April 29, 2007 is a big religious and historical celebration by Pat Robertson and his friends of the 400th anniversary of the coming of English settlers to America for the Jamestown settlement in 1607:

    “On April 29, 2007, thousands of people are expected on the shores of Virginia Beach to mark the 400th anniversary of the first landing of English settlers in America – an event at the Virginia Beach oceanfront that will be highlighted by efforts to rededicate the land to God. It will be marked by a five-hour service from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. with strategic times of prayer, repentance and rededication. Speakers include Pat Robertson; Rev. Marcus Lamb, founder/president of Daystar Television, etc. “We see this as a God given time for our nation,” says Bishop John Gimenez. “We are encouraging Christians to plant a cross at their churches or in their front yards to do their own personal dedication of their land to God.” (A special commemorative cross can be purchased online for a nominal cost.)

    According to John Blanchard, event organizer, the event will make both history and renew it by re-establishing the 400-year old covenant with God. A “consecration conference” will be held in the days beforehand at Rock Church in Virginia Beach. “People of faith from across the country see the vision of recognizing the historical significance of the event as Robert Hunt dedicated the new land to God,” says Pastor Anne.”

    Pat Robertson is supposedly rededicating America to Jesus, as opposed to expecting Jesus to personally appear at this ceremony.

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    Alec Baldwin spews:

    Oooohh I can make a new rule. All liberals when referring to their daughter must use the term “little piggy”. I am a good little liberal and that’s is what I call my daughter.

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    RightEqualsStupid spews:

    The good thing about the end of the world on Sunday is that Pope-a-dope, Puffybutt, Ghost and the rest of the inbred morons will be gone and the universe will be a better place.

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    CandrewB spews:

    Since it’s all over tomorrow, I am sure Pat’s given up all his worldly possessions and donated all his business interests to whomever since it doesn’t matter anymore.

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    Richard Pope @ 2

    “Pat Robertson is supposedly rededicating America to Jesus, as opposed to expecting Jesus to personally appear at this ceremony.”

    In his 1990 book The New Millennium Pat Robertson predicted that the rapture would come and end the world as we know it on 29 April 2007.

    Richard, are you suggesting that Robertson no longer believes his own predictions???

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    Proud To Be An Ass spews:

    Darn. Here I am with no time to wrap up my affairs, or start one for that matter.

    Will the booze be free tonight at the local lounge?

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    Mark The Redneck KENNEDY spews:

    Hey… I’m wondering…

    How many of you gullible moonbats did anything lately to reduce your “carbon footprint”? Did you get rid of a gas guzzling SUV? Did you take a bus? Did you ride a bike?

    Canada and Australia have outlawed incandescent light bulbs. How many of you have replaced all your Edison types with those fancy new ones? How many of you have contacted Baghdad Jim, Dimbulb, or The Liar to demand that Murka outlaw them too?;classif=

    When light bulbs are outlawed, only outlaws will use lightbulbs.


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    MikeJ spews:

    Uhm, on that Jamestown settlement anniversary, did they take the calendar change in 1752 into account, or are they 11 days off?

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    FricknFrack, Seattle spews:

    Whew, at least I haven’t YET forked out the big bucks to replace my leaking waterheater. Now I know to wait a couple more days & save some money.

    Some of the other blogs I’ve lurked or posted at REALLY get into all this Rapture stuff. Seems to be one reason Republicons don’t believe in saving the environment and eliminating any laws to protect it.

    Thought process appears to be:
    Might as well trash the planet already, destroy the Alaskan Caribou birthing grounds quick as possible – because The Rapture is coming to get us!

  10. 13

    Richard Pope spews:

    FrickFrack @ 11

    Do you have a drain pan and a drain pipe for that water heater? If not, 40 to 80 gallons of hot rusty water could cause a lot of harm to your flooring and possessions, depending on where that water heater is located.

    Too bad my old 19 year old water heater couldn’t have held out for a few more months!

  11. 14

    Richard Pope spews:

    Mark @ 9

    I haven’t used incandescent light bulbs in years. With the exception of the bathroom cabinet lighting fixture, for which they don’t seem to make CFL light bulbs that will fit.

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    FricknFrack, Seattle spews:

    Richard Pope @ 12 Thanks for the reminder!
    No drip pan, it just started leaking about 2+ cups/day this week, 1st time ever. 46-gal, so probably at least 15 yrs since they don’t sell anymore per the salesmen. Actually, the waterheater is on cement floor in downstairs garage (skinny house) that has a minor incline downwards to the rolldoor. I have most everything up off the floor. So, if it does the big Whoosh, I should be okay. Got bids from 3 places yesterday and all three thought I might limp along a little more. Wish my friend/handyman would call back, but I think he may be vacationing at a resort in Mexico. My brother is coming to visit in 2 months, and dagnabbit he would install it for free! Trying to figure how much of a gambler I am. The installation charges are astronomical!

    BTW, interesting thing one guy told me. I happen to have straps around it (earthquake insurance wouldn’t even cover without straps). One guy said that straps are now REQUIRED since the 2001 Nisqually quake. Not sure if it’s by law, but interesting point I thought.

  13. 16

    Proud To Be An Ass spews:

    @14: The seismic straps are in the building code, and this requirement has been there for a while. If your tank is electric, changing it out is pretty easy.

  14. 17

    Richard Pope spews:

    Proud @ 15

    Changing mine was a pain in the ass, and it was electric. Had to fit a new water heater into a narrow closet space and add the seismic straps to boot! Had to cut out all the floor boards in the closet, and replace the floor. Had to add in a drain pan and drill a hole in the floor for a drain pipe. And a bunch more hassle as well. Fortunately, Frick has his water heater in the garage.

    At least with electric, you can have it inside your house. And if there is heat loss that gets through the tank’s insulation, it goes into your house — where you need to heat working most of the year, and generally don’t have AC to worry about counteracting with the heat during the winter.

  15. 18

    Richard Pope spews:

    Old water heater was a 6 year model that lasted 19 years. So I got a 12 year model to replace it with.

  16. 19

    FricknFrack, Seattle spews:

    @ 15, Proud To Be An Ass
    Yes, I helped my brother change one out last year (well, umm, I held the flashlight anyways) after it flooded my sister’s place. That’s why I’m so freaked out by this leaking. Down in Phoenix, the place was like a sauna between the heat & water left from mopping. Couldn’t believe it, though, in 1 day that totally flooded apt (granted it was tile floor) was completely dry, just leaving one door open. Here one would have to worry about mold starting by the time it all dried.

    So, I know it’s not so bad of a job especially in my situation. Over the $300+ for 9yr, they want installation of 1st Place=$240 or 2nd Place=$294, plus add-ons for everything they could think to scratch up, like the straps take off/on. Then Plus tax. Said around $800-900. Unbelievable for a couple hours of work.

    I don’t have the strength or know-how (not allowed to lift over 25 lbs) to do it myself. Wish my friend would call soon, he’s the one who installed the straps & used to be an appliance repair guy back in the good ol’ City Light days. So I know he knows what he’s doing.

  17. 20

    FricknFrack, Seattle spews:

    Good Grief Richard @ 16!!!

    What a PITA (pain-in-the-a$$) Project! You would have to be a contortionist trying to maneuver all that, plus install straps inside that closet. I bet you had to haul it inside/upstairs too, didn’t you? Wow! If my very simple job would be $800-900 inc/appliance, I bet they would have charged YOU a huge chunk of change considering what all you did! Darn lucky you WERE able to do it. I certainly would go with a 12-yr myself, after that experience.

    One nice perk to having it in the closet I found in a former apt: If you bake bread, it’s pretty nice spot with consistent heat for yeast to rise when I used to put the bowl up on top of the waterheater.

  18. 21

    FricknFrack, Seattle spews:

    Hey Darryl, it took forever to load on my dialup, but that YouTube “Bill Maher listed off some New Rules yesterday.” was great!

    While there, I also discovered another one that was even better:
    “Bill Maher: New Rules For Bush and Cheney” regarding Valerie Plame’s patriotism. In case you haven’t seen it, downright EXCELLENT!

  19. 22

    Broadway Joe spews:

    Bill Maher is always good for a laugh. But since he is a member of PETA, I don’t trust him. I don’t trust anyone that’s a part of an organization that endorses terrorism.

    Yeah, I said that. I’ve read before that PETA has given large sums of money to the legal defenses of several members of eco-terrorist groups. That would mean that PETA (at minimum) aids and abets terrorists, if not finances them outright……

    If you don’t like my opinions, well……fuck you. I’m definetly left-of-center, but that’s one glass of Kool-Aid that I ain’t drinking.

  20. 23

    ArtFart spews:

    Mind you, after watching the video, if it’s suddenly announced that Ugly Betty is being cancelled, some of us may need to change our underwear.

  21. 25


    Oh stay tuned, there’s more to come on this front:

    Frosty Hardison (ie, Federal Way’s Anti-Global Warming “concerned parent” who believes the earth is 16,000 years old) claimed on Dave Ross’ January 24th 2007 broadcast that the big ol’ Left-Behind BS will arrive on June 6, 2007

    Dave said he’d keep this in his archives & then have Frosty back after 06/06… well, soon long as Frosty isn’t taken up in his firey chariot by then

    Note: Wouldn’t 06/06/06 be the right date? Or at the very least Ronald Wilson Reagan (6-6-6) surviving!