1. 4

    Puffybutt's Muslim Wife spews:

    Another bad week for the inbred right wing traitors.

    1) They admit all their Presidential candidates suck so bad they need a failed TV actor to step in and try to save them
    2) Long time crook and friend to the head crook Dan Bartlet steps down
    3) More soldiers killed in Iraq than any previous week this year
    4) A Publican prosecutor admitted Plame was covert when WHATADICK Cheney ordered her outed – contradicting one of the longest standing Publican talking points of all time
    5) Another six Publican politicians were put under investigation
    6) More truth came out about how AG Alberto used the Justice Dept for political purposes
    7) Oh yes, and we went another week without having a fucking clue where Bush family friend Osama bin Laden is

  2. 5

    Puffybutt's Muslim Wife spews:

    This is so fucking funny and so fucking sad that Bush and the Publican cowards have done this to America.

  3. 6

    harry poon spews:

    3/5 compromise. Bigger voice for smaller people. When you gonna knock that pedestal down?

    How can I make it more clear?

  4. 7

    harry poon spews:

    It’s up to you and me. If capital is free to roam the globe, so should labor.

    What Mexico gonna do but raise de wage if all Mexicans come here to work?

    Think, dumb ass Americano. Invite ALL Mexican workers here.

    Dey raise de wage in Mexico, we go dere.

    Resist not evil be de way of de master.

  5. 8

    Al Gore spews:

    Whooooaaaa….. Finally a liberal who told the truth…. Clinton did get a BJ. Hey it’s a start.

  6. 9

    delbert spews:

    The leader of the free world and the best hummer he can get is…

    Monica Lewinski?

    But I guess compared to Hillary, Monica was better looking, had a warmer personality, actually put his penis into her body, and didn’t want his job.

    George Bush may not be the fastest horse in the barn. But he beat your horse. Twice.

  7. 11

    RightEqualsStupid spews:

    To be accurate the traitor, coward, AWOL draft – dodger, COKE snorter and drunk driver GW Bush stole office twice. Actually, in at least one way, our horse beat him three times.

    And as for ugly wives…have you seen the ugly cows that Bush I and II have married? My God it’s amazing how horrifyingly ugly these cunts are.

    No wonder Baby Bush spends so much time on his ranch in Crawford. Those cattle have to look better to him than that sow Laura.

  8. 12

    RightEqualsStupid spews:

    Bush’s border guards let the guy with TB back into the country. Hopefully he infects lots of right wing assholes. HECK OF A JOB BROWNIE!

  9. 13

    RightEqualsStupid spews:

    Not a good week for the Bible-thumpin hypocrites on the right. Gay civil unions were legalized in New Hampshire and gay California inmates are allowed “special visits.”

    At least when we get Karl Rove locked up he can request permission to serve his time in California. That way his gay lover can visit him.

  10. 14

    RightEqualsStupid spews:

    Wal-Mart will scale back the number of planned U.S. superstore openings this year by more than 25 percent. The decision comes as Wal-Mart is facing sagging sales growth and difficulties in expanding its sales of apparel and home decor items.

    Meanwhile, Wal-Mart also is fighting a public relations battle against groups that have attacked the company over its employee pay, benefits and other issues. On Thursday, the union-backed launched a campaign aimed at Southerners and conservatives, focusing on Wal-Mart’s increased use of goods made overseas.

    The retailer also is embroiled in multiple battles across the country with activists who do not want a Wal-Mart in their back yard.

    Yet the Publican asshole who runs the company claims, “The attacks from our opponents are just not working, and they are not going to work.” Well uh, it’s your story punk so you can tell it any way you want. But clearly, you like your pal Bush are crazy.

  11. 15

    Daddy Love spews:

    I had an idea. Let’s use the lists of Republicans gathered by the hiring managers in the Bush administration and go take their guns!

  12. 16

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @8 Two questions …

    1) Why do wingnuts always pose as Democrats? Are they afraid to admit they’re Republicans?

    2) Why are wingnuts (especially those who pose as Democrats) so interested in other people’s sex? Are they all voyeurs and perverts?

    The answer to both questions would appear to be yes.

  13. 19

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @14 There are worse things than Wal-Mart selling Chinese toothpaste to Bible-thumpin’ sister-fucking righties.

    “Throw Away Chinese Toothpaste, FDA Warns

    “WASHINGTON (June 2) – The government warned consumers on Friday to avoid using toothpaste made in China because it may contain a poisonous chemical used in antifreeze.”

    Quoted under Fair Use; for entire story and/or copyright info see

    Roger Rabbit Commentary: The Chinese are assholes. They sell us tainted pet food and poison toothpaste, and kill political prisoners to traffic in their body parts. So how does Bush deal with these savages? He ships our plywood, concrete, and jobs to them; borrows from them to pay for his tax-cuts-for-the-rich; and buys their tainted dog food and poisoned toothpaste. Bush supporters are America-hating traitors.

  14. 22

    ArtFart spews:

    “Oh yes, and we went another week without having a fucking clue where Bush family friend Osama bin Laden is…”

    Humping Jenna in the Lincoln Bedroom?