Open Thread 6/17

- Where the Growth is Happening

For a town that is really proud of being progressive and pro-lady and pro-gay and pro-brown-people and pro-equality, we have still got some truly rotten, stinking, embarrassing, hateful slop festering just barely under the surface. And it’s down to all of us to talk about it and act on it.

– I’m just going to say it: Boo Canada.

– This WaPo piece on a Heritage Foundation panel hating Muslims has been going around, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t point to it.

Summer Meltdown

– It almost sounds crazy to write this, but 45 years ago today, the Seattle City Council tried to destroy the Pike Place Market.


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    Sloppy Travis Bickle spews:

    …I’d be remiss if I didn’t point to it.

    Actually, you’re remiss for not pointing to a couple of alternative perspectives,

    because by pointing in more than one direction you’d let readers see that:

    1. There’s video of the whole thing, so some might observe, instead of ‘hating’ on her, respectful questioning by the panelists, even though it’s clear they don’t agree with the woman. The fact that the GOP is using the video as its defense is rather telling. Milbank is pushing audio

    Dana Milbank ✔ @Milbank
    I spoke to the Muslim woman, Saba Ahmed, after the event, and she spoke of feeling “targeted,” @DylanByers. You can have the audio.

    because you still need Milbank’s words to envision the event.

    2. The Muslim woman law student lost a 2012 Democratic primary race for Congress in Beaverton, OR, after which she became (?!) a Republican. At least for awhile.

    Milbank’s a hack. This time he was called on it.

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    And if anyone knows a hack it would be the Sluffy Pickle from the Islands spews:

    If anyone can identify a hack it would be the Radiated Pickle from the Islands.

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    Dr. Hilarius spews:

    On the 45th anniversary of the city council wanting to “fix” the Pike Place Market, we should keep in mind that nothing has changed. Despite laments about process in Seattle decision making, it’s rare for the public to have an appreciable effect on outcomes. Votes are taken but stadiums are built anyway. Vulcan and Amazon get zoning changes and shiny trolleys. I fear that if the Market battle was being fought today it would all be parking garages and condos.

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    EvergreenRailfan spews:

    British Columbia has a referendum process, and a group called the Dogwood Initiative is moving to get a Province-wide vote on the pipeline. Easier said than done. It’s not a percentage of the province-wide vote in the last election, but the percentage of the vote in each district, and there are 85 of them. 9 have been filed to date, only one has qualified.

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    Puddybud - The ONE and Only spews:

    Did you DUMMOCRETINS realized June 30th is fast approaching? What is June 30, 2014 DUMMOCRETINS? What? You don’t remember the Obummer victory lap?

    It’s the deadline for the total destruction of the Syrian Chemical Weapons caches DUMMOCRETINS. It ain’t happening and it’s another of those EPIC FAYLE policies by your “two term” .worst. .preznit. .evah. Puddy remembers the victory lap.

    Missed Deadlines
    December 31
    February 5
    March 12
    April 27
    and soon June 30th.

    Butt, Obummer will scan your cell phone traffic setting up fake tower systems so it will ping that system instead of the real cell tower and read your data all the while telling low information voters who write on this blog the NSA is A-OK!.

  6. 8






    “[Liberals] said we couldn’t force freedom on people,” Beck said at the start of his Tuesday radio show. “Let me lead with my mistakes. You were right. Liberals, you were right, we shouldn’t have.”

    Damn! As we HA liberal regulars well know, to our local village idiot BUTThole troll,

    Glenn Beck is the piece of crap, paranoid, conspiracy theory spinning klownservative “pundit” who is always “RIGHT AGAIN”..

    Is he right this time village idiot, head up his butt troll????

  7. 9


    WTF is going on here???

    One day silly Sarah Palin is saying she is joining up with the liberals [on one issue] and will sever her ties with the Republicans if they don’t jet those kids being detained at the border back to the their home countries.

    The next day the moron Glenn Beck is admitting he was WRONG about Iraq and MOREOVER saying that liberals WERE RIGHT!

    How could klownservatives even THINK those things let alone admit them in public????

    Only one conclusion is possible: they see their grift running out. The demographic CRASH is coming and it’s showing up much sooner than they anticipated.

    Hopefully they’re thinking HARD about retirement.. Couldn’t happen to nicer people.

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    Puddybud - The ONE and Only spews:

    Dayum… the clueless crazed cretin is using Glenn Beck for it’s latest crutch? All one has to do is use Google “ylb glenn beck” and read the clueless crazed cretin’s 24×7 hatred of Glenn Beck. You and other HA DUMMOCRETINS claimed Glenn Beck had no gravitas when he left Fox News. He wasn’t to be listened to. So using one of the many GREAT PuddyQuotes is another of your crazed databaze EPIC FAYLES!

    Meanwhile 57% of peeps disapprove of Obummer’s foreign policy!

    EPIC FAYLE clueless crazed cretin!

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    Puddybud - The ONE and Only spews:

    An excellent article on the DUMMOCRETIN bias in colleges/universities and courts . Just as Puddy postulated yesterday!

  10. 18

    Puddybud - The ONE and Only spews:

    So why wouldn’t Obummer’s peeps answer the questions?

    cofda. wordpress. com /2014/05/23/obama-administration-refuses-to-tell-congress-with-whom-u-s-is-at-war/

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    Better spews:

    Nonnewaug High School has one heck of an FFA program!

    The school is against blocking any internet site from a student or teacher…. The filter was entirely due to and created by the school’s firewall protection system: Dell SonicWALL.

    “[We] don’t select which websites are blocked and which are not,” Carlton stated. She added that, aside from pornographic, Nonnewaug High School would never attempt to block their students from any website.

    In an email to Campus Reform, Paul Ciotti, Director of Network Operations and Technology for Connecticut Region 14 schools said “[i]t is not uncommon for websites to be improperly categorized, resulting in a blocked website that should be accessible or unblocked website that should be blocked.”

    So, honest mistake, or deep evil Vast Liberal Conspiracy(TM) trying to keep god fearing people from the truth about guns, the republicans and abortion?

  12. 22

    Puddybud - The ONE and Only spews:

    Well better, being in this business, why is it EVERY conservative site blocked during the student’s web test? Every conservative web site was “improperly categorized”? Sorry, another DUMMOCRETIN coverup! You have to program the Dell SonicWall “better”. No one takes the default settings on firewalls or DMZs.

    You believe anything a DUMMOCRETIN sez!

  13. 24

    Puddybud - The ONE and Only spews:

    Wow… DUMMOCRETIN Congressman Luis Gutierrez claimed the Honduran, Guatemalan, and El Salvador children arriving over the last few weeks are here illegally. He used the word ILLEGALLY, not” undocumented” as written by a certain bottom dwelling HA DUMMOCRETIN!

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    Puddybud - The ONE and Only spews:

    In 2011, Glenn Beck predicted the next caliphate. Media Morons called him way wrong. If Puddy searches HA DUMMOCRETINS, Puddy would find something weally weally stooooooopid from the crazed clueless cretin agreeing with Media Morons.

    So why didn’t the crazed clueless cretin call out Media Morons for being wrong? Looks like the caliphate is being formed.

  15. 29

    Puddybud - The ONE and Only spews:

    Nuthin’s changed… When confronted with facts from previous postings clueless crazed cretin loses it, then claims it’s doing too much! Stumbles onto a Glenn Beck comment and locks onto Glenn Beck the clueless crazed cretin claimed to hate forever, now clueless crazed cretin loves Glenn Beck. Sez much for the “personality” of the clueless crazed cretin!

    Bwaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaa HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR

    Sux to such a low life!

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    Sloppy Travis Bickle spews:

    First Uber and Lyft giving the entrenched cab industry fits, and now this:

    Tesla’s gains on the dealership status quo are freaking people out

    It’s almost as if entrenched businesses don’t have a constitutional right not to face competition from others, or something.