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(And there are over fifty more links to media from the past week in politics posted at Hominid Views.)


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    I-Burn spews:

    Surely you know how thoroughly disingenuous some of those clips really are? I certainly can’t say that everything there is taken out of context, or otherwise distorted, but I do know that to be the case with a couple of them.

    Ever wonder why Harry Reid has to run by attacking his opponent? A four term Senator and he cannot hope to be reelected running on his record.

    And in regards to those clips – If your side really does have the moral, ethical, ideological, and intellectual high ground, why don’t you play it straight during the campaign season? Don’t you trust the American people to see and judge you all on your actual merit, while discounting the evil Republicans and their insideous propaganda?

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    MikeBoyScout spews:

    Yeah, it really is a pity that Washington’s teabaggers were too impotent and could not put forward their teabagging candidate, Clint Didier. Fortunately teabaggers are too stupid to write in Clint in the general.

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    Gman spews:

    I hate to say it, it doesn’t matter how crazy these candidates are, Republicans are still voting for them. Evidence that they are insane too.

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    Gman spews:

    @ 1 – Harry Reid running by attacking his opponent. That’s all Republicans do, run by attacking their opponent, they don’t run on any ideas, just negative campaigning, you have the nerve to complain.

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    doggril spews:

    I recognize this brand of crazy. Years ago there was a big controvery in the Church of Christ over whether or not to allow kitchens in churches. No, I am not kidding. There were people who argued–vehemently– that the Bible didn’t direct them to include a kitchen in a church. The argument got so heated that several Churches of Christ actually split up over this “big” theological question.
    Goes to show you there’s simply going to be a certain percentage of crazy in the water at any given time. Problem is at this point all the crazy has come to the surface and caused an oily sheen.

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    Michael spews:


    There’s nothing wrong with pointing out that your opponent is completely batshit crazy.

    I do think Rand Paul was treated unfairly with the whole Aqua Buddha thing. It’s a 20 some year old college prank that only one person, who wont even come forward, seems to remember.

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    Michael spews:

    OMG!!! Don’t stop drilling in the Gulf, or it will be the end of the world!!!
    the worst of those forecasts has failed to materialize, as companies wait to see how long the moratorium will last before making critical decisions on spending cuts and layoffs. Unemployment claims related to the oil industry along the Gulf Coast have been in the hundreds, not the thousands, and while oil production from the gulf is down because of the drilling halt, supplies from the region are expected to rebound in future years. Only 2 of the 33 deepwater rigs operating in the gulf before the BP rig exploded have left for other fields.

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    The newest controversy is numerous clips of ImamObaMao promoting “Collective Redemption”.
    One is even last year.
    Do your own research about what that is, but do it because it is an issue that will haunt him.
    Proclaimng his “Christianity” and then as a “leader” promoting “collective redemption” is completely contradictory.

    ImamObaMao has a history of pandering to audiences…but showing he stands for NOTHING except his own personal short-term power. ImamObaMao loves the cheers of his auddience at hand…and fails to believe that he will ever be held accountable.

    This is a biggie folks.

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    Michael spews:


    Hahaha… Good one… Still not ready to admit that the Tea Party Revolution isn’t happening?

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    proud leftist spews:

    Cynny: “This is a biggie folks.”

    I’ll take your word for it, Cynny, as your credibility is so well-established.

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    Gman spews:

    Looks like the 9/11 Memorial will be a great place to visit. Can’t wait till it is completed. Wish they would build it quicker. When I hope to visit, it will not bother me that there is some stupid Mosque 2 blocks away. You would think that Mosque opponents would focus on the 9/11 Memorial instead. They are giving attention and publicity to the wrong place. Let’s celebrate the 9/11 Memorial AT Ground Zero.

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    slingshot spews:

    douchebag @ 1, McCain just spent 20 million dollars attacking his PRIMARY opponent. Any vapid and/or vacuous opinion on that?

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    12. proud leftist spews:

    Cynny: “This is a biggie folks.”

    I’ll take your word for it, Cynny, as your credibility is so well-established.

    I thought your Daddy was a Christian Minister who lives in Ft. Benton, MT.??
    Does he believe in “collective redemption”?
    How does he reconcile it with:
    John 3:16

    16″For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,[a] that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

    and John 4:16

    Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.


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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Spent this AM helping set up for our Churches Annual Barn Dance.
    Expecting 400…plus thunderstorms as I type.

    It’s the 9th Annual.
    Silent Auction, Live Auction, BBQ (25 huge Prime Ribs cooking!)
    It’s a great time.
    All the money goes to the local soup kitchen, food bank and LOVE, Inc.

    Headed back to the Barn.
    Wish you were here.

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    proud leftist spews:

    Cynny @ 16
    The last thing I would do is get into a theological discussion with you. I am confident that your religious views are as warped and twisted as your political views. I will simply say that people have different interpretations of the Gospel. I’m pretty sure my interpretation is much closer to Obama’s than to yours, as you do not seem to understand that hate is not a Christian value.

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    Michael spews:


    Sounds like fun and a good cause. Liberal churches and those that are apolitical do the same thing, btw.

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    I-Burn spews:

    @14 Slingshit

    How about that you just proved your own intellectual vacuity with your ignornat rant? Dumbass!

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    tienle spews:

    Goldy, Have you checked your hyperlinks lately for other blogs/political sites? Check the Liberal Avenger.

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    Steve spews:

    “Headed back to the Barn.”

    No shit? LMFAO!!

    “Oh steve–
    I’m sure that would mean a lousy time for you, huh?”

    Um, I don’t drink, Psycho-KLOWN. But you project a lot, so I gather that you’re having a lousy time of it this afternoon having to go without the booze. Tough shit. I couldn’t care less about your problems.

  20. 25

    proud leftist spews:

    23: ““Headed back to the Barn.”

    No shit? LMFAO!!

    Damn, I wish we knew where that Barn (notice that he capitalized the B, as if the Barn were a shrine of some sort?) was. That poor goat, that poor goat.

  21. 26

    Steve spews:

    @25 heh- I bet he has a sign that reads, “If this barn’s a rockin’, don’t come a knockin'”.

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    Zotz sez: Puddybud is just another word for arschloch spews:

    Just ran across this. The next time you see a bankster, hock some lung butter on him or her (at least).


    Over the last two years of the housing bubble, Wall Street bankers perpetrated one of the greatest episodes of self-dealing in financial history.

    Faced with increasing difficulty in selling the mortgage-backed securities that had been among their most lucrative products, the banks hit on a solution that preserved their quarterly earnings and huge bonuses:

    They created fake demand.


    The products they were buying and selling were at the heart of the 2008 meltdown — collections of mortgage bonds known as collateralized debt obligations, or CDOs.

    As the housing boom began to slow in mid-2006, investors became skittish about the riskier parts of those investments. So the banks created — and ultimately provided most of the money for — new CDOs. Those new CDOs bought the hard-to-sell pieces of the original CDOs. The result was a daisy chain [1] that solved one problem but created another: Each new CDO had its own risky pieces. Banks created yet other CDOs to buy those.
    Individual instances of these questionable trades have been reported before, but ProPublica’s investigation, done in partnership with NPR’s Planet Money [2], shows that by late 2006 they became a common industry practice.


    Last figure I saw was something like 1.5 QUADrillion (that’s 1,500 Trillion) dollars worth of this shit is still out there.

    For comparison: THE ENTIRE WORLD GDP IS “ONLY” 45 TRILLION (2007)!

  23. 30

    Chris Stefan spews:

    Now that is what I call a Ponzi scheme. Yet some wonder why the nickname for the Wall Street types is “Banksters”.

    But don’t worry we don’t need to regulate the financial industry the magic of the invisible hand will protect us!

  24. 31

    manoftruth spews:

    well, the jewish us army soldier who found the nuremburg papers died. he found them along with a friend who was also jewish. i always wondered how it could be such a coincidence that those papers could be “found” by 2 jews. that is, until i read about hitler being financed by zionists who knew hitler would scare european jews to flee and settle in palestine. now, i know you cant say or write “anything” that contradicts the party line of ww2 history, but thats not my idea, there have been books written, by, of all people, other jews, claiming that jewish zionists, the vatican, and the british royalty have always been the 3 headed monster running this world and that they had hatched the plan. how else to explain how a dim witted house painter could have been 6 weeks away (if you know history, you’ll know what the 6 weeks were). from world domination.

  25. 33

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    19. proud leftist spews:

    Cynny @ 16
    The last thing I would do is get into a theological discussion with you. I am confident that your religious views are as warped and twisted as your political views.

    Typical leftist dodge of a specific issue.
    Collective Redemption is your belief…it’s ImamObaMao.

    I’m pretty sure my interpretation is much closer to Obama’s than to yours, as you do not seem to

    understand that hate is not a Christian value.

    And you reject hate??
    Have you ever read your own posts?
    Sound pretty hateful toward anyone who disagrees with you.
    I guess you are.

  26. 34

    manoftruth spews:

    @31 your comment is truly one of the most ridiculous screeds of sh*t I’ve ever read.

    you’re right. the only conspiring there has ever been is in the white house basement between bush and cheney. otherwise, the world has always been on the up and up.

  27. 35

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Hey Darrul–
    Your idol, ImamObaMao, has reaaaaal popular policies with his home State of Illinois!

    Sunday, August 29, 2010

    Sixty-five percent (65%) of Likely Voters in Illinois are at least somewhat angry at the current policies of the federal government, according to a new Rasmussen Reports statewide telephone survey.

    That finding matches the level measured nationally, and includes 41% who are Very Angry at the government’s policies. Just 32% of voters are not angry at the government’s policies.

  28. 36

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    In 2008, ImamObaMao got 2/3 of the voters under 30. There was also a huge turnout.
    The under 30 crowd had high expectations of Hope & Change. Many are disappointed and view ImamObaMao and the Dems as Liars and Bullshitters.

    Republicans nationwide ignored College Campuses generally. Not any more.

    All the Dems have given them is a bunch of empty Hope…and a massively increasing National Debt which is now over 90% of GDP and $13.3 TRILLION.

    We have lots of Conservative friends with Activist kids in college. They are enthused and working hard telling folks about ImamObaMao’s bullshitting them.

  29. 37

    correctnotright spews:

    @30, 31 and whatever other incredibly stoopid rants you put up.
    Klynical: Thanks for the laughs. You are really too stoopid to even exist. Keep lying and claiming you are religious – we laugh at your hypocrisy and pathetically shallow and ignorant rants.

    Here is one of my person favorite Kynical lines:

    Typical leftist dodge of a specific issue.

    From a complete idiot who cannot defend a SINGLE vapid position that he/she has taken.

    Keep up your simple-minded slogans – you are right out of Orwell’s 1984. Your free market is what caused the depression. Your racist buddies and your ignorant rants are indicative of the LACK of brainpower in the teabagger/rightwingnutcase movements.

  30. 38

    correctnotright spews:

    What I love about Klynical is not that he/she is so stoopid – it is that Klynical has no clue how shallow and foolish he/she is.

    Kind of like the guy at the party who is so drunk that he keeps marveling at how drunk the other guests are …as he stubles into the wall and everyone laughs at him.

    Klynical is not even aware of how funny he/she is.

  31. 39

    rhp6033 spews:

    Cynical @ # 36: Yep, my daughter was telling me about that this weekend. She said some guys were trying to convince everyone that Obama was the AntiChrist (or something close to it). She said everyone just chuckled and ignored them. Kind of like we did back when I was in grad school at the U.W. and the handful of Marxists tried to give speaches and hand out leaflets in Red Square (the U.W.’s Red Square, not the one in Moscow).