by Darryl, 05/27/2010, 11:35 PM


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1. righton spews:

ignoring wiretap Jim….rather talk about Sestakgate; bribing Sestak , or rather offering a bribe…which is a federal crime.

Or the hypocrisy of “O” promising transparancy but refusing to talk about his bribe/offer.

2. HIGHEST Recommendation spews:

rather talk about Sestakgate; bribing Sestak , or rather offering a bribe

I highly recommend this latest right wing ploy to impeach Obama.

It’s a slam dunk.

Highest recommendation!

3. God spews:

Do Reichert and McDermitt share wig makers?

4. SJ spews:

Sadly McDermott’s voice has as little impact as rain drops in Seattle.

He seems to be saying that because the Repubs fucked to the right during Bush, the Dems have the right to fuck to the left.

Why would anyone care more about this then about his drama in re the far more urgent issue of the US invading Iraq in the first Gulf War?

The progressive cause needs more effective representatives, especially when the Congressman has the opportunity to build power and seniority from the wonderful platform of a progressive district.

5. correctnotright spews:

McDermott can still slam the idiot republicnas on hypocrisy.

Just like the fool trolls on this blog, who criticize spending on jobs and the economy – but were FOR spending over a trillion dollars for an unnecessary war in Iraq….

that means you:

and others

6. Jason Osgood spews:

righton @ 1

Good eye! Even worse than the SaltReductionGate you uncovered earlier!

7. correctnotright spews:

Looks like righton found another rightwingnut talking point – one with absolutely no legs.

Not even illegal….ooops, again.
How many times can they dream of bringing down Obama?

Instead of dealing with reality.

9. rhp6033 spews:

Sarah Palin continues to court publicity, even while saying she doesn’t want publicity.

It seems that someone who’s writing a book about her rented the house next door to her summer vacation home. She complained about it to reporters, said she’s putting up a tall fence to shield her property from his view, and the fence has apparantly already been installed.

I agree that arranging to live next door to someone in order to spend several months writing about them is rather creepy. I wouldn’t have done that. But she’s willingly put herself (and her family) out front as public figures, so she has to take the bad with the good.

She could have dealt with this several ways. She could have kept her job as governor, where she would have 24/7 security. She could have quietly installed the fence (although some have said it violates the building codes in the area). She could buy all the houses around her, and have your employees live in them (as Bill Gates is rumored to do, for security reasons). Or she could have bought a large piece of property out in the boondocks with the house hidden from view, and put up no tresspassing signs. Or she could have purchased a home in a gated community.

But no, Palin didn’t do any of those things. Instead, she builds the fence, talks repeatedly with reporters about how awful it was she had to build the fence, and then tells them more details about her private life which probably couldn’t have been discerned by the author living next door:

“Palin, wearing running shorts, a T-shirt and visor, joked with a reporter outside the gate of her lakeside home Thursday about having to build a fence to protect her family’s privacy. But she declined further comment, saying she was busy babysitting her nephews.”

Palin makes good on fence threat

I’ll give her credit for one thing – she has a talent for making sure she stays in the news several times a week, and at least half the time she plays the victim in the process. If she’s not complaining about the “liberal media” ignoring the tea partiers, she’s complaining about the “liberal media” reporting on her and other tea party activities.

10. John425 spews:

“McDermott talks about Republican hypocrisy”. Oh, the irony of that statement is just too much! ROFLMAO!!!!

11. 42-year Seattle Voter spews:

I can always tell the effectiveness of a message by how quickly and vociferously the trolls jump in to push the comment thread off-topic. Trying to set a record here, methinks.

Well-done, Jim.

12. Steve spews:

@9 Check out Crooks & Liars. Palin stiffed the house owner. In retaliation, the neighbor sought out the author and offered to rent the house. Payback. It seems to have started when Willow and friends got drunk and did some neighborhood house trashing. The kid’s friends got hung out to dry. Willow got off the hook. heh- I wonder why?

13. YLB spews:

12 – OMG.. Joe McGinniss is the writer.

Years ago, he wrote “Going to Extremes”, a book about Alaska..

Can’t wait to read what he digs up on this freak.

14. Big Brother spews:

Yesterday, 1520 hours, HNMT tells YLB about Rush and Coulter pewling (not praying!) about Hillary. Yesteray, about 1550 hours, YLB comes back with “Oh yeah? What about Coulter, you moron. Did you forget about her pewling for Hillary?”

15. Randroid spews:

The latest in the reasons why Obama is better than Bush ever was.

Obama at the beach in Louisiana, looking at the oil spill

“The Muck Stops Here.”

16. headless lucy spews:

The above clip will never grace the Sunday morning politiganda shows. They’ll have some right winger blabbing unsupportable lies and cut off any liberal who tries to counter them.

17. YLB spews:

14 – zzzzzZZZZzzzz. Sue me..

Face it HNMF. Your kind hates her so intensely you NEED her..

18. Big Brother spews:

A senior Democrat who worked for Mr Clinton has revealed that he recently told friends Mr Obama could “kiss my ass” in return for his support.

A second source said that the former president has kept his distance because he still does not believe Mr Obama can win the election.

So Barack wins the election and sends Rahm to Bill to bribe Joe. That much seems clear. But whose ass got kissed? Not clear at all. Time to bring back Fitz and Starr to get to the (heh) bottom of Kissgate.

Don’t hate Coulter at all. Don’t need her, either. Her book Slander is very good. Read it in your, um, spare time. Because spare time is the only kind of time you have, reading Hot Damn Ann should be almost easy for you.

19. Big Brother spews:

Obama at the beach …

The muck stops here.

Clinton in the briefs …

The fuck stops here.

20. Big Brother spews:

The muck stops here.

So: Obama, having assured us that our rising seas would fall if he were elected, is now reversing current-borne crud too? Sounds way too much like Canute. Not Berger. The other one.

21. YLB spews:

The trolls seem to play at hating McDermott.

The true hate is for the Clintons.

The first to breach the hull of Reaganism. Together with “C+Augustus” they’ve made it easy for Obama to sink the ship.

22. CC "Bud" Baxter spews:

Palin doesn’t have “a talent for making sure she stays in the news several times a week.” The press has been bought and paid for by rich corporations, who are salivating over the prospect of another GW Bush dumb-shit to do all their bidding and continue raping the middle class (and poor) by transferring all the money to a few at the top. The corporations are the reason Palin continues to be in the news. It isn’t because of anything she says. The women is dumb as a fence post. She is the worst kind of dumb person because she thinks she is intelligent and everything she says is a pearl of wisdom, so she puts zero effort into anything. Same as Bush. Palin is as intellectually lazy as Bush, and that is saying something.

The corporations will complete the rape of 99% of us if Palin is allowed to be elected president. They stand to make a shitload of money because of this airhead. That is why she is constantly in the news.

Follow the money!

23. headless lucy spews:

re 2: You think Rand Paul may have been offered something not to run?

Nothing to see here. Move along.

24. GBS spews:

$1,000 bucks says neither Obama or Sestak will be found guilty of any crimes relating to this matter.

Any takers??

Hmmmmm. . . any one.

Also, still taking bets that Rino Dossi won’t beat Sen. Murray this fall.

Again, any takers? Any??

25. Zotz spews:

@24: Safe bet on your part. Melanie Sloan of CREW, bipartisan gad fly and increasingly my heroine, succinctly destroys the Sestak business:

“Nothing remotely close to the line.”

26. Dr. Dre spews:

Why isnt Baghdad Jim in jail for wire tapping?

I mean really, can we please be honest for a change?

what are the chances that his cell phone just happens to pick up another phone conversation from a political adversary, and he just happens to record it?

LMFAO….crook….he should be in jail or tried for treason and shot.

27. Dr. Dre spews:

@15…ya, fucktard obama stayed for a whopping 4 hours in LA and didnt even mention the 11 guys who died on the oil rig.


all this from a president who ALREADY has spent more time playing golf than any other president in history.

stupid shit cant even put together a coherent sentence without a monitor telling him what to say…talk about a fucking puppet.

28. Dr. Dre spews:

@24..I got a grand that says your too chickenshit to show up at the next HA…..

29. Dr. Dre spews:

@21…you mean the same clinton who pushed NAFTA on us? that guy?

or same clinton who was too much a pussy to deal with north korea? that guy?

or the same clinton who gutted the CIA? that guy?

30. HIGHEST Recommendation spews:

28 – LMAO! This is going to be good!

31. proud leftist spews:

Hey wingnuts,
How are you going to justify this little gaffe of your hero, Glenn Beck?

He’s such an adult, such a thoughtful guy.

32. GBS spews:

Dr. Dre:

If by HA you mean drinking liberally then all I have to say is: Plunk down your cash with Goldy, and I’ll be there.

That is a FUCKING promise.

Furthermore, I’ll take YOUR cash from Goldy at DL and give him 10% for holding your money until it becomes my money.

See you then.

33. GBS spews:


Let me know when Dr. Dre gives you $1,000 USD. CASH!!


34. HIGHEST Recommendation spews:

Just had a zinger of an idea.

Everyone is disgusted with this oil spill. It crosses ideological lines. The right blames the left and vice versa. But damn! Just fix the thing already!

Lots of hopes are riding on this “top-kill” strategy. But it’s never been tried at this kind of deep-water well depth before. It may not work.

So what’s plan B?

I say we at have been privileged to have the true plan A in our midst here for years. Since at leat early 2005. You know who I’m talking about!


After over 26 thousand comments here at HA? Just transport him to the well site, put him in a submersible and hang his ass over the trouble.

He’ll “plug up the blow out” with a “blow out” of his own like the kind we’ve seen here in the comment threads FOR YEARS!

Highest recommendation!

35. GBS spews:


Don’t puss out either.

36. GBS spews:

After I take Dr. Dre’s money and give Goldy his cut, I’ll buy every HA attendee a round regrardless of your political views.

37. GBS spews:

Mr. Cynical,

Here’s your chance to meet me and I’ll buy you a drink. I’ll be in a good mood because I will have just picked up an easy grand and won’t flip you too much shit. Well, some shit, but I’ll be nice about it.

Hell, I won’t even bring up the fact that you like to tell racist jokes.

Puddy, good time to meet up again and I’ll buy you a drink, but not a non-alcoholic one.

Mmmmmmmm . . . a shot of Jameson on me.

38. GBS spews:

Oh, and Puddy, when I say a shot “on me” get that silly thought out of your head that you’ll be sipping one out of me navel.

In a shot glass, bottom’s up like men.

Looking forward to seeing you again.

39. Puddybud, Making sure the goatsee is always truthful spews:


Soon DOG… How bout June 10?

Puddy don’t drink from guys navels. Even SEALS!

40. HIGHEST Recommendation spews:

34 – How could I forget?

Hey Stupes,

I will call you now:


Let junk-shot’s bilge in these comment threads always remind us of the consequences of the culture of greed and the worship of profit above all.

41. Puddybud, Making sure the goatsee is always truthful spews:


Remember you are the arschloch goatsee with all the rights conferred to that being an arschloch goatsee. It’s you who is ASSridden each day (pun intended) who can plug de hole. You, being the dumb goatsee brick would easily sink at least 7 miles, the Mariana Trench depth to plug de hole.

42. YLB spews:

41 – LMAO!! Laaaaaame…

junk-shot, always remember you’re #2.

Your miserable stuff would plug any “blow out”!

43. Puddybud, Making sure the goatsee is always truthful spews:


Wow goatsee thanks. Puddy got the junk. You just jealous with your.Koro Disease.


44. Puddybud, Making sure the goatsee is always truthful spews:


We can meet at a DL some night?

45. YLB spews:

43 – I’m pleased you approve of your new name.

And as we all know, you never pass up an opportunity to brag about your “junk”..

MWS can attest to that! LOL!

46. Puddybud, Making sure the goatsee is always truthful spews:

Above the goatsee said “Sue me”, knowing he has no ASSets. The SEIU owns everything you ‘possess’ goatsee.

47. Puddybud, Making sure the goatsee is always truthful spews:

Being black has built-in privileges goatsee.

48. YLB spews:

The SEIU owns everything

junk-shot, you’re so silly…

.. S E I U ..

.. S O R O S ..

.. A C O R N …

Such a paranoid fool.

49. GBS spews:


We sure can meet at DL some night soon.

Dr. Dre said he was going to MAN-UP with his $1,000 to see me at DL.

Just as soon as he proves he’s going to MAN-UP and delivers $1,000 cash in US funds I’ll be there.

50. YLB spews:

Heh.. Bigot Lobotomy is scarce right now…

51. GBS spews:

Dr. Dre,

I’ve got to hand it to you, I’ve challenged you conservatives pretty hard and you’re the only one who gave his word of honor as a MAN that you’d meet the challenge and pony up that $1,000.

I have respect for you now. Because I know that a MAN’S word is his bond, his sacred honor and you’d never go back on your word.

Good job.

Lookig forward to meeting you.

52. Puddybud, Making sure the goatsee is always truthful spews:


Once again you prove to the world how STUPID you are. Puddy said “The SEIU owns everything you ‘possess’ goatsee.

You are a natural fucking LIAR!

SEE YA goatsee… gotta run.

Pavlov sez respond now goatsee.

53. GBS spews:

47. Puddybud, Making sure the goatsee is always truthful spews:

Being black has built-in privileges goatsee.

Like what? Being pulled over for DWB? LOL.

54. GBS spews:

Hey, Roger Rabbit.

If you can make it to DL after Dr. Dre coughs up the $1,000 I’d sure like to meet you and buy you a drink and thank you for your service to our nation.


55. YLB spews:

The SEIU owns everything

Fiend, you’ve had SEIU on the brain (if you can call it that) just like SOROS and Code Pink and other things that scare you.

Shit, less than 10 percent of the work force is unionized and you’re scared..

You’re a frightened diminished man junk-shot always shoring yourself up with the lies of the right wing.

56. YLB spews:

MAN’S word is his bond, his sacred honor and you’d never go back on your word.

HAHAHAHAHA… You listening to this junk-shot?

57. GBS spews:


Hey, man, after Dr. Dre ponies up the $1,000 cash can you make it to DL?

I’d like to meet you and buy you a drink.


58. GBS spews:

50. YLB spews:

Heh.. Bigot Lobotomy is scarce right now…

I take that as a good sign.

Because it tells me he went straight to the bank on a Friday night to get the $1,000 cash so we can meet next Tuesday at DL.

After all, it is a 3 day weekend and the banks will be closed on Monday.

You know Memorial Day. The day we honor all the brave men and women who gave the ultimate sacrafice for Freedom, Liberty and the American way.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, would spin a lie on this sacred weekend.

Not even Dr. Dre.

59. YLB spews:

58 – Thanks GBS but I like to keep my on-line adversaries in the dark.

junk-shot and Bigot Lobotomy (Dre) – not the kind of people I want to spend time with. This message board is as close as I ever want it to be.

I hope you understand. Maybe another venue.. Goldy can give you my e-mail if he’s up to it.

60. proud leftist spews:

Dr. Dre, newly beGoated, took you up on your bet? I can’t believe he has the assets to cover that bet. What security will you seek?

61. kc spews:

@59 58 – Thanks GBS but I like to keep my on-line adversaries in the dark

Who’s kidding who . . . he’s afraid of bumping into Emily, or, probably more accurately, Emily bumping into him after she threatened to kick his butt at DL. His excuse to her: his schedule on Tuesday evenings is filled for the foreseeable future and far beyond.

62. Rita delRenton spews:

Thanks Goldy for posting the video.
I just got a donation request from Jim McDermott in the mail.
I think I’ll send him some cash.

63. YLB spews:

61 – kc/kt/xota/bJav/daves, who the f ever..

My Tuesdays are filled avoiding the likes of right wing internet stalkers indefinitely.. Threaten all you please. After reading your swill in these comment threads, I choose NOT putting a face to a troll’s name.

You may now return to mean-spirited attacks on left-leaning folks commenting on a left-leaning message board.

Hey it’s the right wing way.