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“Hell No, you can’t!”

(And there are almost fifty more media clips from the past week in politics at Hominid Views.)


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    proud leftist spews:

    In fact, I believe we can. And, come to think of it, we just did. Boehner is the past. Isn’t he kind of repulsive?

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    Colonel Cathcart spews:

    As long as the Boner keeps calling my party the ‘Democrat’ party, I’m going to call him the Boner.

    Alldressed up and nowhere to go.

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    proud leftist spews:

    Let’s let the South go. Let’s let those states that wanted to separate 150 years ago go. Let’s see how they do. This country would do so much better if we cut off the red states. Let them go. If that’s what they advocate, let them go. They don’t want a federal government, then let them go. Go, Oklahoma (I know that was not one of the confederate states, but it is about the reddest state in the nation). Go, Alabama.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    What The Argument Over Mandatory Insurance Is Really About

    Perhaps Brit journalists, because of their distance, can see the battle over health reform more clearly than those of us embroiled in the partisan battles. The Economist says,

    “The heart of the new reform is a restructuring of America’s deeply flawed insurance market. Insurers would face tough new regulations forbidding such practices as dropping customers with ‘pre-existing conditions’ (real or trumped up), lifetime coverage caps and other cruel practices. In return, though, they would enjoy a vast expansion of the country’s private insurance market. Some 32m of the country’s 49m or so uninsured would be required to get insurance, starting in 2014; and the poorer ones will be given subsidies for doing so.”

    Roger Rabbit Commentary: As a stock flipper, I’m constantly searching for stocks with potential to go up a lot, and rapidly. I can’t achieve my objective of someday living like a Republican by riding up stocks whose dividend and share price growth track GDP growth of maybe 2% to 4% a year — I’m an old rabbit and can’t wait 50 years to make my million that way. So, I look for undervalued stocks, fast-growth companies, and companies making large profit margins.

    Take my word for it, friends, health insurance stocks definitely are not in the latter category. Despite the high cost of health insurance, and the fact the industry skims 30% of all health care revenues off the top, these companies just don’t make a lot of money for their shareholders. Their profit margins are too skinny to interest me in owning any of those stocks, which is why I don’t.

    The point here is these companies don’t have the wide profit margins required to absorb the higher claims payouts associated with cracking down on coverage caps, coverage denials, and arbitrary claims denials. Even taking it out of the CEOs’ inflated pay doesn’t get you there. So, there’s only two ways to make these reforms work — either premiums paid by existing customers have to go up (probably a lot), or you have to grow the revenue stream by expanding the customer base.

    The ostensible purpose of mandatory health insurance is to end the risk-shifting and cost-shifting by people who decide to run the risk of large medical bills by not carrying adequate health insurance — but who have been successfully foisting those bills onto others when they lose that gamble. But politicians have been candid about the fact that expanding the insurance pool through mandatory insurance also is essential to making the numbers work for the other reforms.

    Opponents decried health reform as “socialism” and it’s the mandatory insurance requirement that’s setting them off more than anything else. Yet, although health insurance uses premiums paid by the healthy to pay for treating the sick, that’s no more “socialism” that fire insurance, auto insurance, or any other transference scheme based on insurance principles, which have been an integral part of American capitalism and commerce for generations. In fact, the entire banking system that underpins all capitalist economies is based on risk-sharing similar to insurance (banking is based on a certain percentage of loans going bad with the good borrowers paying for the defaults).

    The federal flood insurance program that makes it possible for rich people to own luxurious vacation homes on ocean beaches, and for BIAW builders to create developments in flood plains, is far more “socialistic” than mandatory health insurance because the government is taking taxes from you and giving it to these property owners through direct federal intervention. Of course, Republicans never object to socialism for the rich.

    Well, if it turns out that mandatory health insurance is unconstitutional, then all that other stuff should go, too. Of course, that’ll never happen, and all the legal pundits are predicting this lawsuit won’t go anywhere, not even in Bush’s Wingnut Supreme Court.

    The teabaggers sense that, too, which is why they’re resorting to street violence in a bound-to-be futile effort to keep the health care subsidies they’ve enjoyed at the expense of the paying customers until now. After all, if protests by an entire generation couldn’t keep them from being conscripted and sent to their deaths in a useless war, what are the teabaggers’ chances of exempting themselves from the law of the land by throwing bricks through windows and blowing up congressmen’s brothers’ houses?

    But it may take a huge enforcement effort to make these people — who have already made it clear they’re a lawless element — comply with the law. That means setting up a big new bureaucracy that probably will need some lawyers who will be paid federal salaries and get federal benefits, which are much better than state salaries and benefits.

    By all means, teabaggers, don’t stop now! Go for it! You might even persuade me to get a job and do something productive with my time instead of just being a moneychanger in the temple of Wall Street. Hell, I might even make a small donation to your cause to speed things along.

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    YLB spews:

    The Boner is the eternally cooked weenie..

    That repulsive right wing tool is headed for one wicked bad case of melanoma.

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    EvergreenRailfan spews:

    Proud Leftist, that reminds me of something. I wonder if the US will still be around next year for the 150th anniversary of the attack on Fort Sumter that started the Civil War. An interesting irony about the Union Blockade of Southern Ports, was that the supply ships to the blockade line were captured slave ships. An anniversary missed last year, 150th anniversary of JOhn Brown’s Raid on the arsenal at Harper’s Ferry, and his execution for Treason(ironic since in 2 years the Virginians themselves would be traitors). Another irony, Harper’s Ferry is in what would break off from Virginia during the Civil War and re-enter the Union as the State of West Virginia.

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    nolaguy spews:

    Old news, but I wonder how $280 million spent by healthcare lobbyists in 2009 affected the HCR that we just got:

    The bill for lobbyists, television ads and political donations has topped $375 million — or enough to pay the entire insurance tab for about 30,000 families a year.

    The big spenders range from drug companies, hospitals and doctor groups to organizations that advocate for unions, immigrants and retirees.

    The largest chunk has gone to direct lobbying of lawmakers and other policymakers. In the first half of 2009, the health care industry spent nearly $280 million on lobbyists, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.


    Can these companies really spend this much money and get a bad deal from our elected reps?

    The fact that the HCR bill has pretty much banned generic drugs and drug re-importation tells me that the lobbying had significant influence. If the goal was to create national healthcare that was in the image of Canada’s, the UK’s or Sweden’s, we failed.

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Horrible News for Obam-Mao and the Atheist Progressive Movement.

    Saturday, March 27, 2010

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Saturday shows that 30% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty-three percent (43%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -13

    Obam-Mao’s “bounce” only got to -10 for a few days post-Obam-MaoCare. Mr. Cynical predicted it would last a couple weeks. I was was a couple of days. Now as it is being vetted and Obam-Mao and his henchmen choose to mock, ridicule & minimize the Tea Party…not only was the bounce much less than it should be (he should have easily gotten it down to -5)…it lasted only a couple of days.

    This very same Rasmussen Poll had Obam-Mao at +32 post-inauguration. He lost 45 points!!!
    That’s called a collapse.

    The KLOWNS are in denial and continue the attacks…which backfire. You KLOWNS have no klue on what to do when in power. You are now resorting to the Saul Alinsky book of treacherous rules. Thank you for making this monumental mistake!!
    It seems to be making your l’il pinheads swirl in disbelief.
    You should have been engaging and embracing the Tea Party…not mocking, ridiculing and demonizing.
    Don’t you understand that Americans have a basic dislike for those in power…no matter which Party??
    And trying to silence criticism…rather than encourage a healthy debate is 100% the wrong strategy and a sure way to the “see ya” exit from power??
    You KLOWNS are arrogant, stubborn and actually intellectually inferior. You relied on emotion and a wave of anti- to get in power. You gained power by the sword….now you are succumbing by the same sword.

    All you had to do was recognizing you were in power…and use that power wisely.
    Instead, lead by your arrogant misleader Obam-Mao…you have pissed it away.

    Watch for more Democrat Blue Dogs to switch to the Republican Party in the next 3-4 months.

    The R’s were really smart to recognize the Tea Partiers on NOT merely a bunch of “stealth R’s”…but actually unaffiliateds who have contempt for both Party’s.
    It has come down to this for most Tea Partiers…the R’s embrace your ideas of Constitutional Conservatism….the Democrats mock, ridicule & try to paint you as crazy.
    Where do you migrate to???

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    Daddy Love spews:

    Re-importation is an idea whose time never was. It’s a ridiculous work-around. What we need to to allow the government to negotiate drug prices directly. I trace it back to The abomination that is Medicare Part D.

  10. 12

    Daddy Love spews:

    If the goal was to create national healthcare that was in the image of Canada’s, the UK’s or Sweden’s, we failed.

    Well, I am not familiar with Sweden’s system, but Canada has single payer and Britain has completely governemtn-provided health care via its National Health Service, so the goal here was clearly NEVER that of creating anything in “the image of Canada’s or the UK’s.” And if you ever thought it was you have not been paying attention.

  11. 13

    Daddy Love spews:

    Apparently now to be a Republican it’s required as yet another article of absolute faith to declare loudly and at every possible opportunity that you don’t believe that any teabaggers shouted slurs at Congressmen.

    How to they keep track of that long, long list of required beliefs? Are they written down somewhere?

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    nolaguy spews:

    Daddy, in your opinion, is the approach the US is taking with the recently passed HCR bill better or worse than Canada and the UK’s health systems?

    During the HCR debate of the last year, many people talked about the benefits of those systems. It doesn’t appear to me that our system is anything like them – FWIW, I wish it were.

    Do you think the lobbying of last year had influence in what was ultimately passed?

  13. 15

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Daddy Love–
    All you have now is sideshow allegation to try and discredit…rather than engage in legitimate debate.
    Wake up DL..mocking/ridiculing/minimizing/painting Tea Partiers as crazies ain’t working!!
    It makes it worse…BECAUSE YOU ARE IN POWER.
    Don’t you get it??
    In power means leadership, including welcoming & engaging opposing viewpoints…not the Saul Alinsky Rules on shutting up the opposition.
    Alinsky works to help GAIN POWER. Once in power, you MUST show leadership and encourage opposing viewpoints to stay in power.

    That’s why Michael and the few others that encouraged McKenna’s lawsuit ala Bush “Bring it on” are wise. Unfortunately their voice is drown out by the kooks…like you!

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    Michael spews:

    Looks like a few folks in Tacoma headed for trouble. Say good bye to the last of the good old boys…

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into alleged misspending of public funds by the Martin Luther King Housing Development Association, a spokeswoman for the state’s Department of Commerce said Friday.

    The FBI “is looking at the information and they consider it to be an open investigation,” Commerce spokeswoman Penny Thomas wrote in an e-mail to The News Tribune.

    An FBI spokesman said Friday that he could not confirm or deny the investigation.

    For months, questions have lingered about whether any law enforcement agency was – or would be – investigating the Tacoma-based housing nonprofit’s spending of a $4 million state budget appropriation and a $400,000 federal loan. The nonprofit obtained the money in recent years to help it build a mixed-use business and housing center on Tacoma’s Hilltop, but today the site remains vacant.

    Read more:

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    16. Daddy Love spews:

    10 Cyn
    Wow. Losing REALLY makes you cranky.

    Actually, the Progressives arrogant mockery & ridicule makes me happy DL.
    It is ALWAYS the recipe for defeat.
    You cannot take back the arrogant, demeaning comments. When in power, wise leaders listen intently, consider the other side, explain their decisions and move on.
    Oba-Mao, Rahm, Biden, Pelosi and The Devil Axelrod throw unnecessary, incendiary bombs.
    To pander to the likes of you?
    They already have your mindless vote.
    All they have done is unnecessarily piss off unaffiliateds and moderates.

  16. 20

    proud leftist spews:

    DL @ 16
    Cynny really is a poor loser, isn’t he? Defending the Teabaggers and suggesting that they have anything substantive to add to the national political debate really exposes Cynny’s lack of seriousness as a thinker. The Teabaggers, a bunch of nitwitted racist haters, deserve all the mocking we can shoot their way.

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    YLB spews:

    (1..31).each {|i|
    puts i
    eval(“cols ‘-r –sort=datetime -f=c -c=datetime:strbw~2008-01-#{sprintf(“%02d”,i)},handle:matches~*puddybud* –count'”)

    I did a double take on the 6th and ran some detail.

    61 comments in one day.. Nope, no one taking his name in vain. All Stupes…

    Heh. This can’t be the worst of it. Just gettin’ started.

  18. 23

    YLB spews:

    Just glancing at this point but there’s some months where Stupes averages 30-35 comments a day.

    I haven’t even factored in his old sockpuppets yet.

  19. 24

    Real American spews:

    @ 23

    Just glancing at this point but there’s some months where Stupes averages 30-35 comments a day.

    I haven’t even factored in his old sockpuppets yet.

    Yes, but the majority of Puddy’s post’s consist of the same batshit crazy stuff






    Puddy just posts what the ants eating his brain tell hm to say. Over and over again.

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    YLB spews:

    24 – I like the comments that end:

    NUFF SAID!!…

    Over and over again.. One day I’ll count ‘em..

    Too funny..

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    Puddybud is Sad my friend died spews:

    Just glancing at this point but there’s some months where me, the HA arschloch, averages 60 comments a day during working hours. I had nothing better to do but be the dumb brick, so I would vicariously live on other people’s posts copying them for for further useless commentary – mine.

    There arschloch… fixed. Puddy is glad you are admitting again to the HA libtardo world your fecklessness. You have nothing to do but keep a personal copy of HA Libtardos on your personal system.

    Keep being stupid. You and rujax do that so well.

  22. 27

    Puddybud is Sad my friend died spews:

    surreal amerikkkan,

    Where has Puddy ever posted this manure


    That’s prime libtardo progressive activity – hate. Oliver Wendell Holmes had it. Margaret Sanger had it. surreal amerikkkan has it. ylb arschloch has it. rujax has it. ekim has it. etc. etc. etc. Too bad you are batshit crazy. You know batshit crazy.

    Nuff Said Sucka. Add this to your count arschloch.

  23. 28

    Puddybud is Sad my friend died spews:

    Hey arschloch,

    You were going to make this grand posting against Puddy, Cynical and Stamn with a little Piper. What happened arschloch? Did you finally figger out you are as useless as tits on a rooster? We did back in 2005.

  24. 30

    YLB spews:

    You were going to make this grand posting

    Grand?? Heh.. Maybe not.. But there will be more than one.

    There will be lots and lots..

    Count on it…

  25. 31

    Puddybud is Sad my friend died spews:

    @arscloch all over:

    You’ve been saying that for months fool. Only a feckless fool would take someone’s blog, save it for a useless attack, and then brag about it… In the words of the late Mills Lane – Let’s get it on.

    Guess who the feckless fool is…? YOU IDIOT!

    As useless as tits on a rooster.

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    YLB spews:

    Heh.. I just looked over all my postings here. Most of my previous aliases.. Did a pivot table.

    I maybe peaked at over 450 comments in one month..

    There’s quite a few months where Stupes did over twice that..

    Going to have some fun with this one…

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    Steve spews:

    The KLOWN continues to lose it. It appears that passage of HCR was just a little too much for him to swallow. Teabaggers? HCR was nothing. Just wait until immigration reform. Then we’ll see the teabagger hate really unleashed. America’s going to see just how ugly those people can be.