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This site is preventing me from writing anything more substantial today.

UPDATE: SAFER, a popular Colorado-based marijuana law reform group that has run a number of initiatives, is launching a boycott of Starbucks over their support for an anti-marijuana law enforcement group that promotes and glorifies violence.


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    Even when I used to smoke pot, I got more accomplished every day than you get done in a week.

    I’m toying with an interesting idea on that front…

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    RUFUS spews:

    The dems are in crisis over healthcare. Well you know what they say, never let a crisis go to waste. hehehehehe

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    Mark1 spews:

    @4 Lee:

    Since you’ve never met me and don’t know a thing about me you can’t say that. Nice try though asshole. FAIL :) ‘Night all.

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    RUFUS spews:

    You got to love the quote from Mary Jo K on Obama and the last days of the Coakley campaign:

    “Help, gasp, gurgle shriek, I am sinking, bubble, gurgle, gasp., Help!!”

    Sort of sums it up, huh.

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    Timberrrrrrrrrrrr! spews:

    Setback Spurs Democratic Infighting

    “The loss of a vital Senate seat in Massachusetts set off a wave of infighting among Democrats Wednesday, with liberals urging the party to redouble its legislative efforts and centrists advising caution in the face of voter anger.”

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    RUFUS spews:

    Your right YLB I went to far on that one. I take it back. Just put some ice on it and keep it between us….kay.

  7. 15

    RUFUS spews:

    Come on YLB. Where is the spunk?? Your losing it. What happen to all those raves on how the repubs will be a minority party for the next 40 years??? I know you have one of those in you. Post it for me, I want a good laugh. hahahahahahahahahahaahha

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    manoftruth spews:

    You got to love the quote from Mary Jo K on Obama and the last days of the Coakley campaign:

    “Help, gasp, gurgle shriek, I am sinking, bubble, gurgle, gasp., Help!!”

    what sickens me is that he was worshipped for 47 years in massachusetts.

  9. 17

    proud leftist spews:

    What sickens me is that the vote of a racist piece of shit like you counts as much as mine does.

  10. 18

    manoftruth spews:

    whats worse, a racist, or a doctor who sucks the brains our of an unborn baby?
    i’ll hold my breath while i await your answer.

  11. 19

    proud leftist spews:

    Your question is a childish distraction. Your vile racism distinguishes you as a person who cannot be taken seriously on any issue. I would call you a joke, but your variety of hate seems all too common in this country. Hold your breath until you pass out, you little insignificant hater.

  12. 20

    RUFUS spews:

    What is also sick is how the dems bastardized the word racist to mean anyone who is against socialized medicine which is a total failure. You donks need some more ass beating. We going to give it to you come November 2010 and 2012.

  13. 21

    manoftruth spews:

    What is also sick is how the dems bastardized the word racist to mean anyone who is against socialized medicine

    you forgot that they include racists as anyone who deosnt agree with letting anyone freely cross our borders to freeload on our freebies system.

  14. 22


    We going to give it to you come November 2010 and 2012.

    Doofus, you’ve got one bad case of arrested development.

    You said the same thing about I-912 in Nov 2005 and Repub chances in Nov 2006 and Nov 2008..

    No guarantees of course but it doesn’t look all that much different from here on out.

    Welcome back just the same. It doesn’t hurt to have another braindead to laugh at around here.

  15. 25

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    proud leftist–
    If you were really worried about racism, you would have involved yourself in the Racist Roger Rabbit Flying Monkey debate….or the Oreo name-calling. You are a phoney PL. A mere opportunist like Obam-Mao, who uses racsim when the going gets tough to deflect from the actual issues of the day.
    It ain’t workin’ anymore pal.

    Here is where the Democrat-leaning Rasmussen Poll stands today. I say Democrat leaning because Rasmussen called the Coakley-Brown race a toss-up and Brown won by 5!!

    Thursday, January 21, 2010

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows that 27% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty-two percent (42%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -15.

    Forty-seven percent (47%) of voters nationwide give the President poor marks for his handling of the health care issue. Voters strongly oppose an excise tax on “Cadillac” health insurance plans to help cover the cost of that plan. Opposition rises even higher for a plan that would exempt union members from the excise tax.

    A year ago, Obam-Mao was at +32 in the same poll. That’s a 47 point plunge!! All because of arrogant and reckless governing that has accomplished nothing other than increase the national debt and reward Friends of Obam-Mao.
    Obam-Mao is politics as usual..only worse than usual.
    Dems will not shake this Health Care debacle with handouts to the SEIU, Louisiana and Nebraska. Voters will be reminded about this, the car bailout, cash for klunkers, porkulous, highly flawed appointees who are tax cheaters & worse that subsequently quit.

    But most of all…Obam-Mao lost touch with the people he was elected to serve and hunkered down with Rahm and David “The Devil” Axelrod to push far-left ideology that did not have the support of the people and wass crafted behind closed doors.

    You Progressives are pretty much screwed.

  16. 27


    26 – KLOWN.

    last night I gave Max a hard time for calling me racist.

    Maybe I should do the same for you.

    I asked him for one cite of my racism. Like a coward he refused to deliver.

    I think he was playing monkey see, monkey do. (ooops was that racist?).

    And maybe he was seeing YOU.

    So lets see YOUR evidence.

    You’re not a coward, are you KLOWN?

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    Alki Postings spews:

    #26 Anti-reality wingnut. Yes, Edwards was hiking the old Appalachian Trail. LOL

    #25 Anti-reality wingnut crazy machine. No reality ever enters your head does it? Obama is still twice as popular as YOUR last President. Obama is still as POPULAR AS RONALD REAGAN was at the same point in his career you shmuck. He’s a personally popular as Reagan was too! LOL. Didn’t Reagan win a 2nd term? God forbid you people ever read a book or pay attention to history. ROTFLMAO

    “Reagan’s popularity dipped below 50% and remained there for 2 years. The promised recovery was most of the problem. It didn’t happen, at least not as fast as he forecast. Didn’t come close. By November, 1982, unemployment reached slightly more than 10 percent — higher than today’s — with 9 million-plus out of work, the most since the Great Depression. Business failures reached 17,000 that year, the second highest since the 1930s.”

    You are SO stupid on politics it’s scary. If you look at ANY polling or facts, Obama’s drop in polls, and the reason his supporters stayed home in Massachusetts was because all the folks that swept Obama into power were angry he hasn’t done ENOUGH. Anti-reality wingnut. It’s not that he’s TOO progressive, his drop in polling is because he’s not progressive enough! That’s what all the polling says. He’s not doing all the things that he promised the people. He WON an election promising things like getting out of Iraq and universal health care. That’s not scaring people off, it’s WHY he was elected. LOL

  18. 30

    Alki Postings spews:

    This just in on CNN:
    “Washington (CNN) — The U.S. Supreme Court has eased long-standing restrictions on “independent spending” by corporations and unions in political campaigns.

    Thursday’s landmark ruling, which overhauls decades of federal restrictions, has the potential to lead to a dramatic increase in campaign spending.”

    Great…because that’s been our problem in politics. We just don’t have enough spending by major corporations. Corporations just don’t have enough say in our government. It’s about time Wall Street and major corporations got a “seat at the table”. Finally, now Goldman Sachs can get a fair shake and have their input in DC. (sacrasm)

    Yeah, there’s union spending too, but that’s not a fraction of what the Goldman Sachs of the world can spend. Thank you conservatives, for handing even MORE control of our government over to Wall Street and the corporations. They don’t own our political parties enough as it is I guess.

  19. 31

    karen spews:

    @25 You are a phony PL

    But he does believe in the rule of law . . . especially on those big paydays when his clients – who according to PL, all love him – pay those BIG, FAT legal bills! What’s not to be proud of, eh, PL, you earned it!

  20. 32

    Alki Postings spews:

    #26 Anti-reality wingnut. Darn evil Democrats…if only this were a human thing and Republicans did it too! Oh wait!

    * Newt Gingrich cheat on his wife. The only reason he didn’t father a child is he was using birth control and have sex purely for pleasure (a sin according to Catholic Church and Newt will be going to hell of course). But it wasn’t for lack of trying.

    * Mark Sanford. If there’s no baby, it’s only because he used a condom or she took birth control (both opposed by conservatives for use by everyone ELSE but them of course).

    * John McCain (still married when he ‘found’ new younger prettier wife)

    * John Ensign

    * Vic Fossella the only Republican member of Congress from New York City, admitted to police to having a child out-of-wedlock when stopped for drunk driving.

    * David Vitter

    * Donald Sherwood Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives. Eventually admitted to an affair with a woman 30 years younger than him, after she accused him of physical abuse and attempting to choke her.

    * Ed Schrock, two-term republican congressman, with a 92% approval rating from the Christian Coalition. Cosponsor of the Federal Marriage Amendment, consistently opposed gay rights. Married, with wife and kids. Withdrew his candidacy for a third term after tapes of him soliciting for gay sex were circulated.

    * Donald “Buzz” Lukens Republican Congressman from Ohio, was found guilty of having sex with a minor – a girl he was accused of sleeping with since she was 13.

    * Dan Burton, Republican Congressman who, while married, fathered a child by another woman.

    * Dan Crane, Republican Congressman, married, father of six. Received a 100% “Morality Rating” from Christian Voice. Had sex with a minor working as a congressional page. On July 20, the House voted for censure Crane, the first time that censure had been imposed for sexual misconduct.

    * Helen Chenowith Congresswoman (R-Id.). In 1995, Chenoweth had denied having an affair when asked about it by The Spokane Spokesman-Review. In 1998 she called (in a campaign ad) for Bill Clinton’s resignation saying “I believe that personal conduct and integrity do matter”. Days later she admitted to a six-year adulterous affair with a married associate. but now she claims a pardon from a higher authority: “I’ve asked for God’s forgiveness, and I’ve received it,” she revealed.

    * Henry Hyde Judge who oversaw Clinton’s impeachment proceedings, prominent opponent of reproductive rights, who had an extramarital affair with a woman who was married and had three children, during the course of which she and her husband were divorced.

    * Mark Foley Republican Representative, Florida Sixteenth Congressional District. Resigned after trying to solicit sex from male congressional pages via an instant messenger program. This one may not count. It is not clear if Foley is/was married.

  21. 33

    Broadway Joe spews:

    Well, I gave up Tarbucks years ago, and roast my own beans with an old popcorn popper. Seriously, even you trolls should check this place out if you love your coffee:

    Roasting your own is easier thatn you think, and once you learn how good truly fresh coffee is, you’ll never go back to Tarbucks, or anybody else for that matter.

  22. 36


    broadway @ 33

    Popcorn popper! That’s awesome! What beans do you use (vendor, variety)?

    I love coffee more than life itself.

    Little known fact: I used to work for Starbucks. One of the worst experiences of my life. (Ever hear Kenny G live? That’s a scar that cannot heal.)

    For all the bad stuff, my feelings towards Starbucks are mixed. They’ve done a huge amount of good. The CARE programs, first to extend benefits to domestic partners, yet another culture leading business from the PNW, the profit sharing has been pretty generous, etc.

    I buy from small shops locally, because we have an embarrassment of riches. Our coffee is SO GOOD in this city.

    When I’m traveling, Starbucks is a life saver. Ever work in Ohio? They serve coffee-flavored water. State-wide. (Coffee lovers know what I mean.) Without the local retail Starbucks, I’d probably die from withdrawal.

    (I do carry NoDoz, in case of emergency.)

  23. 37


    Hi Lee.

    Given the roster of supporters for the CDIA, it’s hard to imagine they’re all knowingly supporting the wrong people.

    If pot legalization was my pet issue, I’d first ask to meet with the Big Bosses at each sponsor. It’ll at least open a dialog.

    Starting with the boycott seems to be unnecessarily antagonistic. At least give each sponsor a chance to respond.

    A good model for this kind of campaign is how progressives are persuading advertisers to drop Fox News’ Glenn Beck (like a bad habit).

  24. 38

    Puddybud Likes Flying Dutchmen spews:

    Pelosi rejects the Senate version of the health-care bill. Yet we all knew this was going to happen.

    Now we get to see the progressives eating the dummocrapts.


  25. 39

    john spews:


    Wow, that means she rejected Goldy’s advice to charge into the breach, guns ablaze. Maybe she didn’t catch that thread with all the recent distractions.

  26. 41

    Broadway Joe spews:


    Stumptown sounds good, but I’m talking a whole different level. You’ll never buy coffee from anyone else once you learn how to roast your own the way you like it. That’s why I encourage everyone to at least check it out, even the trolls.


    Yep, a popcorn popper. A Proctor-Silex Popcorn Pumper, to be exact. Any hot-air popper will do, so long as the bottom of the well is solid metal with vents around the bottom, rather than a mesh bottom, which can cause the chaff from the beans to catch fire. Just position your popper over the kitchen sink so cleaning up the chaff the popper ejects. You could also use a Whirley-Pop, or even an old cast-iron skillet over medium heat with constant attention and agitation. Sweet Maria’s would be more than happy to sell you purpose-built roasters though, but they may not be worth the expense, depending on how many cups a day you go through.

    As far as the beans themselves go, I haven’t really settled on a particular varietal yet, though I’ve developed a bit of a preference for Central American beans. I’m still too much of a kid in a candy store. SM’s physical location in Oakland, CA gives them access to damn near the entire flow of coffee coming in to the country (they claim that 80% of the beans coming into the US come in through the Port of Oakland), so the variety they have for sale is truly astounding. Check this out:

    What sucks though is that now that I live in Port Angeles, the shipping will actualy take a while. Living in Reno meant that anything I ordered from them was always delivered the next day, even with basic truck-shipping!

  27. 42

    Steve spews:

    25. Mr. Cynical spews:

    proud leftist–
    If you were really worried about racism, you would have involved yourself in the Racist Roger Rabbit Flying Monkey debate….or the Oreo name-calling. You are a phoney PL.

    5. Mr. Cynical spews:
    Barack Obama got out of the shower and was drying off
    when he looked in the mirror and noticed he was white from the neck up to
    the top of his head.
    In sheer panic and fearing he was turning white and might have to start
    working for a living
    , he called his doctor and told him of his problem.
    The doctor advised him to come to his office immediately. After an
    examination, the doctor mixed a concoction of brown liquid, gave it to
    Barack, and told him to drink it all.
    Barack drank the concoction and replied, ‘That tasted like bullshit!’
    The doctor replied, ‘It was, you were a quart low.’
    07/08/2009 at 9:11 pm

    You can just STFU, KLOWN.

    70. mark spews:
    “Racist Moron” is the Sherwin William color I painted my living room. I never sit around and think about race. EVER. Democrats bring it up every hour of their miserable existence, which is what it is. MISERABLE. I dont feel one way or another about jigaboos, most of them are a burden on society but so is YLB.
    I only use the term jigaboo to get a rise out of you tardnuggets. However, Obama holds the record for a jigaboo having a job. HAHAHAHAHAHAH Wingnut humor HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    08/16/2009 at 9:19 am

    Another flying monkey who can also STFU.

    53. Troll spews:
    Are you talking about the niggers beat Tubaman to death, and only going to be sentenced to weeks in jail?
    04/03/2009 at 6:09 pm

    54. Troll spews:
    BTW, I do detest the word nigger. I only use it toward African-Americans that are in fact niggers. The teenagers that beat Tubaman to death are niggers.
    04/03/2009 at 6:16 pm

    55. Puddybud, Hey it’s the new year… spews:
    Troll@53, there are white ones too.
    04/03/2009 at 6:21 pm


    Again, what the KLOWN wrote:

    If you were really worried about racism, you would have involved yourself

    I can only conclude that the guy around here who doesn’t give a flying monkey fuck about racism is you, you damned hypocrite. Up your ass, KLOWN.

  28. 43

    Puddybud Likes Flying Dutchmen spews:

    Wasn’t this “documentation” used by correctnotright, daddy love and other global alarmist HA libtardo morons?

    “The 2007 report, which won the panel the Nobel Peace Prize, said that the probability of Himalayan glaciers “disappearing by the year 2035 and perhaps sooner is very high”. It caused shock in Asia, where about two billion people depend on meltwater from Himalayan glaciers for their fresh water supplies during the dry seasons.”

    Will they give back the Nobel Peace Prize?

  29. 44


    42 – Steve,

    I don’t get where these right wing idiots get off calling people racists without backing it up.

    If asked that Max idiot and Stupes to back up their accusations of racism and they both slunk away like cowards doing their name-calling thing.

    So grade school..

  30. 45


    43 – From the same article:

    Despite the controversy, the IPCC said that it stood by its overall conclusions about glacier loss this century in big mountain ranges including the Himalayas. “This conclusion is robust, appropriate, and entirely consistent with the underlying science and the broader IPCC assessment,” it said.

    Hey Stupes,

    Take the family on a cargo cruise this summer:

    Go for the neighborhood bragging rights tool.. Gee I even cited the “Torygraph” for you..


    Here it comes: natural vaarreeeaaashuunn…

  31. 47

    Puddybud Likes Flying Dutchmen spews:

    Hey arschloch, Puddy already replayed your Pasadena commentary. It’s in the other thread.

    Yeah Puddy really ran away.


  32. 48

    Puddybud Likes Flying Dutchmen spews:

    Moronic arschloch@45 from the same article

    Jairam Ramesh, the Indian Environment Minister, said on Tuesday the scandal vindicated his position that there was no proof that Himalayan glaciers were melting abnormally fast. “The IPCC claim that glaciers will vanish by 2035 was not based on an iota of scientific evidence,” he said.

    See ya fool!

    BTW we like to cruise. Puddy likes to improve his natural tan over the summer.

  33. 49


    47 – I had some questions about it and you ran away. Like a coward.

    So answer away if you dare.. I got things to do. I’ll catch up after 9 or 10 this evening.

    But I don’t think you will..

    Because you’re a liar and a coward.


  34. 51


    Puddy @ 43

    You previously mentioned that you’re using Eclipse to compile. So it’s a safe bet that you’re a geek.

    It’s a rare geek that is wholly ignorant of the scientific process.

    Did you study ANY science in school? How about logic?

    Ok, maybe not. Let’s try this…

    Have you studied optimization algorithms? Stuff like traveling sales person and hill climbing?

    Because, here’s the thing, progress doesn’t happen in a straight line. There’s a lot of guessing, false starts, testing, dead ends, reconsidering in light of new data.

    From your attitude (expectations), I’m guessing your code is flawless, you’ve never been wrong about anything. Must be nice.

    Honestly, Puddy, you’re a remarkable person. I wish I had your skills.

    PS- The earth’s glaciers are retreating (shrinking). Even in an overall trend, it’s totally normal for some to temporarily grow. Because, what for it, the earth’s weather systems are changing and some places will get more snow as a result.

  35. 54

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    44. my ancestors came from Europe spews:

    If asked that Max idiot and Stupes to back up their accusations of racism and they both slunk away like cowards doing their name-calling thing.

    Give us the list of the dozens of monikors you have posted under dumbass. Headlice??

  36. 55


    54 – This is YLB KLOWN…

    Let’s see some example of my racism..

    Your dinner pal Stupes posted a question I asked him which included a educated guess that his relatives resided in “North Pasadena” (his faulty memory) but I really said “Northwest Pasadena” (my better memory). Northwest Pasadena, CA is known for its African American neighborhoods.

    I asked him how was that was racist?

    He hasn’t answered me. I say because he’s a coward.

    Little Ricky Dumbass said I was a racist because I called George W. Bush a chimpanzee. That was braindead too.

    The fool Max Rockatansky is flat out scared to show any proof. He’s a miserable coward.

    Are you afraid to cite any proof you have of my alleged racism?

    I’m open to apologizing for any racist attitudes I may have harbored in the past.

    Be a man. Let’s see the proof KLOWN..

  37. 56

    Puddybud Likes Flying Dutchmen spews:


    Scientific Process. You mean EVOLUTION? Don’t believe it.

    Flawless code? Did you see what Puddy wrote about not closing a correctly? Nope never flawless. I have written some strange code though. First client server program was APPC on IBM mainframe to PS/2 long ago.

    I detailed my undergraduate degree on this blog long ago. Ask the HA arschloch, ylb arschloch. He’s backed up the whole Goldy HA database on his personal computer. What a tool! He can give you what Puddy studied long ago at university.

  38. 57

    Puddybud Likes Flying Dutchmen spews:


    Puddy called his retired Navy lifer sister. My sister did not live in NW Pasadena. Butt, the HA arschloch, ylb arschloch immediately guessed NW Pasadena. Now why would he guess the Pasadena ghetto? When ylb arschloch mentioned he lived in Seattle, did Puddy guess the barrio? Since he’s acts a pendejo on this blog that would be a useful guess. Butt Puddy didn’t even suggest it. That’s the big diff between the arschloch and a REAL human being. The arschloch assumes the worst living conditions for a black living in Pasadena. This is what Marvin Stamn nailed his sorry ASS on. Most libtardos think the worst of minorities. It shows.

    The only flying monkeys are the ones coming from his arschloch! Wait a minute… he’s all arschloch… so the flying monkeys are coming out of him everywhere!

  39. 59


    the Pasadena ghetto?

    Who said it was a ghetto? Are you insulting the people who live there Stupes?

    You know there’s some areas of Watts that look pretty decently middle-class? Same with NW Pasadena.

    Moron – you said you had relatives in Pasadena did you not???

    Why is it racist to make an educated guess about NW Pasadena?

  40. 62

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    These KLOWNS continue to make fools of themselves with their constant racist overtones. They don’t respect Black Americans who actually think for themselves and participate in American opportunity. They want you to grovel & whine for handouts Puddy.
    The Progressive Kommie bastards have been exposed big-time….including their race-baiting misleader Barry Obam-Mao.

    I knew these idiots would blow it again like they did around 1900 and again in the 50’s. About every 50 years, these Marxists take a whack at power…and wind up running away with their l’ill pee-pees retracted.
    Same thing this time.

  41. 63

    proud leftist spews:

    Jason: “(Ever hear Kenny G live? That’s a scar that cannot heal.)”

    Wow, I’m sorry to hear that. I feel for you, bro. Isn’t there a support group out there somewhere that might help?

  42. 64

    Empty Suit Obama spews:

    Wow, the YLB arschloch has been queefing his opinion in here since 7:14 am today- non stop. He’d probably call that a productive day, but then, he’s a fucking uneducated, jobless asshat that, when not surfing bestiality sites, is on liberal hate sites banging away with his sausage fingers on the keyboard 24/7 as only a loser can do.

    You, son, are a complete waste of oxygen

    There may still be hope that YLB willa actually leave the confines of his parents basement in 2010, but my money is safe betting against the odds of that happening.

  43. 66

    Monterey spews:

    Uh, yah—like people in this city are gonna boycott Starbucks so that other people in CO can get MJ.

  44. 69

    Puddybud Likes Flying Dutchmen spews:

    Moron – you said you had relatives in Pasadena did you not???

    Who you calling moron arschloch? Puddy said Puddy had a sister at one time.. faulty memory idiot…

    Also since there are many quadrants to a city

    N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW, you chose the minority part of the city arschloch. Now why is that fool? That’s what Marvin identified from your feckless commentary Puddy demonstrated earlier.

    Now the pendejo asked why Puddy called it a ghetto. Well fool Puddy grew up in the Philly Ghetto. Puddy can identify with ghettos. If you navigate to your fully operational backup of Goldy’s HA blog you’ll find where Puddy showed GBS where Puddy is from in Philly. It’s easy ylb arschloch. Use tctmgr and find it. You know how to use tctmgr, as you use it on your useless feckless insipid attacks on Puddy which are chronological and paranoidic failures. That is what your son sees in you, his father, and you admitted he ran Republican. A paranoid chronological fool! Well with you as an example of fatherhood, Puddy can see how he’s running away from your example.

    So your UNeducated guess made you look as stupid as ever… a dumb brick! Not even a good try fool!

  45. 70

    Puddybud Likes Flying Dutchmen spews:

    65. proud leftist spews: Little Ricky, You’re always so endearing when you accuse someone else of hating.

    This is from the Kitsap County hater himself Proud Goatist.




  46. 71


    69 – Great. You’re no longer running. Now you want to talk..

    Yeah I chose NW. So what?? You said you had relatives in Pasadena. I took a guess. I know the area..

    You thought that was a put down??

    Yeah some areas of NWP are really gnarly. Others are just fine. Just like some areas of Watts are ok. The houses may be modest but the folks keep them up.

    SAME in freaking East LA..

    Not every place is like Philly. You should know that..

    The rest of your bullshit is just noise..

  47. 73

    Puddybud Likes Flying Dutchmen spews:

    You thought that was a put down??

    Fool, that would be the same as Puddy saying you are from east LA cuz you his panic! What a fool!
    Your bullshit is continual feckless noise from 2004 until now.

    Puddy knew you’d use tctmgr to find my comment. Unfortunately your copy and paste skillz suck fool! More useless blather from the useless one.

    That’s why you are a dumb brick fool!

  48. 74

    Empty Suit Obama spews:

    asshat YLB

    Call someone like GW Bush a chimpanzee, which he happens to resemble

    And to you that’s racism..

    What a moron!

    Examine that picture again and tell me whose ears are more similar.

    Yet, If I were to use your stupid term of “chimpanzee” as you so put it, to say it “resembled” one, you’d be calling me a racist.

    You’re a dumbass YLB, but then, that never changes night to night in this cesspool. At least you’re consistent.

  49. 75


    74 –

    you’d be calling me a racist.

    Maybe.. Puddybud would definitely call you racist. He somehow imagines that I’ve made a similar comparison to Condi Rice and Colin Powell but I digress.

    You know why I might call you a racist over that?

    Because you’d be putting Obama down based on his superficial appearance alone..

    I put Bush down not only because he resembles a chimpanzee.. smirks like one.

    But because he governed like one of the comical chimps you see on a kids TV show..

    The guy was one of the worst Presidents this country has ever had. He wasn’t a bull in a china shop.

    He was a monkey in a china shop.. I apologize for nothing asshole.

  50. 76

    Mathew "RennDawg" Renner spews:

    Boycott Starbucks? Well, i cannot boycott what I do not use. I hate coffee. So my not usingit cannot be called a boycott. I also do not use pot (never had never will). So I guess I am neutral in this one.

  51. 77


    73 – Ok let’s think this out..

    I say I’m half hispanic and have some relatives in L.A.

    You ask. Oh how’s things for them in East L.A?

    I say. My folks down there don’t live in East L.A. They actually live in Silverlake.

    You say. Oh sorry, sorry I didn’t mean to be racist..

    Makes no sense fool..

  52. 78

    Empty Suit Obama spews:

    You know why I might call you a racist over that?

    Because you’d be putting [him] down based on his superficial appearance alone..

    Tell me you’re actually not that retarded. Nevermind…you just proved it by that statement.

    lets refresh:

    @ 67 YLB Queefed:

    Call someone like GW Bush a chimpanzee, which he happens to resemble…

    And to you that’s racism..

    What a moron!

    So putting someone down by their superficial appearance ala facial expressions, big ass satellite ears, etc is racist, but only if expressed against a democrat. Nice illogic lil’ one, but doesn’t pass muster in terms of consistency.

    You’re a confirmed dumbass, YLB. Maybe a racist, maybe not. It’s more likely you’re a misogynist given your dislike of strong women more than minorities of color. But, hey, it’s a distiction without a difference in my book. Fucking dolt.

  53. 80

    Max Rockatansky spews:

    @71…..the racist YLB tries to back track and cover up… no avail – he has been outed.

  54. 81


    but only if expressed against a democrat.

    78 – Never said that asswipe.. You’re making shit up.

    Just ask your friend Puddybud if he’d call you a racist for comparing Condi Rice or Colin Powell to a monkey.

    He’s never ONCE called me on racism for doing that to GWB..

    Cuz’ it isn’t asshole.

  55. 83


    So putting someone down by their superficial appearance ala facial expressions, big ass satellite ears, etc is racist

    If you harp on that alone over and over..

    My calling GWB that was more over the way he made decisions and was led by the nose by his handlers…

  56. 84

    Empty Suit Obama spews:

    78 – Never said that asswipe.. You’re making shit up.

    You said to compare it by “superficial appearance alone” “might be racist”. So your comparison to Bush might be construed as your being a racist as you clearly would like to link him to the animal species and not the human race. Not seeing where the line of departure exactly exists in your feeble mind, YLB?

    Maybe it’s best you keep up with the conversation in the future.

  57. 85


    Maybe a racist, maybe not. It’s more likely you’re a misogynist given your dislike of strong women more than minorities of color.

    Dislike of strong women???? Where do you get this shit? You talking about your CFO?? I complimented her..

    Maybe, maybe not??? Make up your mind asswipe.

    What an asshat..

  58. 86

    Empty Suit Obama spews:

    My calling GWB that was more over the way he made decisions and was led by the nose by his handlers…

    You’ve gotta be shitting me. You think the community organizer from the South side of chicago with no executive experience is running this country? Holy christ, It’s like putting the janitor in charge at microsoft…he may think he’s in charge, but the folks behind the seens are running the show. He just shows up and speaks like he knows what the fuck he’s doing, which isn’t the case obviously given this weeks election and the deplorable state of the union 1 year later.

  59. 88

    Empty Suit Obama spews:

    Dislike of strong women???? Where do you get this shit?

    If one were to look in the archives and look up Lee addressing Ann Coulter as a “cunt”, they would see you cheering right along with his use of the word. Of cours, Lee, being a coward, then said something to the lame effect of “it wasn’t directed at women in general, but to her [Ann Coulter] in particular”. Weasel words to say the least. You practically jizzed on your keyboard in admiration of him calling her that name and I’ve heard you address others like Bachmann and Palin in derisive terms. So yeah, you may be both, leaning towards more the misogynist than the racist.

    Feel free to use the HA archive for the exact reference: I used keywords YLB + cunt…again it was more of YLB being the pom pom waver and Lee being the misogynist, but you get the gist.

  60. 89


    86 – As odious as the bank bailout was, all economists agree we still have an economy because of it..

    As disagreeable to some as the car company deals were, we still have a car industry because of them.

    McSame looked like an idiot suspending his campaign and running around DC.. Obama cooly gathered information, from people like Volker and Buffet and made the right calls.

    He conserved his strength, kept his priorities straight and DISPATCHED McSame at the first debate.

    My candidate – your candidate..

    No comparison..

  61. 92

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @86 “You think the community organizer from the South side of chicago with no executive experience is running this country?”

    The Economist, a conservative British magazine run by folks much smarter than you, think Obama is doing a pretty good job:

    “One year on, how well has he done? Not too badly, by our reckoning …. In his first 12 months in office Mr Obama has overseen the stabilising of the economy, is on the point of bringing affordable health care to virtually every American citizen, has ended the era of torture, is robustly prosecuting the war in Afghanistan while gradually disengaging from Iraq; and perhaps more precious than any of these, he has cleared away much of the cloud of hatred and fear through which so much of the world saw the United States during George Bush’s presidency.

    “More generally, Mr Obama has run a competent, disciplined yet heterodox administration, with few of the snafus that characterised Bill Clinton’s first year. Just as important have been the roads not taken. Mr Obama has resisted the temptation to give in to the populists in his own party and saddle Wall Street with regulations that would choke it. He has eschewed punitive taxation on the entrepreneurs who animate the economy; and he has even … turned a deaf ear to the siren-song of the protectionists. In short, what’s not to like?”

    Roger Rabbit Commentary: Get with the program, Empty Head. You’re out of step with the thinkers on the conservative side. Obama has earned his stripes with the conservative intelligentsia. It’s time for you to stand up and salute your commander in chief.

  62. 93

    Empty Suit Obama spews:


    I gave you the keywords to look it up in the archive. I’m not going to enable your laziness by providing the direct link. I’ll check back at 5 am for your reply, as some of us actually are productive members of society and contribute to the economy.

  63. 94

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @91 All I did @87 was prove evolution. Isn’t that what the argument was about? These pictures show unequivocally that Bush is descended from apes. The family resemblance is obvious.

  64. 97

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @93 “some of us actually are productive members of society and contribute to the economy”

    Not me! I don’t work anymore. I’d rather make money.

  65. 98

    Empty Suit Obama spews:

    now, now, YLB…I’ll see you at 5 am to continue this.

    Up for it? It’s not like you have anything else to do, you don’t work.

    Perhaps i’ll share the link where Lee uses the word “cunt” to refer to Ann Coulter, then try to weasel himself out of it. meanwhile, you’re cheering him on.

    See ya at 5am

  66. 99


    98 – I doubt I’ll be up then but…

    I hope you won’t dodge Roger Stone’s perfidy either..

    I’m sure you’re aware of Stone’s name-calling of Hillary Clinton..

    Did you agree with it??

    And I believe I found the thread you were talking about.

    The woman I complimented Lee on criticizing was NOT Anne Coulter..

    It was ChristmasGhost.. Like yourself a pretty obnoxious right winger with ugly bigoted views of people to her political left and very vindictive as well.

    Lee really took it to her and I believed she deserved it. Today my enthusiasm about the tongue lashing would be a bit more tempered.

    But I didn’t call anyone or even support anyone calling anyone – a “cunt”.

    Again, I leave that to the Roger Stones of the world, people of the extreme right wing, people you seem to have some affinity with.

    And again, you appear to have serious reading comprehension issues.

  67. 101

    Empty Suit Obama spews:

    @ 100 YLB queefed:

    Bachmann the unhinged nutcase

    and Palin the incompetent, the vindictive abuser of office, the quitter.

    Wow, an ignorant observation and quite judgmental for a sad sack that’s been willfully unemployed for how many years now? But I would expect nothing less from a woman-hating misogynist.

    I see your problem as hating these women because they’re everything you’re not:
    Active member of the community
    Strong willed
    Able to balance both a busy family life and a career

    Where is YLB? Sitting in his mothers basement eating cheetoh’s and masterbating to bestiality porn sites when not banging away on the keyboard in hates sites like HUFFPO, KOS, HA.

    I can now understand your jealousy drives your anger, YLB.

  68. 102

    Puddybud Likes Flying Dutchmen spews:

    He somehow imagines that I’ve made a similar comparison to Condi Rice and Colin Powell but I digress.

    We went over this before ylb arschloch fool. You can’t retract what you called black conservative peeps can you? You can’t erase it from Goldy’s original blog or google can you ylb arschloch. That why Puddy has said repeatedly you are all arschloch and the dumbest brick on HA.

    Dislike of strong women???? Where do you get this shit? You talking about your CFO??

    Yes your strong wimens are Rosie, Code Pinkos, Cindy, Rachel, Randi, etc. Whatamoron!

    No wonder you son has decided to follow another political path because you ain’t the “role model” father he sees in his friends. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Maybe yous be the missing link.


  69. 103

    Puddybud Likes Flying Dutchmen spews:

    More bullshit from ylb arschloch. His commentary always cums from the fat cheeks…

    I say I’m half hispanic and have some relatives in L.A. You ask. Oh how’s things for them in East L.A?

    Wrong fool. Puddy would ask where do they live in LA? Get it moron? Puddy wouldn’t assume you be from da barrio. Butt from over 5 years of useless worthless feckless monomaniacal chronologically deficient commentary Puddy and others know you from de gutter. Butt all can see you immediately assumed my sister lived in NW Pasadena. So why do you think that way fiend? You are a monster in your own mind. This is why Marvin dissected and destroyed you last September. You always think the worse of peeps and put them in your little reservations. You hang your silly arschloch by your own words fool!

    This is why you are a feckless and useless dumb brick of an arschloch on HA fool who vicariously latches onto others commentary because you have no “mind” of your own! You take an attack (like Puddy’s attack with your head up Keith Olbermann’s ass over your tea bag use) and you unsuccessfully tried to return it against Puddy. Absolutely laughable!

  70. 104

    Puddybud Likes Flying Dutchmen spews:

    Puddy wonders if Senator Scott Brown will walk up to Chucky Schumer in the senate chambers and thank him for the tea bagger email Chucky sent out to Massachusetts independent voters.

    Say that 55 times in a row… Senator Scott Brown Senator Scott Brown Senator Scott Brown Senator Scott Brown Senator Scott Brown Senator Scott Brown Senator Scott Brown Senator Scott Brown Senator Scott Brown Senator Scott Brown Senator Scott Brown. It has a nice ring to it.

    Somehow Puddy remembers a few leftist HA Libtardo peeps using something similar with the comedy senator from Minnesota.

  71. 105

    Max Rockatansky spews:

    I almost feel sorry for the ass pummeling YLB is taking……almost.

    you reap what you sow – isnt that right ylb.

  72. 106

    Puddybud Likes Flying Dutchmen spews:

    Changing the subject for a few seconds from ylb arschloch’s moronic rantings…

    Puddy thinks it’s very interesting how the AP, NBC, ABC and other polling services decided not to post their polls when Odumba’s poll numbers were in the tank after his disciples handled the EunuchBomber affair. Only CBS had the cojones to post. Now that they found their usual sample of yes acolytes they post their “findings”.

  73. 107

    Puddybud Likes Flying Dutchmen spews:

    Puddy also remembers all the calls from the HA Libtardo class claiming conservatism was dead.

    Results 1 – 10 of about 1,860 from for republicans are dead

    Results 1 – 10 of about 999 from for conservatives are dead

    etc. etc. etc.

  74. 108

    YLB spews:

    101 – What happened little ricky dumbass? Dodging your reading comprehension issues?

    Compeletely dodges name-calling of women from the right, from the disgusting Roger Stone.

    Doesn’t answer my question: does he agree with Roger Stone calling Hillary Clinton a “cunt”.

    You’re a coward Little Ricky Dumbass..

  75. 109

    YLB spews:

    102 – Ok then produce the proof asswipe… But you can’t because you’re a FUCKING LIAR..

    Rosie and Code Pink are the people you’re scared of, you fool. I’m making fun of your silly fears.

    103 – I took an educated guess, now’re you’re playing the race card. You call NW Pasadena, “the ghetto” which is an INSULT to anyone who’s proud to live there. You’re a miserable fool who’s bought heart and soul into an ugly ideology.

    104 – Here’s “Senator” Scott Brown..

    Gotta hand it to the teabagger. He’s had practice “hustling his ass”..

    107 – maybe not dead but “braindead” for sure:

  76. 111

    Puddybud Likes Flying Dutchmen spews:

    To the moron@109

    102 – Ok then produce the proof asswipe… But you can’t because you’re a FUCKING LIAR..

    Fuck you asshole. Puddy went over this last year. Check your tctmgr backup of HA fool! You went on an on on how you “characterized” Condi and Colin, dipshit fiend!

    103 – I took an educated guess

    More BULLSHIT. If you had paid attention with that “perfect memory” you claim, Puddy told you my sister was a navy lifer. She wouldn’t live in the ghetto fool!

    Your apologistic bullshit doesn’t cut it here fool!

  77. 112

    YLB spews:

    111 – Yeah I remember the “proof”. I called the last miserable administration “the monkey gang” after the asshole you voted for twice and all of a sudden guess what…

    Time for STUPES to play the race card.


    And you’re calling people who are PROUD to live in some underserved African American communities, who do their best to get by, who even keep their properties up ghetto dwellers.

    Why do you do this?

  78. 113

    Puddybud Likes Flying Dutchmen spews:

    111 – Yeah I remember the “proof”. I called the last miserable administration “the monkey gang” after the asshole you voted for twice and all of a sudden guess what…

    That’s not all you said you sad piece of shit. You attacked Condi and Colin as monkey lovers. Oh yeah you forgot that fool! Check your tctmgr fool.

    Puddy has had enough of your sorry ASS for this week.

    Feck on feckless one. You’ll give us the last “word”.

  79. 114

    YLB spews:

    113 – Prove it asshole..

    Go ahead, blow me away.

    I dare you to..

    And FUCK YOU and your cowardly database dodge..

  80. 115

    Puddybud Likes Flying Dutchmen spews:

    Bye bye fool@114…

    Puddy has nothing to prove. Your simian commentary is well known all over HA.

    Blow you away? With what, the Hubble Telescope looking for it?

    Cowardly database dodge? You bragged about it last year. Told us to wait. You have all your comments right there. Use it fool. You created the HA backup, not Puddy.

    Going back to work now. You are a miserable fiend!

  81. 116

    YLB spews:

    Puddy has nothing to prove.


    Because you make shit up..

    Maybe I said something thoughtless. Something I shouldn’t have. You had the perfect opportunity to produce. Gee I bet you saved it up just like all those HL quotes.

    Where is it then? I bet you don’t have it. Because you’re pulling shit out of your ass on a lot of your race card playing.


    Run away now…

  82. 117

    YLB spews:

    A man would back up serious accusations like racism.

    But you’re a diminished man reduced to playing the race card to prop up his discredited ideology in his shrunken mind.

    Pretty sad way to live life.

  83. 118

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Have you seen the latest plea for help??

    Dear MoveOn member,
    Comprehensive health care reform is hanging in the balance.

    Over the past 48 hours, President Obama and some Democrats in Congress have announced that they are considering scaling back. The White House Press Secretary even implied yesterday that health care is moving to the back burner.1

    We need to act immediately to make sure that doesn’t that happen. That why we’re organizing Emergency Rallies for Health Care this coming Tuesday to send a clear message: Democrats must stand up to corporate interests and fight for the rest of us—starting by passing a strong health care reform bill.

    We need someone to organize a rally in Port Ludlow—can you get the ball rolling there? It’s not hard, but it’s important, and we’ll give you all the help you need. Click here to register your event right away:

    We’re acting in an urgent moment. Democrats are publicly suggesting they might scale back health care reform—or giving up on it entirely. But we can’t let that happen. Democrats and the President have the ability to pass real reform, and that’s what voters are demanding. That’s the lesson from Tuesday’s election in Massachusetts: voters want real change and they want it now.

    The rallies on Tuesday will be simple but powerful: We’ll hold signs and tell our members of Congress what we need from them. We’ll gather at congressional offices and other public places around the country to send a clear message that we need real health care reform now.

    It is so much fun watching these asshole scramble around after hearing them tell us all the bad things they were going to do to Conservatives…and making fun of Tea Party members.

  84. 120

    Steve spews:

    @113 What’s the deal, Puddy? You think look like a monkey or something?

    heh- I saw a monkey at a zoo. Damn, Puddy, are you fucking offended now? Did I make you cry? I sure the fuck hope so.

  85. 121

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Watch Glen Beck yank the covers off the Progressive Movement TODAY!!

    2PM and 11PM in Seattle.

    Might be good for some of you KLOWNS to understand what you are part of…rather than invest your time insulting Black Americans and Tea Party members.
    Your frustration has manifest itself into arrogance and racism. Shame on you.

    Perhaps steve can organize a Tollycraft event for you KLOWNS??

  86. 122

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    How do you think Specter will fair in the polls AFTER his vicious attack and actions toward Michelle Bachmann and women in general!!
    What an idiot that stupid old man is.
    Here is where he stands pre-attack as shown by Democrat-leaning Rasmussen:

    Thursday, January 21, 2010

    Republican Pat Toomey now leads incumbent Senator Arlen Specter 49% to 40% in Pennsylvania’s race for the U.S. Senate. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Pennsylvania voters also finds Toomey with a 43% to 35% lead over Democratic challenger Joe Sestak.

    Arlen will soon be a double-digit trailer.

  87. 124

    Puddybud Likes Flying Dutchmen spews:


    Back on the Stupid Solution Puddy sees. It’s the simian characterization ylb arschloch used on Condi and Colin. It’s A-Ok for progressives to make the monkey comparisons on conservative blacks but make it on a Dummocrapt and all hell breaks lose.

    You can visit your family in the zoo all you want man. Enjoy your visit. How did you escape anyway?

  88. 125

    Steve spews:

    “insulting Black Americans”

    You mean Puddy? Christ, Klynical, he’s a fucking traitor to his country and his race. As such, he deserves each and every insult we throw his way. Hell, if anything, we don’t insult him enough.

    Puddy cries when we call him a flying monkey. Good fucking grief! Well, he can cry ’til the goats come home for all I care.

  89. 126

    Steve spews:

    @124 You can just take your faux outrage and shove it up your ass, you flying monkey.

    Oh, did I just make you cry again?

  90. 127

    YLB spews:

    the simian characterization

    Will one of you fucking right wing asswipes produce proof of this?

    Everytime I ask you run away.


  91. 128

    Steve spews:

    “the simian characterization”

    Some vague reference to “simian” and Puddy cries “Racism!”

    Troll calls blacks niggers and Puddy loves him. You see, Puddy’s good with that as long as he isn’t called a nigger. Mark calls blacks jigaboos and Puddy shows his love. I reckon that’s because Mark didn’t call him a jigaboo. The KLOWN tells a joke about lazy black makes. Puddy’s fine with that. Klynical didn’t make a joke about Puddy being a lazy black.

    Here’s a clue for you, Puddy. Troll did, in fact, call you a nigger. Mark did call you a jigaboo. The KLOWN’s joke was about you being a lazy black male.

    Puddy’s fine with his race being tagged as lazy, niggers and jigaboos by the extremist right. Why? Because he’s a race traitor. Apparently still capable of shame, he just won’t admit it. Just like our faux libertarians in their embrace of corporatism this week won’t admit that they’re fascists. Shame. And you know what’s funny? Puddy never did get the tax cut for which he sold out his race.

  92. 131


    130 – Excuse me. I do that a lot..

    Are you calling me headless because I’ve said the same kind of things that your dinner pal Stupes prattles on endlessly about? Those things headless lucy said?

    Never have…

    Feel free to prove it..

    But you won’t because you’re a coward like your dinner pal, like Max, like little Ricky Dumbass.

  93. 132

    Steve spews:

    @131 Nah, I think he might be calling me headless this time. Hard to tell with crazy people. Anyways, it’s Friday afternoon and the KLOWN is likely drunk on his ass by now. Crazy and drunk. I’m sure he gets easily confused in that state.

  94. 133

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Puddy doesn’t drink.
    I drink an occassional glass of wine or beer.
    The only known regular drunk on HA is the Martine-swilling Kountry Klubber and Tollycraft Yacht Man….that be YOU!

  95. 134

    Steve spews:


    I take it that any spelling skills you might possess slip away when you drink the hooch.

    For a moment I’ll be serious. I don’t usually drink at all, Mr. Clynical. A friend can and does leave the remains of a six-pack in my fridge and can come back six months later and it’s still there. I won a bottle of Glen Livit playing golf a decade ago and it’s still 3/4 full and collecting dust. I did have a glass of wine last week when my wingnut girlfriend and our ultra-liberal gay friend got together for dinner last week. That was my first drink in at least a year. I haven’t been anywhere near intoxicated since about 1989 or so. At the time, after a night out partying, I found myself driving on El Camino Real between Mountainview and Palo Alto, weaving in and out of traffic, wondering why the fuck everybody was going so damned slow. I glanced at the speedometer and saw that I was doing 110. If you don’t know El Camino REal, that’s like doing 110 on Aurora Avenue. My best friend was in the car with me. My disregard for other peoples lives while I was driving drunk was my wakeup call. I haven’t had more than a glass of wine or a sip of whiskey since.

    My girlfriend’s son joined us last week for dinner. Although a really nice young man, he does have troubles. In and out of detox programs, he got his third DUI not long ago. After he spends a month and a half in detox – he left to enter detox today – he’ll be headed to jail for three years. Up until today he’s been on a maintenance program, that is, he is given enough to drink to avoid the DT’s until he’s admitted. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how much this breaks the heart of the woman I love.

    Frankly, when I call you a drunk I’m just fucking with you. When you call me a drunk I’ll hope you’re doing the same. If not, it really doesn’t matter as it falls on deaf ears.

  96. 135

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Good for you.
    Boozing is for losers.
    Never lose control of your facilities is the best strategy.
    I was a real drunk during a couple years of my undergrad work. A functional drunk…which was reaaaaaaaaaal scarey.
    I stopped drinking when reality sunk in and before I got married.
    My wife doesn’t drink.