Open thread

100 days of Michael Steele:


(There are some sixty other media clips from the past week in politics posted at Hominid Views.)


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    Horses Ass is officially over as a serious blog.

    The Democrats run everything, and now the posters of Horses Ass have nothing to talk about. They are now reduced to bitching about the people who aren’t in power.

    RIP, Horses Ass.

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    ByeByeGOP spews:

    Hey Troll remember when you used to pretend to be a Dem? That didn’t last long. I am SO glad you think this blog is over. I suppose that means we won’t see your cum-drunk ass here again? Good riddance.

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    ByeByeGOP spews:

    By the way the video is fantastic. I should note that it seems that we who are patriots and Democrats need not worry any longer about the Publicans. They are working VERY hard to self-destruct. People like Steele are in charge of that and we should give him time and room to finish destroying what is left of his pathetic party of looooooooooosers!

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    The big news item today is PRESIDENT Obama’s credit card reform proposal. I’m waiting for the Pukes to start bitching about restricting the right of credit card companies to steal from consumers.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Here’s the definition of modern Republicanism: If Democrats are for it, they’re against it — period.

    This philosophy has positioned the GOP against clean air, against safe drinking water, against affordable college tuition, against public education, against peace, against meat inspection, against good-paying jobs, against Social Security and Medicare, against fair credit laws, against just about everything that helps ordinary American families to survive and thrive … no wonder their brand is in trouble.

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    Sontag Archipelago spews:

    Nevermind Brian Sonntag, Susan Sontag, and the Blethen Bugle. Rad Dyke Rabbit told me to read a fucking newspaper, so I read a fucking newspaper, Dan Savage’s Stranger. Then I read another fucking newspaper, the Seattle Weakly. Here’s fucking newspaper news:

    * Dream Specials, 24/7;
    * Savanna, Lucious Sin;
    * Milena: Sensual, Erotic, and Playful (actual photo)
    * Nikki, Sexy and Classy
    * Angel, In & Out (heh heh) Calls;
    * Sara, In/Out (credit cards now welcome)
    * Asian Sensation, Get One or Two, It’s All Up (heh heh) to You;
    * XXX Sincere XXX, 100% Me and Independent;
    * Krissy, A.M. Special (your every wish is my command);
    * Samantha’s, Older but Better;
    * Spa Dolls, Credit Cards Accepted;
    * Lonna: Erotic, Sexy, Sweet Girl Waiting to Make Your Day (just a phone call away);
    * Lake City Brandy, In/Out 24/7 (actual photo);
    * Transexual Dana;
    * TS Kassandra, 8″ FF Guaranteed
    * TS Camila;
    * TS AleXXXa, 5’10, 9FF …

    Fucking newspaper news? Maybe. Paper? lots and lots of paper. Whole dead rainforests and dead planets of paper. All for a capitalist stimulus package of horizontal entrepreneurs.

    Then there’s this from the Weekly’s news about craigslist killers:

    But it’s precisely [craigslit’s] anything-goes ethic that has politicians and law enforcement officials around the country gunning for w’s brainchild. They point to the popular Erotic Services category — intended for legal trades such as phone sex and escorts — as a cesspool of prostitution.”Prostitution is not a victimless crime,” says Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, who has spearheaded a national campaign to pressure the site to clean up its act: “Prostitution ads, pornography, and other promotions of illicit activity can lead to the kind of horrific tragedies we’ve been seeing.”

    And this breaking news from the Fucking Savage Stranger, page 11: “Nothing good can come from the mass industrialization of food.” Nothing, that is, except food and the ends of sub-subsistence and mass starvation.