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(A collection of some 60 other media clips from the past week in politics is can be found at Hominid Views.)


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    ByeByeGOP spews:

    The whole Bush torture thing is pretty easy to sum up. He and his pals are all chickenhawks. They beat their chests and talk about war – knowing they never had to go fight one and never will. They don’t know fuck about combat. If they did, they’d realize that torturing our enemies gives our enemies a green light to torture OUR military. But you see, since the cowardly AWOL Bush has never, and will never actually care about the troops, that doesn’t bother him. FlipFlop McSame was against torture before he was for it. Before he decided he’d do anything to grab power, including abandoning what few principles he actually had, he even made the same argument I am making.

    The right wing is largely made up of people who talk a good game when it comes to war, but their leaders are all chickenhawks who’ve never actually GONE to war. Whether it’s that impotent, drug-addict Lush Flimbaugh who used the excuse he had a pimple on his ass to avoid Nam, that Frankenstein WHATADICK Cheney who hid from Nam with five deferments, or AWOL Bush himself who used his daddy’s power and position in Congress to get put ahead of thousands who were already in line waiting on a spot in the NG, these cowardly cunts are all hat and no cattle. If anyone on the right knew anything about REAL combat, instead of the shit they read in old “Soldier of Fortune” magazines, they’d admit torture was wrong and move on.

  2. 2

    slingshot spews:

    Hey did you catch the blatant socialistic rescue of a Danish-based companies’ ship and crew by the US Navy? Maersk does over 60 billion dollars a year. What, they can’t afford some pepper spray and tasers? Goddamned socialists.

  3. 3

    delbert spews:

    The “torture” memos detail stuff that the military goes through in SERE school all the time. I was waiting for the bolt cutters to fingers, rape as punishment, disemboweling… Oh wait, that was Saddam Hussein.

    I doubt any of you girls are squeamish about the techniques. It’s a simple fact you hate everything this nation stands for because you want sooo badly to be liked by all the other kids.

    Any more comments out of you bitches and I’ll slap you. (…with fingers slightly spread. The hand makes contact with the area directly between the tip of the individual’s chin and the bottom of the corresponding earlobe.)

    OMG, Torture! The Horror, the horror.

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    Puddybud, Have You Said Thank You Today... spews:

    stillbentover@1: While McCain was physically injured defending our country, you were mentally injured during birth. McCain was injured honorably. The doctors did the best they could after he was tortured in Hanoi. The jury is still out on you! Maybe your parents honorably injured you too!


    Isn’t this curious? No president can ever be successful without good intelligence. This is what Puddy kept telling NutRight about the 13 nations (including Putin in Russia) who thought Saddam had WMD. But as always NutRight is a NUT!

    If Obama and his administration full of merry tax cheats go after any of the CIA operatives who operated under these waterboarding memos, and the country is attacked because of his witchhunt, Obama is TOAST!

    Waterboarding was used by the US since 1899-1902. Oh you HA weasels didn’t know this? What? All you historical “NUTS” are ignant of history? It was used by US servicemen in Vietnam while Johnson was preznit. Oh you HA weasels didn’t know this? What? All you historical “NUTS” are ignant of history? The US Navy used this to train it’s men who would be operating covertly overseas. Oh you HA weasels didn’t know this? What? All you historical “NUTS” are ignant of history? – All documented through the NY Slimes. Puddy don’t need to use anything other than the libtard MSM unlike clueless wonder!

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    Puddybud, Have You Said Thank You Today... spews:

    Cynical, Puddy was giving stillbentover the benefit of doubt. But as you mention it, stillbentover’s posts are FOS.

  6. 7

    Daddy Love spews:

    Re: Texas secession

    I guess the “love-it-or-leave-it” crowd has declared that they have no love for our country. I’d say good fucking riddance, but here’s the bottom line:

    Go ahead and secede and we will kick your dumb asses again.

  7. 8

    Daddy Love spews:


    Torture is against the law. It is against federal law as passed by our Congress, outlawed by the Geneva Conventions we helped write and ratified, and against the UN Convention Against Torture that we ratified. Just as a side note, that makes whatever happened in “1899-1902″ totally beside the fucking point. Those events are WHY we passed laws against torture, not a reason to pursue it.

    Maybe you all want to encourage our country to become a reviled and lawless home of monstrous torturers, but patriots do not.

  8. 9

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Darryl and the rest of you Algore and his band of groupie KLOWNS–

    Australia Antarctic Division glaciology program head Ian Allison said sea ice losses in west Antarctica over the past 30 years had been more than offset by increases in the Ross Sea region, just one sector of east Antarctica.

    “Sea ice conditions have remained stable in Antarctica generally,” Allison said.

    Ice core drilling in the fast ice off Australia’s Davis Station in East Antarctica by the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Co-Operative Research Center shows that last year, the ice had a maximum thickness of 1.89m, its densest in 10 years.

    The jig is up. Your idiotic blathering about the world coming to an end are proven FALSE!
    Then again, it was always about a Socialist power grab, wasn’t it!

  9. 10

    Daddy Love spews:

    9 Cyn


    Your gnorance leads you to say stupid things. One of the predictions fo the IPCC modeling is a temporarily increased cooling in Antarctica. It’s been predicted, dumbass.

    And that event along with countless other predictions comport pretty exactly with the IPCC’s climate change models, except that they appear to be happening much more rapidly than we thought.

    If you want to be educated instead of ignorant, I recommend

  10. 11

    Daddy Love spews:


    A temporary Antarctic cooling was already correctly predicted by IPCC scientists.

    You should try to educate yourself instead of pulling ignorant conclusions out of your ass based on data you don’t understand.

  11. 12

    delbert spews:


    Torture should be outlawed. Slapping some terrorist isn’t torture, and don’t try and claim it is.

    You pay male hookers to do worse things to you most Saturday nights… or so Roger said.

  12. 13

    Puddybud, Have You Said Thank You Today... spews:

    Diddled Luvr:

    I guess the “love-it-or-leave-it” crowd has declared that they have no love for our country.

    Like dem HollyWeirdos and other leftists said they would ‘Run Forrest Run’ if Bush was elected?

  13. 14

    correctnotright spews:

    @10: Dear idiot Delbert
    Have you read the torture memos? Is waterboarding torture? Is making people think they are going to die of drowning torture? Is simulating drowning torture?

    If you don’t think those are torture maybe you should let us do them to you to find out. Chickenshit.

  14. 15

    Steve spews:

    @9 Ian Allsion? Nice try, Mr. Klynical. You science-hating narcissists are really something else. I bet yo mama rode dinos.

    A few paragraphs to reveal Mr. Klynical as a pathetic bitch. The complete article can be found at he link.

    “Although Antarctica has hitherto been believed to be the only continent to buck the global trend of warming, new findings by United States-based scientists indicate that the coldest continent is indeed hotting up in a similar way to the rest of the world.

    “The thing you hear all the time is that Antarctica is cooling and that’s not the case. If anything it’s the reverse, but it’s more complex than that. Antarctica isn’t warming at the same rate everywhere, and while some areas have been cooling for a long time the evidence shows the continent as a whole is getting warmer,” says Eric Steig, a professor of earth and space sciences at the University of Washington.

    Ian Allison, a glaciologist with the Australian Antarctic Division – part of the Australian government’s department of the environment, water, heritage and the arts – says that Antarctica, along with its polar opposite, the Arctic, are earth’s “heat sinks”.

    “They’re important because of the feedback processes that can occur,” he says, adding that the warming identified in the new research can be observed in the melting of Antarctica’s sea ice.

    “If you get warming and the sea ice melts then you lose what is a highly reflective surface. Then the dark ocean, which absorbs more sun, warms up more and more ice disappears and you get a positive feedback,” he says.

    Allison told IPS that he is not overly surprised by the findings of Steig’s team.

    While accurate information on temperature patterns in West Antarctica has been hampered by a paucity of weather stations, the adjacent “Antarctic Peninsula has been one of the areas on earth that has been warming the greatest,” he says.

    “It was always a bit strange,” adds Allison.

    The Australian scientist believes that the new findings now provide for a far more complete view of the world’s changing climate.

    The final report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), released in 2007, noted that in each continent besides Antarctica, greenhouse gas emissions stemming from human activities were the likely cause of warming.

    Allison told IPS that this “wasn’t done for Antarctica because there wasn’t sufficient data available.”

    He argues that with the new findings, Antarctic warming as a result of greenhouse gases can now also be included with the other continents.”

    It must suck to be you, Mr. Klynical.

  15. 16

    Steve spews:

    How about you, Puddy? Did yo mama ride dinos too? Yo mama so fat, I bet she rode a Brontosaurus! Hey, I was gonna fuck yo mama last night but a t-rex cut in line in front of me! You know, I thought I saw a plesiosaur in Puget Sound the other day but it turned out to be just yo mama going for a swim!

  16. 17

    proud leftist spews:

    Steve @ 13
    I am completely disillusioned to see that Mr. Cynical would misrepresent the findings set out in a scientific report to promote his own ideological and political purposes. I thought he was a man of sterling integrity; at least, that’s what he’s always told us. Instead, it appears he is simply a shill for whackjob partisan interests. I am so disheartened.

  17. 18

    delbert spews:


    TPM had a synopsis, and waterboarding was the only one of their 10 ‘horrific’ items that might be called aggressive. The rest were mild fraternity hazing. Fake walls, slapping, no sleep, nudity, cold, so what…

    Yet – the left is all pissy. Well girls, the Europeans aren’t going to love you until you give in completely and then they won’t respect you. Stop being a fat chick with no self esteem. If you can.

  18. 19

    delbert spews:


    Anything from the IPCC is suspect. They have proved time and again, that their agenda is political, not scientific.

    Come back with real data, then we can discuss why global climate change happens and what we need to do about it, if anything.

    I, for one, think bankrupting the global economy at the alter of global warming is a stupid fucking idea.

    You want to fix everything? Make nuclear fusion practical and commercially available. Energy is the root issue of the cost considerations for a whole host of problems and potential solutions.

  19. 20

    Puddybud, Have You Said Thank You Today... spews:

    Why doesn’t NutRught look at the known volcanoes on Antarctica and the “known” ice melting?

    How about Arctic sea ice NutRight?

    Maybe just maybe there is underground magma movement? This isn’t the first time Puddy asked this question NutRight.

  20. 21

    Steve spews:

    @15 I know exactly what you mean! That Mr. Klynical turns out to be nothing but a Republican/BIAW lackey shill fucks with my reality. Next thing I know, somebody’s going to reveal that Puddy’s just some gutless motherfucker who sold his soul for a tax cut. I don’t know if I could take it!

  21. 22

    Steve spews:

    @17 IPCC? You stupid fuck, read it again. This isn’t an IPCC report. The IPCC report was back in 2007 and didn’t address Antartica because there was insufficient data. WTF, man? Did yo mama ride dinos too?

  22. 23

    Puddybud, Have You Said Thank You Today... spews:

    Even the pinheads at PMSNBC reported on it. But as always “scientists” will discount anything else which could put holes in their “global warming” theories on ice loss.

    “We don’t believe the volcanoes had much effect on the overlying ice,” Reeves-Sohn told LiveScience, “but they seem to have had a major impact on the overlying water column.”

    The eruptions discharge large amounts of carbon dioxide, helium, trace metals and heat into the water over long distances, he said.”

    Huh? did he say large amounts of CO2 into da water? Yet “K” discounts this too as it’s only from de atmosphere not from underground magma eruptions.

  23. 24

    Puddybud, Have You Said Thank You Today... spews:

    SteveO, galactic producer of SteveO’s Stupid Solution Farted:

    Next thing I know, somebody’s going to reveal that Puddy’s just some gutless motherfucker who sold his soul for a tax cut.

    Stupido Steve, Puddy and wife made too much to qualify.

    Puddy challenged all the HA weasels for W2 and 1040 showdown… Y’all ran like the low-lifes you are.

    See ya fool.

  24. 25

    Steve spews:

    @18 “Why doesn’t NutRught”

    Christ, you’re desparate. Why does Puddy link to some babbling wingnut? That’s your rebuttal? Why doesn’t Puddy link to a fucking scientist?

    You link to a satellite photo of Antartica. You link to an article that says, “The giant West Antarctic ice sheet has melted several times in the past, and will do so again if temperatures continue to rise, new research shows” (shoot yourself in the fucking foot, why don’t ya?). And then you link to some crazy wingnut speculating as to some connection between volcanoes and the Antartic. You have nothing.

  25. 26

    Steve spews:

    W-2 and 1040? You didn’t even understand the difference! What a fucking loon! And bragging about your contributions? You’re as pathological as Mr. Klynical. Two narcissistic peas in a pod.

  26. 27

    Steve spews:

    Puddy would rather change the subject from “what insipid asses Mr. Klynical and Puddy are when it comes to challenging climate change” to “who made the largest charitable contributions last year”. LMFAO!! I don’t blame you, Puddy!

  27. 28

    Steve spews:

    @21 “Scientists”

    Yeah, why listen to fucking scientists when you’ve got the Bloated Bloviating Busdriver to tell you what to think! LMFAO!!

  28. 29

    delbert spews:


    So what if the planet is getting warmer, it does that. It gets colder too. Puget Sound was carved by glaciers, you know, frozen water, ice.

    There is no good reason to decide we MUST maintain the average temperature of the planet at what it is – right now. Especially at the costs likely to be incurred.

  29. 30

    Puddybud, Have You Said Thank You Today... spews:

    Steve, so the Agence France-Presse are a bunch of nutcases? Hmmm… Steve you are stupid.

    Steve, so the British Antarctic Survey National Environment Research Council are a bunch of nutcases? Hmmm… Steve you are stupid.

    Steve, so the Nature Geosciences Journal is a bunch of nutcases? Hmmm… Steve you are stupid.

    Steve, so the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is a bunch of nutcases? Hmmm… Steve you are stupid.

    Steve, so the National Geographic is a bunch of nutcases? Hmmm… Steve you are stupid.

    Do tell us Steve… Puddy discussed both the Antarctic and Arctic. What will be the next whopper?

  30. 31

    Puddybud, Have You Said Thank You Today... spews:

    Moron@24, Oh Puddy does know the difference. Puddy just PAID by check his extra 2008 taxes fool Tuesday! Not enough was taken out.

    Keep drinking your concoction and “Stay Stupid”.

  31. 32

    Puddybud, Have You Said Thank You Today... spews:

    Delbert, Puddy already showed to the world through Antarctic Ice Cores the CO2 fluctuations without man being involved. Since these HA weasels believe in “evolution” these events happened 10s of thousands of years ago before the “industrial revolution”.

  32. 33

    ByeByeGOP spews:

    The thing about climate change is I am actually one liberal who’s for it. I don’t have any kids. On the other hand, right wing swill like Puffybutt and child rapist CYNCYN do and the thought of their offspring (or their offspring’s progeny) dying an agonizing death from starvation or flood makes my day!

  33. 34

    Puddybud, Have You Said Thank You Today... spews:

    Notice how Steve@25 forgets what Steve@19 writes so he got his pink lace panties all tight around his “tea bag”? Too bad the Stupid Solution dulls his memory too.

  34. 37

    proud leftist spews:

    Obama’s performance at the Trinidad and Tobago OAS assembly has been remarkable. His diplomatic skills approach the magical. Damn, it’s so good to have competence and maturity back in foreign affairs.

  35. 38

    Steve spews:

    @28 If you had linked to a single one of those then maybe you’d have a point to make, that is, other than you being dumber than a stump. Instead, you link to a babbling wingnut idiot with no qualifications, who speculates on climate change and volcanoes. Inane references, links to windbag wingnuts, that shit don’t go over in this universe, Puddy. But I suppose such as that is what constitutes a “Puddyfact” in the Puddyverse which Puddy inhabits.

    @32 Another nonsensical Puddypost. You do lose it when you’re being ridiculed, don’t you? What could be next? Imitating comic book special effects?

    KABLAAAMO on Puddy’s face!

  36. 39

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Oh Kountry Klubber Steve-o

    A paper to be published soon by the British Antarctic Survey in the journal Geophysical Research Letters is expected to confirm that over the past 30 years, the area of sea ice around the continent has expanded.


  37. 40

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Here’s another beauty for you Gorbasmers to suck on (from Associate Press):

    Saturday, April 18, 2009

    OAKLAND, Calif. — A westward dash to power electricity-hungry cities by cashing in on the desert’s most abundant resource — sunshine — is clashing with efforts to protect the tiny pupfish and desert tortoise and stinginess over the region’s rarest resource: water.

    Water is the cooling agent for what traditionally has been the most cost-efficient type of large-scale solar plants. To some solar companies answering Washington’s push for renewable energy on vast government lands, it’s also an environmental thorn. The unusual collision pits natural resources protections against President Barack Obama’s plans to produce more environmentally friendly energy.



  38. 41

    ByeByeGOP spews:

    If I were the lonely, fruity, ass-licking duo of Puffybutt the Oreo and CYNCYN the child rapist, I’d want to talk about ANYTHING other than how the chickenshit, chickenhawk right wingers lost the election – in part, because people got tired of having a group of henchmen in the Bush regime represent America.

  39. 42

    ByeByeGOP spews:

    It looks like you right wingers need to start thinking about Karma. You fuck up the world, fuck over the country, get in bed with WHATADICK Cheney and conspire to screw the American people – Karma comes up, taps you on the shoulder and SMACK – says “Take that bitch!” Can’t wait until CYNCYN and Puffy realize that moment.

  40. 43

    Puddybud, Have You Said Thank You Today... spews:

    Steve wrote:

    If you had linked to a single one of those then maybe you’d have a point to make, that is, other than you being dumber than a stump.

    What a moron. If you took the time to look at the links supplied in the original Puddy links you’d find other links. What a stump! Steve is:




  41. 45

    Puddybud, Have You Said Thank You Today... spews:

    ASShole@40: You are truly demented. Only you wish ill on others. What happens if these were dummocraptic jock-straps fool?

    Glad you are a bestus friend of Lee, clueless wonder, Goldy, NutRight and others stillbentover.

  42. 46

    Puddybud, Have You Said Thank You Today... spews:

    So everyone can see just how Stupid Steve is on Steve’s Stupid Solution:

    Steve Post#19: Next thing I know, somebody’s going to reveal that Puddy’s just some gutless motherfucker who sold his soul for a tax cut.

    Puddy Post #22: Stupido Steve, Puddy and wife made too much to qualify.

    Steve Post #25: Puddy would rather change the subject from “what insipid asses Mr. Klynical and Puddy are when it comes to challenging climate change”

    Steve…. tooo damn stupid and drinking up his profits…

  43. 47

    Puddybud, Have You Said Thank You Today... spews:

    Oh and one more thing Steve, you can easily find those articles other ways. You claim to have skillz so put them to use fool.

  44. 48

    Steve spews:

    Same old tired bullshit, Puddy. You need a new act. I already exposed your earlier links as so much bullshit. I exposed Mr. Klynical’s Antartic lies. I think by now everybody knows that you two are a couple of liars, still clinging to your failed ideology. You two bring your bullshit, lies and hate here each day. You two do this because it helps you to avoid facing the Big Lie and the Big Hate, which is your pathetic, miserable lives, lives so obviously filled with self-hate and self-loathing. So you can take your bullshit and peddle it somewhere where somebody gives a flying monkey fuck about what you have to say.

  45. 49

    Puddybud, Have You Said Thank You Today... spews:


    I already exposed your earlier links as so much bullshit.

    ummmm… no you didn’t because you didn’t research them.

    Funniest thing in the world is

    the Big Lie and the Big Hate

    Why do you project Steve?

    flying monkey fuck

    Is there a film on this where we can view you in action?

  46. 50

    Steve spews:

    @37 Mr. Klynical spews about “sea ice”.

    You were already shown to be a lying fool with my post @13. Yesterday you took your bullshit from thread to thread, with my debunking your “sea ice” lies each time. Now you’re reduced to repeating your lies on the same threads.

    @47 “you didn’t research them”

    Why on earth should I or anybody else research your link @18 to some wingnut loon blogger speculating about a connection between undersea volcanoes and sea ice? @28 you don’t even offer links, just nonsensical babbling that in the Puddyverse somehow constitutes facts that require rebuttal. The only “fact” revealed is that of your progressing dementia. Go get help. Take the insane Mr. Klynical with you. Maybe there’s a medical procedure available now where they can safely remove his head from your ass.

    If you want to learn more about “flying monkey fucks”, just look in the mirror. Listen to the absurd things you say. Read the crap you spew here.

  47. 51

    Daddy Love spews:

    17 del

    “Anything from the IPCC is suspect. They have proved time and again, that their agenda is political, not scientific…Come back with real data, then we can discuss why global climate change happens and what we need to do about it, if anything.”

    you’er wrong. It’s really the case that “everything that come s from delbert is ignotant and uninformed.”

    The IPPC is THE consortiium of around 200 climate scientists from all around the world whose consensus view, based both on extensive and thorough research and on the most sophisticated climate modeling currently possible, that (a) warming is occurring and that (b) it is largely human-caused, is ALSO the consensus opinion of every national acedemy of science on earth.

    So there are virtually ALL the scientists. And here’s you. Your desperate, pathetic rear-guard action notwithstanding, people know who the fuck speaks with authority. (Hint: not you)

  48. 52

    Daddy Love spews:

    It wasn’t in this thread, but rather in the tea party one, that our esteemed idiot brethren made the point time and time again that our repeated references to tea party attendees as “teabaggers” were a sign of our unreasoning liberal hatred. I just want to clarify:

    You see, you people are a joke to us. We make fun of you and then laugh about it. Maybe we’re a joke to you too, but guess what? We run Congress, most of the states and the presidency, so who’s laughing now? When your humor ever becomes relevant to anyone again, we’ll definitely let you know.

    In the meantime, we view the tea parties as big “We lost and we hate it!” parties that attracted few besides the usual band of cranks who come out every year since 1789 to say how much they hate taxes, and a few other haters from the bitter, losing, white, southern, clueless, dwindling Republican party.

    We say “teabagger” because most of you dumbasses STILL don’t know what that means, and we think that’s funny that you appropriate (formerly) gay sexual slang.

    I can’t wait to see the enterntainment you have in store for us.

    Now if you’ll pardon us, we’re off to to the hard work of repairing the country at home and abroad and maybe help save the world.

  49. 54

    Daddy Love spews:

    I do agree that if one stipulates that the right thing to do is ignore the conclusions of the world’s largest group of climate scientists using the most comprehensive data to build the world’s most advanced climate models, it suddenly becomes very easy to believe anything one wants to about climate change.

  50. 55

    Steve spews:

    I got a kick out of how @9 Mr. Klynical tried to use Ian Allison’s confirmation of Antartic warming as refutation of Antartic warming. Debunked by me @13, he still tries to peddle the same lie @37. Then Puddy @18 links to some wingnut blogger speculating about some connection between undersea volcanoes and Antartic warming. Evidently, some wingnut making up shit constitutes proof in the Puddyverse. Puddy @28 doesn’t even offer links to nowhere but instead spews nonsensically about the National Geographic Society and Woods Hole as though he’s playing some winning hand. Science haters like Mr. Klynical and Puddy should just let go of it. Such posts only reveal them to be the ignorant fools that we already knew them to be.

    2000 climate scientists versus some wingnut blogger! It’s time for Puddy to resort to his tired, infantile namecalling – the clearest indicator of all that he has nothing. Nothing at all.

  51. 56

    ByeByeGOP spews:

    LOL Puffybutt links to shit HE made up under some other assumed name (other than the ones he uses here like JanetS, etc.) and then he cites THAT as evidence. You have to wonder if he applied 1% of the effort he does at spinning GOP lies to actually learning some truth – what would happen?

    By the way Puffybutt you little bitch, threatened to sue anyone lately for calling your fat, ugly, aids-infested wife names? LOL!

  52. 57

    Don Joe spews:


    Puddy at 18 posts this comment:

    Why doesn’t NutRught look at the known volcanoes on Antarctica and the “known” ice melting?

    The links in Puddy’s comment at 18 conclude, without any cogent argument whatsoever, that volcanic eruptions that occurred some 8 to 10 years ago are causing ice to melt today.

    That’s not merely jumping to a conclusion. That’s not even leaping to a conclusion across a vast chasm of missing facts and data. That’s rhetorical pole-vaulting, Sergei Bubka style.

    But, that’s not all. At 21, Puddy posts a link to this article, which contains this paragraph:

    With news this week that polar ice is melting dramatically, underwater Arctic pyrotechnics might seem like a logical smoking gun. Scientists don’t see any significant connection, however. [emphasis added]

    Honestly, Puddy, does being this stupid hurt?

  53. 58

    Steve spews:

    There’s also the last paragraph of Puddy’s @21 where he foolishly lambasts K, seemingly ignorant of how CO2 is absorbed by sea water. The oceans also absorb much of the CO2 in the atmosphere. Alas, there’s such a thing as too much acidity.

    Puddy doesn’t care about the elimination of not only species, he doesn’t care about the destruction of entire ecosystems, even the entire planet. Puddy’s perverse version of Christian faith seems to give him the green light to destroy God’s creation.

  54. 59

    Puddybud, Have You Said Thank You Today... spews:

    Steve, when Jesus comes again, the earth will be made new. Those who reject Him or don’t keep his Commandments will cry out for the rocks to fall upon them. This old earth is coming to an end Steve, whether you… Believe It, Or Not!

    When the last plagues start Steve, will you remember this day or will you continue to ridicule truths?

  55. 61

    Puddybud, Have You Said Thank You Today... spews:

    You see Steve, at least Don Joe found some info from the original links provided. I’ll deal with Don Joe later. My chain saw is acting up and I need some parts.

  56. 62

    Steve spews:

    @57 Left Behind bullshit. So that’s your excuse for destroying the earth? Ridicule truth? I ridicule you and your ignorance.

    @59 “At least Don Joe found some info”

    So did I. Refer to @13, 18, 23, 36, 46, 48, 53 and 56. Of course, what you call info is revealed as being only so much bullshit. You and Mr. Klynical have been exposed as ignorant, science-hating, praying-for-a-rapture-bailout fools. Go back to your childish namecalling, comic book sound effects, speaking in tongues, and Form 1040 narcissism.

    Hmm, that last sentence pretty much summed up Puddy’s entire, pathetic existence.

  57. 63

    Don Joe spews:

    @ 57 Puddy spews:

    Steve, when Jesus comes again, the earth will be made new.

    Ah, so now we get to public policy based on a literalistic Christian eschatology.

    So, Puddy, when did Jesus ever sit on the throne of David?

  58. 64

    ByeByeGOP spews:

    HHHHHAAAAA Puffybutt pretending to be a Christian again. These sick fucks need to be rounded up and burned at the stake. Fucking religious nitwits are out to ruin America. Fucks like Puffybutt who on the one hand claims to be a Christian, while on the other, challenges people to fake fights, hopes for the destruction of liberals, and generally conducts himself like the cunt that he is, prove that God – at least the GOP’s version of him, is full of shit!

  59. 65

    ByeByeGOP spews:

    BTW today is the 10-year anniversary of the Christian Right’s single biggest achievement – the bombing of the Federal Building in OK. Way to go Christians!

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    Puddybud, Have You Said Thank You Today... spews:

    Puddy back for a few then gotta go again.

    Left Behind? There is nothing in the Bible which dictates left behind. It is created by Tim Lahaye who when challenged on 1 Cor 15 and 1 Thess 4 mumbled…