My first morphine experience

Over lunch today, I was putting together a post with the latest election analysis. I started feeling bad. It got worse, and to make a long story short, I ended up in the ER.

The diagnosis is pancreatitis. So, I’ll be in the hospital for a couple of days, receiving morphine for the pain. I will try to finish an abbreviated poll analysis, but it will include only polls through this morning.

Morphine makes me tired.


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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    I beat you by two months. Back in August, I went to the local fire station because I was feeling poorly, and when I exploded their blood pressure meter and told them I had chest pains, they threw me in their aid car, hooked me up to the oxygen tank, pumped me full of morphine, and hauled me downtown to a hospital at high speed. I don’t remember even getting buzzed. But then, I was strapped to a gurney and couldn’t move much. I think the fire crew got a much bigger thrill from that caper than I did; I was just along for the ride.

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    Oh man, Darryl, that’s terrible.

    Thinking back to my kidney stone (last year, the Friday after Thanksgiving), all I can say is “I feel your pain”. And your pain relief following administration of opiates.

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    Michael spews:

    Dude, you’re in the hospital on a morphine drip, relax and go to sleep. You’ll probably be having some funky ass dreams…

    Hope you have a speedy recovery.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Darryl, you’re too young to punk off. Get well.

    (Me, I’m a decrepit old rabbit, so it doesn’t matter. I can be replaced. There’s lots more rabbits where I came from.)

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    ArtFart spews:

    I’ve had a few experiences with medically-administered opiates, the most significant having been the week I spent in the hospital passing a particularly stubborn kidney stone for which they pumped me full of Dilaudid. It seemed like I was still aware that I was in pain, but somehow I didn’t care.

    The real fun came when I finally passed the stone late in the afternoon and they abruptly discontinued the medication. That night, when I tried to go to sleep there were all sorts of Stephen Spielberg movie monsters dancing on the ceiling. It wasn’t long before I thought, “Oh…this must be withdrawal”. Once I’d realized what was going on, I rather enjoyed the show.

    Anyway…Darryl, hope you’re over this sooner than later. In the meantime we’ll merrily debate our own misconceptions as to what the polls really mean.

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    Liberal Scientist is a Dirty Fucking Socialist Hippie spews:

    Darryl – best wishes – and ask for the Dilaudid – that’s the good stuff!

    Poor man, had to turn to the bottle to get through all of Cap’n Crunch’s inane posts about poll methodology, and poll mythology…what does he get for his efforts? An inflamed pancreas. Sheesh.

    You should at least send him some flowers, Cap’n.

  7. 12

    greg spews:

    Darryl, Get well soon. I tend to try to avoid the morphine experience as it brings back memories of combat wounds and Navy Hospitals.

  8. 14

    Jerry spews:

    OUCH! A good friend of mine just went thru that. The inflammation was almost unbearable. We’ll be praying for you Darryl.

  9. 15

    Jerry spews:

    OUCH! A good friend of mine just went thru that. The inflammation was almost unbearable. We’ll be praying for you Darryl.

  10. 17

    gordy spews:

    Darryl, had several bouts with that in the past few years, don’t envy you, the dilaudid drip helps. Having a “dry gut” doesn’t help, beg for some ice chips! Had my gall bladder removed after the last session, seems to help. good luck.

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    Dave spews:


    This makes me feel HORRIBLE! If only Obama had cut the top marginal tax rate, I am sure you wouldn’t be in this predicament.

    I pray that Obama’s Death Panel looks mercifully upon you… Have they been by to interrogate you yet? I think that may have been them on that UNKNOWN CALLER phone call I received yesterday… and the day before, and the day before. You do know they interview your friends, relatives, and neighbors, don’t you? Either that, or it was the NRA telling me that my expanded ability to carry in National Parks is just a ploy to take my guns away.

    Fear not, Darryl, there is still hope. If Romney wins the election, he has promised to completely eliminate the capital gains tax so that the richest people in the country pay no tax at all on the vast majority of their idle, non-productive income as they pick winners-and-losers from among their friends (only). It’s too late to prevent your malady, but a zero capital gains measure is a a sure-fire cure. It’s the ONLY cure.

    Damn taxes on investment gains and top marginal income bracket! I hate what this has done to you!

  12. 19

    demo kid spews:

    Yes… get better soon. I’ve dealt with the same thing before, and trust me… good painkillers are a blessing when it feels like you’re being stabbed in the stomach.

    A note about Tennessee — I think that you flipped the Middle Tenn State U poll… Romney still has a double digit margin there according to that survey. But don’t worry about this… just get better soon!

  13. 20

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Darryl, whatever you do, don’t live in California! The ag lobby is spending MILLIONS to defeat an initiative that would require food processers to label genetically modified food! Big Business doesn’t want you to know what you’re eating! But I’m sure they’ll reassure you that your maladay has NOTHING to do with anything you ate, ever.