More pathetic whining from the McKenna campaign

Like a little boy running to his mommy, Rob McKenna is whining, “No fair!” over the fact that he is prevented from raising money during the legislative session. And Jay Inslee isn’t:

We have state rules that we have to follow. We have a fundraising freeze from 30 days before the (legislative) session, through the session, we have to spend a lot more resources in building our contributor list and raising money than a non-state candidate, who doesn’t face what we face under the law, but might want to follow to show they follow spirit the law,”

…McKenna’s spokesbaby, Randy Pepple, sobbed in a semi-incoherent run-on sentence. The PI adds some context:

As a state elected official, McKenna, like state legislators, is barred from seeking campaign funds during any legislative session. The Legislature will return in January for a 60-day session.

Yeah…sure, Rob. Inslee is going to voluntarily abstain from fundraising during the state legislative session. You know, just like Dino Rossi did against Gregoire:

Rossi made up serious financial ground during this year’s legislative session, when Gregoire was not allowed to raise money.

(Of course, the legislative session being in session will do nothing to prevent the Koch Brothers’ and friends from funneling money into the race.)

But, whatever. There is nothing stopping McKenna from raising funds during the legislative session. All he has to do is quit his job. You know, pull a Palin. Then he can raise funds just like Rossi did and Inslee will do. (And as a bonus, McKenna can engage in pathetic whining to his heart’s content…full-time, if necessary!)

But short of McKenna resigning, I can imagine one “remedy” in which Inslee might voluntary give up his fundraising during the state’s legislative session: If McKenna spends weekdays working out of an office in Washington D.C., and commuting back to Washington state on weekends….


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    rhp6033 spews:

    So, what does “raising funds” mean? Does it mean he can’t accept contributions during the blackout period? Or does it mean that he is prohibited from asking anybody to support his campaign during that period? Can he advertise, take pledges, make promises, etc?

    Somehow I doubt the law would prevent him from speaking to groups of supporters about the issues, explain to them that he can’t accept contributions for a few weeks, but ask them to leave their name, address, and phone number, and someone would get back to them later about how they can help “support his campaign”.

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    Here is the RCW:

    (1) During the period beginning on the thirtieth day before the date a regular legislative session convenes and continuing through the date of final adjournment, and during the period beginning on the date a special legislative session convenes and continuing through the date that session adjourns, no state official or a person employed by or acting on behalf of a state official or state legislator may solicit or accept contributions to a public office fund, to a candidate or authorized committee, or to retire a campaign debt. Contributions received through the mail after the thirtieth day before a regular legislative session may be accepted if the contribution is postmarked prior to the thirtieth day before the session.

    and the WAC clarifies the RCW.

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    rhp6033 spews:

    Is it just me, or does McKenna seem surprised by the fundraising laws and regulations? You would think he would have considered them well in advance, and adjusted his fundraising calendar accordingly.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Geez. McKenna almost sounds like a guy who wants a fair election. That would be a first for any Republican.

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    Liberal Scientist wonders why humans have such a predilection for mythology and superstition spews:

    I’m so much happier now that the advertising on the sidebar has a dancing troll selling World of Warcraft, rather than the weasel Rob McKenna’s aggressively dopey face.

    As to the topic of the post, McKenna’s whining is not at all surprising – Republicans are masters of palying the victim. The world is just so UNFAIR to them!

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Although donations to little Rachel Beckwith’s safe drinking water charity have slowed to a crawl (only 10 donations came in yesterday), she’s now less than $5,000 away from the $1,250,000 mark, with 15 days to go. That’s only a little over $300 a day to put her over the million-and-a-quarter mark. I think she’ll do it, but just barely.

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    uptown spews:

    But if McKenna quit his day job, he wouldn’t get all that free press. Between interviews, press conferences and public service announcements; I see his face on the TV way to frequently.

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    bruce bessler spews:

    What a crack pot! Boy you need to see a shrink before go postal. I guess you haters of McKenna just cant stand a politician that is trying to protect the people (unfortunetly that includes your ilk) instead of steal all their money like Gregiore, Lcoke, Sims, hmm saving time I will just put Democrats. Yep you dummies keep electing the very same people that have put the State INTO debt. Congradulations on being so stupid.