by Darryl, 11/10/2012, 9:46 AM

Last night Rob McKenna conceded the race for Washington’s next governor.

McKenna didn’t announce this himself. Rather, it was announced by Randy Pepple, his campaign manager, on a conference call with selected media. McKenna also released a YouTube “sincere appreciation” to his supporters:

About that conference call: once again, the McKenna campaign excluded The Stranger.

Fucking, seriously, McKenna? You’re gonna go all petty and paranoid right down to the bitter end?


Earlier in the campaign McKenna’s black-listing of The Stranger led other (non-blacklisted) media to question the campaign about the practice. Their reasons: Because Goldy, before he worked for The Stranger, started, as a joke, the “No Reversing our Benefits PAC” (No ROB PAC). Oh…and because Dan Savage donated $500 to Jay Inslee (before the Primary election). Yet, when the Seattle Times decided to become a political action committee promoting McKenna’s gubernatorial bid, they didn’t lose their status as a media outlet with the McKenna Campaign.

This is high-school mentality—it’s the not-quite-emotionally-mature kid running for class president.

In the end, Rob hurt himself. I mean, how could the media take Rob’s “big ideas” all that seriously, when he showed himself to be so small and petty?

22 Responses to “McKenna concedes; still a paranoid little fuck”

1. No Time For Fascists spews:

And he almost won anyway. Why were so many people willing to vote for him?

2. Gimme Gimme Gimme spews:

nobody takes the Sthwanger seriously, so why should McKenna?

The Sthwanger is a joke.

3. MikeBoyScout spews:

No matter.
Bobby Mac was defeated.
The Retrograde party has now lost the election for governor 7 times in a row. A Republican has not won that office in 32 years.

Just like 3 time loser Rossi, Bobby Mac tried to sneak into office by hiding and denying what he believes.

Despite the obstacles put in his way Goldy fought to put the facts before the people, and damn it if truth, justice and the American way didn’t win again.

Oh happy days!

4. Ekim spews:

Loser @2,

A little bitter, are we?

5. YLB gloats "Paul Ryan is Shocked.. Shocked.." spews:

Poor little asshat troll @ 2

First Dino now Bobbee..

Pick a politician next time who isn’t in thrall to the plutocracy.

6. Roger Rabbit spews:

@4 & @5 re @2 – Same old troll, shiny new handle, like putting new lipstick on an aging whore.

7. Roger Rabbit spews:

“the not-quit-emotionally-mature kid running for class president

First of all, I’ll correct the typo in “quite,” like so: “the not-quite-emotionally-mature kid running for class president.”

And then I’ll remind you of another not-quite-emotionally-mature kid, except this one was running for class vice president:

Except, unlike ABC, I won’t call this debate a “draw”; anyone who watched it almost felt sorry for Ryan, the same way you’d feel badly for a weasel being torn apart by a rottweiler.

8. Roger Rabbit spews:

Obama Wins Florida

CNN has called Florida for Obama, which means “Obama ran the board on Election Day … he has swept all eight of the states CNN, along with other media outlets, rated as ‘toss-ups,’ where the vote was within reach of either candidate.”

Roger Rabbit Commentary: Ran the board; swept all eight tossup states … is it sinking in yet with you Rethugs just how decisively America’s voters rejected your Ideology Of Stupid this week?

10. Roger Rabbit spews:

Papa John’s Pizza is retaliating against its workers for Obama’s win.

Roger Rabbit Commentary: Oh sure, the CEO will say it’s just a business decision, but so is buying pizza somewhere else.

11. Brenda Helverson spews:

@2 Gimme Gimme Gimme spews: nobody takes the Sthwanger seriously, so why should McKenna?

Like it or not, The Stranger was a factor in this Election by permitting McKenna to reveal himself for the sort of person that he actually is. Whatever The Stranger might have written about McKenna’s early press conferences could not have been as damaging as what it wrote after it was excluded from his press conferences.

Now nobody takes McKenna seriously. And that is a good thing. I hope that he joins Mike! McGavick in retirement and that we never hear from him again.

12. Tree Frog Farmer spews:

Roger@9, I would also point out there will be a showing of Obama-McMahon T’s as well. . .

13. Tree Frog Farmer spews:

Rob McKenna for Governor? Seriously?
‘Nuff said.

14. YLB gloats "Paul Ryan is Shocked.. Shocked.." spews:

LOL! Where’s the trolls?

Bob turned into “Baghdad Bob” and split.

Jerry the Clown is so depressed his goats are left neglected in their shed.

PuddyMoron is buying guns and farmland from a Beck-recommended grifter.

All that’s left is little maxie the asshat wanking himself to his “free stuff” fantasies.

15. rhp6033 spews:

#10: Yea, there will be a few employers who will cut hours or fire employees just to try to make the dire predictions of the consequences of an Obama victory seem true. But employers who are cutting hours to avoid Obamacare weren’t paying any benefits anyway, now they are being forced to do so. I think a lot of workers being limited to 30 hours a week to avoid making them eligible for the benefits their managers get would be happy to get the benefits – one uninsured medical incident would make up for weeks – maybe years – worth of reduced hours. To the extent they can avoid Obamacare by such cuts, that’s just one of the things we need to adjust to avoid such loopholes.

Oh, and there was the Virginia jewelry store (it looked like a large one) that closed it’s doors for a day “in mourning” for the Obama victory. Would-be customers left their own notes on the door, pointing out that they were ready to buy but now would shop elsewhere.

And some companies are simply doing planned layoffs and now blaming it on the Obama re=election.

16. Gimme Gimme Gimme spews:



17. N in Seattle spews:

pathetic @16:

Proving rhp6033′s point…

All that’s left is little maxie the asshat wanking himself to his “free stuff” fantasies.

18. Gimme Gimme Gimme spews:


20. kim jong chillin spews:

Free stuffffffffff!..

21. proud leftist spews:

Maxie needs therapy. And drugs. Strong anti-psychotic drugs.

22. YLB gloats "Paul Ryan is Shocked.. Shocked.." spews:

21 – Strange that he claimed that he voted for Obama because Obama is “harmless” and yet here we see him wanking himself to the right wing fantasy of “free stuff”. All his fellow right wingers (like Ted Nugent) chose Romney so no one could ever receive “free stuff”..

Guess his half-assed “decision” pushed him over the edge..

Hmmmm. Naaaaah. He’s been “over the edge” all his wank-long life.