by Darryl, 12/02/2008, 9:30 PM

78 Responses to “Goldy does Billo (and Anne)”

1. Tom Foss spews:

What a dumbfu– Billo is.

It is not the “holiday” or Christmas tree that is in question, it is the Nativity scene. We have had trees there every year I can remember. It used to be we had only the tree and allowed nothing else.

What a fucking moron. If we have a nativity scene, if we have had menorahs, we can have the sign. I like the fact we have a nativity scene rather than hiding it or not allowing it. But if we do that on our Capitol grounds, we open the door to all recognized legitimate views.

What does he think the bill of rights means? I mean, really, what does he think it means?

Gawd, doesn’t he have something significant to talk about? Like, for instance, I heard yesterday that we are in a recession, and that this stunning fact is announced 11 months after we fell into one. That sounds like a serious topic. Maybe we could have some serious discussion of what we should do next.

Oh, and Anne Bremner will sell her principles to publicity anyday. I can’t believe she really believes this horseshit.

2. John spews:

It’s hard to reason bashing nativity scenes at Christmas. It’s that whole “christ” part of Christmas. You can’t have a nativity scene and a sign by another group next to it that says “this is stupid.” It’s disrespectful and intolerant.

It’s like having an anti-war rally on Veteran’s day. It’s just not right. Why can’t we celebrate our traditions instead of tearing them down for political correctness reasons for fear of offending. What about the majority of people offended by “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas?” Can’t people respect those that celebrate Christmas with the same tolerance that they expect in return for other reasons?

3. Michael spews:

Goldy, I liked how stuck to your own thesis. You did really well.

4. Richard Pope spews:


5. notaboomer spews:

oh pope, don’t go there. let’s just say that anne bremner has gotten the greta van susteren thing done to her face and it was a mistake.

mr. goldbrglbrglbrgl rocks!

6. notaboomer spews:

p.s. i don’t think bremner is familiar with the lemon test. could you splain that to her, goldy?

7. spyder spews:

Why can’t we celebrate our traditions instead of tearing them down for political correctness reasons for fear of offending.
Because we have the right to offend, and speak, and be free from religious intolerance by the religious, and we don’t have right to be offended (which is a choice and one easily dismissed). Stop being offended and start celebrating the First Amendment. If you can’t do that, at least recite the Preamble to the US Constitution before you sing some anthem to some invisible, masculine, anthropomorphic, omnipresent energy entity. And for the record, traditions and customs are part of the begging way, the frozen way, the grandmother way. They are as dead and toxic as our oceans are becoming.

8. notaboomer spews:

bottom line: how many cialis prescriptions were refilled as a result of tonight’s war on teh christmas?

9. notaboomer spews:

traditions and customs are part of the begging way, the frozen way, the grandmother way. They are as dead and toxic as our oceans are becoming.

except for internet traditions

10. notaboomer spews:

check 1-2, check. come in do you read me?

11. tss spews:

i heard that anne keeps a full size poster of elle woods from legally blonde in her office

12. tss spews:

also anne bremner is bff with nutjob ex-prosecutor nancy grace who once spent 5 minutes of airtime talking about anne’s insatiable lust for red meat.

13. tss spews:

also it’s funny to hear anne run down the city of seattle since she makes a killing defending our police force (though unfortunately she’s 0 and 3 in her last three high profile police brutality cases, sorry anne!!)

14. tss spews:

hey and does anyone find it really funny that anne appeared specifically in her role as an attorney and offered exactly 0 legal opinions on the issue. she gave no insight, precedent or evidence that would back up what she said but instead kept whining about how much it offended her personally, before she went on to complain about naked bicyclists and sea turtle protestors.

hey anne if you can read this: fuck you

15. ArtFart spews:

Bremner basically expressed the same reaction as Goldy, to whit: “So what?” So Gregoire didn’t spend her time and energy stirring the pot about someone putting up a sign, because she has more important things to do, and so do we all! Christmas is coming, and there are poor unfortunate souls sleeping in alleys for heaven’s sake! O’Reilly should be listening to what his own church has to say about that.

But then again, listening is something he rarely does, period.

16. Richard Pope spews:

Why did Billo get Anne Bremner for this thing anyway? What point of view was she supposed to represent? Maybe no one bothered to tell her what she was being paid to talk about, so she instead came off bumbling and indecisive.

I think Billo picked Goldy to have an entertaining and provocative point of view from the left. Goldy did a pretty good job of that, especially considering the lack of any principled opposition from the right.

If Billo had wanted to have an extremely entertaining and provocative debate on this issue, he should have picked someone like Pam Roach to give the point of view on this matter from the right.

17. David spews:

Pam Roach would have talked about roses.

18. kirkregard spews:

the best part about the appearance is that all you libs just watched bill o! you just pushed his ratings up!


19. Politically Incorrect spews:

Nice tie, Goldy.

Personally, I could give a shit if the atheists want to put up a sign down at the capitol building. Christmas is mostly related to Christianity trying to bring Pagans into the flock by incorporating Pagan holy days into Christianity. December 25th was Saturnalia, a Roman holiday. Also, December 21st, which is pretty close to December 25th, is the Winter Solstice, an important day in many European Pagan faiths. Does anyone out there actually know what day Jesus was born? Probably not with certainty, so December 25th works OK for me. It’s a good excuse to eat well and maybe give/get a few gifts.

O’Reilly is a believer, hook-line-and-sinker, in American Irish Catholicism. That’s why he gets so pissed about this Christmas issue. The bit with Goldy was harmless, gets people like Goldy and what’s-her-name some attention, and holds the viewer’s interest until the next commercial.


Keitho is an arrogant fucking asshole.

20. Rick D. spews:

Goldy’s wardrobe provided by the ACLU* from the Anton LaVey collection. Did you have to attend a wake immediately following the taping or what?

* = Anti-Christian Liars Union- Defenders of boy buggerers everywhere pro bono

You done got schooled by a pro.

21. Politically Incorrect spews:

I wonder why the ACLU isn’t supporting Joe the Plumber and the intrusion into his privacy by State of Ohio bozos? That’s another thing that pisses me off about these East Coast liberals – their hypocrisy. If it had been some Obama supporter whose state files had been accessed illegally, those ACLU yahoos would be all over it, lawyers running amok, suing the beejesus out of everybody and everything (with any money, of course!).

22. K spews:

@ 21- here you go, pinhead, from your favorite source:
ANTHONY ROMERO, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, ACLU: They have to protect Joe the plumber’s privacy rates just the same way that people hacked into Sarah Palin’s private e-mail accounts. Totally wrong. Civil liberties apply to everybody. Free speech rights even for people like O’Reilly.,2933,457545,00.html

23. Rick D. spews:

The ACLU (legal arm of NAMBLA) doesn’t support Joe the plumber because he doesn’t fit within their political paradigm. Civil rights do not extend to Republican’s or Libertarian’s in their world view and never will. They’ll give lip service like Romero did, but words are empty without actions.

Instead of defending Joe the plumber from Rogue government officials illegally doing background checks on him, they look for the next pedophile they can defend pro bono. This is liberalism in microcosm- in their distorted reality, pedophiles are socially acceptable and Republican’s with an alternate political view are not. Pathetic, really.

oh, and @ 22: what are “privacy rates”?

24. Mr. Cynical spews:

To The Many Atheist’s @ I say:
Merry CHRISTmas! Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!Merry CHRISTmas!

25. Mr. Cynical spews:

Also Darryl–
Why are you continuting to broadcast Goldy’s pathetic performance. Goldy clearly came off as a kook and looked like a Pioneer Square hobo they took off the streets and spent 5 minutes trying to put a shine on him.

Goldy is NOT ready for Prime Time.
I’ll bet O’Reilly has him back soon.
Goldy is the perfect foil.

26. K spews:

Ricky D- ask Fox about “Rates”. It’s cut and paste from them.

And did you read it or just spell check? ACLU supports Joe’s privacy rights.

27. correctnotright spews:

@21 and 23: Guess you guys cannot read OR think. Never let the facts get in the way of your ideology….

28. YellowPup spews:

I hope when they go after the governor she laughs a lot and uses the word “falafel” in every sentence. Goldy shows remarkable restraint in this otherwise 5:45 of lame.

29. YellowPup spews:

@24: I’m not offended by Christmas, and I guess that’s the point.

30. YLB spews:

Hey! Little Rickie Dumbass is inflamed by BillO! What a surprise.

Goldy did all right. Our house trolls like MTR (who can’t pay their $100 gambling debts) are full of crap.

The atheists are within their rights to protest State religious displays. That’s what the Churches are for. Stay neutral, out of the fray and the government remains a places where people from all faiths (or lack thereof) come to serve all citizens.

31. YLB spews:

I like the pregnant pause BillO uses after “a liberal blogger”.

Bloggers will forever be the biggest source of pushback against fascist clowns like O’Loofah.

32. Roger Rabbit spews:

@2 Disrespectful and intolerant speech is what the First Amendment protects, John. Polite speech doesn’t need constitutional protection.

33. Roger Rabbit spews:

@14 Yeah, I noticed that. It seemed to me she dumbed down her argument to fit Faux’s audience. Apparently she figures they’re too dumb to understand any legal, much less constitutional, explanation of the issue.

34. Roger Rabbit spews:

@20 Nice try, dickie dumbass, considering how much free legal services the ACLU provides to Republicans who are either too cheap or too poor to hire their own lawyers.

35. BD spews:

Christmas is recognized because it is a major part of a religion to which the vast majority of Americans subscribe. Hannukah, Kwanza and Thanksgiving are other holidays that likely are recognized with displays in government buildings. Atheism does not have a “holiday” or any day of recognition this time of year. It is a position taken by a relatively small number of Americans. If atheists would like to petition the government for a day or week of recognition, they should do so. And when they do, if they wish to place a display that insults, degrades and demeans millions of Christians in a government building as the sign in question NEEDLESSLY did, I will support them 100%.
O’Reilly mentioned Martin Luther King Jr. Day and it’s a fair analogy. Martin Luther King Jr. has a day named in his honor to recognize his importance just as the government has named Christmas a holiday to recognize its importance. Just as some atheists see no significance in the celebration of the birth of Christ and enjoy demeaning it, there are a relatively small number o f Americans who see no significance in the work of Martin Luther King Jr. and choose to demean him.
If there was a display in a Washington state government building recognizing Dr. King and a group of white supremicists requested permission to place a sign next to it spewing racial slurs and stating he was insignificant, would that be allowed? Likely not, nor should it be. For those of you who say, “Yes, it should be.” I don’t agree with you but you have my respect. However, I fully believe that most of you who applauded the governor for allowing the presence of the atheists’ sign would denounce her if she allowed the sign representing the racist views. If so, you’re just as thoughtless, ignorant and arrogant as that awful O’Reilly guy you can’t seem to stand.
This is politically ridiculous. Now, go ahead and berate ME because judging the tone of most of the comments on here, I expect no less. Merry Christmas to all 

36. Rick D. spews:

I’ll give Goldy’s “Johnny Cash tribute” wardrobe on the O’Reilly show a pass since Roger Roadkill spilled the beans that he only makes 10K a year running this waste treatment facility known as HA. Can’t really expect much else given that paltry income.

O’Reilly tuned up Goldy and also the “Weak and confused leader” Christine Gregoire in absentsia. Although I disagree that she’s a leader, she is certainly both weak and confused. Then again, show me any of the current crop of liberals today and they’ll match that criterion.

37. YLB spews:

36 – She has her priorities straight dumbass. She’s doing the people’s business. Thankfully we dodged the bullet with that whiner and loser of the GOPP Rossi. I ‘m sure he would have been right there to play to members of his dumbshit base like you little Rickie Dumbass.

Take the religious displays out of the State House and the atheists have no argument.

Plenty of Churches around.

Little Rickie Dumbass.

38. Roger Rabbit spews:

@24 Actually, Cynical, you could make a legal argument in favor of the Christmas tree and against the atheists’ sign that goes like this: Under the principle that government must stay out of the religion business, and therefore public property can’t be used to promote religion, the Christmas tree is OK because it’s not only a religious symbol but also a non-religious cultural tradition, but the atheist sign is not OK because it’s proselytizing. I’m surprised this flew over Bremner’s head. I mean, O’Reilly gets a rightwing lawyer on the show to represent to pro-tree point of view, and that’s the best she can do? You guys need a new lawyer! No wonder you’re getting your asses kicked.

Ricky Dumbbell @36: Gregoire has better things to do than worry about a fucking cardboard sign. If you don’t like it, file a complaint with the Capitol Facilities Manager. Why does Gregoire have to do that for you? Because you’re too lazy and/or too stupid to do it yourself? Do you want the governor to make your bed and wash your socks for you, too?

39. Roger Rabbit spews:

It’s a shame the religionists have such lousy legal representation their lawyers need Roger Rabbit to do their thinking for them.

40. Rick D. spews:

@ 37~ Ah Yes, Yearns for Little Boys and his beady little pervert eye. You still haven’t been caught pervy? Rest assured that if your bloodshot little pervy eye peered into my homes window, it would be your last. You’d be wheelchair-bound looking into bathroom stalls instead.

Get a life you little pervert

41. Roger Rabbit spews:

You’re all fucking pagans anyway. Nativism is the only true religion, and the Great Mother Rabbit Spirit is the only true God. You all came from dust, and will return to dust. Only rabbits are eternal. That’s why my species is gonna run this place after you stupid humans flame out and do yourselves in.

42. YLB spews:

40 – LMAO!!! I laugh at you little Rickie Dumbass. You wanted to gloat over a right wing victory.

We took you to the cleaners!!

It’s your politicians who do pervy things in toilets.

Little Rickie Dumbass.

43. Anok spews:

It’s too bad everyone forgets that Christmas was actually a Pagan holiday.

44. taxes spews:

41 – I assume however that you are all for Easter celebrations that include lagomorphs?

45. theWalrus spews:

There is no war on Christmas. It’s a manufactured ploy by delusional rightwingers who want to play the victim of non-existent liberal persecution. That allows them to muster sympathy from their intolerant, racist, anti-intellectual base.

This technique was used to great effect in Germany, circa 1938.

46. headless lucy spews:

God created the heavens and the earthand all that is in them — like childhood leukemia and ‘cluster’ bombs.

47. Mark The Redneck-Goldstein spews:

Hey Dumshit Goldy – Kirby Wilbur said he may be on O’Reilly tonight to talk about you christmas haters.

Since you came off looking like a fucking idiot, you might want to tune in to see how a pro handles it.

My guess is he won’t talk about the “Lemon Test”. That was fucking hilarious.

48. Richard Pope spews:

Roger Rabbit @ 38

Good argument, but the secular “Christmas tree” was not the only symbol on display at the state capitol. There was also a nativity scene (Christian religious symbol) and a menorah (Jewish religious symbol). So if the Christians and Jews are allowed to promote their religion, atheists have to be given the same right.

49. Bellingham Chris spews:

I’m an athiest but I happly celebrate Christmas because I too view it as a partially secular event. However, if religious groups with all of their crazy beliefs should be allowed to display something then an athiest group should be allowed to as well.

50. YLB spews:

47 – The Dumbshit is the right wing idiot @ 40, your friend little Rickie Dumbshit.

Now pay the fucking gambling debt you owe to Goldy and GTFO of here, bet welsher!

51. Mr. Cynical spews:

On to more important things…like making money:

I think the market is making a bottom.
To me, this mean starting to act like an INVESTOR again….rather than a short-term trader.

Starting yesterday AM, I have begun a program of averaging back in to the Market with 75% of my Retirement Accounts AND 40% of my cash outside the Retirement Fund monthly over the next 6-9 months. I would advise you all to do the same. I am putting 1/2 of that money into a wide variety of BlackRock Funds and the other 1/2 into specific stocks.

Time to be positive. Obama is my President too and I sense many Conservatives are comfortable with his actual agenda (as opposed to his get-elected agenda).

Time to be a cautious INVESTOR!
I think some of the volatility will begin to slow down over the next year…making short-term trading less desirable.

Good luck!

52. Mr. Cynical spews:

46. headless lucy spews:

God created the heavens and the earthand all that is in them — like childhood leukemia and ‘cluster’ bombs.

Spoken like a true Progressive Atheist in our Education System! You should be fired.

53. Mr. Cynical spews:

Actually, I have no problem with ATHEISTS displaying their hate & intolerance of Christians and Jews.
I say give them lots of rope and the mike!

The vast majority of Americans are of Judeo-Christian beliefs.

Let the empty, intolerant pathetic ATHEIST haters like Goldy and TEAM HORSESASS put up endless displays and spew their disbelief.

Keep talking!

54. Lipshtik Pig spews:

Anne Bremner: “Maybe it’s the rain.”

Yes, Anne, we’re all suffering from incessant rain which causes us to exercise our right to free speech. Lizard-brain.

Why is it okay to submit people to a far-fetched story about immaculate conception and the philosophical teachings of the walking dead, but a sign countering those religious tenets is out of order? Sure, somewhere in the story is a message about peace and goodwill, but ultimately the Nativity sign has been placed in the Capital in an attempt to remind everyone that church and state are one (If you don’t believe me then you lack my kind of faith).

Whatever her religious beliefs may be, Governor Gregoire has demonstrated tolerance this season, and it’s quite unlikely that the FFRF’s message will ruin her Christmas.

A big thanks to BO for helping highlight the FFRF. It’s going to be a wonderful, merry Christmas –Winter Solstice, if you prefer.

On Thinker, on Reason, on Common Sense!

55. Steve spews:

@53 “ATHEISTS displaying their hate & intolerance of Christians and Jews”

Not only do you display your insecurities and feelings of inadequacy with every post, now you delve into fabricating some strange persecution complex.

As a Christian myself, let me help you out here. We’re not being persecuted in America. Get a grip. Nobody here at HA hates you for being a Christian. Now it’s true that some of us may despise you for being an America-hating, goatfucking traitor, but that really has nothing whatsoever to do with religion, Christmas, or your faux persecution complex.

56. YLB spews:

Obama is my President too and I sense many Conservatives are comfortable with his actual agenda (as opposed to his get-elected agenda).

LOL! You mean “O-blah-blah”?

The guy who selected Clintonites for his economic team? That “socialist” Clinton? I guess you’re acknowledging times were pretty good then.

Times are different now. Obama has said he expects his people to execute his policy and that policy is to prevent the economy from falling off a cliff much as FDR tried to do in his first term and then got a bit too timid about in his second.

Obama, a good student of history, will probably not make that mistake.

And this is what you’re averaging your money into? Ok…

57. Mr. Cynical spews:

The market is bigger than Bush or Obama.

58. sarge spews:

Holy Shit. Goldy in a coat and tie?

And don’t EVER call our Gov. a coward, Bill-O!

59. Steve spews:

@51 “I think some of the volatility will begin to slow down over the next year…making short-term trading less desirable.”

Good grief. You really do come up with the most insipid investment bullshit I’ve ever read anywhere.

60. Harry Callahan spews:

goldy, you did a decent job overall, but you’ve got to dress better.

61. ROTCODDAM spews:

@53 Actually, I have no problem with ATHEISTS displaying their hate & intolerance of Christians and Jews.
I say give them lots of rope and the mike!

Atheists don’t hate religion. We don’t care.
We don’t care about beliefs in invisible sky gods anymore than we care about beliefs in Spiderman or the Easter Bunny (apologies, Roger).

But we do care about the entanglement of your religion with our government. We don’t want to be governed by the irrational superstitions of others, however widely held they may be. When our government insists on embracing the teaching of superstition we are entitled to respond with truth and reason. And we are motivated to do so, not out of “hate” or “intolerance”, but rather out of enlightened self-preservation. History teaches that clearly enough.

If you find these truths to be offensive there is a very simple remedy at your disposal. Stop insisting on the entanglement of our government with your religion.

62. Josef for America spews:

For once, I concur w/ you.


63. Real American spews:


It’s like having an anti-war rally on Veteran’s day. It’s just not right.

I cannot imagine a more appropriate day for an anti-war rally. I am sure other veterans would agree. They’ve been there, and know what a complete horror war is.

And to Mr. C., Merry Christmas. From one atheist to one phony Christian.

Mr. C. @ 51 on the subject of Christmas

On to more important things…like making money

How very unChrist-like of you.

64. Mr. Cynical spews:

61. ROTCODDAM spews:

Atheists don’t hate religion. We don’t care.

So if you don’t care….why put up anti-Christian displays? Why make an issue of it?
You are a liar…of course you care!

65. Cascadian spews:


Veterans Day was originally “Armistice Day.” It did not celebrate veterans, but rather celebrated the END OF THE WAR, a war that at the time was seen as the end of wars. That original intent is a pro-peace, anti-war sentiment.

I accept what the holiday has become, but I would prefer that we celebrate veterans along with fallen soldiers on Memorial Day and return to a November 11 holiday that is based on an appreciation of peace.

66. Mr. Cynical spews:

Read some of the hateful anti-religous, anti-Christian comments by your ATHEIST Brethren here on HA. You are a liar….pure & simple. With all those hateful comments…typical of Atheists…good luck on your journey!

67. YLB spews:

So if you don’t care….why put up anti-Christian displays? Why make an issue of it?

Cuz’ just like we don’t like right wingers lining their pockets once they control government (they’re like a dog chasing a car, once they catch it they don’t know what to do with it except be a thieving dog), we don’t like them shoving their religious views on everybody from on high.

Take it out of the State House and return it back to Church or private property where it belongs and you have no pushback from atheists.

68. ROTCODDAM spews:


So if you don’t care….why put up anti-Christian displays? Why make an issue of it?
You are a liar…of course you care!

Read much? Or only what fits your perverted world view?
Your teachers must have grown weary indeed.
You’ve had the reason for the display explained to you. That reason makes nobody here a liar except you. Atheists don’t care about your religion. We don’t believe in it. Do you “care” about ghosts? How ’bout vampires?

Now what if Governor Rossi proposed to raise Mr. Cynical’s taxes to pay for a special “anti-vampire” squad of the State Patrol? Would you “care” about that? Would that make you a “believer” in vampires?

Keep your superstitions our of our government. That’s what the sign advocates.

Like I said:
Read much?

69. Mr. Cynical spews:

If you really don’t care about religion, why post all the negative, hateful things like you Atheist Brethren post???
Of course you care.
You demand a total secular government.
Not what the Constitution says…show me where it says that??
You cannot.

70. YLB spews:

69 – Little thing called the establishment clause of the First Amendment.

71. Steve spews:

@69 Oh Lord, here comes Cynical with another case of the stupid. Will it never end?

72. ROTCODDAM spews:

so, shorter version, you believe in vampires?

Wow. QED.

We only demand a rational government. A troubling concept to someone invested in supernatural beliefs, like vampires. We just don’t want our fate mixed up in yours when it comes to your supernatural beliefs. We don’t demand a “totally secular” government. Jim DeMint is perfectly free to handle snakes or speak in tongues on the floor of the Senate for all we care. Ought to liven things up a bit. But if you want to pass a law giving money to some person or group, you need to have a better reason than because the invisible sky ghost told you to. And if you wish to open up the public civic spaces for the promotion of your superstitions you must be prepared to withstand corresponding public challenge to those superstitions. What are you so afraid of, anyway?

Oh. Right.

By the way, there is no “Atheist Bretheren”.
No meetings. Nothing to meet about. No book of scripture. Nothing to write about. No secret handshake or password. No point.

73. Roger Rabbit spews:

@44 Yeah, of course! Who could possibly have a problem with cute little bunnies laying pretty colored eggs on a green lawn?

74. sandalman spews:

I don’t know what that atheist group was thinking. There’s no way they can outshine the amount of hate that comes from the religious. Why bother trying?

75. Roosevelt Boulevard spews:

Atta boy Goldy . . . loved it.

76. moxykid spews:

the passage of the xmas holiday into law was one of the first economic stimulus packages. “jesus is a philosopher”. now that is creative legislation.

The whole thing started because Ahern couldn’t stand the tree being called anything else but what he was used to having it called…I thought intollerance and judgment were the tasks of god not humans

77. Tammy spews:

I feel sorry for the people of America. If we do not have God in our lives we are doomed to fail.

I feel there are so many self absorbed people in this country — it is sad.

Quit doing and saying things that make you feel good and act and behave like responsible citizens.

78. Riley spews:

Bill OReilly interrupts his guests. Atheism versus theism: who will win? It seems that a truce is our most likely solution. People who are theist believe it for a reason. People who are atheist are so for a reason. We should have a national comparison, or debate, of reasons. I question whether there is a god, or whatnot. I see what I see, I live how I live. Christmas arrives every year, and depending on where I am the day seems to follow some basic traditions. I like to open presents, and I expect some sort of get-together. I roll my eyes or feel tense when we say grace and thank the lord, although I withhold my judgement and let those who believe do so. It doesn’t harm me, and those people are close to me, and care about me, and are everything in life that I can ask for from others.

When I first read about the campaign of putting signs on busses, I was delighted to hear that atheists are speaking up. Atheism intrigues me, it makes me think, and I like to see theistic views challenged, based on their logic and evidential reasoning. If I had an answer, such as: “God is real.” And could prove it, that would be one thing. Subsequently, if I could prove that there is no god, then that would be another. Until either side is proven, there will be differing opinions.

I support freedom of speech, that is, atheists should be welcome to share their thoughts on the subject. Christine Gregoire made, in my mind, the right choice. My reasoning is that for her to prohibit the atheist sign, that would be discrimination. If she wishes to do that, she should then prohibit the other signs as well. Equal opportunity.

OReilly is attacking people on his show, with words. Insinuating that they are stupid, or wrong, based on a contradictory or other belief in contrast to his own. He asks a guest a question, and interrupts them before they have articulated a complete response.

There seems to be a phenomenon that theists find. It seems, that although many of the beliefs theism offers seem illogical, or invalid; those who hold the beliefs do so with such power that their arguments wash out those who use only reason and logic. Perhaps those who brandish the loudest voice may not be right, but their view, in the end, provable or not, seems more rewarding, socially, than the opposing atheistic view.

Time will tell.