Friday Night Open Thread


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    notaboomer spews:

    Rip off all my limbs
    Poke out both my eyes
    Pull out my swollen tongue
    Wear a thin disguise
    And the Sirens’ song
    Sweetly sucks me down
    Into the ocean blue
    I’ll find my way back to you

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    proud leftist spews:

    Love ya, man. But, I don’t quite get that. I watched the whole thing. As an old guitar man myself, I’d say that was okay, but hardly outstanding. Go to Highway 99 Club on most any night, and you’ll get better ax work.

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    proud leftist spews:

    Just in case I forgot to say it, Frank Blethen (and please don’t take this wrong because I mean no disrespect), any chance you might just go fuck yourself? What a piece of shit the old man has proven himself to be. Wow.

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    Gman spews:

    Do you think any of these guys were fags? I doubt it. I bet they were more of God’s hating heterosexuals that only know how to murder, rape and steal. Heterosexuals the downfall to Society. It is getting worse out there, when will the heterosexual run world collapse? Sooner than later. I bet if Raj gave blow jobs he wouldn’t have done this. God hates heterosexuals, that is why he is punishing you. Your fate will come.

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    Puddybud Remembers spews:

    Puddy Remembers this

    I like Castro’s system better. He confiscates the employer’s property, shoots the employer, and the workers get quality health care for free. We need something like that in America. Comment by Roger Rabbit— 3/19/06@ 3:42 pm

    So Roger when do you leave to take care of that memory problem you’re now exhibiting?

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    Puddybud Remembers spews:

    Thanks Gman,

    Puddy loves OpenSecrets… Did you HA Libtardos know Raj Rajaratnam was another BIG TIME Donkey Jock-Strap?

    $2,000 to Charles Stealing Social Security Numbers Schumer
    $2,000 to Robert Menendez
    $2,000 to Maria CantVoteWell
    $2,000 to Rohit Khanna
    $4,600 to Barack Hussein Obama Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm
    $6,500 to Hillary VRWC Clinton
    $10,000 to the New Jersey Democratic State Committee
    $26,200 to the Democratic National Committee Services Corp. – What service is this? Knee Pads?
    $26,700 to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

    Gotta wonder is Asha P his wife? Same day August 10, 2006…Another $26,700 to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
    Then another $4,600 to Hillary Clinton by the lady. Puddy wonders if anyone gonna check that out? Well Puddy did on Twitter… Asha Pabla is his wife… hmmm…?

    Puddy wonders how many of those donations will be charity bound next week?

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    YLB spews:

    Anyone catch the Joan Baez American Masters show on PBS this past week?

    What a blessing of a voice and a noble soul. 68 years old and still touring. To a be a musician in her band on tour must be an honor of a lifetime.

    The show barely touched on her stunning younger sister Mimi (it was about Joan after all) who died a while back and is quite an interesting story as well. If you thought Joan was a good guitar player on songs like “Diamonds and Rust” well Mimi in her day was even better.

    A very interesting family, the Baez’s, practicing Quakers who were in the right place, at the right time to leave a mark on everything from physics to politics to pop culture.

    A great book about the Baez family and other strange characters like Bob Dylan and Richard Farina is “Positively 4th Street” by David Hajdu. Very enlightening and entertaining read. Recommended.

  8. 11


    Joan Baez sucks…..burned out hippie just looking to cash in before everyone finally forgets about her crappy music.

    god damn, I think I would rather listen to Winger than her dried up crap.

  9. 13


    11 – Burned out? Hardly.. Still touring at 68 – playing songs she likes and songs written for her. She’s the first to admit she never was much of a song writer. Her gifts were her voice and her commitment to her ideals. Check out her website. Her tour diaries are positive, upbeat narratives.

    Her commitment to non-violence and social justice was formed at an early age. She first protested in freaking high school – and this was the fifties ok?

    Hippies? That came way later you ignorant buffoon. She was never a hippie or anything like that. She didn’t “turn on, tune in, drop out”. She was a doer and fighter for positive change – as much as one person could be.

    12 – uhhh.. Joan wrote the song fool. It was about her relationship with Dylan. I’ve heard the Judas Priest version – obviously the singer is a fan and his interpretation is something of a tribute otherwise singing about “Washington Square” makes no sense to either a metal band or a metalhead.

    That singer in Judas Priest obviously has a lot more on the ball and way better taste than you can ever dream of.

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    14 – Joan Baez has a PBS show devoted to her life’s work and many, many fans all over the world who still come out to see her perform – otherwise she wouldn’t tour.

    It’s you, your ignorance and your hate-driven right wing attitude that sucks pal.

    Enjoy your “winger”. Hey it fits even!

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    Will Joan help you find a job?

    YOu do realize that when your wife sometimes works “late”, that she isnt always working, right?

    being employed is a turn-on to most women….

    just thought you might want to think about that….CHEERS!