by Darryl, 12/28/2012, 11:57 PM

40 Responses to “Friday Night Multimedia Extravaganza!”

1. Deathfrogg spews:

Good morning. Everyone try something here.

Google search:

“Civil Rights Organization Patrols Sanford”

Enjoy the fun.

2. Michael spews:

Haha! Except it’s not funny. Wow, what a bunch of ass-clowns.

3. YLB spews:

Peter Orszag:

“This graph from S&P illustrates two key facts: health-care costs have decelerated over the past few years, and Medicare costs have decelerated more than other health costs. That pattern suggests at least part of the slowdown is structural (since if it were all just a reflection of economic weakness, we wouldn’t expect Medicare to slow down more than other health costs, but if it were partly structural, that’s exactly what we would expect). If this slower growth continues, the impact on our long-term fiscal gap will be much more meaningful than any plausible outcome of the fiscal cliff negotiations.

Wow something new right wingers (Faux Snooze and hate talk radio in particular) can claim credit for!

5. Deathfrogg spews:

@ 4

Nothing new here. w.R. Hearst almost singlehandedly started the Spanish-American war by propagating with his newspaper company. Repeating ad-nauseum the sinking of the USS Maine as an attack on one of our capital ships, even though it was a coal dust explosion that blew it up.

It isn’t about disseminating information, or telling the truth about anything. It’s about selling the product. In the case of the cable TV propaganda companies, its about keeping people in their easy chairs to watch the commercials. The actual programming they put on isn’t the pundits or the “news”, its the commercial advertising. All that other stuff is just filler between the money making shit.

6. Roger Rabbit spews:

@1 That’s a screamer. You don’t know whether to howl with laughter or pull your fur out.

7. Roger Rabbit spews:

@5 I’ve always thought the Superbowl ads were better than the game. When ads are done well they’re the best entertainment on TV.

8. Roger Rabbit spews:

So, Dick Armey wants to emulate that paragon of advanced civilization, Afghanistan, where newly ascended leaders routinely murder their predecessors and as many of their followers as they can get their hands on?

9. Roger Rabbit spews:

As of April 1979, Afghanistan’s leader was Sardar Mohammed Daoud Khan, who 6 years earlier had seized power from the king (who was his cousin and brother-in-law).

On April 28, 1979, Daoud was overthrown and murdered in a coup led by Nur Muhammad Taraki, of the Parcham faction of Afghanistan’s communist party, the PDPA, and Hafizullah Amin, of the Khalq faction of the PDPA.

On September 14, 1979, Amin overthrew and murdered Taraki, then rounded up and murdered dozens of Taraki’s Parcham buddies and tens of thousands of other people.

Amin promptly left the communist reservation and, the Soviets believed, began cozying up to the CIA. On December 25, 1979, the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, murdered Amin and his entire family, and installed Parchamite Babrak Karmal as their puppet.

Karmal, an ineffectual stooge, was replaced on Gorbachev’s orders in 1986 with yet another Parchamite, Mohammad Najibullah Ahmadzai, whose regime collapsed in 1992. He was murdered by the Taliban in 1996.

Pension? What pension? If you’re the leader of Afghanistan, you don’t need no fucking pension! Nor survivor benefits for your wife and kids, because there’ll be no survivors.

Is this the model Dick Armey is adopting for his little fiefdom? Just wondering. As ridiculous as things have become here, at least we’re not Afghanistan — yet. The basic elements are there, though. We have our own Taliban, they’re acquiring modern military weapons, and mass murder is becoming part of our way of life. The American Taliban have set out to reverse 20 centuries of civilized progress within a decade or two.

10. Deathfrogg spews:

@ 6

Froggs don’t have fur you dottering lagomorph.

11. Troll spews:

I am the greatest commenter in the history of HA, and that includes both commenters and bloggers who come into the comment section to comment. I, more than any other person, including the founder, is responsible for the survival of this blog. I have gravitas.

12. Deathfrogg spews:

@ 11

You’re also the dude with the day-glow orange super shag carpet in your bathroom, and a full length mirror directly facing the loo so you can watch yourself take a shit every morning.

13. Proud To Be An Ass spews:

Stock tip: Short Santelli. Ticker symbol: SANTI Traded on the pink sheets. Risk is high due to small float and insider control. Nevertheless, opportunities can be found. These are the same people who have fallen more than once for Nigerian letter scams and believe, despite all contrary evidence, that the US is “just like Greece”.

14. Roger Rabbit spews:

@13 The rest of the CNBC crew isn’t much better.

16. Roger Rabbit spews:

@11 You’re confusing “gravitas” with “gravity”.

17. Roger Rabbit spews:

This jackass, whoever he is, wouldn’t think he was so funny if he had to pay a $1,000 fine for each bird.

18. Roger Rabbit spews:

I remember hopping through Cheyenne, Wyoming, past the Union Pacific yards in 1970, and seeing steam locomotives parked there. Well, lo and behold, there’s still a roundhouse and at least three steam locomotives there, only one of which is currently operating. Union Pacific No. 844, built in 1944, was never retired from service and remains on UP’s locomotive roster, and has an excursion schedule every year. A non-operating sister locomotive is kept on hand for parts to keep No. 844 running, and a larger “Challenger” class locomotive is being restored and may return to the rails in 2016. No. 844 was originally a passenger locomotive; the Challengers hauled World War 2 freight over the Rocky Mountains.

19. No time for Facists spews:

Fiscal cliff discussions break down after Republicans demand Social Security cuts
- Good! Why do republicans hate the 99%

20. Roger Rabbit spews:

@19 This is great! GOPers are holding your tax refund hostage until your grandpa hands over his Social Security check! That should clarify some things for middle-class voters.

21. K spews:

Roger @ 16- No, the confusion is between gravitas and gravy. Mommy just brought Troll some more gravy.

22. Serial conservative spews:

Occupy Wall Street in the news yet again.

I’m wondering if Darryl will ask if there’s statistical proof that shit like this:

Greenwich Village couple busted with cache of weapons, bombmaking explosives: sources

The privileged daughter of a prominent city doctor, and her boyfriend — a Harvard grad and Occupy Wall Street activist — have been busted for allegedly having a cache of weapons and a bombmaking explosive in their Greenwich Village apartment.

happens more often in OWS circles than in the general population as a whole.

I, again, won’t have an answer to that question.

There weren’t murders, rapes, OD deaths, suicides, or people trying to blow shit up at Tea Party events, though.

And while bomb-making stuff is (YAWN) old news in OWS circles, how about those high-capacity magazines?

Police also found a flare launcher, which is a commercial replica of a grenade launcher; a modified 12 gauge Mossberg 500 shotgun; ammo; and nine high-capacity rifle magazines, the sources said.

That right there is some serious down twinkles.

Happy New Year, HA libbies.

23. Roger Rabbit spews:

@22 Yeah, you gotta wonder why the children of the rich are a bunch of goddamned anarchist bomb-throwers. The estate tax should be 100%. They wouldn’t have so much time on their hands if they had to work like the rest of us.

24. Roger Rabbit spews:

Fiscal Cliff Tax Deal

Based on news sources and the president’s remarks this morning, the “fiscal cliff” will be done in stages, and the tax deal looks like this:

Individuals making over $400k and couples over $450k will pay the Clinton-era top rate of 39.6%.

Dividend tax will rise to 20% for that group and stay at 15% for everyone else.

Estate tax exemption of $5 million with estate tax rate rising to 40%.

25. Roger Rabbit spews:

The stock market is modestly up this morning.

26. YLB spews:

A person after my own heart:

I meet you all the time. You hate Obama. You hate gay people. You hate black people, immigrants, Muslims, labor unions, women who want the right to make choices concerning their bodies, you hate em all. You hate being called racist. You hate being called a bigot…

You like war. You like torture. You like Jesus.

You hate liberals, moderates, hell, anyone who disagrees with Conservative dogma as espoused by Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. You hate em…

Now that you have thrown everything and the kitchen sink at President Obama and it still hasn’t worked you are panicking. Obama’s approval ratings are still near 50% despite your best efforts to undermine the economy and America’s recovery at every step you can.

Tailor made for Ahab-complex sufferer Bob..

27. YLB spews:

22 – zzzzZZZzzz.. Occupy was always supposed to be about non-violent civil disobedience..

I’m sure the weapons were planted by over-zealous Cheney leave-behinds.

Poor Bob – reduced to fishing in a parking lot pond after a rainstorm.

28. Serial conservative spews:

@ 26

Hey, YLB.

You gonna resolve to be gainfully employed sometime during 2013 or with the election results are you still good doin’ whatever it is you do?

Today’s been fun. With one eye I watch what we’re hearing about the negotiations @ 24 and with the other I look at what expenses to pull into this year or push into next year and with my third eye I look at what stock sales to make before the market closes in 1:16.

Ah, and then there’s work. So I can earn money, then pay taxes, then have the rest @22 stolen from me when I’m dead.

Wadda country!

29. YLB spews:

28 – zzzz… reduced to the bottom of the saucepan..

What a joke you are Bob. You got it made! Wow! The “community organizer” has been bery, berry good for Bob..

Keep it up though.. It’s kind of quiet here without the silliness from trolls.

30. Serial conservative spews:

@ 29

The “community organizer” has been bery, berry good for Bob..

No difference either way, actually.

Where his influence will really kick in is starting in about several years, when the national debt is at $23T or so and Dems are struggling to raise taxes on the highest earners to 45% in order to glean another $50B per year in revenues.

I’ll be retired and it won’t affect me. The real tab, paid for by reduced economic opportunity and diminished job growth, will be paid for by Lib Sci’s children.

That’s the irony about all of this. The demographic group that most strongly supports Obama is the one that will be taking it most deeply up the ass as a result of the policies he supports.

Me? I’ll pay higher taxes for the next 4-6 years or so, retire sooner rather than later, and leave the mess to Lib Sci’s children. It will be their turn to support you, YLB.

31. YLB spews:

then have the rest @22 stolen from me when I’m dead.

It sure sucks you can’t take it with you.

No worries Bob. As I told the asshat little maxee wankatansky.. If ever I got ahold of some of your precious lucre I’d just wipe my ass with it before flushing it.. Or in your case I’d just throw it into the cold hole after you.

You seem so attached to it. Why not bury you with it? Who am I to separate a lost soul from what gives him or her some small comfort in this brief life?

32. YLB spews:

30 – zzzzZZZzzzzz … More sad piffle…

33. Serial conservative spews:

@ 31

You seem so attached to it.

Actually, no. Taxation influences behavior. We’ve clearly seen higher taxation coming for some time now. Nearly two months. So, we’re in the process of setting up trusts to charities of our choice. Benefits the charities we want to see helped, and keeps our money out of the government’s hands.

The best part is when we donate appreciated stock. We get a tax deduction for the entire amount of the donation AND we avoid taxation on the capital gains portion we would otherwise face, were we to instead sell the stock.

You should try it sometime. Next time you get a welfare check, just endorse it over to United Way.

34. Darryl spews:

Serial Conservative @ 33,

Speaking of Charities…don’t you have an outstanding obligation to fulfill?

35. Serial conservative spews:

@ 34


Dear XXXX:

It’s a fact. Thanks to you, fewer people in Washington will go hungry.

Can you imagine a 10-year-old celebrating her birthday without food to eat – let alone no birthday cake? How about a newly retired teacher whose social security checks don’t stretch far enough to cover all the bills? Unfortunately, we can because we’ve seen it all too often. But, we have also seen the reassurance, comfort and dignity that you give to others when you help us provide food to those who need it, no questions asked. Your contributions help make that happen. Thank you!

I am writing to acknowledge that we received your gift of $1,000.00 on December 31, 2012.

Your thoughtfulness and generosity enable Northwest Harvest to address hunger statewide, just as we’ve done for the last 45 years.

You may be aware that not only do we run the state’s busiest food bank on Cherry Street in Seattle, we also distribute nutritious food to more than 350 partners throughout Washington State, including food banks and meal programs. And, our backpack program discreetly provides food for kids in more than 40 high-need schools so that they have nutritious meals and snacks on weekends and holidays, helping to improve academic readiness.

Please know your gift means a lot. It costs Northwest Harvest only 67 cents to provide a complete meal for a family of three. So, we cannot overstate the enormous impact of your contribution. One of the people that your gift has helped told us recently, “Please thank them. You’re what has kept me going.” We can’t say it better than that.

With gratitude,

Shelley Rotondo
Executive Director

No tangible benefit, goods or services were provided to the donor in connection with this gift. Northwest Harvest is a 501(c)(3) non-profit
organization. Tax ID #91-0826037. Please retain this letter as a receipt for your gift.

36. Serial conservative spews:

@ 34

Like I said @ 28, we’re doing a lot of year-end stuff today. My wife’s got her own list.

BTW it’s a pain in the ass to donate anonymously unless it’s cash stuffed into a red kettle next to a bell-ringer.

I put ‘In honor of Dr. Holman’ and the HA web address in the memo. Didn’t make it into the auto-generated letter. You can check it with the ED or I can send you the anonymized text and the CC statement if you want verification. Us evil Rethuglicans are all born liars, after all.

37. YLB spews:

keeps our money out of the government’s hands.

Awwww Bob…

Doesn’t the government support the troops? VA and whatnot??

Why do you hate the troops Bob? Bush sent a lot of cannon fodder into his wars that you supported twice.

I guess you just hate all those Republicans on food stamps…

Welfare?? Shit we don’t even get food stamps.. We’re way behind the Republicans in the trendy dept.

38. YLB spews:

Bob’s battening down the hatches..

It’s the “end-times” for America..

Heavens! It’s supposed to go the other direction don’t you know????

39. YLB spews:

Over the cliff we go..

600 billion in revenue increases? Heh. We’ll take it. Ugly cuts to follow I’m sure.

40. YLB spews:

“So….I’m confused….does POTUS want a deal or not? Because all those jabs at Congress certainly sounded like a smack in the face to me,” Erica Elliot, communications director for House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, wrote via Twitter.

He’s being kind. Take or leave it morons. Go F yourselves whatever you decide.