Friday Night Multimedia Extravaganza!

The Republican War on Workers:

Liberal Viewer: Glenn Beck’s “China Syndrome” nonsense.

Maddow: Republicans are making it easier for terrorist to get nuclear weapons?!?.

Jon: When reporters attack (via Slog).

Thom with The Good, The Bad, and the Very, Very Ugly.

Spitzer does Bill Maher.

ONN: Patriotic teen fails Spanish.

Running for President:

Republican AZ lawmaker defends racist teacher’s letter.

Newsy: One in six Americans are Hispanic.

Thom with The Good, the Bad, and the Very Very Ugly.

Cenk: Mike Pompeo—The Congressman from Koch.

Thom: Is the US Chamber spying on activists?

Bombs Away:

Young Turks: SD abortion bill becomes law.

O’Donnell: GE paid $0 in taxes!.

Pres. Obama on U.S. and Latin America.

Cenk: Glenn Beck concludes MSNBC is the anti-God network.

Newsy: “Anchor baby” is deported.

Young Turks: Is James O’Keefe broke?

Pap: Right wing militias gaining power in America.

O’Donnell: The NY Indian Point nuclear power plant.

Dan Savage gives college girls orgasms?!?

Health Care Reform at One Year:

Ed: Who will stand up for long term unemployed? (Via Crooks and Liars.)

ONN: CIA’s ‘Facebook’ program dramatically cut agency’s costs.

O’Donnell: Most American Catholics back gay rights in survey.

What do you think of Seattle police officers?

Young Turks: Obama executive order on Miranda rights.

Thom Hartmann with another episode of The Good, the Bad, & the Very Very Ugly.

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  1. 2

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Yeah, I saw an MSNBC article about Wisconsin’s Republicans defying the court injunction.

    This signifies several things.

    First, it reinforces what we already knew about Republicans’ disrespect for courts and rule of law; the GOP is basically about brute force, in other words, their governing philosophy is the same as Gadhafi’s. Which makes you wonder when they’re going to start planting bombs in nightclubs near liberal college campuses and on airplanes full of people from Blue States.

    Second, at a more nuanced level, it reminds us that today’s GOP has been completely taken over by the neocon faction of the conservative movement, whose ideological origins come to usfrom Leon Trotsky via Leo Strauss — and, ultimately, Lenin. In other words, these guys are totalitarians. Visualize little red shoots springing up from the bloodstained soil of Stalinism.

    Third, this action is the first step toward a constitutional crisis in Wisconsin, in which Fitzgerald, Walker, and their handlers obviously are calculcating an outcome based on the idea that “we’ve got an army (the National Guard) and the state supreme court doesn’t.” So, are they planning to shoot supreme court justices, Stalin-style, and shoot protesters in the streets, Gadhafi-style? My guess is yes.

    We’ve known for a long time that Republican’s don’t believe in democracy, voting rights, or any other kind of rights. By way of supreme irony, the very people who have been fomenting a Red Scare in America for the last eighty years and pasting the label “communists” on anyone and everyone who opposes them have turned out to be America’s closet Bolsheviks.

    It works like this: “From each of us according to our ability to pay, to each of them according to their unlimited need for wealth.”

    After they’ve taken all our money, they’ll come for our wives and daughters.

  2. 3

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @2 Yes, I know there’s no space between “us” and “from” right before “Leon Trotsky.” I tried to use the edit function to fix that, but I couldn’t, because the text in the edit window kept leaping back up to the top every time I tried to scroll down to that paragraph. Anyone know why it does this?

  3. 4

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Wisconsin is evolving into a test of the GOP’s plan to install a dictatorship in the U.S. modeled after the Ivory Coast. Wait and see, if Wisconsin voters recall GOP state senators, they’ll refuse to leave office. If they get away with this the next step is for protest leaders and voting rights activists to begin disappearing. If that works, the step after that is to set up slave labor camps …

  4. 5

    Zotz sez: Teahadists are Koch suckers! spews:

    @3: Long post. Basically you need to put your cursor where the edit will be, then do the edit blind (when the edit screen returns to the top of the post).

  5. 6

    Zotz sez: Teahadists are Koch suckers! spews:

    @3: Or, do a shorter post. Not that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy your post…;-)

  6. 9

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @5 I tried that, but my aim isn’t that good, and the sentence I had to edit bounced out of view before I could move the cursor into position.

  7. 12

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    So who is Paul LePage, the reactionary governor who ordered removal of Maine’s labor mural because, according to him, it’s “offensive” to that state’s business leaders?

    LePage is an ESL guy, i.e. he has a foreign-sounding name and couldn’t pass a college-entrance exam because, you know, English isn’t his primary language. Which makes you wonder whether this guy should have a driver’s license because, you know, drivers have to be able to read traffic signs in English (e.g., “Stop,” “Yield,” etc.). I mean, what if he runs over a little old lady in a wheelchair because he can’t read a sign that says “Crosswalk”? Besides, all his Tea Party supporters believe non-English-speakers like him should be deported. Do you see the problem?

    LePage is the oldest of 18 children. That’s right, his fucking parents had eighteen children! Now how does a poor family in Maine support eighteen fucking children? Church charity or welfare are the only things I can think of.

    LePage ran away from home at age 11 and by age 13 was living in a strip joint, which maybe explains why he stripped the labor mural off the wall of the state labor department, and may tell us something about how his business career started, too. I’m guessing this may have something to do with stripping assets from businesses into his own pockets, or something like that, but hey, I’m just guessing.

    LePage, like Palin, was a small-town mayor before becoming governor. And, like Palin, he’s more interested in money than governing. Specifically, he wants to take money away from the working and middle classes and put it in the pockets of his rich buddies in the business community. He wants to put some of it in his own pockets, too — that’s why he exempted himself from the requirement that Maine public employees have to pay more for their pensions.

    Actually, they’ve been paying for their own pensions all along, so this is really a pay cut. Higher benefits in public jobs are merely a tradeoff for lower salaries — they’re part of an overall compensation package. And, like all employers, the State of Maine pays absolutely no more than it absolutely has to, to attract people to fill jobs it deems necessary. I mean, after all, teachers and cops and firefighters aren’t exactly known for living high on the hog are they? How many BMWs and Porsches do you see in school parking lots? Besides the ones belonging to 16-year-old students, I mean? But to a guy like LePage, when high school kids drive better cars than their teachers have, it’s time to cut teacher pay so those kids can afford a second car, know what I mean?

    Finally, the most important thing to know about LePage is that he was elected by 38% of Maine’s voters. That’s right, he won 38% of the vote in the GOP primary, and won 38% of the vote in the general election, but because of Maine’s fractured party system and large number of independents, that was enough to get to be governor of 38% of Maine’s people. And he figures to hell with the other 62%.

  8. 13

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @11 What does #2 have to do with skanks? But show me a skank and I’ll show you a Republican with his pants down, so even if there are some skanks somewhere in there, how do you figure they’re my skanks? However, if you can locate some skanks that belong to me, would you please direct them my way, because I need to get laid. I especially like the long-eared variety.

    As for whether people are interested in my comments, I’ll bet any amount of money you care to put up that I’m a hell of a lot more popular on this blog than you are. So, you’re wrong on that score, too — plenty of people are interested in what I have to say. You? Not so much. Your comments are only useful as targets for tomato throwing practice.

  9. 14


    Count me in as a big fan of the rabbit – always..

    It’s always a good thing to salute someone who has served his country and his community like the rabbit has..

    And it’s cruelly entertaining to condemn and marginalize knee jerk bigots and willfull dumbasses like tehchickenshit troll.

    You can save yourself dumbass trolls, crack open some freaking books, take a strict accounting of the views you’ve been promulgating and admit to yourselves that you may be WRONG about most of them. Substitute some views that more accurately reflect a clear-eyed view of reality.

  10. 15

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @14 “You can save yourself dumbass trolls, crack open some freaking books, take a strict accounting of the views you’ve been promulgating and admit to yourselves that you may be WRONG about most of them. Substitute some views that more accurately reflect a clear-eyed view of reality.”

    The first thing they need to do is crack open a Bible and get with the Jesus program, especially the part that says, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

    Hey trolls, if you don’t undestand what that means, go to any church with a cross on it and ask someone in the church to explain it to you.