Friday Night Multimedia Extravaganza!

What the Koch Brothers say on-line but won’t say under oath.

Bashir: With Congressional approval at 10%, Republicans intensify anti-Obama attacks.

It began five years ago today:

Jennifer Granholm: Michigan rebounds thanks to ‘active’ leadership.

Bill Maher: New Rules.

White House: Science fair.

The Delicious G.O.P. Primary

White House: West Wing Week.

Mark Fiore: The heart and mind-o-matic.

ONN: Panel analyzes Obama’s furious, profanity-filled rant at nation.

Thom: Are politicians now SuperPAC puppets?

The Week in Marriage Equality:

Newsy: Pelosi’s “stop Colbert” spoof ad goes viral.

Pap: How the GOP war on workers backfired.

Lobbyist poses as anti-union mechanic in Superbowl advertisement.

Maddow: The absurdity of GOP legislators rallying against ideas they previously supported:

Andrew Breitbart totally loses it at Occupy protesters.

Thom with the Good, the Bad and the Very, Very Ugly.

Contraceptive Choice:

An interview with Jay Inslee.

Alyona: Time for a national popular vote?

Hannity’s Bizarre Claim:

Lawrence O’Donnell: Buffoon Donald Trump thinks endorsing Romney guarantees him a position in Willard’s cabinet!.

Pres. Obama’s record on jobs:

Ed: Update on the Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) scandal.

The CPAC Funny Farm:

  • Young Turks: Herman Cain on “stupid people”.
  • Alyona: CPAC’s freedom for some.
  • The CPAC Carnival for Conservatives.
  • Embarassing: FAUX News contributer’s rap video at CPAC.
  • Sharpton: Juvenile taunts at CPAC.
  • Mitt Romney: Then and now (at CPAC).
  • Young Turks: Gay Republicans not welcomed at CPAC.
  • One Minute News: So you want to be a Conservative.
  • Alyona’s happy hour: cruising for gay sex at CPAC
  • Ed: CPAC starts with juvenile attacks on Obama.
  • Buzz 60: Santorum and Romney battle for CPAC love
  • Young Turks: CPAC dating seminar.
  • Sam Seder: State Sen. Constance Johnson (D-Oklahoma City) on he amendment to a Wingnut personhood bill .

    Ann Telnaes: Russia and China reject U.N. resolution condemning Syria.

    Obama and the marshmallow launcher.

    Last week’s Friday Night Multimedia Extravaganza can be found here.


    1. 3

      zzippy spews:

      Regarding the Koch Brothers: These guys are indeed part of the 1%, along with Mitt Romney and many other Republicans, who are bad for our country (and the planet), as hinted at in the first video in this post.

      Moreover, I’m happy to see that many media outlets continue to mention the Koch brothers, because, as I saw clearly in the run-up to the second invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq in 2003, that putting a single face — Saddam Hussein — on the so-called enemy helps sell the war, whether or not it’s justified. (For the trolls who might point out that Saddam Hussein was found guilty in a court of law, I’m not saying that he wasn’t an evil person, but I am saying that his face was used very effectively by the Bush administration to gin up an unjustified war against a country whose people did not attack us.)

      And in fact, as I already wrote, I do see the Koch brothers and their ilk as cheaters, liars, and basically people who will stop at little make a buck and consolidate their power, no matter the human cost. That is, unlike Saddam Hussein, they are indeed guilty of that with which they’re charged in the court of public opinion. Therefore, using them as the face of the societal imbalance and unfairness of these days is very justified, and I am happy to see that it continues.

      To HA and all media: Keep the pressure on the Koch brothers, and keep pointing out the facts about them!

    2. 4

      Roger Rabbit spews:

      The Efficient Markets Theory Is So Much Hooey

      “A crucial medicine to treat childhood leukemia is in such short supply that hospitals across the country may exhaust their stores within the next two weeks, leaving hundreds and perhaps thousands of children at risk of dying from a largely curable disease, federal officials and cancer doctors say. …

      “The drug is methotrexate, and the cancer it treats is known as acute lymphoblastic leukemia, or A.L.L., which most often strikes children ages 2 to 5.”

      Roger Rabbit Commentary: Another fucking market failure! Don’t believe the crap spewed by the crowd claiming “market-based solutions” are the answer to everything, everywhere, all the time. If we let them run the economy kids are gonna die! If markets were efficient I’d never make a dime in the stock market. You and I know better; markets often are highly inefficient, and that’s why we’re Democrats instead of Republicans. When you’re wrong about the basic facts of life, your conclusions are gonna be wrong, too — it’s as simple as that.

    3. 5

      Michael spews:

      I can’t keep up the the kids these days. When I was a kid all we needed to be happy was a stick and hoop!

    4. 6

      Michael spews:

      That’s happening with all sorts of medications right now. I’ve seen it at work with stuff that treat mental illness and seizures. Stuff that’s cheap and easily treatable, but if you don’t treat it, it become expensive and a big problem in a hurry.

    5. 7

      Michael spews:

      Frothy’s coming to Tacoma!

      The former Pennsylvania senator will hold several events, one public, when he visits Washington state on Monday.

      Andrea Innes, a state committeewoman from Pierce County, said the state party has notified party officials that Rick Santorum will lead a rally at 7 p.m. at the Washington History Museum in downtown Tacoma beginning at 7 p.m.

      Rick Santorum speaks to Conservative Political Action Conference Friday. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
      Beforehand he will have a closed meeting with state party officials including members of the state committee, Innes said. The even is free and open to the public.

      Santorum will also be in Olympia earlier Monday but none of those events will be open to the general public.

      State GOP Chairman Kirby Wilbur said Santorum will meet in Olympia about 3 p.m. with Republican legislative leaders. Before that he will meet with “values voters” at a closed meeting in Olympia.

      Kirby also confirmed that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will raise money March 1 in Bellevue and is likely to have a public event as well. He has heard there is a possibility that other GOP candidates Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich will campaign before the March 3 precinct caucuses.

      Read more here:

      If I don’t have anything else going on, I might have to head to down town and tell Frothy to shove it.

    6. 8

      Roger Rabbit spews:

      Michael, you and I are the only ones posting on HA today — was there a nuclear exchange last night? Are we the only ones left?

    7. 9

      Michael spews:

      We’re God’s chosen! Either that, or we’re the left behind. Honestly, being left behind sounds like more fun.

    8. 11

      Roger Rabbit spews:

      @9 The Rapture! Maybe The Rapture has finally come! Is it possible? Did the Great Flying Spaghetti Monster lift up all the Republicans into the clouds and cleanse this earthly world of them? Somebody go to Iowa and see if there are still any Republicans there.

    9. 13

      Roger Rabbit spews:

      @10 I’m analyzing stock reports. Things may go to shit on Monday morning if the Greek parliament doesn’t pass the austerity deal that’s causing the Greek population to throw firebombs at the police out in the streets in front of the government buildings. If that happens, next week might be a great time to buy stocks! Trust me, you don’t want to own cash long-term because Bernanke is going with the Weimar Republic strategy of debt resolution.

    10. 14

      Roger Rabbit spews:

      Which brings me to this point. The Tea Pariters and Ron Paul types who rail against the Federal Reserve aren’t stupid. The economists who talk about “moral hazard” aren’t stupid either. Moral hazard is running amok in our country right now, and the Fed’s and Obama administration’s policies reek of moral hazard. People are paid off their mortgages and student loans, and salted away money in savings accounts, are being made to look like fools. People who lived high on credit they never intended to repay are getting rewarded for their bad behavior left and right, while responsible people are ripped off and punished. This is not good. It sends a message that you should be profligate, not responsible. Our government is going to reward all the prodigal borrowers by inflating the currency until their debts are worth nothing. The problem is what that does to savers, investors, and retirees. The monetary policies of this regime SUCK!!! And now they’re talking about yet another quantitative easing — a QE3! Enough already! But just in case they do it, I’m converting ALL my cash to stocks, because if Bernanke expands the money supply again, that extra money will go STRAIGHT into the stock market — just as it did after QE1 and QE2 — and the value of my stocks will go UP inversely to the value of your money going DOWN. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Obama is a Wall Street lackey and bootlicker, and Wall Street runs on leverage, so all those Wall Street guys are up to their asses in DEBT, so the last thing they want is to repaying their debts with dollars that are worth anything close to a dollar — they’re fine with a dollar that’s worth 1 or 2 cents. And that’s where our government’s policies are taking us.

    11. 15


      Big announcement.

      Just did a database refresh and so far 2012 has been:


      Not a single dropping from old #2.

      Free at last!

      Who’d a thought that miserable troll was capable of keeping a New Year’s resolution?

    12. 17


      16 – May it continue indefinitely..

      I have enough of his putzy comments in my database to chuckle over for a lifetime, thank you very much.

    13. 18

      Michael spews:

      First we had the mechanical mule that defense contractors had spent millions of dollars on and still didn’t work right, now we have hover boards. Am I the only one that thinks it isn’t a coincidence that these stories are coming out when there’s huge defense cutbacks going on?

      Hovering airplanes? Hover boards? It could all become commonplace, according to a study released Saturday, which finds that weight distribution contributes to the hovering ability of insects and other creatures.

      Read more:

      The media needs to stop pretending that they’re just rewriting press releases from defense contractors.