Friday Night Multimedia Extravaganza!

Thom: Is Obama illegally spying on journalists?

Same Sex Marriage:

Washington’s aerospace advantage.

Thom: The new money party.

Music video: Drones don’t get no parade.

Jon Goes Controversial:

Olbermann and Markos: Inside the Republican cult.

Thom: Climate Change vs. Professional Wrestling.

Former U.S. Attorney John McKay backs effort to legalize pot:

Newsy: Gruesome cigarette labels.

The G.O.P. Funny Farm

Thom: Did you know that fracking creates rainbows?

Ann Telnaes: G.O.P. debt reduction.

Pap: How capitalism has failed.


Thom with some more Good, Bad and Very, Very Ugly.

Maddow: Republicans strike another blow to the economy.

McCain’s Firestorm:Music video: Drones don’t get no parade.

Newsy: McCain’s comments stir up firestorm.

Justice Thomas’ Troubles:

Cenk: Republicans refuse to negotiate on budget.

Maddow: Nebraska nuclear power problem.

Georgia’s Matt Ramsey rots his way to Worst Person in the World.

Olbermann: The politics of pledge.

Palin Around With Crazy!

Ed: Republicans are deliberately sabotaging the economy.

Maddow: Kansas abortion clinic denied license under new law (via The Political Carnival).

Thom: The People versus Gov. Snyder (R-MI).

White House: West Wing Week.

War Powers Act or Acting?

Michelle Obama on meeting Nelson Mandela.

Ed: The Republican ruthless attack on jobless Wisconsin workers.

Thom with The Good, The Bad, and The Very, Very Ugly.

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  1. 1

    Politically Incorrect spews:

    After nearly 5 hours and no comments? What? Were the usual suspects out partying, or are they all on vacation?

  2. 2

    Gman spews:

    Fostered 23 children – What a way to suck off the tit of BIG GOVERNMENT – biggest hypocrite out there aside from being a crazy nut job. Fostering 23 children – a noble thing to do, but don’t be the biggest hypocrite doing so! She loves BIG GOVERNMENT when it is she is the one getting the check.

  3. 4

    Gman spews:

    I know a gay couple, I think married, that have fostered 11 children – I wonder if Wonder Woman would give them her praise.

  4. 6


    Hmmm you wrote“Lawrence O’Donnell: Paul’s bullshit.” From what I heard O’Donnell was praising Paul for his comment and bringing issues to the debate that otherwise would have been ignored. Did you hear something different?

  5. 7

    Michael spews:

    Peak driving!
    According to the best data, collected by hundreds of stations around the USA by the Federal Highway Administration, the total amount of U.S. driving, called VMT or vehicle miles traveled, hit a peak of about 3.04 trillion miles of travel in 2007. Since 2007, travel volume has been making a sluggish recovery, but U.S. driving is still over 1 percent below the level of four years ago.

    Peak driving in combination with higher fuel economy and a large portion of our road maintenance being paid for with gas taxes = ‘O shit. How come we’re not hearing our electeds talking about how we’re not going to be able to maintain our roads using the current funding model for much longer?

  6. 8

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    I’ll bet you thought slavery ended after the Civil War. Nope, there are still slaves in the U.S., and I’m not speaking metaphorically of slavedriving employers who treat their workers like chattels … there are actual slaves in the U.S.

    For example, 16 years ago, a 9-year-old black girl from Cameroon was imported into the U.S. by a human trafficker and kept in forced servitude by a woman named Theresa Moombang, who is now in prison.

    Roger Rabbit Commentary: What kind of people would take a 9-year-old child away from her parents, imprison her, starve her, and make her perform forced labor — for financial gain? They have to be subhuman to do that. Unfortunately, some people are subhuman.

  7. 9

    Michael spews:


    I’ll bet you thought slavery ended after the Civil War.

    Nope! Checkout Misha Glenny’s book McMafia for more on that. McMafia should be required reading.

  8. 10

    Michael spews:


    I’ll bet you thought slavery ended after the Civil War.

    Nope! Checkout Misha Glenny’s book McMafia for more on that. McMafia should be required reading.

  9. 11

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Should Rep. Giffords Resign?

    Of course not! I think everyone (except maybe some of our wingnut trolls) will agree that getting shot in the head by a deranged white-supremacist-groupie isn’t on the same level as sextexting. But a minor academic, a professor Paul Sracic, who teaches poli sci at Youngstown State University and has authored one book and co-authored another, has insinuated that Rep. Giffords should step down because she isn’t able to do her job — after all, she hasn’t case a single floor vote since getting shot in the head several months ago.

    In her defense, Tom Zoellner, author of a forthcoming book about the Arizona shooting spree that wounded Rep. Giffords and left six people including a 9-year-old girl dead, says: No way, no how. He explains why here:

    Roger Rabbit Commentary: I’m not say prof. Sracic is a jerk for insinuating that Rep. Giffords should resign because she hasn’t case a floor vote since she was shot. She is substantially impaired by her injuries and holds a public office, and it’s a fair topic for debate. But I think Mr. Zoellner wins this argument. To see why, read the article linked above.

  10. 12

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Here’s an interesting article that discusses public opinion about changing the U.S. Constitution. Not too surprisingly, the most frequently suggested change is eliminating the Electoral College. Some also question the apportionment of Senate seats. Here’s a sample comment:

    “When the Constitution was first approved the largest population disparity between states represented in the Senate was 8 to 1. Today the largest disparity is 74 to 1 (California to Wyoming). For matters in the Senate, voters in California have 1/74th the voting power of voters in Wyoming.”

    Roger Rabbit Commentary: American society is actually much more liberal than our political system reflects. That’s because the method of electing the president, and the fact every state has equal representation in the Senate regardless of population, biases the composition of our government in favor conservative rural-state voters.

    It also creates gross distortions in the allocation of scarce public resources, for example, the billions of dollars spent on western reclamation projects (which amount to a $2 million-per-farm subsidy for a lifestyle that is only marginally productive in terms of agricultural output) and the $5 billion a year we’re spending to subsidize ethanol production from corn (the primary result of which is to drive up food prices across the board).

    It has become increasingly common to consolidate municipal jurisdictions to improve efficiency. This principle is well understood in the business world, where mergers are commonplace. Well, maybe it’s time we reduced the number of states by merging some of them! For example, maybe Nebraska and Iowa should be combined with Colorado, and North and South Dakota should become part of Minneosta, and Wyoming should be part of Montana, and Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico should all be one state. They would still have disparate voting power, but not as much. Alaska? I’m not sure what you would choose as a merger partner for Alaska — maybe Rhode Island or Puerto Rico or D.C., or how about making R.I., P.R., D.C., and AK all part of one state? Merely me thinking out loud …

  11. 13

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Rep. Ron Paul, a libertarian who is running for president (again), apparently has signed on to the conspiracy theories claiming there’s NO GOLD IN FORT KNOX.

    The Treasury says that’s b.s.: “‘We know where it is. We know how much there is. We know it’s there. None of it has been removed,’ said Treasury Inspector General Eric Thorson.”

    Does Paul think the U.S. Treasury doesn’t do its own regular audits of our government gold reserves?

    But beyond Paul’s wacky pandering to conspiracy theorists, Paul wants to put the U.S. back on the GOLD STANDARD, which is just plain crazy.

    At current market prices, the U.S. owns about $340 billion of gold, but there’s much more money than that in circulation — trillions more. If the U.S. money supply were to shrink to $340 billion, our economy would experience massive deflation — either that, or the value of gold would go into the stratosphere, benefiting gold hoarders but not anyone else.

    The gold standard is widely believed by economists to be the leading cause of the Great Depression.

    The problem with the gold standard is that a growing economy needs an expanding money supply, and without more money, an economy can’t grow. When you limit money supply to the gold supply, which can’t grow any faster than the physical supply of gold, you’re imposing an arbitrary and artificial limit on economic growth.

    Paul just isn’t right for America. He’s too 19th century. Or maybe 18th century. The rest of us have progressed beyond his retrograde thinking. Way beyond, like by 100 or 200 years.

  12. 14

    Michael spews:

    The Wiener violated the code of conduct of his office, Giffords did not. So there’s that. It’s not an easy call and it’s one that is going to vary depending on the individual situation.

    I do think we should make it so that in the future if a member of congress can’t fulfill their duties for more than say a month someone should be appointed to the position while the rep or senator recuperates. We need clearer rules in this area.

  13. 15

    proud leftist spews:

    Rabbit @ 12
    I kind of like your merging idea. The states might not actually have to merge, but for purposes of electing senators, they would. It is simply not fair that Wyoming, as a state with roughly the population of Seattle (and not counting the ‘burbs), has the same number of senators as California, with 38 million people. It is also not fair that the residents of our nation’s capital get no voting voice in Congress. I do not, however, expect the democracy haters of the GOP to concur.

  14. 16

    Michael spews:

    The idea of merging the Dakota’s has been around for a while.

    The population of a State of Dakota would be about ⅔ that of King County. Given the small size of the population, I don’t see any reason why 2 senators seats and a congressman’s shouldn’t just disappear.

  15. 17

    Michael spews:

    Iowa’s actually a reasonably populated place and the problems that exist with subsides and the like are policy issues, not farming ones. You can grow a hell of a lot of food in Iowa., not just corn for ethanol. That food has large markets like Mlps and Chicago near by and access to the Mississippi River for shipping.

    Ethanol production also plays a large role in the hypoxic zone in the Gulf of Mexico which robs gulf coast states of income from sea food production.

  16. 18

    Michael spews:

    Wyoming could get swallowed up by expanding Montana, Utah Idaho, & Colorado, and again the population of Wyoming is so small (563,626) that when you divvy it up between 4 states there’s no need to keep 2 senators and congressman around.

  17. 19

    Michael spews:

    Rode Island’s flat fucking broke. They should become part of MA or CT, whichever one gives them the best deal. With a population of 1,052,567 which ever state picked them up would gain a couple of congressmen, when re-districting came around.

  18. 20

    TruthbeKnown spews:

    Glad to see how great things are going in Afghanistan. Guess great means this:

    A suicide car bomber blasted a small clinic Saturday in eastern Afghanistan, causing the building to collapse as mostly women and children lined up for vaccinations, maternity care and other services. At least 35 people were killed in one of the deadliest attacks against civilians this year.

    Just great. Congrats Mr. President! Keep up the great work.

  19. 22

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Iowa Poll: Bachmann, Romney Tied

    In a somewhat surprising development, Mitt Romney, who has been campaigning in Iowa for months, is virtually tied with Michelle Bachmann, who hasn’t even announced yet, in the Des Moines Register Iowa Poll.

    This doesn’t bode well for Romney, GOP moderates, or Republican chances in November. It shows the Batshit Crazy Wing of the Wingnut Party is on the verge of taking control.

    The good news, for everyone, is that Gingrich, Pawlenty, and Ron Paul are so far behind in the Iowa Poll that they’re not even in the race.

  20. 23

    Michael spews:

    Back in the 50’s and 60’s Ireland moved a bunch of folks off the small islands on it’s west coast onto the mainland. The cost of having folks out there was high and the poverty rate and social problems were quite high as well. I think we’re seeing the same sort of thing going on in the US with some of our more outlying areas.

    With gas tax revenue going down and the cost of a gallon of gas going up, it might be time to look at pulling out some roads and buying some folks out and having them move to town. There’s no way we’re going to have the cash to maintain our current road network.

  21. 24

    proud leftist spews:

    Michael @ 16-19,
    Some great ideas. Could anyone please explain why there are 2 Dakotas? What is the difference between them? White, rural, flat states. I think they should either merge or Minnesota gets ND and Iowa gets SD. Montana should merge with Wyoming. I spend a lot of time in Montana. There are loads of progressives there. Wyoming? The wind just blows through that state, but it has the same number of senators as every other state. It just ain’t right.

  22. 25

    Liberal Scientist spews:

    With regard to the manifestly undemocratic nature of the Senate, I’ve thought for a long time that Senators should be elected by district – some states, like CA, TX, NY and others would have multiple districts, and some states, like ND, SD, WY and others would need be contained within a single district.
    All this would be to hew to the notion of ‘one person/one vote’ which we are presently violating.

    This begs the question, though, as to why have a Senate in the first place. Historically, and now, it disproportionately benefits small states – by disenfranchising people.

    I think we would have a far different country if 1.) Wyoming and Idaho and Hawaii and Alaska didn’t have the same Senate power that California and New York and Texas do; and 2.) if we funded all elections with vouchers – each registered voter would receive a set of vouchers good for purchasing advertising and all the other things that a campaign needs, and can donate those vouchers to whatever, if any, campaign they desire. Each voter then has the same political speech as any other, wealth be damned.

    It’s time to overthrow the neofeudal oligarchy.

  23. 27

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Wisconsin Judge Accused Of Assaulting Colleague

    Last month, former GOP legislative operative David Prosser, who somehow became a state supreme court judge, was “re-elected” to the Wisconsin Supreme Court after a very partisan Republican county clerk with a long history of refusing to follow state election procedures “found” 14,000 more ballots in canvas bags with holes in them big enough to stick a fistful of ballots through. Prosser duly took his seat on the court and, after promising the news media that he would be impartial in the court’s review of Gov. Scott Walker’s union-stripping legislation, voted along party lines with the court’s other wingnut judges in brushing aside GOP legislators’ blatant violation of the state’s open meetings law when they rammed Walker’s bill through on a sneaky parliamentary maneuver.

    But the Prosser Saga isn’t over. Prosser is now accused of physically assaulting Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley by putting her in a chokehold after she ordered him out of her office following a heated argument about the union-stripping case. Prosser has denied her accusations.

    According to news reports, this isn’t a “he said-she said” situation, because the “argument allegedly took place in front of several members of the court.” In that case, it should be easy to establish who’s telling the truth — either the alleged witnesses confirm the incident or they don’t. So far, the other judges and Capitol Police haven’t talked to the media.

    So, we’ll just wait and see where this goes. If Prosser really did choke a fellow judge, he may be spending part of his new term on the court in jail.

  24. 28


    Gee I’m being TOO KIND when I say right wingers want to put women in shackles:

    Annie’s story changed my entire view of the world. No longer was I willing to simply accept the misogyny that is so tightly woven into the fabric of society–no longer was I blind.

    Today, conservatives want to return this country to a time when the kinds of things that were done to little Annie are acceptable once more. To a time when abortion is completely illegal, even in cases where the life of a woman or even a little girl is in danger. They want us to live in a country where men who choose to do so are once more free to rape, molest, abuse, and exploit women and children in any way they choose, while laying the blame for their savagery and evil at the feet of their victims.

    Whenever I hear a right wing conservative talk about restricting the rights of women and children, I think of Annie, and the millions of other women and girls who have suffered because of their brand of thinking.

    A very sad story..

    No compromises! FREEDOM NOW! FREEDOM ALWAYS! Support your local Planned Parenthood.

  25. 29

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Insider E-Mails Hint Of Shale Gas Bubble

    We’ve all heard in recent months about how “fracking” is opening up vast new fields of domestic natural gas. But today the New York Times reports that leaked e-mails written by company executives, industry lawyers, state geologists, and market analysts strongly suggest an awful lot of what’s coming out of the ground is methane, as in bullshit.

    The NYT said industry e-mails, internal documents, and data from wells “voice skepticism about lofty forecasts and question whether companies are intentionally, and even illegally, overstating the productivity of their wells and the size of their reserves.”

    A typical comment: “‘Money is pouring in’ from investors even though shale gas is ‘inherently unprofitable,’ an analyst from PNC Wealth Management, an investment company, wrote to a contractor in a February e-mail. ‘Reminds you of dot-coms.'”

    Sounds like maybe it’s time to short natural gas drilling stocks.

  26. 30

    Michael spews:

    There’s so much poverty and so few jobs in much of Wyoming and the Dakotas that we should be buying out anyone that wants to leave and move to a more populated area.

  27. 31


    I’ve read more than one econo-geek surmise that in an era of peaking oil production people should move where the energy is – like Wyoming and the Dakotas where the wind blows all the freaking time.

    Only problem is that people generally don’t want to live in sight of wind turbines. And they don’t care much for the sound they make either.

  28. 32

    Puddybud, identifying northwest liberals who elected an underexperienced man to the presidency weighed down by an oversized ego spews:

    Newsy: Jon accuses FAUX News of selective deletion.

    Now this is




    Stewart, gets his panties in a wad because people think Fox News is the most trusted news source.

    For years they saw the rest now people know what’s the best!

    Left wing suckas!

  29. 34

    Michael spews:

    I guess I’m not a leftist then… Fine by me, actually.

    It’s a weird deal, Governor Bush made Texas a leader in wind power and then as president opposed all sorts of stuff, like wind power, that he had previously championed.

  30. 35

    Puddybud, identifying northwest liberals who elected an underexperienced man to the presidency weighed down by an oversized ego spews:

    American society is actually much more liberal than our political system reflects.

    In what way Roger Dumb Rabbit?

    Got link?

  31. 36

    Puddybud, identifying northwest liberals who elected an underexperienced man to the presidency weighed down by an oversized ego spews:

    BTW the state that created the most jobs that Obummer want’s to crow about is Texas!

    By contrast, the worst five job-producing states all voted for Barack Obama in 2008, and have been run into the ground by heavy Democrat influence resulting in high taxes and oppressive regulation: California (-623,700), Michigan (-619,200), Ohio (-460,900), Illinois (-363,100), and New Jersey (-175,600).

    2,252,500 lost jobs in just 5 states under DUMMOCRAPTS!

  32. 37

    Liberal Scientist spews:

    I made the mistake of following asshat Puddy’s link in the post above (@36).

    It was of course a Teahaddist fan-boy site, surprise surprise.

    Well, the comments were interesting:

    Your Biz journal stat is about as useless as stuff that comes from the heritage foundation. How about you use stats form the federal government or Bloomberg there stats don’t back up yours. Which are actual reliable and trustful sources unlike biz journal. Go through my list I dare you and list one thing that isn’t true. We both know you wont find one. There were 22 states who had lower unemployment rates than Texas and 12 of the 22 voted for Barack Obama in 2008 . While there was 28 states who had the same or higher unemployment rate than Texas. When the economic crisis hit those 28 states 17 out of those 28 states had Republican governors. So stop using this propaganda and use stats.

    Even better…

    Brian your at it again.
    Didn’t you read my last post.

    1. Texas has a budget shortfall of almost 30 billion dollars. Which makes it the second most in debt state.
    2. Texas educational system 48th in the country.
    3. Not one newspaper in the state of Texas endorsed Rick Perry for governor in the last election against Democrat Bill White
    4. Just 15 years ago Rick Perry was a Democrat in the Texas house.
    5. He was ranked as running the most corrupt state government in the country.
    6. He talks like he’s fed up with the federal government, but behind close doors he takes whatever money he can from them. Likes to be pat on the head by Obama.
    7. Democrats in Texas want him to win the GOP nomination, that way they can release his love letters to male companions in the Austin area. He’s gay if you haven’t caught my drift.
    8. The funny thing is he didn’t create close to that many jobs. That’s the stat he used in his last campaign which the Fort Worth telegram and Dallas Morning news said wasn’t backed up by facts.
    9. Not even his own Ala-mater Texas A&M which Princeton Review ranked as the most conservative school in America wouldn’t endorse him in his last campaign. The newspaper called him disgrace to their school and he was talking Texas in the wrong direction. They endorsed the Democrat Bill White for Governor.
    10. Highest dropout rates in the countries.
    11. Over one million Texans unemployed.
    12. Texas leads the country in having the highest unskilled labor force.
    13. Most of those Jobs had nothing to do with Rick Perry’s polices . But the Barnett shale. The largest amount of job creation in Texas has come from Huston because of democrat mayor named Bill White and his policies.
    14. Rick Perry is famous for giving the states money to only people who contributed to his campaign. But also goes to nothing to improve my state.
    15. Rick Perry took Federal Hurricane Relief Funds to Restore his own Mansion
    16. Rick Perry begged for stimulus money sending many letters to Barack Obama.
    17. Rick Perry’s own records shows he doesn’t work more than one day week. But spends most of his time playing golf with lobbyist
    18. Rick Perry denied parents the ability to not have their daughters take a dangerous shot .
    19. Rick Perry is a classic scum bag.

    #7 is a doozy! Who knew? Rick Perry, gay? Well, at least he can go to a civilized state like New York and get married!!

  33. 38


    Only leftists don’t wanna live around wind turbines.

    Oh really!

    Ask any proponent of alternative energy and you’ll learn that windmills are good. No pollution, no climate change, no oil, free fuel. Who could complain?

    Lamar Alexander, for one. He’s the senior senator from Tennessee and he wants no part of windmills in his revered Smoky Mountains.


  34. 39

    Michael spews:


    Crowing about Texas is the latest rightwing meme. There was a rightwing op-ed piece about Texas in the Tacoma awhile back, the LTE’s smacking down the op-ed have been pretty choice. Seems no one wants to turn Washington into Texas.

  35. 40


    Hmmm. Interesting.. Since the Bush recession began in December 2007, this country has lost 7.8 million jobs or 5.6 percent of the total jobs..

    So… Which states (that Puddybud conveniently doesn’t mention) have lost more than 5.6 percent of total jobs since December 2007?

    Nevada: -13.8 percent
    Arizona: -10 percent
    Idaho: -7.6 percent
    Mississippi: -5.7 percent
    Indiana: -6.2 percent
    Alabama: -7 percent
    Georgia: -7.9 percent
    South Carolina: -7 percent
    Florida: -9 percent
    North Carolina: -6.9 percent
    Tennesee: -6.2 percent

    How could this be happening in right wing states? According to Puddybud – they’re paradises on earth..

    Yeah right..

  36. 41

    Puddybud, identifying northwest liberals who elected an underexperienced man to the presidency weighed down by an oversized ego spews:

    Stupid moron yelling loser beta boi,

    Since the Bush recession began in December 2007

    Wrong again… The Congress sets the purse strings and when DUMMOCRAPTS Pelosi/Reid/Rangel got the checkbook, the economy tanked. You seem to forget you scream and shouted when Republicans had Congress and how they “spent”. The economy didn’t tank then. It tanked when DUMMOCRAPTS got hold of Congress and started creating havoc with the economy.


    The 5 states that LOST THE MOST JOBS were placed in the previous PuddyPost.

    Do you understand the most lost jobs DUMBASS?

    Since you brought up Nevada, who killed the jobs in Nevada DUMBASS?

    “when you’re trying to save for college. You prioritize. You make tough choices. It’s time your government did the same.”

    Obummer killed Nevada jobs DUMBASS.

    The DUMBEST DUMBASS on the HA mini-planet.

  37. 42

    Puddybud, identifying northwest liberals who elected an underexperienced man to the presidency weighed down by an oversized ego spews:

    Ahhh yes, that silly Rick Perry is gay!

    I hope DUMMOCRAPTS use it against him. It’s all DUMMOCRAPTS know how to do. Smear and slander!

  38. 43


    41 – What a dumbass – as if the real estate bubble in Nevada never existed.

    Keep making us laugh..

    Almost forgot – what about good old WA State: -5.6 percent…

    What? Right smack on the national average. That’s not good by any stretch but how could WA (a “libtardo” state according to the brain damaged set) have lost fewer jobs in relative terms than so many right wing states?

  39. 44


    The Democrats spent money after 2006??? On what?

    Oh yeah – Bush’s wars and surveillance state..

    Did they deny a dime to what Bush asked of them?

    Not that I recall.

  40. 46

    Puddybud, identifying northwest liberals who elected an underexperienced man to the presidency weighed down by an oversized ego spews:

    And your point is beta boi?

  41. 47

    Puddybud, identifying northwest liberals who elected an underexperienced man to the presidency weighed down by an oversized ego spews:

    That’s why Real Americans trust Fox News eh beta boi?

  42. 50


    that silly Rick Perry is gay!

    I don’t get it. How can a right winger be gay? I thought that was against the Bible or something. Supposedly his state is doing ok..

    How can a gay man lead a right wing state? Double class sizes? Cut medicaid? Cut teacher pay? Balance the state budget on the backs of the poor and the middle class?

  43. 52

    Americafirst spews:

    @8. Roger Rabbit spews:

    I’ll bet you thought slavery ended after the Civil War. Nope, there are still slaves in the U.S., and I’m not speaking metaphorically of slavedriving employers who treat their workers like chattels … there are actual slaves in the U.S.
    Right, there are millions of black slaves on the democrat welfare plantation.

  44. 53

    No Time for Fascists spews:

    “Right, there are millions of black slaves on the democrat welfare plantation.”
    Back up this claim. Where’s the proof?
    Provide links or you are just talking out your ass.

  45. 54

    Americafirst spews:

    @53. No Time for Fascists spews:
    goog it yourself you effing nitwit.

  46. 55

    No Time for Fascists spews:

    @54. Right. No proof. Ass.
    Shut the fuck up, loser.
    Better yet, move to Somalia, it’s your type of country.

  47. 56

    Americafirst spews:

    @55. No Time for Fascists spews:

    @54. Right. No proof. Ass.
    Shut the fuck up, loser.
    Better yet, move to Somalia, it’s your type of country.
    very clever, you effing nitwit.

  48. 57

    Puddybud, identifying northwest liberals who elected an underexperienced man to the presidency weighed down by an oversized ego spews:

    move to Somalia

    Another leftist demonstrating his compassion gene.

  49. 58

    Puddybud, identifying northwest liberals who elected an underexperienced man to the presidency weighed down by an oversized ego spews:

    EPA Pollution Control Office.

    Yes, the rabbit hovel is smelling really bad, full of leftist garbage!

  50. 59

    rhp6033 spews:

    Puddy @ 41 is off his meds again. Now he’s trying to blame the rescession beginning in 2007 and the full-blown financial collapse of 2008 on the Democratic congress elected in 2006.

    He conveniently omits any cause-effect analysis, because he knows it doesn’t exit.

    The democratic congress in 2006-2008 wasn’t able to do much of anything because Pres. Bush promised to veto any legislation which wasn’t also backed by the Republicans.

    In contrast, Bush and the Republican Congress which preceeded him are guilty of a a long series of bad foreign policy and economic policies, especially in their deregultory stance towards wall street (including lack of oversight given the changes in financial instruments). The Bush decisions to give unfunded tax cuts to the rich, prosecute off-budget wars, and to ignore Wall Street abuses are the most direct and proximate causes of the current federal debt crisis and the economic collapse of 2008.

  51. 60

    No time for fascists spews:


    Move to Somalia

    Somalia is a conservative utopia. It’s a low taxes, low regulation, low government, very religious, social Darwin state. It’s exactly what conservatives are demanding.

    Another leftist demonstrating his compassion gene.

    You are upset because I’m talking like you?
    You don’t like Somalia? Why would that be?