Friday Night Multimedia Extravaganza!

Jon: The NY State Senate’s great yogurt debate.

Mark Fiore: Creative Execution.

Thom: The Good, The Bad, and the Very, Very Ugly.

Richard Fowler: The tale of indicted GOP Rep. Michael Grimm.

Jon: Occupy Jail.

Monica Redux:

Ed: Michele Bachmann launches mission to block National Women’s History Museum .

ONN: The Onion Week in Review.

Liberal Viewer: FAUX News, “Huge Christian cross isn’t religous”.

FBI investigates Bundy supporters over death threats (via Crooks and Liars).

Sam Seder and Cliff Schecter: What’s the difference between Tea Party and Establishment Republicans?

Stephen: Everywhere is guns.

Mental Floss: 60 Regional foods you shouldn’t eat anywhere else.

Emily’s abortion video.

White House: West Wing Week.

Thom: Gov ID nightmare.

Bill Maher: New Rule for Justice Thomas.

BENGHAAAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZIIIIIII!!!!!1!!11!1! Derangement Disorder:

Stephen: Tip and Wag.

Thom: ALEC is trying to take down the EPA.

David Pakman: GOP ObamaCare hearing goes horribly wrong…for the GOP.

Maddow: Massachusetts Tea-Party politician, Mark Fisher’s million dollar ransom.

Sharpton: The death of a GOP talking point:

Richard Fowler: A huge week for minimum wage.

Jon: 2016 will be a lame remix of Bush and Clinton.

White House: Inside the WH solar panels.

Stephen interviews a teabagging vampire.

Ann Telnaes: Climate Change cooking.

Last week’s Friday Night Multimedia Extravaganza can be found here.


  1. 1

    EvergreenRailfan spews:

    Interesting theory about Monica Lewinsky and the Vanity Fair piece. She wrote it to get it out of the way, now? I thought the Lewinsky scandal would come in to the campaign, but only after Clinton declares, if she ever does.

  2. 4

    Puffy Butt spews:

    Railfan – have you ever been to Grand Central in NYC? What a place, it amazes me every time I am there. I take Metro North out of there; they’ve been getting some slack lately on safety, after a few accidents, and disruption to service. But I can’t think of any better form of transportation.

  3. 5

    Puffy Butt spews:

    Why is this even a question?

    If they had similar views about black people, they would never get away with it.

    Was the clippers coach bullied? Was it not free speech?

    What if these guys publicly thought all woman are whores? Would that be an issue? Would it not be free speech?

    How about if it were two gay guys, married, stating that all woman are whores? I don’t think I had to go that far for an example, because I would hope it wouldn’t be any more acceptable if two heterosexual men said it.

    Someone tell me why is it so acceptable to shit on, discriminate, and deny gays equal freedoms? What is the debate?

    Are you telling me the debate is about Religion? And that I don’t have the right to believe in my own religious values, but I have to abide by your religious values?

    How can conservatives even think that they are on the right side of the argument. Them being on the wrong side of the argument, only shows that they are on the wrong side of every argument.

    You want to fight for second amendment rights but then deny others, other types of rights?

    You want small government and you want the government to get out of the way, but then get in the way of Gay Marriage? Where is your Gaston Flag – “Don’t tread on me”

    GOP = Pond Scum hypocrites. Putin loving Commies. Ass turds from their mouths.

    You want to flaunt the constitution, but then attack every judge that says a gay marriage ban is unconstitutional – what fucking blatant disregard of the constitution.

  4. 6

    Deathfrogg spews:

    I’m fairly surprised to see the HA resident schizoeffective being somewhat absent during the latest BokoGahziGate flairup. I was sure he was going to come in to defend the latest faddish attempt to color the administration with that wide brush of incompetence/treason that so many of the pundits are spewing.

    He enjoys all the benefits of living in a mostly Liberal State, while freaking out about all the horrible things Liberals do when trying to unfuck everything the Conservatives have done over the last 30+ years. Maybe the whitecoats have finally stabilized his medication.

    He really should move to Salt Lake City where he can feel safe from all those dirty Liberals.

  5. 7

    Deathfrogg spews:

    I notice the HTML buttons are missing. These were pretty integral to the functionality of this blog. Are you going to bring those back?

  6. 8

    Puffy Butt spews:

    Here is comment by one lunatic in response to someone else’s comment regarding HGTV not taking up the show of two assholes and a daddy.


    Far Right Christians –

    Give to Charity
    Start food kitchens, Orphanages, Charities, community centers, Homeless shelters….
    Offer support to people who have lost love ones, single mothers, homeless, people with hospital bills, the sick, the elderly
    Offer free counseling for marriage, parenting, drug addiction, rape, abuse, grief, anxiety….
    Provide Children’s programs, educational programs, sports, fitness…..
    Launch world campaigns to help Aids, Cancer, human trafficking….
    Most ivy league university in the world were started by Christians.

    I could spend all day listing programs and deeds Christians do to help.
    How is this a problem? Are you a Marxist?

    I’ll quickly point out the bigotry. So I guess homosexuals don’t give to charity. What a fucking moron. So Christians (none of them are gay) are better than homosexuals, because they give to charity.

    What about all the heterosexuals Christians that don’t give to charity. How about the ones in jail, for assault, theft, murder?

    These right wing fucks are fucked and if we start living by their standards we will all be fucked.

    Go Clippers Coach!

  7. 10

    EvergreenRailfan spews:

    4) Not yet, but have Bern through Washington Union Station. Part transportation hub, part Shopping mall.

    As for Metro North, there was a vehicle I thought they should try, but since it is a low floor, would not be able to use Grand Central Terminal. The Bombardier AGC comes in several versions, including Diesel, Diesel Electric, and a big-mode version that works off of dual voltages. Could eliminate some their last Diesel locomotive hauled services.

  8. 12

    Puffy Butt spews:

    @10 – Grand Central has retail/shops within and a lower food court. Metro North service is so good, that I’ve never really have to wait for a train. Trains to New Haven, CT leave like every 20 minutes. You get to the station and you get on the train right before it leaves (seating at that time is a little more difficult to come by) or you get on and wait 15 minutes and the train is off.

  9. 13

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @3 Yeah, the Fairview Times is making a big deal of the Moses Lake plant expansion, but what will they do with all that non-biodegradable carbon fiber when the cars are kaput? Steel car parts melt. Carbon fiber car parts, nope. About all you can do with it is grind it up and use it as asphalt filler. Dirty to make, hard to recycle, is all this carbon fiber a good idea?

  10. 14

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Obviously there are problems with executing people. The biggest problem is you may execute an innocent person. Republicans get around this by pretending a jury conviction makes the person guilty despite evidence of innocence. (See Innocence Project cases.) And also by making sure any postmortem inquiry panel is stacked with political hacks who will never, ever, issue a report saying an innocent person was executed. (See, e.g., Rick Perry and Todd Willingham case.)

    I’m definitely not a supporter of the GOP system of making sure that any innocent people who are executed because of incompetent or dishonest cops or venal politicians or racist juries or a combination of all three (see George Stinney Jr. case) stay guilty by suppressing any inquiry into the process of convicting them after they’re safely dead.

    I think the best time to find out the wrong person was convicted, or a person was wrongly convicted, is before killing them. Seems like a simple concept, but it’s a hard idea to sell in Republican states.

    If you can safely navigate past the guilt-innocence question, which as noted above is a real challenge in and of itself for some states, especially those run by Republicans, then there’s the problem of finding an execution method that works every time, is foolproof, and not too messy.

    The French seem to have as close-to-perfect an execution method as may be possible: The guillotine. There’s no way it won’t work, and it shouldn’t hurt much if you use a sharp blade. A sharp blade will slice right through all that bone, gristle, and muscle and take the convicted person’s head right off virtually instantly. I suppose there may be some conscious awareness for a couple seconds after decapitation, but it probably not much more than a sensation of one’s head bouncing around in the bottom of the basket. The only thing really wrong with guillotines is they’re really bloody and there’s a lot of mess to clean up afterward, but that’s what fire hoses are for.

    The States, on the other hand, have never been able to settle on a single execution method. No matter what execution method they try, someone is always dissatisfied with it, not least the people being executed, who file endless motions with the courts complaining about how the state plans to kill them, no matter how seemingly antiseptic the state tries to make the process.

    Hanging is quick when it works, but the rope has to be just the right length, otherwise the convicted person will slowly strangle to death if it’s too short, or the rope will rip his head off it the drop is too long, so the hangman has to really know what he’s doing and experienced hangmen are hard to come by these days. Hanging is okay for Nazi and Japanese war criminals, but our convicts deserve better, especially if they’re innocent.

    Thomas Edison was a big proponent of electrocution, but he had a commercial interest in it. Edison used to publicly electrocute elephants to show how well it works, until PETA came along and raised hell about torturing animals to boost corporate profits. Republican states deal with this by passing laws making it a felony to expose animal abuse, but electrocution is still hard on witnesses who have to smell the burning flesh. Plus, if the voltage is too low, or something else goes wrong, the convicted person slowly burns to death. This may be okay for Ted Bundy, but it’s harder to justify when you’re executing an innocent person.

    The gas chamber should be dismissed out of hand, because it never works right, if by “working right” you mean producing a quick and painless death. Lethal gas simply doesn’t do that. It always takes a minimum of 10 minutes for the convicted person to die, and they’re awake for a good part of that time. We know this because they’ll often slam their heads against the back of the chair trying to knock themselves unconscious. And then, after they’re dead, the corrections officers have to be very careful about how they clean up and neutralize all the poison in the chamber and on the body, or they’ll be killed, too.

    A few years ago, nearly all the states jumped on the lethal injection bandwagon. For a time, it seemed to be an ideal method of killing people you want to get rid of, with the added advantage that if they later turn out to be innocent, at least you can say they didn’t die a grisly death. But then the drug companies who made the lethal chemicals decided they wanted no part of this, for fear of being sued if the chemicals didn’t work as advertised, and refused to fill orders from prisons for deadly drugs. This forced some states to stop executions, but Republican states tried to get around it by using drain cleaner, or whatever it is they use — we don’t know for sure, because they won’t tell us. Recent experiments indicate bungled lethal injections greatly increase cardiovascular risks, but even so, it’s inconvenient for prison officials and witnesses to have to wait 45 minutes or longer for the convicted person to have a heart attack.

    The whole problem is you stupid humans are just plain hard to kill, even using methods designed to produce wholesale massacres. The 1918 flu killed more people than World War I. Japan has way more people today than when we dropped atomic bombs on their cities, which proves how ineffective that was! And we have so damn much murder in this country that killing off murderers one at a time seems hopelessly inefficient — there are new ones being born every minute. The thing to do is do nothing about climate change. Climate change will make the flu pandemic look like a sneeze! Just put a couple of rabbits and a lot of lettuce in a wood box, drill a few air holes, and after all the Antarctic ice melts, we’ll just float around for a while until some land pokes up above the waves, and then we’ll repopulate the continents with rabbits. No more humans, no more falcons, no more dogs. Problem solved.

  11. 15

    EvergreenRailfan spews:

    12)From the documentaries l have seen, it looks like they did a good job restoring it. Right now, Sandhogs Local 147 are building the East Side Access, which will bring the Long Island Rail Road into what was once for the ex-PRR property, enemy territory.

    Today was National Train Day, which is part promotion of passenger train travel, part honoring the Golden Spike of the first transcontinental railroad. In 2019, Union Pacific plans to show up at the 150th anniversary with a restored Big Boy locomotive, steaming with Northern 844, and possibly Challenger 3985.

  12. 17

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Mass Shooting Of The Day (TM)

    Seven people were shot yesterday at a birthday party for a 1-year-old, including a 7-year-old boy and an adult who died.

    Roger Rabbit Commentary: I just don’t agree with Republicans that anybody should be able to get guns, no questions asked, and with no background checks. It seems obvious to me that some people shouldn’t have guns. I guess Republicans just don’t feel shootings are a problem.

  13. 18

    Better spews:

    GOP successfully implements their economic platform, blames Obama for the results

    TOPEKA — Tax revenue in April dropped 45 percent from a year ago, the Kansas Department of Revenue announced Wednesday.

    but in the same time period, the US had a surplus, just not in Republican Kansas.

    The U.S. Treasury Department booked a $114 billion surplus in April, the largest for that month since 2008, according to the latest estimates from the Congressional Budget Office released Wednesday

    I wonder how our Cheap Labor Conservatives would explain how government crashes in states where taxes goes down. I wonder if that’s the point. They want to get to the point of being Somalia if it means they keep all their money.

  14. 21

    EvergreenRailfan spews:

    19)I have been reading an e-book about the Wah New Massacre, and I remember how the sentencing phase turned out, with the one death sentence overturned, and Maeling settling for life without. That case, somebody should have got the gallows in Walla Walla for it. 13 dead, effort made to cover up by throwing the guns off the floating bridge, but not two taken from the victims.