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Mark Fiore: One minute Middle East update.

Polar Vortex Politics:

Whose side are they on?

Thom: The Good, The Bad, and The Very, Very Ugly.

David Pakman: Pat Robertson’s 2014 predictions.

Zina Saunders: Paul Ryan Koch toy:

Ed: Rep. Gov. Scott Walker thinks only kids are affected by minimum wage!

ANOTHER 60 Minutes Failure:

Young Turks: Dumbest talking point ever.

Thom chats with Kshama Sawant.

Maddow: Lt. Governor problems.

White House: West Wing Week.

Pap: GOP sociopaths learn empathy.

The Pot-Texting-Industrial Complex:

David Pakman: Mitt criticizes Obama for doing exactly what he did.

Thom: Who are the real ObamaCare hypocrites?

Chris Hayes: Extreme cruelty is the Republican “war on poverty.” Part I.
Chris Hayes: Extreme cruelty is the Republican “war on poverty.” Part II.

Young Turks: Republican pollster Frank Luntz gets depressed and hides in his mansion:

Chris Christie’s Own Bridgegate to Nowhere:

Can your booze predict your politics?

Richard Fowler: Paul Ryan lectures the Pope on Capitalism.

Thom: Boeing goes to pieces…screws the U.S..

Mental Floss: 30 (more) life hacks debunked.

We Aren’t Going To Have Liz to Kick Around Anymore:

Young Turks: Someone who really shouldn’t criticize free lunches, does.

Sam Seder: FAUX News chief is a slimy asshole.

Thom: The Republican sabotage of America.

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1. EvergreenRailfan spews:

Suing to have a vacancy filled, I wonder if this is a first? Although Florida’s Constitution says that the Governor is supposed to fill the vacancy, but the law does not take into account the possibility nobody wanting the job.

2. Ten Years After - Roger Rabbit is just a liberal progressive troll. spews:

So, is Christie going to be the Republican nominee in 2016?

3. Roger Rabbit spews:

@2 I hope Ted Cruz is.

4. Roger Rabbit spews:

In case you haven’t been following it, the big economic news in recent months is the plunging labor force participation rate. Workers are dropping out of the workforce in record numbers. Either they’re reading my HA comments about working, or they’ve figured out on their own that working is the worst way of making a living there is.

In any case, the U3 unemployment rate dropped from 7.0% to 6.7% last month despite anemic hiring, because so many people left the workforce. Labor participation is back where it was before women began entering the workforce in the 1970s.

Does this mean young women have decided to be stay-at-home moms? Not likely. In fact, America is heading for a massive baby bust, and we’re going to need millions of immigrants 20 years from now, if we want to get any work done and have anyone paying taxes. Today’s young people aren’t getting married and starting families. They can’t afford to. They’re living with mom and dad, and drowning in student loan debt.

The broader U6 unemployment rate is still stuck above 13%. One of the things that’s happening in the U.S. economy is that the good-paying jobs lost in the Great Recession are being replaced by low-paying service jobs and part-time jobs. In fact, most of the jobs created since 2009 have been these low-quality jobs.

Meanwhile, millions of ex-workers are flocking to disability rolls. They have to live on something, and if there’s no work, you live off the government as a second last resort.

The last resort, if Republicans succeed in taking away unemployment benefits, food stamps, and kicking people off disability rolls, is that desperate and hungry people who can’t find work and can’t get money for basic essentials from government programs will rob and steal. They will shoplift food in Safeway, snatch purses on the street, and rob banks. It’s an informal form of socialism that involves don’t-haves taking from haves. Think of it as a kind of tax. The starving and unemployed are going to eat one way or another. And you’re going to pay for it one way or another.

5. Ten Years After - Roger Rabbit is just a liberal progressive troll. spews:

From 4,

Yes, I know one woman who has decided to live off of child support for her out-of-wedlock children, Section 8 Housing, government support and other charity sources rather than pursue the nursing career for which she trained. I suppose Republicans make their living in the same way – off of others.

6. No Time for Fascists spews:

@5. I hate it when people cite examples like that. One woman, blah blah blah… There may be 999 truely needy person for every 1 cheater, but the cheaters is all that is focused on.

7. No Time for Fascists spews:

@4. It’s a subject that I keep poking at. What do we do to change the rules of the economy so that every one who wants one, can get a living wage job?
The “I got mine, Fuck YOU” party won’t do a damn thing and I don’t see them not being a political player any time soon. So what do we do?

8. Roger Rabbit spews:

@5 “I suppose Republicans make their living in the same way – off of others.”

Yes, they’re called “bankers.”

9. Roger Rabbit spews:

@7 For starters, raise their taxes. People who can drop $48.8 million on a chunk of grafitti-splattered concrete can afford to pay more taxes.

10. Roger Rabbit spews:

The New Jersey assemblyman leading the legislative investigation into “Bridgegate,” who is a lawyer, uttered the word “impeachment” today. I suspect this guy has seen the evidence and knows where this is going.

11. Roger Rabbit spews:

There’s a Gov. Christie joke making the rounds on Wall Street: “No, no, I said close the fridge!”

12. PS I didn't fall off of the bus spews:

Yup great job with the employment numbers. One would think 7.3 trillion in new debt would feed more prosperity to the welfare state. Looks like interest rates are starting to climb so the debt interest payment will soon prove that socialism is the last dying breath of a country.

13. Roger Rabbit spews:

Rachel Maddow suggests it’s not about the mayor’s refusal to endorse Christie, it’s about state senate Democrats blocking a Christie appointee to the state supreme court.

Roger Rabbit Commentary: This makes more sense. A bitter feud had been brewing for some time between Gov. Christie and Democratic legislators over state supreme court judges, involving tit-for-tat, and Christie’s staffers order the bridge closure the next day. And in this context, impeachment talk by the Democrats makes perfect sense, because that simply takes the feud to the next level. I think there’s a bigger story here than we’ve seen so far, and it’s going to sink Christie’s presidential prospects by depicting him as a petty wardheeler bully.

14. Roger Rabbit spews:

@12 You should’ve worried about that when Busheviks were doubling the debt to line the pockets of their cronies. That horse is out of the barn now.

15. Deathfrogg spews:

@ 12

Straw man fallacy.

I suggest you begin attending remedial english classes, with an emphasis on debate and logic. I suggest you start at about the 5th grade level and see how you could work your way through the rest of it. I know it isn’t an easy thing to learn, especially with one so intellectually challenged and limited by a lifetime of daytime television and white bread sandwiches as you appear to be. But do try. It would only serve you in the long run.

Otherwise, you are going to continue to be laughed at and have eyes rolled on your behalf. I don’t know how it could be possible, but you’re even dumber than Spittlepuddles.

16. Liberal Scientist is the "Most vile leftist on this blog!" spews:




17. Deathfrogg spews:

Those golldurn govmint reggerlations. Always gettin in the way of a man tryin to make a buck.

Dunno what the world is coming to. I dunno what all the hullabaloo is all about, hell, the company boys even made coffee this morning!

18. EvergreenRailfan spews:

The LOS Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority continues to expand it’s Light Rail network, but they also got something else, it’s time to refurbish and replace it’s original fleet.,0,6090322.story#axzz2pvSh1CEI

The Blue Line is, today, indispensable,” said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who serves as the vice chair on the Metro Board of Directors. He added that the “long overdue” repairs would make the system safer and more convenient.
A refurbished train car shown to the news media Wednesday looked noticeably different from its predecessors, which are white with a mustard-colored stripe. The new trains will be mostly gray with bright yellow fronts and backs. The highly reflective design is based on a popular look in the United Kingdom, and is designed to make the trains more visible.,0,6090322.story#ixzz2qAEhJaUl

19. Ten Years After - Roger Rabbit is just a liberal progressive troll. spews:

From 6,

Yeah, wait ’til you are in the same situation and know someone personally who has scammed the system her entire life.

20. Ten Years After - Roger Rabbit is just a liberal progressive troll. spews:

From 8,

Or “trial lawyers.”

21. Deathfrogg spews:

@ 19

You could also include Mitt Romney, the Bush family, the Koch family, the oil companies etc.

They’ve scammed the system throughout the entirety of their existence. Mitt has been directly connected to the plutocrats that ran the central American countries, and made gigantic amounts of cash from supporting their efforts to possess every square inch of land in those countries as well as facilitating the laundering of cocaine funds into the worldwide stock exchanges, and extracting funds from the US Treasury through the bank bailouts. The Bush family has a well established history of extracting wealth directly from the US Treasury through their own banking businesses and manipulation of worldwide fossil-fuel prices.

The biggest welfare cheats are the giant corporations that regularly, as a matter of doing business, are handed taxpayers monies just for being in existence. They pay nothing back into the system at all. They extract from the system, and contribute nothing that doesn’t enable more extraction for themselves.

If someone is making a Billion dollar annual income, as Charles Koch is, they can damn well afford to pay a 90% tax rate on that income. As it stands now, he and several other people with income levels well into the 9 figure range pay zero taxes at all.

22. Roger Rabbit spews:

19, 20 – Trite beyond words.

23. Roger Rabbit spews:

” …[A] staggering number of women across the country are still teetering on the verge of poverty and economic disaster, a new report released Sunday shows. …

“The key findings paint a portrait of an estimated 42 million women — and 28 million dependent children — saddled with financial hardship. …

“Amid … a time in which women earn the majority of secondary degrees … millions of women are still struggling on the margins of American society …

“Women make up close to two-thirds of minimum-wage workers in the country …. ‘These are people who are trying to survive on minimum wage, which is not a living wage,’ Shriver said on NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday.”

Roger Rabbit Commentary: Well, I guess they should’ve gone to college. Oh wait, they did! Well, I guess they should’ve married rich. It’s their fault they didn’t, and if they’re poor because they didn’t marry rich, well, I guess that makes them lazy and immoral. Yep, that’s what Republicans will tell you. No wonder Republicans are having trouble with women voters.

24. Roger Rabbit spews:

I’m sure millions of struggling single moms will appreciate being told by Gov. Walker they don’t need to make more than $7.50/hr. because they’re just kids.

25. phil spews:

@ 19

Those kids she is raising are the ones that will being paying for your retirement in the near future. Money is nothing without folks producing and using it. The rich are just a ball& chain rock on the economy. While their money sits doing nothing the fed will always have to print new money to make up for their billions that are no longer in daily circulation.

Daycare & after school care for those kids would probably be more than she would make as a nurse. The right is always saying the mother should stay home and take care of the children.

26. Ekim spews:
5. Ten Years After – Roger Rabbit is just a liberal progressive troll. spews:

From 4,

Yes, I know one woman who has decided to live off of child support for her out-of-wedlock children, Section 8 Housing, government support and other charity sources rather than pursue the nursing career for which she trained. I suppose Republicans make their living in the same way – off of others.

Best example of that is the KOCH BROTHERS. They are attempting to get the Keystone pipeline built on our dime so they can clear $50,000,000,000 in profits.

I wonder what the full cost of the pipeline is going to be?
I wonder what the full cost of your “one woman” is going to be?
I wonder which I’d prefer to be on the hook for?

27. No Time for Fascists spews:

@19. Ok, what’s your next point? Would you get rid of the whole system because you felt she cheated? Do you only apply this outrage to when poor people game the system?

28. Roger Rabbit spews:

@19 “Yeah, wait ’til you are in the same situation and know someone personally who has scammed the system her entire life.”

And that colors your entire political philosophy and personal attitude toward millions of your fellow citizens who are total strangers about whom you know nothing? You’re a blockhead, that’s all.

29. Roger Rabbit spews:

I find it interesting that any suggestion of raising the minimum wage, by however small an amount, sends conservatives into a seething frenzy. The only other thing that gets them so hopped up is mentioning unions. These people truly despise the working class. Talk about biting the hands that feed them …

30. dorky dorkman spews:

Ultimately, Republicans will regret their pat rhetorical question to every relief measured proposed: “Where will the money come from?”

It does seem that people are beginning to realize that the money can only come from one place:from the people who are hoarding the money.

31. Roger Rabbit spews:

@9 See #9. When people spend that kind of money on stuff like that, their whining about taxes rings utterly hollow.

32. Deathfrogg spews:

The staunchly pro family owner of a skip-tracing and collections company has successfully lobbied an Ohio State Legislator to write a personal bill for him, aimed at reducing his child-support payments. Who says money can’t buy you love?

Noodles and sauce, it must be nice.

33. Roger Rabbit spews:

New Christie Scandal

Multiple media sources report HUD is investigating whether Gov. Christie spent millions of federal Hurricane Sandy relief funds on re-election ads.