by Darryl, 01/19/2013, 12:21 AM

Thom: Whole Foods…now serving food and fascism.

Gov. Jay Inslee’s Inaugural address.

Thom: The Good, The Bad, and The Very, Very Ugly.

A Farewell to Firearms:

Thom with more of The Good, The Bad, and The Very, Very Ugly.

Washington Liberals music: “We Will Screw Ya”.

Mark Fiore: The G.O.P. Debt-B-Gone plan.

Thom with even more Good, Bad, and Very, Very Ugly.

Liberal Viewer: Colin Powell calls Republicans racist?!?

Maddow: At start of 2nd term, Obama is finally beating the crap out of Republicans.

Sam Seder: Glen Beck uncloaks….

White House: West Wing Week.

Rigging Elections:

Sharpton: The GOP Birfer Brigade is back!

Ed: Filibuster reform and Republican obstructionism.

Forty Years after Roe v. Wade.

Obama: Message for MLK Day:

Maher with some New Rules (via Crooks and Liars).

Stephen: Ladies had better live up to Pat Robertson’s “eye pudding” standard (via Crooks and Liars).

Young Turks: Republicans surrender…they will raise the debt ceiling.

Sam Seder: GOP training to learn not to mention “rape”..


Young Turks: Colin Powell rips GOP over racist remarks.

Last week’s Friday Night Multimedia Extravaganza can be found here.

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1. Roger Rabbit spews:

A little glitch has surfaced in the NRA’s scheme to put armed security guards in our schools.

2. Serial Conservative spews:

One of the reasons the GOP objects to so much pork waste larded on to disaster recovery bills is that all of that unnecessary funding makes it so much easier for shit like this

Ex-New Orleans mayor Nagin charged with bribery
More than a decade ago, Ray Nagin was elected mayor of New Orleans on a vow to root out corruption in a city plagued by decades of it. On Friday, the former mayor was indicted on charges he lined his pockets with bribe money, payoffs and gratuities while the chronically poor city struggled to recover from Hurricane Katrina’s punishing blow.

to happen.

This type of fraud doesn’t just occur in ‘chocolate’


3. Serial Conservative spews:

See, the secret to protecting little kids is to not look like you’re protecting little kids.—evil-black-rifle-meets-cute-and.aspx

Who could object to a cute and cuddly toy like this?

The pretty pink flowers on the clip are a nice touch. Reminded me of this:

Peace, y’all.

4. Serial Conservative spews:

So I went on to Amazon to buy Inslee’s book. Unfortunately, seems others had the same idea recently and all the cheapies are gone.

I did find this:

Looks like Inslee’s gone glam since I last saw him. Either that or he has a future as a HHS Secretary.

5. Serial Conservative spews:

White House petition du jour:

Preserve the Habitat of the Endangered Species Pthirus Pubis

Not to be outdone, petition comment du jour:

“Just another case of Brazilian deforestation causing another extinction of a species.”

Clear-cutting is a shame, not to mention a waste of natural resources. After all, what’s the harm in a little landing strip?

6. Serial Conservative spews:

I wonder which of the banks Geithner tipped off in 2007 about an impending rate cut

will be his gravy train now that he’s leaving Team Obama?

It doesn’t do much good to ask him:

“We don’t have any comment beyond the transcript,” said Treasury spokesman Anthony Coley. The Treasury declined to make Geithner available to comment.

Or to try to ask him, I guess.

But it’s hard to escape the conclusion that Geithner helped somebody cash in big-time:

The central bank delivered a surprise cut in the discount rate, which governs direct loans it makes to banks, the day after the call. The action spurred a big stock market rally, with the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index enjoying its best gain in 4-1/2 years.

Now it’s Timmy’s turn.

7. Serial Conservative spews:

Erick Eschker, an economist at Humboldt State University, reckons that each American born in 1945 can expect nearly $2.2m in lifetime net transfers from the state—more than any previous cohort.

That’s transfers from your kids to Roger Rabbit, Lib Sci. Think about that each and every time RR regales us with tales of how much he makes in the stock market on any particular day.

Don’t worry, tho. You can always hope for inflation to pull your kids up by their bootstraps:

…inflation. Post-war inflation helped shrink America’s debt as a share of GDP by 35 percentage points (see article). More inflation might prove salutary for other reasons as well. Mr Rogoff has suggested that a few years of 5% price rises could have helped households reduce their debts faster. Other economists, including two members of the Federal Reserve’s policymaking committee, now argue that with interest rates near zero, the Fed should tolerate a higher rate of inflation to speed up recovery.

Seems fair to me, Lib Sci. Decrease your kids’ debts by lowering the value of RR’s assets.

8. Serial Conservative spews:

And speaking of Lib Sci’s kids footing the bill for today’s unsustainable spending:


9. Serial Conservative spews:

OK, maybe the cute gun concept @ 3

wasn’t such a good idea after all.

At least she didn’t use her finger to make a gun shape. That would have gotten her expelled, not to mention flogged on Maddow.

10. MikeBoyScout spews:

Kap’n Kornflake – – Serial Reneger with fantasies of pedophilia,

Write a check for $1,000 payable to Northwest Harvest and send it to Darryl. Months after the fact it is far past time for you to make good on your lost wager against Obama/Biden winning re-election.

11. wharfrat spews:

Reading 1-9 I am reminded of muttering old men sitting on park benches outside the sanitarium in my old neighborhood in London. Happily drooling, their spittle-flecked lips working away in utterances only they could decipher.

12. EvergreenRailfan spews:

So the GOP response to the politicians that brought up rape is to learn how not to say it? Interesting.

13. EvergreenRailfan spews:

San Francisco continues the rebuilding of retired PCC Streetcars for use on the F-Market and Wharves, and eventually the E-Embarcadero lines of the San Francisco Municipal Railway. No.1009, a rare Double-Ender originally built for MUNI(most streetcars of the PCC design were single-enders), to say the least, was not in the bes shape when it was sent off to Brookville Equipment for rebuild. The rebuild made it look brand new, and in keeping with MUNI and Market Street Railway policies of painting the historic streetcars in the paint jobs of cities that once operated them, this one is painted to honor Dallas’s old streetcar operation.

One more Double-Ender awaits return to service, No.1011, and this one will be a what might have been, had the old private(not the current historical association) Market Street Railway been able to follow through on a plan to purchase the type.

14. Roger Rabbit spews:

@10 This blog needs a spam filter.

15. correctnotright spews:

Does serial conservative think that spamming this site with BS is somehow going to prove some point he/she is trying to make?

The republican house just surrendered on the debt hostage situation and their cuurrent favorables in the polls is 23%. Dem’s are at 46% favorable.

People get tired of the these hypocrites voting for relief aid only when they feel like it. And these are supposed to be people of “high moral character” and religious.

Somehow, I fail to see thier compassion for their fellow Americnas. It used to be that at least we ALL came together in an Emergency. After 9/11, I gave Bush the benefit of the doubt – a benefit he did not even deserve.

16. Roger Rabbit spews:

Further evidence that guns don’t make people safer.

17. Roger Rabbit spews:

In other news, I see in the Republican Times that former McKenna supporters are falling over themselves to write campaign checks to Inslee. It never hurts to be on the winning side, especially when you want to own our government so the people who actually work and produce the country’s wealth and pay its bills have no say about how hard they have to work, who takes their money, and how little they will get in their old age.

18. YLB spews:

Ayn Rand is for children..

To be a Rand groupie is to flaunt your immaturity, your ignorance, your desperation to justify greed or your lack of international travel. It is, in other words, to admit your blindness to how so much of the world already lives, and to ignore what America would look like if “Fountainhead Shrugged” was seen as a public policy manual rather than what it really is: a dangerous farce.

Galt’s Gulch will be an adult child theme park founded by that most fatuous of adult toddlers: Glenn Beck.

19. Michael spews:

One of the reasons the GOP objects to so much pork waste larded on to disaster recovery bills

The GOP lards up bills and then turns around and objects to them because they’re larded up. The GOP makes it impossible for the ATF to have a director or for it to enforce gun laws and then turns around and complains about gun laws not being enforced. See how that works, fuckwit?

What’s going to happen, and will hopefully happen soon, is that the rest of the country is going to stop listening to the GOP and just move on without them.

20. Roger Rabbit spews:

@7 “Erick Eschker, an economist at Humboldt State University, reckons that each American born in 1945 can expect nearly $2.2m in lifetime net transfers from the state — more than any previous cohort. … That’s transfers from your kids to Roger Rabbit, Lib Sci. Think about that each and every time RR regales us with tales of how much he makes in the stock market on any particular day.”

I’m curious how “net transfers from the state” translate into stock gains.

Although I now receive social security and medicare, I paid taxes for those benefits, and the actuarial calculations I’ve seen suggest my cohort will get about as much from social security as we paid in. And although I receive a state pension, it was paid for with money withheld from my paychecks; there’s no taxpayer subsidy.

Beyond that, every cent of my investment capital came from two sources: Money from paychecks put into IRAs, and an inheritance from Pop Rabbit that represents money that came from his paychecks. Of course, I’m using it to skim off the top, the same way the big capitalists do, but that’s a whole story in itself; I have my own creative ways of being disagreeable to Republicans and other low forms of organic life, but one thing I’m not is a fucking socialist or communist. I’m capitalist to the core. If you have a complaint about that, write it here [ ] and send it here ->.

No free riders in the Rabbit Family. We’ve always been workers and payers, not to mention war-fighters. Yes, there are people in this country who didn’t earn what they have, but you’re looking down the wrong rabbit hole to find them.

If you want to know who those people are, and see how they live, start by looking for the bankers’ mansions in places like the Hamptons.

21. YLB spews:

If you can’t win to save your miserable asses, just game the system totally in your favor:

Suppressing the vote wasn’t enough obviously..

If the R’s win in 2016 it will be because of this.

22. Michael spews:

Haha… Yeah, no one ever gets shot at gun shows…

Accidental gunfire at three gun shows around the United States on Saturday left five injured, authorities said.

23. Michael spews:

Hitler goes to Olympia.

Freaking, classic.

24. YLB spews:

Politifact says TRUE:

Shields told host Judy Woodruff, “You know, Judy, the reality is — and it’s a terrible reality — since Robert Kennedy died in the Ambassador Hotel on June 4, 1968, more Americans have died from gunfire than died in … all the wars of this country’s history, from the Revolutionary through the Civil War, World War I, World War II, in those 43 years. … I mean, guns are a problem. And I think they still have to be confronted.”

What the hell does that say about us?

26. No time for Fascists spews:

@2 Serial “Reneger with fantasies of pedophilia” Conn when ranting about “GOP objects to so much pork waste larded on to disaster recovery bills”, failed to mention that the Alaska fisheries was advocated by two republicans.

27. No time for Fascists spews:

@7.Yes, Serial “Reneger with fantasies of pedophilia” Conn, those bush tax cuts and two wars have to be paid for by someone. It’s not like we had bond drives and raised the taxes on the rich to 90% like in WW2. Thanks for sharing.

28. EvergreenRailfan spews:

In Germany, a state election is underway in Lower Saxony(state capitol Hannover), with the incumbent Christian Democrats neck and neck with opposition Social Democrats. It could be a bellwether for September, when the Bundestag(the lower house of the German Parliament) is up for election. The party to watch, is the pro-market, Free Democrats, if they don’t get at least 5%, they could not just be out of the state governing coalition,(and potentially by September, the Federal coalition with Chancellor Merkel), but the parliament(state and federal), altogether.

29. Gman spews:

I give Serial Conservative credit for one thing. Not being as a big of a pussy as the other trolls that seemed to have disappeared, but he does need to take the elephant out of his ass.

30. YLB spews:

Today Barack Obama was sworn in for a second term today at the White House per Constitutional requirements.

The public ceremony with the attendant hoopla of course will be tomorrow.

Barack Obama is the first president in more than five decades to win at least 51 percent of the national popular vote twice, according to a revised vote count in New York eight weeks after the Nov. 6 election.

State election officials submitted a final tally on Dec. 31 that added about 400,000 votes, most of them from provisional ballots in the Democratic stronghold of New York City that were counted late in part because of complications caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Oh my.. And how do the right wing idiots hate him for this.

31. YLB spews:

I’m so disgusted with these bought and paid for assholes – and yes that includes some Democrats..

A cool billion dollars for a big time donor.

32. MikeBoyScout spews:


The 2nd term of the Obama/Biden administration has started!

F*CK YEAH! We did it …. AGAIN! :-)

33. Roger Rabbit spews:

Mass Shooting Of The Day (TM)

“A 15-year-old boy has been charged in the shooting deaths of two adults and three children in southwest Albuquerque, N.M., local police said. … Police found several weapons at the scene of the crime, including a semi-automatic military-style rifle ….”

Roger Rabbit Commentary: Kids shouldn’t have guns without adult supervision; and mentally disturbed kids with homicidal tendencies shouldn’t have them at all.

34. Roger Rabbit spews:

@32 Roberts didn’t stumble over the oath this time. Which probably means the birthers will try to impeach him.

35. Roger Rabbit spews:

Hey Constitutionalists! How are your strategies workin’ for ya? Looks like the black terrorist from Kenya is POTUS for four more years! Suck on it.



36. Roger Rabbit spews:

Over at (u)SP, on this historic day, Jim Miller is writing about bedbugs.

37. EvergreenRailfan spews:

In the German state election I mentioned, looks like it is close with a thin victory for the Social Democrats/Greens in Lower Saxony.

The Free Democrats, the junior coalition partners of the CDU, may only pull through if enough CDU voters take advantage of the Mixed Member Proportional electoral system of Germany, and cast their party votes for the FDP. The election is seen in some of the news reports that I have seen, a bellwether for September.

38. EvergreenRailfan spews:

One issue not in the campaign in Lower Saxony but will be in the Federal campaign is the deployment of troops to Turkey, although the majority of the Bundestag, not just the government members had to approve.(Another part of the German electoral law, a coalition only needs 45% to form a government.)