Drinking Liberally — Seattle

The Seattle Chapter of Drinking liberally meets tonight, and there are a few topics likely to be raised over a pint:

So please join us tonight for drinks, conversation, and even dinner at the Montlake Ale House, 2307 24th Avenue E. Starting time is 8:00 pm, some folks show up by 7:00 pm for dinner.

Can’t make it? The Burien chapter of Drinking Liberally will meet on Wednesday. And if that doesn’t work, there is an excellent chance you live close to one of the 227 other chapters of Drinking Liberally.


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    And the U.S. Supreme Court orders California to freaking fix its prison overcrowding problem. Calitics has this to say:

    The ruling is basically the Supreme Court calling bullshit on 30 years of “law and order” politics in California. Since George Deukmejian became governor in 1982 – and enabled, it should be noted, by stiffer sentences Jerry Brown approved the first time he was governor in the 1970s – California has gone on a prison-building binge. Nearly 25 new prisons were built in the last 30 years. In contrast, only 3 CSU campuses were opened (two of which, CSUCI and CSU Monterey Bay, were reuses of existing facilities) and only 1 new UC campus, Merced, was built. This is despite the fact that the cost of building prisons and colleges is about the same, the fact that prison guards make more money than most professors, and the fact that students at least pay for their room and board, whereas prisoners don’t. Oh, and the fact that educating is preferable to jailing them.

    California built all these prisons and kept passing tougher and tougher sentencing laws, most of which were absurd or unnecessarily harsh. But California didn’t seem to realize you actually have to pay for the costs of operating all those prisons. And as prisoners age, their health care needs increase, and you have to pay for those things too.

    Great post from Robert Cruickshank who guest posted once here at HA!


    This is a great story. I understand Scalia read his dissent from the bench, hectoring his colleagues. What a miserable SOB! I gotta read that.

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    6 – All the people there are wearing masks – what about the poor animals?

    Interesting “weather” they have there.

    Not to discount the interesting weather they’ve had in Tornado alley.

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    Michael spews:

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture has been working on a set of regulations that would give more power to farmers, ranchers and poultry growers in their relations with meat packers. The proposed House budget would remove all funding for the preparation of these rules.

    “Congressional leaders have sent a powerful message to the American people – It’s corporate profits over the wellbeing of family farmers and ranchers and consumers, period,” said R-CALF USA CEO Bill Bullard. Bullard notes that four meatpackers control 85% of the cattle market.
    Last week, 147 House members wrote USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack asking him to withdraw the rules.


    But yeah, the Republican’s aren’t lackeys for a handful of corporate interests or anything…

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    Puddybud, identifying rujaxdipshithead as dumber than yelling lost boy which is very dumb! spews:

    Puddybud I guess I owe you an apology.

    Yes Nimrod. All you are is hot air.

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    Puddybud, identifying rujaxdipshithead as dumber than yelling lost boy which is very dumb! spews:

    Netanyahu kicked some Obummer ASS today on Capitol Hill in his speech to Congress.

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    11 – And someone in the Gallery heckled that schmuck to end the occupation.

    After well over 40 years what are they trying to prove? Hmmm. They want the West Bank and everything in it perhaps?

    All you are is hot air.

    You’ll need a lot of hot air to ASCEND! in October. I predict it will be no problem for you.

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    rhp6033 spews:

    Gee, some insane guy gets his hands on some weapons he really shouldn’t have been able to acquire, and shoots a Democratic U.S. Congressman and a number of others. There is an outpouring of sympathy and support for the victims, to the detriment of Republicans and the NRA.

    So what do well-trained Republican operatives due? Wait a little bit for the attention to die down, and then start a web site in Texas to claim the whole thing is a fabrication staged by Homeland Security using actors. And just for extra effect, try to intimidate potential witnesses by pretending to be officials and demanding that they turn over the “evidence” (including any photos they may have) which they claim would support their theory. Of course, in their world, failure to turn over such evidence to support their theory is simply evidence that the individuals are part of the conspiricy.


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    rhp6033 spews:

    Oh, and that Republican Congressman from Georgia, who criticized a retired constinuent who voiced her concerns about the Republican-proposed privitization of Medicare? It seems he is defending his own use of government-paid health insurance (available to Congressmen) because “its free”.

    Translation: “I’ve got mine. It must suck to be you. You should have had the initiative to have been born with the contacts and influence to be elected to Congress. Since you weren’t, if you die of a disease due to lack of health care coverage, it’s your own damn fault”.