Drinking Liberally — Seattle

DLBottle The Seattle Chapter of Drinking Liberally continues its tour of Seattle’s finest pubs. We are in search of a new place to call home. If you can, please join us this Tuesday evening for some political punditry and pub prognostication over a pint.

This week we will visit the Moe Bar, 1425 10th Avenue
Seattle. We meet at 8:00 pm, but some folks show up early for dinner.

Can’t make it to Seattle? Check out another Washington state DL over the next week. The Tri-Cities chapter also meet on Tuesday night. On Wednesday, the Bellingham and Burien chapters meet. And on Thursday, the Woodinville chapter meets. And next Monday, the Yakima, South Bellevue and Olympia chapters meet.

With 215 chapters of Living Liberally, including nineteen in Washington state, four in Oregon, and three more in Idaho, chances are excellent there’s a chapter meeting somewhere near you.