Drinking Liberally — Seattle


Last week we had a DL surprise. We showed up at the Montlake Ale House only to find that the pub was closed! The business had been sold and a new restaurant is planned to open in its place.

For us, this marks the end of a nine year run at the Montlake Ale House. But this is an opportunity to try someplace new. Therefore, we will have a “traveling DL” for a month or two, trying a different location each week until we find someplace new (or, perhaps, even return to whatever the Ale House becomes).

This Tuesday we will meet to discuss new places to try. So, please join us for some pub punditry over a pint at the the Seattle Chapter of Drinking Liberally. Starting time is 8:00pm.

This week only, DL will be held at the College Inn Pub at 4006 University Way NE, Seattle, in the heart of the University District.

Can’t make it tonight? Check out another Washington state DL over the next week. The Tri-Cities and Vancouver, WA chapters also meet this Tuesday. On Wednesday, the Bellingham chapter meets. For Thursday, the Spokane and Tacoma chapters meet. And next Monday, the Aberdeen, Yakima and Olympia chapters meet.

With 214 chapters of Living Liberally, including eighteen in Washington state, four in Oregon, and three more in Idaho, chances are excellent there’s a chapter meeting near you.


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    No Time for Fascists spews:

    It’s fascinating. According to Fox News, the only important story is that the FBI didn’t find wrongdoing in the IRS scandal, no sign of malicious targeting of teabaggers group. Nothing is apparently happening in the states, nothing.

  2. 5

    czechsaaz spews:

    Most likely from a responsible gun-owning parent who just happens to have a sawed-off shotgun kicking around the home for when a burglar and most of a wall and maybe anyone standing within 10-15 feet of the burglar needs shooting.

    Nothing beats a totally inaccurate spray weapon for personal protection.

  3. 6

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Theater Rage

    New details about the Florida theater shooting suggest it was a case of theater rage.

    “A few weeks before a texting dispute turned deadly inside a Florida theater, the suspect Curtis Reeves had another run-in with a moviegoer, prosecutors said.

    ” … [P]rosecutors said they have heard from another theater patron who said the 71-year-old former Tampa cop saw her texting and ‘glared at her the entire time throughout the movie’ … about three weeks ago.

    “When the woman got up to use the restroom, Reeves followed her and ‘made her very uncomfortable,’ prosecutors said. … ‘He became just upset about the whole situation and kept staring and kept giving us dirty looks,’ Dixon told the station.”


    Roger Rabbit Commentator: Seems he was a human bomb waiting to go off. Is this what cop PTSD looks like?

  4. 7

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    “The preteen shooter who opened fire inside a crowded middle school gym with a shotgun may have warned some students not to go to school before the attack, police in New Mexico said. …

    “‘We have preliminary information that possibly some of the students were warned by the individual prior to the shooting not to go to school,’ said New Mexico State Police Chief Pete Kassetas during a news conference Tuesday night.”


  5. 10

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Shooting Of The Day (TM)

    A crazy guy with a gun and knife killed two women before being killed by police in an Indiana supermarket.