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DLBottlePlease join us this evening for a “bonus budgetary projection” episode of the Seattle Chapter of Drinking Liberally.

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Can’t make it to Seattle tonight? Check out another DL meeting over the next week. Tonight the Tri-Cities chapter also meets. The Longview and Lakewood chapter will meet on Wednesday. And for Thursday, the Spokane and Tacoma chapters meet.

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38 Responses to “Drinking Liberally — Seattle”

1. Roger Rabbit spews:

It’s now clear why Rep. Issa released only a redacted transcript of congressional investigators’ interviews with IRS employees and didn’t want the entire transcript made public.

2. EvergreenRailfan spews:

1)I was wondering why Rep. Cummings did not release them earlier, and thought that only the Committee Chair could release them.

3. EvergreenRailfan spews:

In Geneva, they are trying out a new Electric bus with fast charging batteries, that does not need overhead wires.

With streetcars and light rail, off-wire capabilities are making gains. Just about all the manufacturers are working on it. The First Hill Streetcar will only have wire going uphill on Jackson St, with regenerative braking and batteries doing the job downhill.

4. Puddybud spews:

Another black man has left the reservation. Libtards are pizzed!

5. Puddybud spews:

With each passing day, I have become disappointed in the Democratic Party. What would be the impact on schools due to immigration? One of the biggest disappointments has been breakdown of American families. Their policies have encouraged the high teen birthrate, high school drop out rates, high unemployment. Children are encouraged to get the crazy check instead of honkering down to get an education. Minority unemployment is in the stratosphere. – Elbert L. Guillory

Of course the libtard leftist msm hasn’t covered this!

Dayum, he’s saying the same things Puddy been saying for years here on HA! Another black man wakes up. What will rujax do?

6. Deathfrogg spews:

@ 5

So he knows all the buzzwords and talking points. Does he have any real suggestions as to solve those problems? Or is he just another bitchy jackass with nothing of any real substance to say?

7. Puddybud spews:

Typical response from HA’s other racist OWS Fraggy… never a nice thing to say about black people. You seem to forget it was Republicans who wanted to give vouchers to inner city WA, DC parents because the inner city schools SUCK, just like Guillory said! It was shot down by DUMMOCRAPTS!

The buzzwords and talking points are FACTS! Irrefutable FACTS Puddy been bringing here for years! It just took him a little longer to see it!

You are a real “credit” to the whiteys! .NOT.

8. EvergreenRailfan spews:

In Minneapolis, Mayor R.T.Ryback is not running for another term, and over the weekend, the Minneapolis DFL convention failed to endorse a candidate. This will be the first test of the Ranked Choice Voting system that the Minneapolis voters adopted in 2006 in the Mayor’s race. It was used in city council elections in 2009, as well as the multi seat variant in races for the Board of Estimate and Taxation, and the Parks and Recreation Board. I believe that for the Mayor and City Council elections, because of the p potential of not having certified software in time, they chose the San Francisco method, with voters only ranking up to three candidates. If this works out, combined with St Paul(they adopted it in 2009), perhaps it will get a boost statewide. The current system that parties choae candidates is not working there. In 2010, the State House Speaker won the DFL endorsement, only to lose the primary to Former Senator Mark Dayton, who opted not to go the caucus/convention route, and went on to win a narrow victory in the General Election, thanks to the Independence Party candidate.

9. Puddybud spews:

Your idol Obummer was promising to solve those problems! EPIC FAYLE!

10. Remember what Lee said.. spews:

Wow. So what have the klownservative bagger idiots in the Midwest – OH, MI, IN, WI or Scott in FL – what have they done for black people lately?


11. EvergreenRailfan spews:

In San Francisco, Mayor Ed Lee honored a San Francisco Municipal Railway bus driver for her actions following a shooting on her bus. She drove the injured passenger to the Hospital(San Francisco General was near her route), while staying calm.

By the way, at the same event, a new bus entered service, and a delegation from City Hall was going for a test drive, and the bus did not start!

12. Deathfrogg spews:

How much you wanna bet this chughead is a TeaPottyist?

13. Puddybud spews:

OH, MI, IN, WI or Scott in FL – what have they done for black people

They haven’t been bragging politically that they are the saviors of black people for the last 50 years either continually and chronologically challenged serially unemployed moron ylb!

Sheesh… you are a real chronological idiot all the time! Dance Mike Webb Dance!

14. No time for Fascists spews:

High teen birthrate is highest in places that teach absence only, that are the most conservative, like the south.

The teen birth rate is higher in more religious states. This may be because other options, such as abortion, are more restricted.

The teen birth rate turns on socio-economic class.
It is lower in more affluent states, as it is negatively correlated with both income (-.53) and wages (-.35).
The teen birth rate is also lower in more educated states (with a negative correlation to the share of adults that are college grads, -.54).
Conversely, the teen birth rate is higher in more working-class states (with a negative correlation of -.36). The teen birth rate is also higher in states with greater poverty and economic disadvantage, as it is positively associated with the state poverty rate (with a correlation of .72).

15. Don Joe spews:

@ 7

The buzzwords and talking points are FACTS!

And among these “facts” is the notion the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican. I’d like to see Mr. Guillory give that speech in front of a group of Howard University students

If this is the Republican party’s notion of minority outreach, it’s not going to do all that well at the ballot box.

16. Liberal Scientist is a Dirty Fucking Socialist Hippie spews:

I imagine Mr. Guillory is changing from self-described ‘Democrat Party’ to the Republicans for reasons having to do with power in the Louisiana legislature and the specifics of how that power is distributed.

Politicians are (nearly always) first and foremost narcissistic, with some element of power-whore thrown in. Occasionally some of them make time to do good for their fellow citizens. I imagine there was some sort of shake up in his particular legislative body, and he’s making a calculated decision that he thinks will garner him more power/perqs/better office/more hookers/more money…or some combination thereof.

That said, I in fact applaud his critique of the power and wealth disparities within the country, particularly as they parallel skin color. His notions that vastly too many young black men are incarcerated, or that quality education is the prime vehicle for equalizing power and wealth are spot on.

However, and this was a big give-away, his characterization of the parties in their 1860s-1950s incarnations is simply irrelevant to their characters today (a common conceit with loons like puddybigot). He fails to identify food stamps as the farmer-subsidy that it is. He fails to make any substantive proposals to correct the ills he (rightly) identifies, and, moreover, fails to identify how becoming a Republican and abandoning the ‘Democrat’(sic) Party will advance his agenda.

So, the local dominant party has peeled off an out-of-power politician with higher-than-average melanin and convinced him to make a video wherein he spouts vapid talking points in a transparent and ham-handed attempt to get other higher-than-average melanin-endowed people to switch their lopsided voting patterns, thereby joining the rogues gallery of Alan West and Tim Scott.


17. Liberal Scientist is a Dirty Fucking Socialist Hippie spews:


Yeah, we’ve discussed that a few times – puddybigot has always held that the people in the cities in those regions (presumably black Democrats) are responsible of skewing the numbers so boldly.

I’ve shown him over and over that it’s the dominant population of poor, Republican-voting, evangelical, abstinence-only, poorly educated white people who drive the awful statistics about rates of teen pregnancy and out-of-wedlock pregnancy, and divorce, and domestic violence and other social ills throughout the old Confederacy.

It’s like talking to a rock, arguing with puddybigot, or rather a parrot – he gets wound up by his preacherman every Saturday and squawk-squawk-squawks all week.

18. Remember what Lee said.. spews:

Dance Mike Webb [MWS] Dance!

Indeed it was funny to see this troll dance..

And this jerk too.

19. Remember what Lee said.. spews:

Michael Hastings is dead..

We’ve lost an outstanding journalist.. A new Sy Hersh..

We so desperately need more like him..

20. EvergreenRailfan spews:

19)He will be missed.

21. Remember what Lee said.. spews:

A former Miss America winner who is now a GOP candidate for Congress was called a string of profane names today, including “street walker,” ”love child” and “Miss Queen. ” Her attacker? A local Republican Party chairman in central Illinois…

“The little queen touts her abstinence, and she won the crown because she got bullied in school — boohoo, kids are cruel, life sucks and you move on,” Allen wrote. “Now, Miss Queen is being used like a street walker, and her pimps are the DEMOCRAT PARTY and RINO REPUBLICANS.”

I’m sure our remaining klownservative krackpot troll would approve of this “analysis”.

22. Remember what Lee said.. spews:

Here’s yet another article on taxation that will make the empty heads of klownservatives EXPLODE:

Here are the big takeaways: Our tax code is highly progressive. Almost everybody pays something. Even the poorest 20 percent of American households (who make on average about $11,000) pay 13 percent of their incomes in tax. The wealthiest 1% pay a rate of 43%, about 3.5 times as much.

Now that you’ve seen the chart, I have a few instructions:

1. Stop talking about “non-payers” or “the 47 percent” or using any other talking point about how a worrisomely large share of Americans don’t pay taxes. Don’t call people who don’t pay federal income tax “lucky duckies.” Almost everybody pays taxes.

Read more:

Their beloved R-Money lied. They lie.. They’re all liars.

23. Remember what Lee said.. spews:

In other news, society is DOOMED..


24. PS I didn't fall off of the bus spews:

Owebammascare = Constant and continual loss of retirement savings….

Interest rates = 0
muni bond rates = only an idiot would buy them at these rates
Stock Market = tanking while Bernanke takes his foot off the printing press.

WTF is this guy doing!

25. Remember what Lee said.. spews:

24 – Your bellyachin’ here really helped last Nov 6 didn’t it?

!!!G R E E E E E E E C E ! ! !

26. Remember what Lee said.. spews:

Here’s something that will make our 1 or 2 remaining klownservatives heads explode..

What the matter with Johnson County Kansas who voted over 57 percent for the R-Money/Randroid Ryan deception circus????

In some suburbs, like the communities surrounding Kansas City, Brookings found that the number of poor increased by 97 percent. According to the Mid-America Regional Council, a research group in Kansas City, that’s only because Brookings counted KCK as a suburb; since local people consider it a city where poverty was already high, taking it out of the equation means that suburban poverty rose even faster, by 134 percent.

…By the time families went to social service agencies or charities to seek help, they were frustrated. In some cases, they’d even sold all of their furniture. Deborah Collins, the director of human services for Johnson County, told me about one woman who had sold all of her furniture but was still driving the Lexus she’d had in better times. When her caseworker told her it was time to sell the Lexus, she burst into tears because it was the last possession her family had. (In Kansas, families would have to spend down their assets to qualify for programs like welfare and food stamps—families can have no more than $2,000, which disqualifies many with reasonably new vehicles.

I’ve reported earlier that Kansas under klownservative degenerate Brownback has become the klownservative utopia fulfilling a decades long bagger dream.

Klownservative policies are working wonders there just like in Wisconsin!

27. No Time for Fascists spews:


The problem is, almost no jobs pay well, especially in the fields that are growing in areas like Johnson County. “The basic point is that we’re a low wage country,” Peter Edelman, the Georgetown law school professor and poverty expert, said when I spoke to him. “People ought to make more money from working.”

When I asked Lewis what the implications are for America becoming a low-wage country, she turned the question inward. “I’ve said all along that we need to tell the American consumer to stop demanding the lowest price always and stop demanding the highest return on their investment dollar,” she says. “If not, we are going to continue to see all these non-living-wage jobs.”

Going back to the myth of Universal Prosperity, what do we do when the way things are current structured, do not support that? Is “I’ve got mine, to hell with you” the logical outcome?

28. Roger Rabbit spews:

@27 Well, the “I’ve got mine, to hell with you” crowd are somewhat poorer today. Financial markets are dropping like a stone after Bernanke told them yesterday they’re not going to get free federal money anymore after next year.

29. Roger Rabbit spews:

I won’t mind a bit seeing investments bankers and their lawyers in the soup kitchen lines with the rest of us. We’ll have lots to talk about while waiting for our free soup.

Roger Rabbit Commentary: Have you ever noticed how well dressed the unemployed were in those Depression soup line photos?

30. Roger Rabbit spews:

The DJIA has lost 560 points in 2 days. Now you know what the capitalists think of Federal Reserve welfare. They can’t live without it. As for me, the stocks I wanna buy just got cheaper.

31. rhp6033 spews:

# 24: I thought you guys were all about “accepting personal risk” and all that? Not so much with your money, you want the government to insure your retirement returns.

But that being said, let’s compare (once again – it’s been a while since I did this):

Obama (4-1/2 years) up 78.21%
Bush (8 years) down 21.78%
Clinton (8 years) up 235.37%
Bush Sr. (4 years) up 45.57%
Reagan (8 years) up 135.13%

32. Roger Rabbit spews:

@24 Not to worry, 3.5% long rates on T-bills will be here soon. Meanwhile, dividend stocks went on sale this week, and there are now 3% to 4% yields all over the place.

33. Roger Rabbit spews:

Repoublicans would rather legislate the morality of foreigners than save human lives. The Klownservative Kourt fixed that today by striking down a Bush-era law that required charities seeking federal funds to fight HIV and AIDs to sign a pledge opposing prostitution and human trafficking, which kept them from serving the populations most in need of HIV/AIDs health services.

34. Roger Rabbit spews:

FDA Approves Over-The-Counter Sale of Morning After Pill

“The morning-after pill is finally going over-the-counter. The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday approved unrestricted sales of Plan B One-Step, lifting all age limits on the emergency contraceptive. Until now, customers could buy that morning-after pill and competing generic versions without a prescription only if they proved to a pharmacist that they were 17 or older.”

35. Roger Rabbit spews:

Vigilante killer George Zimmerman will face an all-female jury in his murder trial.

37. EvergreenRailfan spews:

Today is Dump the Pump Day, a little promotional event sponsored by the American Public Transportation Association, the trade group representing public transportation providers. Something that they have been doing for 8 years. Now for some, it’s the opposite, of course.

38. EvergreenRailfan spews:

Too bad King County Metro announced the trolleybus replacement plan earlier in the week, would have been better to announce it as part of the promotion by APTA.