by Darryl, 01/08/2013, 4:45 PM

DLBottlePlease join us this evening for some politics under the influence at our first meeting of 2013—it’s the Seattle Chapter of Drinking Liberally.

We meet every Tuesday at the Montlake Ale House, 2307 24th Avenue E. Starting time is 8:00pm. Some people show up earlier for Dinner.

Can’t make it to Seattle tonight? Check out one of the other DL meetings over the next week. Tonight the Tri-Cities and Vancouver, WA chapters meet. On Wednesday, the Bellingham chapter meets. On Thursday Drinking Liberally Bremerton meets.

With 227 chapters of Living Liberally, including fourteen in Washington state, four in Oregon, and three more in Idaho, chances are excellent there’s a chapter that meets near you.

11 Responses to “Drinking Liberally — Seattle”

1. MikeBoyScout spews:

Speaking of Liberal reminds us that the opposite exists, and here at HA we have a troll who identifies himself as Serial Conservative.

I call him Kap’n Kornflake.

Kap’n Kornflake made a wager with me on who would win the presidential election.

There were terms about how the wager would be paid.

Kap’n Kornflake lost the wager. Rmoney was squashed like a bug by Obama, just as we told him he would be.

Kap’n Kornflake – Serial Reneger failed to make good on his wager as we agreed.

So, drink liberally to the knowledge in that your hunch about so called conservatives has been proven correct before your eyes here at HA.

Kap’n you are a lying cheating welshing Horses Ass! or as you say, Serial Conservative.

2. Czechsaaz spews:

Totally, totally, totally OT…

A while back I mentioned that one of my first jobs out of college was shooting/editing b-roll. A lot of it was for the travel industry. If you watched Maddow tonight, that montage of the St. Regis she pulled off YouTube? That was mine. Shot for the grand opening and delivered to newsrooms in the SoCal area.

Also the day I met Hasselhoff.

4. Roger Rabbit spews:

Birthers now want to impeach Chief Justice Roberts unless he refuses to administer the oath of office to the Kenyan Kommy.

Personally, I think they’re pissed at Roberts for voting to uphold KenyaCare. Benjamin Disraeli once said, “Everyone has two reasons for what they do, a good reason, and the real one.” Or words to that effect.

5. Czechsaaz spews:

There is only one Hoff.

6. Serial conservative spews:

@ 1

MBS, Darryl replied to my email and will be forwarding to you what I sent to him.

I lost and dutifully paid up, in full.

You’re a real class act, sir. Happy New Year, anyway.

7. rhp6033 spews:

# 5: My wife’s half-sister used to work for someone in the entertainment industry in L.A. One of his clients was Arnold Swartzenneger. For a while, she was put on the phone as the receptionist, ane they would get regular calls from Arnold, who expected to be put through right away – even if their boss was in meetings, on the phone already, etc.

Anyway, Arnold would begin every phone call with “This is AAAHHHNOLD”, in his thick Australian accent. She knew full well who he was, but always insisted that she didn’t know, and asked “AHRNOLD who?”. She got a kick out of how angry this made him.

Eventually the boss took her off the receptionist duty (at Arnold’s insistence) and gave her other work instead – which is what she wanted, anyway.

8. MikeBoyScout spews:

@7 Kap’n Kornflake – Serial Reneger,

No sir, you did not. I’ve seen the photo you offered Darryl, and if you can find anywhere on the comment board where you or Darryl or I proposed this method, show us.

Verification of payment is/was an issue from the git go. We had a method we agreed upon and you ignored it.

Furthermore, the photo you sent Darryl shows that your alleged payment of the bet came when? November 7th? November 30th?

You are a loser.

9. Serial conservative spews:

@ 8

Go ahead, say I reneged. You can even get your little eunuch choir of Lib Sci, gman, and YLB to chime in.

Had I sent Darryl the check and had he sent in the check, how does that verify payment? If the check bounces Darryl won’t know about it.

When you’re looking around the comment board, see if you can find a comment in which I stated that I agreed to use Darryl’s proposed method of payment. Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t. I can’t recall and I don’t have the interest to pursue it. If I didn’t, then I am free to make good in a manner of my choosing. Even if I did, the bottom line is that I paid the amount I said I would pay and it went to a good cause, and your argument does nothing more than make more people think you are an asshole than already do.

For nearly six weeks I had a thousand bucks of cash in my pocket, hoping to stop by Cherry Street and make the donation in cash, get an anonymous receipt, and mail it. Didn’t happen. I also didn’t have the time to mess with money orders, and the bank won’t issue an anonymous cashier’s check. So I went another route and donated via credit card payment using the Northwest Harvest web site.

You know who won’t be joining in and saying I didn’t pay off, MBS?

Darryl won’t.

Done here.

10. czechsaaz spews:


I worked for Arnold for a while. I suppose if he didn’t say he was Ahhhhnold when he called he could have been confused with Van Dam or Jean Reno. Doing production work in and around Hollywood was a weird world.

11. YLB spews:


Heh. No worries.. We know you and your pals are “going Galt”…

Altruism isn’t Randroid…. Just ask Ryan who voted against Sandy relief..