Drinking Liberally — Seattle

Please join us tonight for a special Drinking Liberally with Living Liberally co-founder Justin Krebs.

Justin is on his “538 Ways to Live, Work and Play Like a Liberal” book tour. The book is about the little ideas for embracing your progressive values in everyday life, as well as the big ideas of what it means to be a “liberal” in America today.

Bring your copy of the book (or the Weekly Standard cover, for that matter) for Justin to sign. Copies of the book will be available at the event.

We meet at the Montlake Ale House, 2307 24th Avenue E. Starting time is 8:00 pm, but feel free to earlier for dinner.

Not in Seattle? There is a good chance you live near one of the 229 other chapters of Drinking Liberally.


  1. 1

    Michael spews:

    Well, yay.

    Members of Congress will bring forth a bill Thursday that supporters say is the first ever introduced to end federal law’s blanket prohibition of marijuana.
    The legislation — authored by Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., and Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas — would limit the federal government’s role in marijuana enforcement to cross-border or interstate smuggling, letting people legally grow, use or sell marijuana in states that allow it without fear of federal prosecution.
    The bill’s original co-sponsors include Reps. John Conyers, D-Mich.; Steve Cohen, D-Tenn.; Jared Polis, D-Colo.; and Barbara Lee, D-Oakland.
    “The human cost of the failed drug war has been enormous — egregious racial disparities, shattered families, poverty, public health crises, prohibition-related violence, and the erosion of civil liberties. And of course the cost in dollars and cents has been staggering as well — over a trillion dollars spent to incarcerate tens of millions of young people,” Lee said Wednesday. “I co-sponsored this bipartisan legislation because I believe it is time to turn the page from this failed drug war.”

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    Cain Energy Plan: Put Oil And Coal CEOs In Charge Of EPA Regulations

    By Lee Fang on Jun 22, 2011 at 6:01 pm

    ThinkProgress filed this report from Marshalltown, IA.

    Today at a campaign stop with the group American Principles Project, Herman Cain took a question about how to increase domestic oil production. Without missing a beat, Cain said that, as president, he would create a special commission to remove environmental and energy regulations at the EPA. Cain explained that the commission would be comprised of businessmen from the coal, oil, shale oil, and natural gas industries because they are the “people closest to the problem.”

    Cain then said he would literally appoint the CEO of Shell Oil, presumably current CEO Peter Voser, to the commission because Shell Oil has “been abused by the EPA.” Earlier in his remarks, Cain had riffed for a few moments about how Shell had faced delays in a drilling plan due to EPA regulations:

    Yeah…that’ll work all right!

  3. 3



    Lawmakers Re-Introduce The Equal Rights Amendment In Response To Wal-Mart Ruling |

    By Tanya Somanader on Jun 22, 2011 at 5:00 pm

    This week, the Supreme Court dealt a blow to 1.5 million women by throwing out their charges of comprehensive gender discrimination by retail behemoth Walmart in a 5-4 decision. In response to the ruling, Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) and Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) re-introduced the Equal Rights Amendment, a bill that affirms the equal application of the U.S. Constitution to both women and men by declaring “equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.” Although the ERA applies to government action and not discrimination by Walmart, ratifying the ERA would serve an important reminder that gender discrimination has no place in American society. Maloney said, “The Equal Rights Amendment is still needed because the only way for women to achieve permanent equality in the U.S. is to write it into the Constitution,” albeit “more than 200 years late.”

    Isn’t it time to get this done????

  4. 4



    June 22, 2011 02:00 PM

    Sending A Shock Through The Market, PIMCO Director Bill Gross Says Fiscal Conservatism Doesn’t Equal Job Growth

    By Susie Madrak

    Bill Gross is the manager director of PIMCO, the world’s largest bond fund, and thus one of the most important bond traders in the world. And his concerns about the deficit have been cited as a compelling case for austerity. Now? Via Ezra Klein, not so much:

    But in an unusual mid-month note to his investors, Gross hammered the “anti-Keynesians” in both parties who believe “that fiscal conservatism equates to job growth.” The truth, he says, is just the opposite. “Fiscal balance alone will not likely produce 20 million jobs over the next decade. The move towards it, in fact, if implemented too quickly, could stultify economic growth.”

    Gross goes on to spend some time mocking the “ivory tower theorem” that deficit reduction will convince consumers to spend more now because they’ll worry less about taxes and service cuts later. “I know of no family,” he writes, “who, after watching the Republican candidates’ debate in New Hampshire, went out the next day and bought themselves a flat screen under the assumption that their Medicare entitlements would be cut in future years and the U.S. budget balanced.” That theory belongs “in the trash bin of theses and research aimed more towards academics than a practical remedy to America’s job crisis.”

    I DO like thos guy!

  5. 5

    Michael spews:


    Wow, that’s just stunningly stupid. Someone ought to clue him in that the earth doesn’t have an oil filled, chewy, nougatty, center.

  6. 7

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @5 But you see, they do believe the center of the earth is hollow and filled with oil, and that oil seeps upward (defying gravity) to refill oilfields. This is called the “abiotic” theory of oil replenishment and was concocted by a couple of Russian “scientists.”

  7. 8

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Police Arrest Woman For Videotaping Them

    Rochester (NY) police arrested a woman for videotaping a traffic arrest from her front yard after she defied their orders to go back into her home. You can read the story and find a link to her videotape here:


    Roger Rabbit Commentary: In the tape, you’ll hear the police officers tell the woman they don’t feel safe with her “standing behind” them. The incident took place at night. She responded that she had no weapons and only had a video camera. She was formally charged with a misdemeanor called “obstructing government administration.”

    There have been numerous such incidents throughout the country. Every cop in America is aware of what happened after the Rodney King beating was caught on tape by a citizen. Cops don’t like to be videotaped, period.

    But this is America, where police are public servants, and don’t have a right to order citizens to not record their official actions. They are acting like KGB agents in a society that supposedly isn’t a police state.

    In America, you don’t have a right to be recorded in public, no matter what your job title is, or who you are. Tha president doesn’t have that right, and neither do police officers. No such right is written anywhere.

    The claim by the police officers involved in this incident that they didn’t feel safe is bullshit. There were several cops on the scene and they all had guns. They had no reason to believe this woman, whom they knew from previous encounters, was a threat to them. It was obvious what she was doing — she was going to film them, not tape them. It’s equally obvious that they perceived the videotape, not any threat of bodily harm from her, as a threat. Shades of Rodney King.

    I have no doubt this charge will either be dropped by the prosecutor or thrown out by a judge. If it isn’t, she should request a jury trial, because there’s no way the City of Rochester find twelve jurors who will agree to convict her of a crime for this, short of bribing twelve street drunks.

    But it shouldn’t end there. She should file a false arrest lawsuit against the Rochester police department. And if I were on the jury, I would give her $50,000 for her night in jail, just to teach these cops a lesson. The lesson, of course, is that this is America, not the Soviet Union.

  8. 9

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Erratum: @8 should read, “In America, you don’t have a right to not be recorded in public …”

  9. 10

    Puddybud, identifying northwest liberals who elected an underexperienced man to the presidency weighed down by an oversized ego spews:

    Having Herman Cain thinking about energy is better than having John Holdren as Obummer’s Science Czar…

    Holdren heralded a “tightly reasoned essay” by law professor Christopher Stone, who said, “I am quite seriously proposing that we give legal rights to forests, oceans, rivers and other so-called ‘natural objects’ in the environment — indeed, to the natural environment as a whole.” Holdren, writing in 1977’s “Ecoscience,” which was also co-authored with Paul and Anne Ehrlich, said the change would have “a most salubrious effect on the quality of the environment.”

  10. 11

    Puddybud, identifying northwest liberals who elected an underexperienced man to the presidency weighed down by an oversized ego spews:

    While everyone was discussing how to be a liberal, did anyone discuss Bernanke and the economy? Otherwise with no money how can you “enjoy” those 538 ways to act libtardo…

    Brutally honest, Bernanke admitted that he had no clue what was actually causing the current fragility in the U.S. economic recovery.

    Wait… all ya need is another guvmint handout!

  11. 12

    Puddybud, identifying northwest liberals who elected an underexperienced man to the presidency weighed down by an oversized ego spews:

    Hmmm… is this one of those “erudite” HA posters?

    Come on and admit it.

  12. 13

    Puddybud, identifying northwest liberals who elected an underexperienced man to the presidency weighed down by an oversized ego spews:

    I bet many of you HA leftists are proud of this congresswoman. For those who have never been to Israel, why not take a trip with Glenn Beck and you’ll see just what’s going on in that area. I was there before.

  13. 14

    Puddybud, identifying northwest liberals who elected an underexperienced man to the presidency weighed down by an oversized ego spews:

    If the 2012 election were held in the newsrooms of America and pitted Sarah Palin against Barack Obama, I doubt Palin would get 10 percent of the vote. However tempting the newsworthy havoc of a Palin presidency, I’m pretty sure most journalists would recoil in horror from the idea. – Bill Keller NY Slimes

    Seems Bill Keller is admitting

    1) > 90% of American newsrooms are occupied by libtardo nitwits
    2) This left tilt is well known
    3) The leftist tilt in news coverage
    4) He has PDS like yelling loser beta boi by claiming journalistic horror
    5) His own leftist bias instead of being a fair and balanced editor
    6) Now we know why Keller asked for y’all to join on that Palin email witch hunt which proved nothing
    7) Oh yeah now I remember and it was without a useless databaze too… It was the Slimes who “investigated” Trig Palin as being her son when arcxix (Charles Hartley) of Daily Kooks fame claimed Tirg was Bristol’s son…

    Then later on in the next paragraph he tries to think for Palin. Why can’t libtardo journalists and their editors deliver the news straight without their biases?

    8) Now all can see how the NY Slimes became the third rail of the DUMMOCRAPTIC Media Machine.
    9) During the 2008 Campaign… Remember how the Slimes slimed John McCainWell Oopsie, that bias shines again…

    Bill Keller, another creepy libtardo editor who allowed his biases to shine through the 8 years he was the Slimes Editor and admits what we all knew… 90% of American journalists are biased leftists!

    Butt then I always wondered who this was too

    The always upstanding Daily Kos is reporting that Sarah Palin is not, in fact, the real mother of the infant, Trig Palin. Rather, the real mother is Palin’s 16 year old daughter, Bristol. Kos contributor ArcXIX, in a mawkishly indignant and poorly written exposé, entreats: “Sarah needs to answer for her lies, promptly.” Right. Because apparently the lefty bloggers have just stepped out of a time machine and their Victorian morals can’t countenance the idea of an unwed teen having a baby and a family covering for her.

  14. 15



    NC woman sterilized because state deemed her ‘promiscuous’

    Posted on 06.23.11 By David Edwards

    The day that Elaine Riddick had her first and only child, the state of North Carolina had her sterilized on the orders of a court. Riddick had been raped but the state said she was promiscuous.

    “They said that I was feeble-minded, they said that I was promiscuous,” Riddick told CBS News. “I’ve always been able to take care of myself – I’ve never been promiscuous.”

    “So how can people use these things to describe a child that had been abandoned? Or that had been raped by the neighbor and then again, raped by the state of North Carolina?”

    North Carolina is the first state to consider a $20,000 payment to victims of sterilizations, but it is doubtful that the Republican-controlled legislature will aside the necessary funds.

    CBS News noted that more than 60,000 women in 32 states were sterilized to keep down welfare costs.

    Watch this video from CBS News, broadcast June 23, 2011.

    The Republican War on Women continues.

    It’s worth noting that this is a Black Woman in North Carolina.

  15. 17



    Thu Jun 23, 2011 at 03:12 AM PDT.

    Limbaugh and Hannity took millions to push the Heritage Foundation’s Randian dogma

    by Lefty CoasterFollow .

    I have a confession to make. This year I became a regular Rush Limbaugh listener. Why? Know thy enemy. As a regular listener to Limbaugh’s sleazy show this latest revelation about the origin of the content of his show comes as no surprise to me.

    A new report by Politico says Rush is paid $2 million a year to parrot the Heritage Foundation’s talking points about how what’s good for oligarchs is good for America, to lavish praise on the Heritage Foundation for the wonderful job they’re doing, and to urge his listeners to send their money to the Heritage Foundation. Sean Hannity also is paid $1.3 million a year to shill for Heritage on his show.

    When the GOP doubled down on crazy
    According to a well-documented report in Politico, such fearless, independent thinkers as Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh are taking millions in payola to promote the policy ideas of the Heritage Foundation without necessarily letting listeners in on the secret.

    But what they are doing is weaving praise for Heritage Foundation pronouncements seamlessly into their programs without letting on that they’re being paid a small fortune to do so: $2 million a year in Limbaugh’s case; $1.3 million in Hannity’s.


  16. 18

    ld spews:


    Well that clears up the path ahead, send the debt team back to their seats and Mr Obama, if I may suggest:

    1. Follow Greece’s path of debt and defitit (available at Amazon.com for 14.6 trillion – But heh, no sales tax!


    2. Pardon Bernie Madoff and hire him as your chief Economic architech

  17. 22



    EXCLUSIVE — Herman Cain: Jon Stewart Attacked Me ‘Because I’m Black’

    By Judd Legum on Jun 23, 2011 at 7:58 am

    ThinkProgress filed this report from Iowa Falls, Iowa.

    Earlier this month, ThinkProgress reported that GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain told an audience in Pella, Iowa that he would not sign a bill longer than three pages. (Cain later said he was “exaggerating.”)

    Jon Stewart picked up on the story, imitating Cain and joking that if Cain was president he would require everything to be shorter: “Treaties will have to fit on the back of a cereal box … The State of the Union Address will be delivered in the form of a fortune cookie.” You can watch the segment here. (Chris Wallace later replayed the segment during Stewart’s appearance on Fox News Sunday.)

    Speaking Wednesday at the Iowa Falls Fire Department, Herman Cain lashed out at Jon Stewart, claiming that Stewart was only targeting him “because I’m black”:


  18. 24



    Sarah Palin: I Totally Didn’t Quit — Tour Will Continue ‘When The Time Comes’

    Jillian Rayfield | June 23, 2011, 1:15PM

    Sarah Palin has denied reports that she cut short her One Nation bus tour, posting on her Facebook page: “Why didn’t anyone tell me? Oh, wait, that’s because it hasn’t been cancelled.” But though Palin said she had been called back to Alaska for jury duty, she was vague about when she would restart the tour: “The next leg of the tour continues when the time comes.”


    But Palin was vague about the details of her jury duty summons — and about when the tour would start again: “The next leg of the tour continues when the time comes. In the meantime, no one should jump to conclusions – certainly not the media with their long track record of getting things wrong or just making things up.”


    Palin spokesman Tim Crawford did not immediately return TPM’s request for more information about the jury summons.

    Oh yeahhhhhhhh….

  19. 25

    rhp6033 spews:

    RR @ 8: The usual procedure is for the cops to intimidate the videotaper into surrendering their tape and sending them away, telling them that it illegal for them to tape the officers. If the person doing the videotaping knows otherwise and stands their ground, the cops then arrest them for “obstructing”, “interfering”, or simply “refusing to obey” (which is a law intended to deal with an officer directing traffic). The tape is held as “evidence” or part of an “ongoing investigation”, which never reaches a conclusion, and after the videotaper spends a night or so in jail waitin gto get bailed out, the prosecutor eventually drops the charges.

    The cops don’t care that the prosecuter has dropped the charges. They made their point – that they can arrest someone and make them spend the night in jail (sometimes longer) on one vague charge or another.

    Even if the charges are dropped, you are never going to get that day back in your life. Lawyers are reluctant to take such cases as civil actions because it’s hard to find a jury where the majority thinks that police officers ever act in any manner other than heroic, and the damages assessed are typically rather low.

    During the Bush administration, local police and even the Secret Service were used to pull anyone who MIGHT not be an ardent supporter of Bush from an event, and then held until after the event was over. No charges were ever filed, but the deed was done – a person had effectively been arrested on no charge other than suspician of partison disloyalty, and their right of free speech and to petition their President for a redress of grievences had been held in abeyance during one of the few times it could effectively be voiced.

  20. 26

    rhp6033 spews:

    What is badly needed is a law which clearly states that the video recording of police officers in public is a right which cannot be impeded.

  21. 27

    Puddybud, identifying northwest liberals who elected an underexperienced man to the presidency weighed down by an oversized ego spews:

    Of course when Jon Stewart mocks a conservative black man misogynist conservative woman hating rujax runs and hides. But Herman Cain is a stand up man, something that really scares misogynist conservative woman hating rujax, cuz misogynist conservative woman hating rujax is STUCK on STUPID on the reservation! (focus on the 26 second mark and beyond) Lt. Gen. Honore was thinking about you too misogynist conservative woman hating rujax.

  22. 28

    Puddybud, identifying northwest liberals who elected an underexperienced man to the presidency weighed down by an oversized ego spews:

    What Liberal Media?

    Ahhh yes he reverts to his Rip Van Winkle mantra.

    Groseclose opens his book quoting a well-known poll in which Washington correspondents declared that they vote Democratic 93 percent to 7 percent, while the nation is split about 50-50.

    This is why misogynist conservative woman hating rujax is so easy to identify. He’s just too stupid to know his problem, stuck on the reservation!

  23. 29


    Of course when Jon Stewart mocks a conservative black man

    Nope. Stewart mocked what Cain said.

    Cain keeps sticking his foot into his mouth.

    Nice try stupid.

  24. 34

    Puddybud, identifying northwest liberals who elected an underexperienced man to the presidency weighed down by an oversized ego spews:

    Ummm No yelling loser beta,

    Stewart mocked Cain using an Amos and Andy voice. Listen carefully as I understand listening is not your forte!

  25. 35


    using an Amos and Andy voice.

    Nope. I heard Stewart using Cain’s voice. Doing impressions is in-bounds in comedy.

    3 page bills – gee I thought that was reserved for “lefties” like Hank Paulson. What’s Cain doing that for?

    The guy is totally out of his depth.

  26. 36


    McConnell, with all the subtlety of a Bond villain, put it plainly. “The suggestion here is that this is all just some big quid pro quo exercise between the two parties,” he said. “This is dangerous, and it’s wrong.” Really? The idea of the two parties compromising on a debt deal is dangerous and wrong?

    The American people don’t think so. Perhaps that’s why Obama is more popular than any major Republican, the Democratic Party is more popular than the Republican Party, and a deficit deal that includes both tax hikes and spending cuts is more popular than a deal consisting of either element on its own. That gives the Democrats their leverage. The Republican Party begins in a worse position, and is positioning itself catastrophically, for a debt disaster. And as much as Boehner doesn’t want to lose support among the Tea Party and McConnell doesn’t want to raise taxes, what they really don’t want is to lose seats in the next election.