Drinking Liberally

Join us at the Seattle chapter of Drinking Liberally for another exciting evening of politics under the influence. Yeah…some call us the the “liberal elite,” but we’re all on equal punditry grounds after a couple of pints. We meet at 8PM at the Montlake Ale House, 2307 24th Avenue E.

Drinking Liberally’s Seattle hosts are Nick Beaudrot of Electoral Math and HorsesAss contributer TheHim (also at Blog Reload and EFFin’ Unsound).

If you find yourself in the Tri-Cities area, check out their Drinking Liberally; Jimmy will have the details.

The Drinking Liberally web site has dates and times for 210 chapters in 44 states (plus DC). And if you don’t find a chapter near you…start one!


  1. 1

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Roger Rabbit rarely attends DL because I don’t want to be photographed or followed by Homeland Security thugs.

  2. 2

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    I never announce my DL appearances in advance because it would attract a horde of groupies, autograph seekers, undercover agents, process servers, and assassins. I like to keep ‘em guessing!

  3. 5

    chadt spews:

    Do rarebits get fleas or miniature republicans? Which is more annoying? Easier to get rid of?

  4. 6

    Mark The Redneck KENNEDY spews:

    Are any of you fucking hypocrites going to do as your Gawd says and ride a bus to DL?

    Nah… didn’t think so.

    Gullible fucking idiots…

  5. 7


    Sorry to hear that, Roger. I’m going to be up in the Baja Bothell area this evening, and will be stopping in. Someone please make sure they save me a Guinness.

  6. 8

    RightEqualsStupid spews:

    Just heard that AIDS-infested CUNT Ann Coultergiest on TV defending her decision to make fun of the Edwards’ dead son.

    Since that’s okay, let me be clear. I hope every Publican I meet has their children die in front of them. I hope their children die horrible, painful deaths. And then I hope that someone makes fun of these dead children to help this right wing piece of shit who doesn’t deserve to breath understand just what an evil cunt she is. ANYONE who doesn’t denounce this bitch, deserves the same.

  7. 10

    Yer Killin Me spews:


    When you’re voting for John, I get the distinct impression you’re voting for Elizabeth too.

  8. 11

    Puddybud Who Left The Reservation spews:

    Yeah, Pelletman was the last Rabbit in that picture

    No… wait a minute.. Pelletman was the middle rabbit. Yeah that’s the ticket… He gets is as “good” as he “gives” it.