Dick and Jane

The last time Jane Hague ran for re-election to King County Council (district no. 6), it was discovered that she had been hiding a DUI arrest, and was abusive of the arresting officers. We learned that she had lied about having a college degree. She also got hit with multiple PDC complaints. Alas, most of this came to light too late for a strong candidate to challenge her.

She has some serious electoral competition this year, with three challengers. One challenger, Richard Mitchell, is rated “Outstanding” by the King County Municipal League. Hague is rated “Good.”

And what does the Stranger have to say for this race?

Mitchell is the most accomplished and promising challenger to Jane Hague on the Metropolitan King County Council, and earns [our] endorsement. In our interviews with the four candidates for this seat, he stood out for his quick mind and grasp of detail.

[…] The County Council is nonpartisan, but when asked Mitchell said he is a Democrat because of that party’s identification with immigrants, civil rights and environmental justice. He describes his politics as “fiscally conservative and socially progressive.”

“Accomplished, ” “Quick mind,” “grasp of details”? Typical reality-based blather from a left-wing rag.

Oh wait…my mistake, that was the Seattle Times endorsing Mitchell over Hague.

I know, I know…the bland writing was a dead giveaway. Here’s another giveaway:

Our concern about Mitchell is that he might be too quick to raise taxes. That caveat noted, he is one of the most attractive new faces on the local scene, and we endorse him for the County Council.

Hmmm…somebody on the Seattle Times editorial board is rather aroused by this candidate….

Here is what The Stranger had to say:

The Stranger Election Control Board wants to have Richard Mitchell’s baby. Mitchell is intelligent, passionate, progressive, eloquent. We’d vote for Mitchell for anything. City council. School board. Legislature. Cruise director.

If there are issues on which Mitchell and the SECB disagree, we’re probably wrong. The man could dig a deep-bore tunnel that even the SECB could get behind.

Mitchell can walk on water. He can raise the dead. He can even manage to answer a reporter’s question directly, without a hint of equivocation, all the while remaining nuanced. That’s not meant as a slam against fellow challenger John Creighton, a pleasant surprise as a port commissioner, but a stereotypical waffler as a politician. Oh wait. We guess it is.

Mitchell is exactly the sort of smart politician everybody says they want, but who never seems to get elected.

Without hesitation, Mitchell said he would approve a $20 car tab to avert a devastating 17 percent cut in Metro bus service and believes in a minor sales tax bump to rescue the county’s underfunded criminal-justice system. Vote Mitchell.

I’ll take that as The Stranger’s endorsement with a medically-concerning extended duration erection.

Here’s his web site and an intro video:


  1. 1

    ArtFart spews:

    Can’t help but wonder what Hague’s attitude toward buses would be if she’d had her driver’s license lifted after being pulled over for DWI…you know, like would have happened with “ordinary” people.

  2. 3

    Steve spews:

    @2 Actually, if you include the rabidly insane, the wingnut bench is as deep as it gets.

    Speaking of rabidly insane wingnuts, whatever happened to that local wingnut who had a thing for hairy-legged girlscouts? I forget his name.

  3. 4

    Michael spews:

    Next time someone parrots King County’s superiority,or some shit like that, I’m going to play the Jane Hauge card. I mean, i you’re all so liberal and smart why are you electing people like her and Reagan Dunn?

  4. 5

    proud leftist spews:

    Steve @ 3,
    Man, it is so hard to keep up with wingnuts and their fetishes. I don’t even remember the one with the thing for hairy-legged Girl Scouts. Was it Mitt Romney posting as AmericaFirst?

  5. 7

    proud leftist spews:

    We need people like Rich Mitchell in government. Competency counts. Unless you’re a Republican. Competency counts against you if you want to rise in the ranks of the GOP. On the other hand, I’ll give Boehner some points for at least seeming to recognize we have a crisis at hand.