Dialing for Patty and Suzan

Of all people, Washingtonians should understand the importance of getting out the vote. You may recall a very close state-wide race in 2004 that was won by a 129 vote margin (later judicially adjusted to 133). The loser of that race was Republican Dino Rossi, who is now challenging Sen. Patty Murray for the Senate seat she now holds.

Let’s not have a repeat of that…and you can help.

MoveOn.org is hosting GOTV calling parties to help re-elect Sen. Patty Muray and elect Suzan DelBene. They are looking for volunteers to spend an hour or two doing some good old fashioned voter outreach.

They are particularly interested in volunteers to make calls out of their Bellevue office at three times: Sunday at Noon, Sunday at 4:00 pm, and Monday at 1:00 pm. If you have an hour to spare during these (or even other) times, consider helping out. Start by giving them a call at 425-450-1054.


  1. 2

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    I’ve been calling for months…but not for these candidates.
    Seems like you are more focused on get out the vote than changing minds.
    Call during football games and dinner…that’s always smart.

  2. 4

    clarlynn spews:

    They can call me. I get a certain pleasure from hanging up on Sarah Palin or anyone stupid enough to support Rossi. Please call me Cyn, I may have to take a shower if you did, but slamming the phone down on you would be well worth it.

    Shit in, shit out, there will be no compromise.

  3. 6

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Also Clarlynn–
    I’m dedicated.
    Someone slamming the phone down on me bothers me about……….ZERO!!
    Folks like you are too sensitive to call & try to change minds.
    You just rant & rave and talk in an echo chamber to each other.

  4. 7

    Clinging to my guns and religion spews:

    Instead of calling on behalf of ‘I forgot to vote” millionaire Del Benzene, just go to her website and give money instead. She badly needs to replenish her checking account after spending OVER $2 MILLION of her own money on her losing campaign.

    Can’t buy me Loooovveeee…….Everybody tells me so……………..

  5. 9

    Siberian Dog spews:

    The only difference between the Dino Rossi who lost twice to Christine Gregoire and the current one is that the current one has mired himself even farther down into the muck by making his living exploiting people who lost their homes in our ongoing financial crisis caused by the same Republicans who now want control back. Rossi was always a slimy, weaselly, pathetic douchbag, it’s just now more obvious. If he gets elected it’s just another bit of testimony to the ignorance of the American public in the age of Faux News.