Desperate opportunism

Remember that 2008 Republican primary candidate named Tommy Thompson? You know, that guy who demonstrated all the charisma of soiled laundry? Tommy was elected Governor of Wisconsin in the late 1980s. When elected, Illinois had had a Governor Jim Thompson in office for a decade. Big Jim was a Republican as well.

I don’t remember why, exactly—perhaps it was just a pissing contest over who the real Gov. Thompson was—but economic warfare ensued between the two neighboring states.

Gov. Jim struck first when a billboard appeared just over the Wisconsin border saying, “Gov. Thompson wants you to move your business to Illinois.” Cute. Gov. Tommy responded in kind, though I don’t remember the details. I moved out of Wisconsin as the battles raged. Not even sure who (if anyone) won the war.

Cut to 2011 :

After Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signed into law a state income tax hike…New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels–all Republicans–pitched Illinois business to move to their states. Christie was the most aggressive, running newspaper and radio ads in Illinois and stopping earlier this month at the Union League Club in Chicago.

What is it with these Republicans and their desperate opportunism. You have to believe they’d sell the flesh of their own mothers if it might lure a business to their state. And they might not wait for death.

“What…you have a headache, Mom?”

“Well then perhaps you would you consider contributing some bits to my campaign to land our state a new Kibbles factory…MY PRETTY!

Let’s examine a Democratic and Republican response to this gubernatorial scavenging. First, the Democrat (my emphasis):

At the opening session press conference on Saturday, I asked Washington State Gov. Christine Gregoire, a Democrat and the NGA chair, what she thought of governors coming to Illinois to steal jobs.

Going over and stealing from someplace else really isn’t the future for them,” Gregoire said. “Their future is building their own economic stability inside their state…my policy as governor is anybody who wants to come to Washington State is welcome. I am not out trying to steal a company from my colleagues.”

And now, the Republican:

NGA co-chair, Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman responded that it is okay to poach “I believe in competition among the states and among the countries.” He then gave out his phone number.

See any difference?

And hear that, Boeing? Gov. Heineman wants poached Boeing. For a good time, call Gov. Dave Heineman at 402-471-2244…and re-relocate your headquarters to fricken Nebraskghanistan.


  1. 1

    Ann Onnymous spews:

    You know, Nebraska has a very strong military-industrial complex sector already. And also, Boeing is based in Illinois already. They moved in 2000, under the IL governorship of a guy who declared March 13th as L. Ron Hubbard Day.

  2. 2

    ld spews:

    Boeing is throwing out thousands of people quarterly, and if government has to let anyone go, or Unions have to give some back, watch the crying….waaaaa waaaaaa

    the 1.7 Trillion dollar deficits, Gold and Silver skyrocketing because of the debasing of the dollar, gasoline food and everything skyrocketing

    And you idiots keep voting for these shopaholics

    One day soon, you will see!

  3. 3

    Randoid spews:

    In a proper conservative country, it’s right for states to do what ever it takes to lure companies to their state. This could be deep tax give aways, gutting of job and environmental regulations and lots of the use of imminent domain to give the companies free land to make the state a good climate for business. After all, the people of the state are there after all to serve the companies and the state. If they don’t want to, they can move. it’s their choice.

  4. 4

    Deathfrogg spews:

    @ 2

    Dammit Puddy, you mixed up the blue ones with the yellow ones again.

    Colorblind fool. How many of them fuckers did you take anyway?

    Ok, on topic. Texas and California did this back in the late 90s and all through the 2000’s. The difference being, Texas corporate sponsorship of the California Governors candidacy in 1991.

    Pete Wilson, 100% owned and operated by Enron’s Jeffrey Skilling, the Bush family and the Koch Brothers, took the idea of selling off public assets to line his own pockets to extraordinary levels, selling off California’s State park lands to friendly local San Diego Companies that had sponsored his campaign for Governor. He sold off California’s power distribution districts to Texas corporations.

    As a US Senator, his primary accomplishments were wrangling a seat on the Senate Armed Services Committee and supporting “Star Wars” funding all through the late 1980’s, most of which ended up in Texas and California.

    The power generating and distribution contracts came out of his demand for energy deregulation, as Governor of California he helped Enron and Dynegy take nearly total Control of California’s state power system. This scam was then used against California Governor Gray Davis, when Enron and Dynegy shut down domestic power generating plants and then sold surplus power from Texas at exorbitant rates, then reselling that power back to Texas at a discount.

    This was used as the foundation for a recall campaign against Davis when electricity then approached $5.00 Kw/Hr, and rolling blackouts became common, even as power plants were being closed by the Texas companies contracted to run them.

    This was then used by the State of Texas to poach businesses from California, citing the price of electricity as a primary reason to leave the State and move to Texas.

    IT was a total scam, and most Californians still haven’t figured it out.

  5. 7

    lauramae spews:

    Indiana sucks. No one wants to move there. Indiana is a place where one might be from or from where one escaped. Shitty governor, hayseed thinking, cousins marrying cousins.

  6. 8

    rhp6033 spews:

    Id @ 3 said: “Boeing is throwing out thousands of people quarterly…”

    You need to tell whoever is giving you your talking points of the day to keep up with the current news. Boeing has been hiring lately, and has been for several months. It’s not just in Charleston, but in the Puget Sound region as well.

    Boeing IS having a problem getting Puget Sound workers to agree to relocate to Charleston – under the Machinist’s Union contract they can’t force them to take more than a temporary assignment (I think it’s sixty days or less). What they really need in Charleston are qualified Quality Control people, which ideally is someone with about twenty years of experience building airplanes. But few people with that much experience from the Puget Sound want to relocate to Charleston. Aside from the obvious advantages, they have established lives and family here.

    And while Boeing is already commited to the new 787 line in Charleston, they have quietly made a third 787 line in Everett, by splitting the space previously used for the 767 line. The third 787 line will initially be used for re-work, after major assembly is completed, and the airplane will enter and exit the factory through the front hanger doors. In the meantime the back half of that same space will be used to build 767’s, entering and leaving from the hanger doors at the back of the building.

    In other words, Boeing has begun to appreciate that outsourcing doesn’t save them money, and experienced union workers are worth every penny they are paid.

  7. 9

    Puddybud spews:

    Dammit Puddy, you mixed up the blue ones with the yellow ones again.

    Hey Dipshit DeadToad, that’s your peeps signature!

    Was in Chicago last week. Traveled around the burbs. Talked to some peeps while there. They are not a happy bunch with the elevated taxes. Even the cab drivers are upset. They will be paying more taxes on their tips. Hotel are raising their rates. The hotel I stayed at near the airport is more way expensive this year then last. Not a good thing for Illinois tourism.

    Pete Wilson, 100% owned and operated by Enron’s Jeffrey Skilling, the Bush family and the Koch Brothers, took the idea of selling off public assets to line his own pockets to extraordinary levels, selling off California’s State park lands to friendly local San Diego Companies that had sponsored his campaign for Governor.

    You always need to validate the sheet metal worker’s commentary. Here’s the real scoop from Wikipedia

    The California electricity crisis, also known as the Western U.S. Energy Crisis of 2000 and 2001 and the Phony Energy Crisis of 2001 was a situation where California had a shortage of electricity caused by market manipulations and illegal shutdowns of pipelines by Texas energy consortiums. The state suffered from multiple large-scale blackouts, one of the state’s largest energy companies collapsed, and the economic fall-out greatly harmed Governor Gray Davis’s standing.

    Now DeadToad, who was preznit in 1999 & 2000? William Jefferson Clinton. Who was Governor in California in 1999, 2000, and 2001? Joseph Graham “Gray” Davis.

    Now we all know too much metal in the brain causes mental anguish and factual misrepresentations. Very common malady in the fool know as DeadToad!

    Shitty governor, hayseed thinking, cousins marrying cousins.

    Ummm let’s see Lauramae… oh yeah now I remember from things read over on Sound Politics and the actual bill. Back in 1995 State Senator Dwight Pelz, then later as WA state Democratic Party Chairman introduced bill S-0460.1 to allow first cousins to marry, proposing a change to KC marriage certificates. Gotta love how progressives think. Maybe Pelz was trying to help family members?

    Since many of you believe Charles Darwin and his theories, he married his first cousin! Yep that’s a progressive for ya.

    Yes that’s WA State mentality for ya!

  8. 10


    AO @ 1,

    “And also, Boeing is based in Illinois already. They moved in 2000″

    Not only that, when Boeing moved their headquarters from WA to IL in 2000, the move was FROM a state with a LOWER state & local tax burden, TO a state with a HIGHER state & local tax burden.

    I was going to mention that in the post, but the issue is much more complicated than just state and local tax burdens on individuals because of corporate tax differences and tax incentives offered to Boeing.

    But I am pretty damn sure Boeing isn’t moving to Illinois, Wisconsin or Indiana simply because Illinois raised their income tax….

  9. 11


    Thank you for keeping the FIRST 1/3 of your comment on-topic.

    But from what I can make out of your semi-incoherent rambling, the other 2/3s of the comment does not belong in this thread.

    Try to keep your ENTIRE comment on topic in the future. Feel free to take the rest of your nonsense to an OPEN THREAD.


  10. 12

    Puddybud spews:


    So Lauramae’s comment doesn’t belong in the thread? I just responded to her.

    So DeathFrogg’s comment doesn’t belong in the thread? I just responded to him.

    Or because they are whack-job liberals, you only mention this to me? Since I regurgitated their talking points it seems their semi-incoherent rambling is acceptable to you?

    Just checking Darryl.

    How is the professorial work these days? Using a govmint supplied computer to work on HA?

  11. 13

    Zotz sez: Teahadists are Koch suckers! spews:

    Why does anyone tolerate someone who shits in your frontyard and then bitches about the smell?

    Just ban the crazy motherfucker.

  12. 15

    What do you expect spews:

    @1 Boeing did NOT move to Illinois. I wish people would stop saying that. Boeing is in Seattle, with a few satellite operations here and there.

    What Boeing did was a tax scam. They just moved a few offices into a building in downtown Chicago, said the “corporation” moved. Did the 737, 747, 767 or 777 factories move to Illinois? They didn’t get any of the jobs. It’s a modern version of the “drop box” business location scam.

    Stealing business from another location is fine in capitalism (Seattle stole Russel Investments from Tacoma…happens on city level too). But it’s still not CREATING a single job in the nation, just shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic. Amazon has ADDED THOUSANDS of NEW jobs to Seattle in the past few years. Funny…wonder why they haven’t moved to more ‘tax friendly’ Mississippi or Wyoming? Oh yeah, they need an educated workforce. And moving to a state where they don’t believe in evolution and think the Earth is 6,000 years old isn’t the best place to run a high tech company.

  13. 17

    MikeBoyScout spews:

    “I believe in competition among the states and among the countries.”

    It is all about the faith based approach to life; I believe vice the evidence shows.

  14. 18

    Zotz sez: Teahadists are Koch suckers! spews:

    This’ll brighten up your morning:

    The Rev. Grant Storms, the Christian fundamentalist known for his bullhorn protests of the Southern Decadence festival in the French Quarter, was arrested on a charge of masturbating at a Metairie park Friday afternoon.

    Be sure to check out the comments. They’re a hoot!

  15. 19

    Steve spews:

    “Just ban the crazy motherfucker.”

    Agreed. Until then, I will continue to ignore the rants of that lying, America-hating asswipe. Conversing with him is akin to striking up a conversation with a streetcorner loon. Hell, I don’t even read his hate-filled comments anymore. I’ve got better things to do.

  16. 20

    Steve spews:

    @18 Such a deviant freak show the right has become. Sick as he is, he’s probably a paragon of virtue compared to the goatfucking trolls posting here.

  17. 21

    rhp6033 spews:

    # 15: Yep, they moved the “corporate offices” to a higher-taxed state so Stonecipher can feel like a big shot. He didn’t like the lowly Boeing art-deco headquarters on the Duwamish. Chigago gave them some tax breaks to ensure that the move was pretty expense-free, but now Chicago is upset that Boeing sold them a bill of goods – Chicago officials were led to believe a rather large work force would follow the corporate office, but that’s hardly the case.

    As for Amazon, they keep a large staff here which is charged with programming the computers and market development – the kind of things for which you need an educated work force and a nice environment to keep them here. But they are opening regional centers around the country to handle warehouse and shipping, which makes some sense.

    But Amazon is working hard to get sweetheart deals with respect to development costs and sales tax exemptions. Recently Amazon said it was closing it’s Texas fullfillment center because the state was insisting that it receive at least the sales tax on in-state sales (local booksellers, which had to pay the tax in the ordinary course of business, were complaining).

    Amazon is also opening up a fullfillment center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, but the details of the development costs and tax breaks they are getting are being kept very quiet, residents are being told that it’s necessary to keep the details secret because that’s part of the deal, and to not worry about it and just be happy because it brings jobs to the city.

  18. 22

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    As a Wisconsin native, Darryl, you probably remember when Wisconsin residents had to drive to the Illinois state line to buy margarine, which was illegal in Wisconsin. Remember the police raids in Madison neighborhoods as the cops put yellow tape around boarding houses, obtained search warrants, and ransacked student apartments looking for contraband oleo? Possessing that stuff was a serious offense against Wisconsin’s all-powerful dairy lobby.

  19. 24

    Pete spews:

    I actually don’t agree with Darryl that this is “desperate opportunism.” Successful Republicans, I suspect, genuinely believe that people choose where to live based on fractions of a percent of tax burdens. And a few people – the people like them – do.

    But a far greater number go where their family is, where they like the climate (Nebraska>?) or quality of life, or where jobs are. People primarily come to the Pacific NW for quality of life. Taxes have very little to do with it. Except, of course, that the lower your taxes are, the lower the general quality of life seems to be. Having lived in Texas, I can vouch for that.

  20. 25



    Somebody in the threads, might have been you rhp, said Stonecipher’s wife didn’t want to be in the supermarket with the wives of striking workers. Poor baby.

  21. 26

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @1 Well, at least Gov. Ryan didn’t declare March 13th as King Abdullah Day. That’s the difference between Springfield and Riyadh. Plus, the Saudis don’t throw their leaders in prison for corruption; we prosecute corruption, they institutionalize it.

  22. 27

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    The problem for Washington D.C. now is how to prop up Abdullah while appearing to support the democratic aspirations of his subjects.

  23. 28

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    You know the Saudis are worried when they give their public workers a 15% raise in the middle of a recession. But not to worry, this won’t create a fiscal emergency for them, because you’re going to pay for it at the pump.

  24. 29

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @2 Well at least we agree on one thing, the corporatist-controlled Federal Reserve is driving up prices by debasing the dollar. All the rest of your “facts” are wrong …

  25. 30

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @3 Sure, let’s turn all the states into a Nigerian Delta, where resources are there to be exploited by the wealthy and the people who live there are irrelevant.

  26. 31

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Do you ever get the feeling Republicans think America exists for the benefit of the wealthiest 2% and everyone else can go to hell?

  27. 33

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @9 Yeah, puddy, we know Clinton was a sellout to the corporate interests who wanted deregulation so they could rig markets and rape consumers. He just wasn’t as good at it as Republicans, who have had more practice, which is why the looting of the middle class that started under Reagan and continued under Clinton accelerated under Bush II. After Republicans, Democrats are our second-biggest problem.

  28. 36

    rhp6033 spews:

    Rejux @ 21: I did say something like that, but it wasn’t Stoncipher’s wife. They were old enough and rich enough that they pretty much shut themselves off from any contact with the Hoi Paloi. It was the “lesser executives”, who still had children in school, who’s wives complained about having to go to PTA meetings filled with striking Boeing workers or their spouses. It kind of made them uncomfortable, for some reason.

  29. 37

    LD spews:

    Talk to the IT organization at Boeing, half of the telecomm and IT organizations have been let go. They sold half of the space plant, are closing down all of their computer buildings in the Northwest and relocating them..

    Get a F’n clue, Unions are driving jobs out of this state

  30. 38

    Steve spews:

    Maybe Boeing intends to set up shop in Missouri, where State Senator Cunningham has a clever idea to take us back to the days before the Wright brothers ever dreamed of flight. From the summary of her bill,

    “This act modifies the child labor laws. It eliminates the prohibition on employment of children under age 14. Restrictions on the number of hours and restrictions on when a child may work during the day are also removed. It also repeals the requirement that a child aged 14 or 15 obtain a work certificate or work permit in order to be employed. Children under 16 will also be allowed to work in any capacity in a motel, resort or hotel where sleeping accommodations are furnished. It also removes the authority of the director of the Division of Labor Standards to inspect employers who employ children and to require them to keep certain records for children they employ. It also repeals the presumption that the presence of a child in a workplace is evidence of employment.”

  31. 40

    rhp6033 spews:

    LD @ 37: I seriously doubt the IT guys at Boeing are union. They certainly don’t belong to the Machinist’s Union. So you can’t blame the union for that one.

    Boeing’s policy over the past fifteen years or so has been to promise non-union work groups all sorts of benefits as long as they stay non-union, like the opportunity to participate in the stock-price related profit-sharing program. Then after they vote down the union, Boeing essentially eliminates their function over the next couple of years. Profit-sharing doesn’t help much if you aren’t employed.

    This happened to the BFE (Buyer-Furnished Equipment) group about ten years ago – they were complaining that their duties and responsibilities deserved more pay. Boeing came in and offered them the opportunity to participate in profit-sharing, and promised that their position would be evaluated to determine the appropriate level of raise they should receive. They voted down the union, then within a few months saw most of their responsibilities delegated to purchasing, after which Boeing said their evaluation was that they were now overpaid. Boeing shut down their big warehouse in Mukilteo and laid off all but a handfull of BFE staff.

    Now Boeing’s trying to eliminate BFE entirely in the 787 program, using New Breed to handle all BFE and SFE (Seller-Furnished Equipment). From everything I’ve seen, New Breed isn’t doing a very good job of it. Workers on the factory floor are complaining that it takes weeks for them to deliver a part which they have in inventory, even though their warehouse is less than a mile away from the factory.

    One thing that Boeing is now doing which makes some sense is that it is reducing it’s footprint of leased facilities. Boeing Spares offices were recently relocated from the “twin towers” across on International Blvd. to what was previously empty space in Boeing’s renton facilities.

  32. 41

    MikeBoyScout spews:

    @37 LD on 03/01/2011 at 1:58 pm,

    Neither the Boeing IT nor the Boeing telecom workers have ever been unionized. And yes, they have been devastated by outsourcing driven job cuts. Many of those jobs were subbed out to companies who offered the same people the same job at a drastically lower wage. Most did not accept those offers. Now Boeing gets $20/hour laborers for $100/hour cost.

    Funny thing about Boeing and unions. The most unionized product in the Boeing stable is the 737, the most successful airplane ever. It is the ca$h cow at Boeing accounting for the lions share of its revenue at tremendous profit margins due to productivity improvements led by and successfully implemented by IAM workers. The damn 737 plant pumps out more than a plane per day!

    The least unionized product of Boeing’s is the 787. You might remember that it has yet to be delivered; 3 years late at cost over runs equal to the entire planned development cost.

    Unions are not driving jobs out of this state LD. Managers who make decisions based upon belief instead of sound logic are driving themselves out of business.
    The Galtian Invisible Hand Fairy is a myth.

  33. 42

    helpmerhonda spews:

    pretty funny the left has deluded themselves to believe businesses must stay in a state.
    no business gets “poached”. they make a business decision whether or not to move to a more favorable location. obama’s homestate has raised taxes. businesses can accept & stay…or move.
    same with cost of regulations & other things that impact their bottom-line.
    whining gets gregoire nothing.
    she needs to compete..or suffer the consequences.
    why is this so difficult for the left to understand? i think this shows how far off the deep-end the left has gone..
    poaching? bullshit. it’s competition and LOSERS call it poaching. WINNERS call it competing and coming out on top.

  34. 43

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @42 Sorry, Rhonda Stupid, but when a state interferes with market forces by subsidizing a business at taxpayer expense in order to persuade its managers to relocate to that state, that’s not only poaching but also market interference.

  35. 44

    Steve spews:

    Winners and losers. Mindless Galtian bullshit spewed by addle-brained, goatfucking trolls. It’s race to the fucking bottom, you imbeciles. Apparently your masters, the same people who would see America become something akin to Somalia, would also like to see Washington become more like Mississippi. That’s your New Fucking World Order for you. And your dumbfuck troll asses are at the bottom of this stinkin’ pile of shit. But all you can think of is goatfucking. You’ll learn soon enough that your masters don’t give a flying fuck whether you live or fucking die. I’m with them on that. I don’t fucking care whether you live or die either. Keep this shit up, though, and I might soon have a preference.

    You dumbfucks don’t like what I have to say to you? Too fucking bad there isn’t enough courage to be found in the whole bunch of you to do anything about it.

  36. 45

    LD spews:

    And when anyone complains about the out of touch Union benefits, all the Left can do is scream about some CEO’s pay. No one argues about CEO pay being to high, but how about all those under the CEO who are seeing their jobs farmed out to contract firms that offer no benefits?

    WI coming to a town near you soon!

  37. 46

    Steve spews:

    I don’t talk about no stinkin’ CEO’s. I’m here to call out trolls for what they are – goatfucking, treasonous haters of everything good and decent in this world.

  38. 47

    MikeBoyScout spews:

    @45 LD on 03/01/2011 at 11:05 pm,

    So, if I understand you correctly we should be mad at Union members and fight against them because they have organized to get they’re fair share for their labor, because if we don’t the CEO-s which are paid too highly will farm out our jobs to underpaid contract firms?

    Maybe you’d like to rethink your approach???

    Or maybe you think the same way about al qaeda too??

  39. 48


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