By George, we have a protest!

Upwards of 200 people, a hand full of police officers, a few different media organizations, and one bloodmobile braved gusty winds and rain this morning to gather by George on the University of Washington campus as part of a United Students Against Sweatshops national day of action.

The protests are in response to draconian budget cuts and anti-collective bargaining legislation proposed by governor Scott Walker (R-WI).

Here are some scenes from the demonstration taken from my cell phone:


I’m sure someone’s gonna claim the bloodmobile was used to bring in out-of-state protesters….


  1. 1

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    My initial reaction is they brought in the bloodmobile to squeeze the last drop of blood out of public workers.

  2. 3

    rhp6033 spews:

    Of course, Gov. Walker would just dismiss these protesters as a handful of “socialist Democrats” from out-of-state.

    Now Fox News’s Meagen Kelly has targeted “socialist” Seattle. Citing an initiative she admits she hasn’t read, she claims that if police pull over a black person for driving without a license in the third degree, then he has to let them go, but if a white person is pulled over, he is arrested!

    Of course, it’s considerably more complicated than that, but I wouldn’t want to give her a headache trying to explain the details. That’s not what Fox wants to hear, so they won’t report on that. For example, the voter-approved initiative she is referring to is one which essentially decriminalized simple marijuana possession in Seattle by instructing police to make it their lowest priorit. The policy regarding suspended licenses is a budget and priority issue (why take a cop off the street because somebody forgot to pay a parking ticket and didn’t know that their license was then suspended?).

    But through it all, I can’t help but laugh at the outrage of Fox News and right-wing whites when suddenly they think they might be treated the same way minorities have been treated for centuries. I’m reminded of a story from the Civil War, where a slave taunts his former master, saying “bottom rail is top rail now, ain’t he, Massa!”

  3. 5

    proud leftist spews:

    Ouch, you’ve made my head hurt. How could someone that dense and disingenuous have a reporting job in network news?

  4. 9

    Michael spews:

    Yep, George Soros pays Acorn to smuggle illegal, professional leftist, aliens into protests using blood mobiles.

  5. 10

    MarkS spews:

    Soros must have paid for the fat cat balloon also.

    Thing is though being the good liberal that I am I’m still waiting for my George Soros check.