A Real America open thread

(And there is more good media stuff from the past week in politics at Hominid Views.)


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    In Real America the kewl kids are always milling about an eternal Dino Rossi booth at the local community fair.

    There’s always the similing jumbo-sized, helmet-haired likeness promising a bright future just one more tax cut for the rich away.

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Pudge is awesome!
    So is this news–

    Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
    Saturday, October 30, 2010

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Saturday shows that 27% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as president. Forty-four percent (44%) Strongly Disapprove, giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -17.

    Overall, the Rasmussen Reports Election 2010 Balance of Power summary shows Democrats likely to end up with 48 seats and Republicans with 45. Seven Senate races remain Toss-Ups (California, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Washington, and West Virginia). Republicans need to win six of the seven Toss-Ups to win control. Currently, Republicans have a slight edge in five of the Toss-up states while Democrats have the edge in two.

    And just a reminder, in 2012, 23 of the 33 seats up for grabs are Democrat.
    Have a nice day!

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    ImamObaMao will desperately need Ohio to get re-elected… His approval rating is at 33% or less. And as for as the Senate Race goes–

    Election 2010: Ohio Senate
    Ohio Senate: Portman (R) Maintains Sizable Lead Over Fisher (D)
    Saturday, October 30, 2010

    Republican Rob Portman enters the closing days of the Ohio Senate race with a lead of over 20 points on Democratic Lieutenant Governor Lee Fisher.
    The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in the state finds Portman, a former congressman and Bush administration official, with 57% of the vote to Fisher’s 33%.

    Ouch! 24 points.
    Because it’s Rasmussen, I suppose you KLOWNS dream that it’s a toss-up. Right?
    3 more days.

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    I’m sure in your alleged KLOWNminds (oxymoron)…these are all toss-ups.

    You could see 25-12 Republican in this years 37 Senate Races….meaning the R’s will likely control the Senate in 2012 when 23 of the 33 seats up are Dems. Then look ahead to 2014…20 out of 33 will be Democrats. Think you will be playing a little defense the next 2 elections? Momentum is clearly against you. Can the R’s screw it up? You bet. That’s your only hope..that the R’s turn out to be as arrogant & stupid as the Obama Regime.

    We will welcome you progressives to the discussion table. We will take our time considering your desires…much more time than Obama did on say ObamaCare or the Porkulous Bill etc. However, in the end, there will be a vote and the result will be a Conservative Agenda. And some of you will prosper from it. Those like YLB who refuses to work…won’t.
    But even YLB will have opportunities..to succeed or fail.
    Risk and Reward.

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Nope, we’ll let them sit in the front of the bus.
    As long as we are driving, sitting behind them, we can keep an eye on them.
    Besides, these folks are totally motivated by feelings. Make them FEEL listened to. Make them FEEL important. FEELINGs…nothing more than FEELINGS.
    We’ll be driving after 2012 elections Id.
    This election is the stage setter.
    As long as we don’t overplay this success.
    As long as we learn from Obama’s grave errors…we’ll be ok.
    NOBODY likes a bad winner.
    EVERYONE loves a humble winner.
    Get it?

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    Mr. Cynical,

    Look…we have discussed this before. If you are copying someone else’s property, you MUST use it consistent with Fair Use. That means, the stuff you copy should be used sparingly and to supplement your own commentary.

    Given your perpetual abuse, you should be thinking of adding more original content (in word count) of relevant text than what you are copying. Otherwise your comments have a high probability of disappearing.

    I’m not trying to ruin your fun. But you must follow the rules and the law!

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    I’m not a gasbag like the KLOWNS that post here. One can make a point in a sentence…FYI.
    The Rasmussen Poll results merely support the point…at least I try.
    Many of your members of Goldy’s NW Division of Lunatic Moonbats discredit Rasmussen with little or no substantiation. Just wishful thinking.

    I will try to add a bit more.
    But folks need to know McCain is way ahead, despite the laughs of Left about a hardcore Primary killing McCain in final.

    Rubio is waaay ahead now after Clinton/Obama shenanigans with Gregory Meek. (Obama sent his surrogate to do his bidding obviously).
    20 points!

    I think you understand what has happened Darryl. Americans hate poor winners and arrogance when in power. They hate it…and Obama did it. So did other Dems like Reid & Pelosi. What a huge mistake.

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    Mr. Cynical,

    “I’m not a gasbag like the KLOWNS that post here.”

    Fine. But then don’t copy other people’s stuff. If you want to make the point concisely, summarize in your own words without copying, and include a link back to the source material.

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    The Rasmussen Poll results merely support the point.

    Uh yeah.. Let’s see there’s 667 days (give or take a couple) between 1/1/2009 and today.

    mylaptop:~$ b hacols -f c -c tag:eq~klown,body:phrase~rasmussen -C
    | count |
    | 683 |
    1 row in set

    Point??? Feel around for it maybe on top of your head.

    And congrats you’ve posted Scotty Raz’s good cheer for right wing dips an average of MORE than once a day since BEFORE Obama was inaugurated!

    My database doesn’t include October by the way.

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Darryl @ 12–
    10-4…and thanks for your conciseness. It’s something we Conservatives appreciate.
    The pot-smokin’ KLOWNS start rambling and eating Cheetos…then forget the point they were trying to make 10 paragraphs later.

    I don’t need to get high because I value life and feel it is wrong to lose control of your mind & thoughts. Your KLOWNgang lives for the artificial high.

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    For those of you interested in economics (meaning mainly my friends who are always RIGHT as the KLOWNS seem intent on defying the laws of basic economics)….here is an excellent article.
    Obama MUST increase the GDP and decrease National Debt as a % of GDP..instead he has greatly increased the Debt % to nearly 95% which is totally unsustainable.


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    15 – Moron. Larry Kudlow the hack?

    What keeps any deficit under control fool?

    Is it cutting spending? Hardly… Any politician who wants to keep his job raises spending in the face of an economic downturn. Look at the hypocrite right wingers who dissed the stimulus and then took the money!

    Is it raising taxes? Helps but no..

    It’s the economic growth stupid! And this country has subsidized the hollowing out of its own economy for the past 30 years.

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    I don’t need to get high

    You’re just addicted to posting Scotty Raz’ good cheer in the HA Comment threads more than once a day.

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Until the results show otherwise, Rasmussen has an excellent history…especially when we get this close to election day.

    As I said before, polls are only a snapshot and can be used to feel out momentum early on.
    At this point, they are predictors.
    Rasmussen always publishes a summary of his results vs. predictions…unlike some polls you seem to rely on.
    If cellphones significantly impact Rasmussen’s predictions this election, he will have to change his assumptions.

    Poll results are about underlying assumptions.

    You seem to get unhinged about Rasmussen and apparently take early polls as predictors, not snapshots of sentiment & momentum.
    Get real fool.

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    Don’t have much of a problem with Scotty Raz KLOWN.. Everyone even on my side of fence agrees he’s competent.

    I’m more fascinated with the psychos who copy and paste his stuff here in the comment threads an average of MORE than once a day.

    For a more balanced life – try one or twice a WEEK ok?

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    proud leftist spews:

    Darryl @ 10
    If the posting rules require some original content, I’d say every single one of Cynny’s posts should be deleted as every single post says the same damned thing: Obama arrogant, Rasmussen, leftists are lazy, Tea Partiers are God’s favored children, more Democatic Senators up for election in 2012 than Republicans. That pretty much covers it. Maybe just let him post once per day; that would make the threads leaner and more coherent.

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    Update from Carson City, NV – In today’s Nevada Day parade, D’s and R’s marched together in support of Harry Reid in his 50-50 race against Sharron “Forty-One To” Angle. Reid was supposedly there, but wasn’t in the parade. Angle was in the parade, and got within about five feet of me. I was able to steel myself against the assault of her psychosis. His son Rory was also in the parade, still about 15 to 20 points behind Brian Sandoval in the NV governor’s race.

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    Zotz sez: GOTV! spews:

    Attention Roger: Check out this clip of an adroid debuted in Japan last week. They are getting real close to replacing us humans! This one’s intended to serve as a companion in hospitals.

    It’s just eerie how lifelike “she” is.

    They’ll be making rabbit girrrls next, I bet (to cut down on the big litters and frustrated rabbits!).


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    proud leftist spews:

    Cynny @ 22,
    Sorry, man, I just calls ‘em like I sees ‘em. You are not a serious person.

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    lostinaseaofblue spews:

    Re 23

    “D’s and R’s marched together in support of Harry Reid in his 50-50 race against Sharron “Forty-One To” Angle.

    In this sentence the real news is that Reid didn’t put this race to bed on Angles’ winning the primary. Want to know what America thinks of far left governance ala Reid/Obama/Pelosi?
    That should give you a pretty good idea.

    What political talk do Americans choose? Conservative. Books on politics? Yep, conservative again. The market tells, regardless of insistent and endless media propagandizing from all the major networks and most papers. America doesn’t want what you guys are selling.

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    lostinaseaofblue spews:

    What’s actually most amazing is how few Americans buy the left wing propaganda. I mean, for 40 years it’s been pushed on us from TV, newspapers, publicly funded radio and so on. For all that, leftist is still a derogatory word to most Americans. Communist or socialist even more so. All the pretty ideas and fantasies about remaking America in the image of France or Norway so insistently plugged by all major forms of our consistently left wing journalism to what end? Americans still want none of it, by and large. Al Gore lies consistently in his bid for presidency to dead silence from ABC, NBC, CBS or any of the major papers. Bush makes one small mistake and he’s an idiot according to all these folks, with 14 articles and full coverage on all television news station of that fact. Bill Clinton perjures himself and conspires to take the right to a day in court from one of his victims. The result? An impeachment that should have happened, but no conviction to this disgusting abuser of his power.

    For all that, for all the ignoring of democrat political or personal problems and over-emphasis on republican in any media outlet except commercial radio and the internet, this nation is still a center right country. And that just burns you folks up, doesn’t it?

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    proud leftist spews:

    lost @ 27
    Bullshit, lost. Tuesday’s election will be a snapshot in time that means precious little about where America is politically. The American electorate has a very short memory. Those who vote Republican this election, aside from the puppy-barbecuing segment of the GOP to which you belong, are doing so because they’re scared and uncertain. They perceive the Democrats as being in charge, so that’s who gets punished. On the issues, this country is center-left. With the media’s failure to do its job and refusal to call crazy crazy, and with the Right’s ceaseless fearmongering, the Right continues to get a share of the vote disproportionate to the number of Americans who adhere to rightwing values. Tuesday’s election will hardly show any sort of historical trend. It’ll be a blip. The trend of Western Civilization since the Reformation has been to the left. That trend is inevitable, even if we have these brief episodes of going backward, which appears likely to happen on Tuesday.

  23. 30

    lostinaseaofblue spews:

    Re 29

    Console yourself with ad hominem attacks if you like. It’s what the left specializes in anyhow. (BTW, I like dogs. I only throw helpless cute little kittens on the hibachi. Geez.) But you and the rest of the usual suspects here don’t represent the majority of Americans, anymore than the crazy wing of the Republican party Angle represents does.

    You represent a well meaning, but mistaken, political philosphy which has and will likely continue to, drive the country slightly to the left. Kudos. But it will be a very long time before most of my fellow citizens associate ‘leftist’ or ‘socialist’ with positive qualities.

  24. 31

    proud leftist spews:

    How is my post an ad hominem attack? It’s dispassionate analysis. I suppose the puppy-barbecuer comment was a little personal, but otherwise I was just stating my view on the meaning of Tuesday’s election.

  25. 32

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    26. proud leftist spews:

    Cynny @ 22,
    Sorry, man, I just calls ‘em like I sees ‘em. You are not a serious person.

    How can anyone be serious posting on a Blog called HorsesAss.org??
    You’d have to be a real lame ass to take any of this seriously.
    Ooooops, I guess that’s you PL…lame ass.

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    Blue John spews:

    I’m fed up with the myth of leftist media.
    It’s usually socially liberal but it’s very corporate conservtive.
    It’s liberal in that it doesn’t make sexist or racist jokes or stories and doesn’t slant the news in racist or sexist ways any more. Women are in positions in power on TV shows. Shows strive to have interracial casts. Shows like Mad Men are interesting in how antiquated and awful they treated women. Homophobic characters and stories and religious extremism are depicted as undesirable on TV. I agree that’s pretty liberal.
    But the media is very corporate conservative. They vilify unions. They never cover labor issues, but they cover the investor class in every way possible. They don’t hammer corporations about outsourcing. They don’t question the government. I’m sure others here can list all sorts of ways the media is very corporate conservative.
    But the corporate media is not some slavering bastion of liberalism.
    NPR is slightly liberal, but they have to attempt to objective so they don’t play that up.
    Fox doesn’t even try to be objective. They are just shills and demigods.

  27. 34

    MarkS spews:

    Good line. Next time I’m arguing with a right wing whacko I’ll tell hin he’s full of Shhhhhhhaun Hanity.