Ze Germans

Zis is an open thread.


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    Puddybud spews:

    I like the lezzie Camille Paglia. She thinks. She’s funny. She has insight. Maybe if some other HA whack-jobs provided a thinking mind I could enjoy them too.

    Copyleft and fair use claws per the URL below.


    “Meanwhile, my pessimism about the Democrats’ chances in next year’s presidential election vanished for an ecstatic moment when I laid eyes on a photo posted last week on the Drudge Report of the Obamas standing with Oprah Winfrey. I was electrified by the relaxed, genial Obama coupledom — what a vision of a future White House! It flashed through my mind that Michelle Obama would be the most graceful, stylish first lady since Jacqueline Kennedy.

    And she’s fierce! Michelle in combat goes straight for the jugular. There’s none of that bitter, self-pitying feminazi irony that Hillary indulges in — as in her smugly caustic reference in the recent CNN debate to the onerous “impediments” that women face. (Oh, right — men are to blame for the privileged Wellesley and Yale Law grad having failed her D.C. bar exam.)

    “Al Gore got the Nobel Prize this week for his role as chief propagandist in spreading global warming hysteria into every nook and cranny of credulous minds. I expect that this baseless panic, like all fads, will evaporate when apocalypse doesn’t arrive on schedule. Meanwhile let’s focus on legitimate practical issues — such as the grotesque volume of pollution belched by big-rig trucks, which in the absence of an efficient interstate rail system in the U.S. are absurdly carrying freight for thousands of miles from coast to coast. Exhaust from family SUVs is nothing compared to the environmental damage wrought by trucks, whose massive weight and deadline-driven high speeds also constitute an unacceptable risk to passenger vehicles on the highway.

    For a gander at nature’s pollution in action, behold this striking video of Mount Etna erupting in Sicily six years ago: http://www.youtube.com/v/YRiJdnDoMjw&rel=1

    Those poison gases are no slouch. The massive, chattering booms give one some idea of how terrifying volcanoes were to ancient peoples and how eruptions were thought to be messages from an angry god in his gloomy underworld. Nature is not our victim but an awesome, uncontrollable force.”

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    Blaming the Germans for WWI is a bit like blaming the French Royalty for the American Rev.

    Will ..

    hmmm, etnique jokes? Here on a libral blog?

    Didja here the one about Tacoma?

    Actaully I have beenw orkign o9n some belltown jokes.

    Did you here about the new city clinic in Belltown?


    They give lessons on sex.

    What? I thought Belletown was full of liberated young things?

    Nah, all talk, no action.