You’re wondering why print is dead?

Of course, how could Jon Stewart not be funny when he’s got the whole lesbian-bondage-themed-nightclub-GOP-scandal to work with, but his aside on the NY Times headline on the story is a perfect commentary on one of the least discussed factors behind the newspaper industry’s precipitous decline: its self-imposed stodginess.


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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    How can you read a newspaper when there’s no newspaper to read? Have you picked up a fishwrapper lately? Nowadays you have to buy three of them to wrap one fish! That’s like trying to screw a rabbit with a hamster dick. If publishers give you only one-third as much newspaper, they should charge you only one-third as much! Frnak Blethen should lower his price from 75 cents to 25 cents. Not that the Republican Times is worth two-bits; I never paid that much for it, I’ve always read it for free — online, at the supermarket, or in the library. And if I needed one to wrap fish or garbage with, I fished it out of the trash — free. But it just seems to me that when there isn’t enough fishwrapper to wrap a fish in, even free isn’t much of a deal anymore.