You can’t get there from here

Flooding shuts down I-5 in Lewis County. The communist choo-choo is no good either.

Can’t we all just get along?

Why do people insist on living in New Orleans Lewis County anyhow? They should just move, abandon their property and history and scatter their families to the wind, that’s what they should do, ’cause I heard it on the talk radio station.

I don’t wanna pay to help my fellow citizens, because I’m a heartless bastard. Now back to the regularly scheduled talk about cutting the pay of the people who teach your children, because they are freeloaders.


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    Auntie spews:

    What a clusterf%@$#!!!!

    I have a friend I’ve not seen in over twenty years driving up from Northern California with her three year old. We’ve been planning this forever, and she really needs to be here because she is going through a lot and needs to be pampered. She made it to Portland, and now since she can’t get through we’re having her park at PDX and fly up instead. We’ll drive her back to Portland when I-5 re-opens so she can get her car and drive home.


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    rhp6033 spews:

    Yep, they knew it was coming. Warnings were broadcast 24 to 48 hours in advance. And the people didn’t evacuate? Why should we do anything to help people who don’t know the meaning of the word “go”???? Why are we spending scarce taxpayer dollars and endangering the lives of police and soldiers to rescue them and their belongings?

    Oh, yea, they are predominately white Republicans. I guess it’s okay, then.

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    rhp6033 spews:

    Okay, add this to the list of infrastructure projects badly needed in Washington State: raising I-5 about twenty feet, through most of fifty-mile stretch in southern Washington.

    When I-5 was flooded a couple of years back, we were told it was a “once in a century” storm. Well, now we’ve had two of them in two years, so it looks like it might be more like a “bi-annual” storm. In that context, just allowing one of the few north-south arterials in the state to close for flooding on a regular basis, and repair the damage later, is a waste of taxpayer money in the long run.

    Of course, due to Eyman and his “never saw a tax dollar spent that was justifiable” crew, that project list just keeps getting longer and longer. At this rate we might get around to it around 2038, or so.

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    Auntie spews:

    Your idea is a good one, rhp. I was just thinking last night that homes built in floodplains should be required to be built on a raised foundation rather than flat on the ground. I also see a lot of homes that are “islands”….why not create man-made “islands” for each house by building them on a hill made specifically to build the house on? It might not save the house completely, but it might mitigate the losses.

    Oh, wait….that costs money, and the wingers don’t believe in helping your fellow humans. Never mind. What WAS I thinking?

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    Chris Stefan spews:

    rhp6033- You don’t understand, according to Eyman and friends the state has plenty of money for vital infrastructure projects like this if:
    they eliminate “waste, fraud, and abuse” (like this is some sort of budget line item)
    stop spending any taxpayer money on things like rail, transit, ferries, sidewalks, or bike trails
    cut state workers (ok which ones?)
    cut state worker pay (minimum wage should be enough for the lazy bums!)
    cut education spending ($0 would be ideal)
    cut health care spending (again $0 would be ideal)
    cut spending on the elderly, poor, disabled, unemployed, etc. ($0 here too! private charity will take care of the widows and orphans)

    See plenty of money when you get rid of the unecessary spending.

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    Chris Stefan spews:

    That isn’t possible in cases where you have the entire town or city down in the floodplain. Sure it makes sense for isolated houses with plenty of land around them, but it won’t help Orting or Chehalis.

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    Susan spews:

    Governor Gregoire are you out there? Hello Hello. Indian lands all over this state are being destroyed. We (Indian people)are responsible for your election and durung this crisis you are in DC.

    First Mayor Nichols asleep at the wheel and now the Governor.

    What a bunch of lousy leaders we have in this state!

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    Susan spews:

    For you who doubt the influence we the tribes have over Governor Gregoire go ahead and google the name Marty Loesch.

    Loesch is “inter-governmental affairs director and tribal attorney for the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community’” and now will serve as “general counsel and senior adviser” to Gregoire.

    governor’s news release:
    “I have known Marty for 16 years and greatly respect his legal and policy guidance,” Gregoire said. “In addition to serving as my legal counsel, I have asked Marty to serve as a senior advisor to guide our decisions on a host of policy matters.

    Bend over Whitey!
    Our power is only going to get bigger and bigger!
    Thanks again to all of you who voted and supported Gregoire.

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    proud leftist spews:

    Racist satire is not funny. If you honestly believe that tribal governments have too much power in this state, then you plainly believe ideology should always trump reason.

  10. 11

    Susan spews:

    Hey proud leftist

    I don’t think we have to much power – I think we don’t have enough.

    I don’t know how I could be any clearer!


  11. 12

    So we won spews:

    LOL. Yeah, the natives have too much power, that’s the problem. That must be why there were mostly killed off, forced onto reservations while their previous lands were taken by force for the creation of our great nation. But now we said they can have 2500 (or 3200) slot machines, so that makes up for it…ROTFLMAO!

  12. 13

    Susan spews:


    I don’t think the fact that we have power is bad. Not at all! The more the better.

    It is only fair that we now screw Whitey as he has screwed us in the past

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    Blue John spews:

    Isn’t that where it flooded last year because all the development of the Wall-Mart and car dealership and strip mall parking lots that paved over the flood plains?
    So the county got greedy and let the developers put in strip malls in the flood plain. The county get a little more sales tax revenue but have to pay so much more in flood costs.
    Short term profits, long term debts. Typical Republicans.

    Lewis County voted for Republican George W. Bush in 2004 by almost a 2-to-1 margin, in sharp contrast to the fairly Democratic surrounding areas.

  14. 15

    slingshot spews:

    She’s in Iraq, not Washington (which is a total waste of time and taxpayer funds). And what would you have her do? Summon the great spirit of rivers out of their banks? Raise her hand commanding a cessation of the flood, like Moses?

    Real productive there, dissing the Gov for being out of town when a natural disaster occurs. I’d guess that’s currently the main course on KVI.

  15. 16



    While it’s difficult with only a few posts to figure out who you are among our many far-right trolls (I suspect Mark, but you could be any of several gender-ambiguous trolls), it is almost certain that you are not just white, but an active member of one of the various white supremacy groups.

    Seriously, nobody says “whitey” anymore, except you neo-nazi types.

    It must really suck to have nothing more than a lack of melanin to brag about.


    You’ve got a problem with the Commander in Chief of the Washington National Guard visiting our troops in combat?

    Of course, if she passed up the opportunity to go, you’d be complaining about her not caring about the troops.

    And while everything possible has been done to keep her safe, there is little doubt that she’d be much safer sitting back in Olympia than in Baghdad, so she’s actually risking her life in the performance of her duties.

    No, not nearly as much as the troops in combat, but certainly more than you’re doing, sitting safe at home and complaining.

  16. 17

    Susan spews:


    “summon the great spirit out of their banks?” What a racist remark!

    When we called her office this morning we were told by her press secreary that she was back from Iraq and in DC. Do you know more than her office?

    We need help. Tribal lands all over this state are under water. The Puyallups, The Swinomish, The Snoqualmie tribe, just to name a few.


    It looks like you live in the Gig Harbor. What kind of interaction do you have with Indian tribes. I am guessing you might go to our casino in Fife. That hardly makes you an expert on our people.

    The term Whitey is used all throughout the Indian world. Your studity is amazing. If you want to see what we think of people like yourself try googling “Whitey Indians”

  17. 18

    My Left Foot spews:


    Allow me to say, because John Barelli never would, and I have no such compunction…..

    FUCK YOU!!

    It was nice having you visit the board. Now go back to basket weaving and drinking. Seems that is what “your” people do best.

    Have a nice day!!

  18. 19

    Susan spews:

    My left foot

    Is everyone on this board a RACIST! Wow!

    “go back to basket weaving and drinking… that is what you people do best”

    and you don’t understand why we call people like you Whitey!

  19. 21

    rhp6033 spews:

    I seriously doubt “Susan” is really a Native American, or if she his, her tribal connection is far more removed than was Rossi’s.

    She’s trying to be satirical, making fun of the local tribe’s support of the governor in the last election, and My Left Foot was being satirical right back at her.

  20. 23

    rhp6033 spews:

    I should have read the “Can’t We All Just Get Along” link in the original post. It seems that the Wash. State Dept. of Transportation has had plans in place since 2003 for this area to relieve flooding by working with the Corps of Engineers and local governments to implement a series of levys and other flood control projects for the area. It makes sense for them to cooperate, since a highway elevated on raised ground is, itself, a levy of sorts. This was one of the projects in the “nickle” tax package, and the state’s portion was fully funded. But the Corps of Engineers and the local governments never came up with their share of the funding. In 2006 the state’s share was re-allocatd to other projects, since it wasn’t being used anyway. That leaves this project with zero funding.

    Of course, Rossi and his supporters will insist that the budget be cut further, because we are in a rescession, after all, and the nickle transportation package was just part of the “explosive state spending” which was “unsustainable”, requiring drastic cuts.

    In the meantime, the citizens of this area, having been flooded out in 1990, 1996, 2007, and now 2009, are expected to once again bear the cost. That is, between them and their insurers (which in the case of flood insurance, is the federal government, er, taxpayer, which is the ultimate guarantor of flood insurance). Yep, MUCH cheaper to just keep paying to clean up the mess, over and over again, rather than to fix it, right Rossi & Eyman?????

  21. 24

    rhp6033 spews:

    Of course, anything Gregoire does would be shouted down by the wingnuts here and on KVI.

    If she stays home to attend business here, she would be castigated for her “uncaring” attitude for our troops in Iraq. If she goes to Iraq, she’s criticized for “wasting money” on a photo op. If she returns via D.C., where she is probably participating in discussions on how future economic packages would benefit the state (and possibly fund improvements such as the Chehailis River flood control project currently on hold for lack of funds), she will be decried for not being home during the current disaster, or trying to get “earmarks”. If she does return home and make a tour of the area, she will be criticized for engaging in an “empty photo op”. If she doesn’t tour the area (after all, she was there in the last floods), she will be criticized as being “uncaring” about the hardships suffered by the people there.

    Even if she did appear on-site, stretch a rod across the rivers and compel them to retreat back within their banks, she would be criticized for trying to look like Moses.

    It’s no use listening to, or arguing with such people. They have one agenda, to tear down the governor, without any concern for the merits of her actions, or any attempt at logical consistency.

  22. 25

    Steve spews:

    @16 John, I think you may have misconstrued Slingshot’s post and have mistaken him for a wing-nut troll. I understand him to be a union electrician who supports Gregoire.

  23. 26

    Susan spews:

    That was a nice attempt to cover for a couple of racists on this board.

    Whether aimed at blacks, hispanics or American Indians hatred as spewed on this blog is racism plane and simple.

    Sticking your head in the sand makes you just as culpible.

    I am an female american indian. To call me anything different is both sexist and racist.
    The manager of this website knows my location and also knows that the only posts I have made have been made under my name “susan”

    If you don’t like my postings, get over it.
    Although I reside within a different sovereign nation I am still a citizen of the U.S.

  24. 27

    EvergreenRailfan spews:

    At that choke point where I-5 was flooded, the BNSF Mainline was also situated there. Although many would say, oh that’s BNSF’s responsibility, and as one who has read about what they have been doing with their Chicago-LA Freight speedway, clearing up the last single-track choke points, would love to see them do the same up here. WSDOT does have some responsibility though to pay for raising not just I-5, but also the rail line. 5 Amtrak Cascades trains, funded by the State of Washington, use that route. The ridership is good, and could have been better in this situation if the rail line was not in the same boat as I-5 in that area.

  25. 29

    correctnotright spews:


    First you write about whitey and then you scream racist – how childish.

    Next you claim to be Native american but criticize Gregoire for supposedly having “contacts” with native americans.

    Are you self-destructive or lying?

    Your evidence is weak, weak, weak – so WHAT if Gregoire has known an attorney for 16 years. Big deal. Native american interests are also part of the this state. Are you as thick as you seem?

  26. 30

    slingshot spews:

    “John Barelli”, I do indeed support, generally, our Governor. In fact, I still have the Christmas card she sent me on the living room shelf. Like lots of folks, I sent her money to beat the slick and greasy real estate salesman.

    I don’t support the Iraq war. National Guard troops shouldn’t be in Iraq. And trips by politicians of any party on the taxpayer’s dime for photo ops is only exacerbating the overall disaster and clusterfuck that is the Bush debacle.

    Susan quoted:
    “summon the great spirit out of their banks?”
    but the original quote was:
    “Summon the great spirit of rivers out of their banks?”

    Can you explain how this is racist? Political correctness can cloud your vision.

    And you still haven’t explained how Gregoire not being in Olympia would help the flooding situation. She has (we have)departments, managers and miscellaneous other state employees to handle the state’s part in this.

  27. 31

    Steve spews:

    @30 Good. A thoughtful rely to John. I was hoping I was right about you @25. Are you out of Local 46? Five generations of my family were/are Local 46 members and union officials.

  28. 32

    Susan spews:

    What is racist about whitey? According to one poster the only place that term is used is by Neo-Nazi types. I assume they are talking themselves. You call that racism?

    According to those on this blog, calling American indians “basket weavers and drunks” is OK. Not one of you have any problems with the racist comments aimed at American Indians on this website. I guess its ok to throw out the word “drunks” when referring to American Indians.

    I am somewhat surprised we haven’t heard from the real estate agent in Gig Harbor. Silence sometimes speaks louder than words

  29. 33

    uptown spews:

    The developer of my townhouse in Silicon Valley had to raise the whole 3 acre development about 10 feet before he could start building, just because it sat in an old flood plain. Meaning that it hadn’t flooded for years, but still showed on a map.

  30. 35

    Steve spews:

    @34 Interesting link, Susan. I’m not an electrician. Graduating from high school in 1969, my father took down to the old Local 46 hall on Cedar Street in Belltown to sign me up. He couldn’t and he was devastated. That was the first year when blacks were allowed in the union. One thing the article didn’t mention was that blacks were initially put in an accelerated apprenticeship program, two years instead of the usual four. While I had no issues whatsoever with a black taking my so-called “spot”, I thought it detrimental at the time to shorten their apprenticeship training period. I still believe I was correct in that assessment. It also caused resentment in members like my father, who, incidently, was racist. It was only a few years ago I worked with a black electrical superintendant who apprenticed under my Dad. He still remembered him and actually spoke kindly of him, better than I ever would. He had abandoned my Mom when I was six months old and I only saw him a handful of times growing up. Later, when my Mom died when I was in the sixth grade, the old man wasn’t there for me. I eventually ended up homeless. Anyways, perhaps my Dad was more of a closet racist rather than an overt one. As for myself, I went to school and then into electrical engineering.

  31. 36

    Suzie Q spews:

    I think moving the towns foolish enough to locate themselves on floodplains would generate a lot of jobs.

    Oh, and there’s no way “Susan” is Indian. Clearly a RW troll irritated at the recent appt of Loesch.

  32. 37

    Right Stuff spews:

    “Oh, and there’s no way “Susan” is Indian”

    Oh how non PC of you, unless you are inferring that Susan is from India?

    And gee, we haven’t had a comment on this thread from mister “we f*&ked the GOP in the A*^” yet. How refreshing. though I’m sure he’ll be right along…

  33. 38

    Right Stuff spews:

    Hey Jon
    Be careful there…

    “I don’t wanna pay to help my fellow citizens, because I’m a heartless bastard. Now back to the regularly scheduled talk about cutting the pay of the people who teach your children, because they are freeloaders.”

    I believe there is a saying out there involving stones and glass houses…

    “just sayin”

  34. 40

    YLB spews:

    Not one of you have any problems with the racist comments aimed at American Indians on this website.

    Susan, I can’t recall anyone here on the progressive side regularly using slurs against native americans. I’ve been here 4 years.

    I know the right wingers have occasionally gone off the rails but even there not that often.

    Most of the race-baiting here is usually over skin color or some other ethnicity like mexican over the immigration flaps.