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    mr. smitty spews:

    That pacifist liberal wuss! What would he know about defending a nation and fighting tyranny?


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    Gman spews:

    Darryl is a diseased dick, put a condom on him. How is that for being new and original, you cock sucker.

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    deathfrogg spews:

    The primary reason for the military industrial complex is a jobs program that serves the empire. That means the wealthy. Military expenditures total two thirds of our nations total wealth and industrial output. The military is so massive, so complex that if we were to grow a brain and actually audit the system, fraud and waste would probably account for half of the $2.3 billion spent every year.

    Don’t get me wrong, a strong defense system is critical. But the fact that congressmen and senators can demand that the military budget be increased every year, based on their own personal desire for wealth (forwarded to them in the form of “campaign contributions” and “donations” to their spouses charities) supersedes all other considerations including actually defending our country. They would rather build a multibillion dollar, totally useless system that they can skim money out of than put a decent pair of boots in the dirt.

    You cannot defend a square meter of dirt with an aircraft that cannot fly in the rain. They are only concerned with lining their own pockets, and the military is the easiest system to defraud next to medicare. The Bush administration systematically blocked all fraud investigations during that period, as did clinton and Bush Sr and Reagan. The purpose of the current system is not to defend our country, it is to build empire and make money.

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    It’s worth noting that Eisenhower originally planned to add the word “Congressional” to the term but changed his mind and left it out.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @1 What would a Republican know about defending a nation and fighting tyranny?

    See, e.g.:

    1. Pre-war Republican isolationism, 1930s
    2. Selling oil to Hitler a la Prescott Bush
    3. Losing Vietnam War, 1972
    4. 9/11/2001
    5. Mired in Iraq, 2003 – 2009
    6. Mired in Afghanistan, 2001 – 2009

    Yeah, Republicans are the military experts, all right …

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    mr. smitty spews:

    @7 – Do you actually think Ike would be a Republican today? Of course he wouldn’t…didn’t his granddaughter speak at the Democratic convention?

    Ike has been proven absolutely correct, and the Dick Cheneys of the world ar reaping the benefits.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @10 “Do you actually think Ike would be a Republican today?”

    The only reason he was a Republican in 1952 was because the Democratic nomination was already taken.

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    I Like Ike; Rog Licks Dick spews:

    Damn! Lee finally gets one right.

    NY Review, about nine years ago, told the rest of the story. Ike balanced his budget by cutting conventional military procurements. Congressional Dems — JFK and Symington, in particular — wailed that Ike-and-Dick had crippled our defenses. We were on the short end of a bomber gap, said JFK. We were on the short end of a missile gap, said JFK.

    Then JFK promised to get America moving again by dumping billions of dollars into bombers and missiles, and to bearing any burden while fighting the long twilight struggle.

    You know the rest … the best and the brightest and Vietnam. Thanks to an immature unprepared Democrat president who didn’t know what he was doing. Sort of like now.

    And the gaps? Yes, there were bomber and missile gaps, but we were totally on top of them. As Eisenhower knew all along.

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    I Like Ike; Rog Licks Dick spews:

    the Democratic nomination was already taken

    Which explains why Truman, wallowing in failure and 20% “approval” wanted Eisenhower to be his successor.

    Eisenhower, both as NATO commander and as president of Columbia, had already signalled Tom Dewey that he preferred the better party, the GOP, and reluctantly agreed that he’d be a better candidate than isolationist Taft.

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    I Like Ike; Rog Licks Dick spews:

    Wasn’t Scoop Jackson part of the missile-rattling progressive cabal of 1960? Think he was.

    And isn’t it amazing that a silver-spoon party-doll pretty boy like Kennedy could believe, or pretend to believe, that the architect of D-Day would allow the USA to become vulnerable to the USSR?

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    Roger Milhous Rabbit spews:

    See, e.g.:

    Democrat isolationism in 1990 and 1991;

    Democrat treason in 1990 when Jimmy Carter tried to destroy the pre-Gulf War coalition;

    Democrat abetting of the Diem’s assassination, 1963, and Democrat lies about Tonkin that married us to a no-win war for a decade;

    Democrat lies about gaps … see above;

    Democrat failure in Korea, 1950 – 1953: almost 40,000 dead Americans who died for Acheson’s mistake;

    Democrat lies about communist infiltration of FDR’s and HST’s executive branch … e.g. Hiss at Ag and State; Harry Dester White at Treasury; Duggan here and there; Lauchlin Currie in the White House;

    Democrat provocations c. 1939 – 1941 that led us into a two-front war when we were unprepared for a one-front war;

    etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc

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    Puddybud Remembers Progressives Forget spews:

    Well we know the military industrial complex doesn’t provide jobs at $160,000 Per Stimulus Job