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    Puddybud identifying useless Moonbat!s since 2005 and identifying rujax as an arschloch! spews:

    Amazing what progressives do these days in Seattle when they think the law is on their side!

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    I Love You Baby, You Know It! spews:

    Just legalize it already. There’s no science or rational reason for the fact that I can buy a CASE of Merlot, 16 bottles of vodka, a keg of beer, and 2 cartons of Marboro’s all in the same day…legally. But I can’t have a joint. Even though alcohol is more toxic, leads to more driving deaths, more domestic violence, and cigarettes are direct carcinogens. But they’re all legal. Grow up folks. Legalize pot or keep leaving in magical fantasy land.

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    Chuck spews:

    As my Dad used to tell me when he was alive, son that is what that shit will get you, it leads to no good! Guess Dad was once again right

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    Pete spews:

    @6 Yeah, because in cities with Republican mayors, the police never use inappropriate force.


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    Fairer and more balanced spews:

    All hail James Connelly! (As seen on Fox 13.) Shouldn’t he take the cotton out of his mouth before speaking for the camera?

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    proud leftist spews:

    The equation seems easy, doesn’t it? I don’t use the stuff, but I could not care less if others do. Why is this still an issue?

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    Politically Incorrect spews:


    Beats the absolute hell outta me, proud. I can’t figure out why marijuana hasn’t been made legal other than too many corrupt interests would prefer to keep it illegal for their own gain.

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    Bluecollar Libertarian spews:

    Let’s see. Try to catch a car thief or go for the sure thing, two marijuana plants? What would you do?

    The boys in blue get in federal money for doing drug busts?

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    David spews:

    Maybe we need to go to the ‘community service’ kind of punishment for these situations.

    For example, I think that the officers that trashed his place need to be the ones who clean it up, along with paying for and physically replacing his apartment door.

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    Shemp spews:

    WTF happened to protect and to serve? I do believe that the professionals are paid to take an extra risk, so why does the safety of the police force supersede concerns for the safety of the average citizen?

    Answer: when we militarized the police.

    Militarize the police force and the public becomes the enemy.

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    Shemp spews:

    Like with the Columbine massacre, the police withdrew while kids were getting popped. What happened to courage? Police are professionals with guns, while the public is just the public – kids, elderly, the sick and infirm. When you err it should be on the side of public safety, not on the side of an irrational fear of a remotely possible unknown.

    If you treat the public as the enemy, the public will return the favor.

    You guys are not in Afghanistan, this is not a war, except perhaps in the minds of craven politicians and small dick wanna-be warriors.

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    Leaving aside the dubious likelihood that marijuana is appropriate for relief of severe pain, the real issue here seems to me to be the claim of excessive force. It is hard to believe that this level of intrusion was needed if the only issue was possession. It would be rational to find out what the police have to say.

    If Lee is not just huffin and puffin, then I suggest one of the MJ orgs file a complaint at the Office of Profession Responsibility at(206) 615-1566 or via e-mail

    Or he (or anyone else here who is concernedO) can file a complaint at

    or he can complain.

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    Todd spews:

    One problem medical marijuana patients will edndure until marijuana is legalized for everyone is that medical use of marijuana is an affirmative defense, meaning that it is a defense only at trial. An affirmative defense does not thwart probable cause for a search warrant or even arrest. Police can — and will — repeatedly raid legal grow operations, including grow operations that the police have reason to believe are legal prior to search warrant service, seize the marijuana and wait for the courts to dismiss the case. And then do it again.

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    How is this for an anti-wrinkle:

    An orthodox Jewish group in Cal. now makes up a creeam with MJ as a balm! tHey claim thta it may be a biblical oil used then to annpoint and nhealo folk.

    At least, unlike smoked MJ, this balm ought to be harmless.

    The link is on SJ.