The real animals, not the ones from Red Dawn.

A remote camera has captured images of a creature not seen in Washington’s southern Cascades in at least a generation: a wolverine.

The Cascade Carnivore Project recorded the images late this spring on a motion-activated camera established on Mount Adams, confirming reported sightings by hikers and another image captured on the Yakama Indian Reservation in 2005.

Sorry, didn’t mean to get the nativists all excited there. There are no commies attacking Texas this morning.

Still, kind of cool.


  1. 1

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    I was never impressed by the plot line of that movie. I mean, the U.S. being invaded and taken over by Sandanistas? What a fucking joke!

    “Red Dawn” is mainly interesting as a practice effort before John Milius’ work on later feature films, notably “Apocalypse Now.”

    The “Dawn” movie was nothing but a rightwing scare propaganda piece.

    As for Milius himself, he’s a certified rightwing nut. Wikipedia says,

    “Milius attempted to join the Marine Corps in the late nineteen-sixties, but was rejected due to chronic asthma [and] ascribes his fascination with guns and the military to this disappointment.” Another frustrated warrior wannabe.

    “Milius is a member of the Board of Directors of the National Rifle Association, is an avid firearms collector …, and is a vocal opponent of … gun control legislation. Milius, a very popular personality among gun hobbyists, can be routinely seen visiting local gun shops and shooting and socializing with the public at target ranges near his residence in Southern California ….”

    Wikipedia also says, “His filmmaking idols are John Ford and Akira Kurosawa; he has also mentioned Sam Peckinpah, Sergio Leone, David Lean, and his friend and mentor John Huston as important influences as well. His favorite film is reportedly David Lean’s The Bridge on the River Kwai, although he has also named Seven Samurai, The Searchers, and The Battle of Algiers ….” Sorry, John, those guys are way above of your class and your work doesn’t even merit mention on the same page with those films.

    Probably Milius’ most enduring contribution to filmography was scripting these famous lines in Apocalypse Now: “Charlie don’t surf” and “I love the smell of napalm in the morning.” Yeah, those expressions are right in sync with the values of his fawning legions of potbellied beer-swilling fans.

  2. 2

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    And, consistent with rightwing family values, Milius has been married three times. I wonder if he owes any back child support?

  3. 3

    drool spews:

    “Things like snowmobile use in the winter potentially could have an impact,” Akins said.

    Typical. Get a dig in on the evil of snowmobiles with no supporting data. How about this Mr. Akins? Snowmobile use in the winter may have ZERO impact. I’m not even a snowmobiler. I’m a mountain biker.

  4. 4

    demo kid spews:

    As I remember, Red Dawn handwaved a lot. It explained that Europe and Latin America fell to the Soviets, and that the invasion of the U.S. happened at the same time as a nuclear attack on other U.S. cities. In retrospect? A little kooky and unrealistic, but a needed setup for a movie that was more about the ultra-violence and the fantasies about being part of a resistance movement than the sociopolitical ramifications.

    (Heck, it’s why they’re remaking it now… it isn’t about the politics, it’s about the personal fantasy.)

    Then again, while there were plenty of ways the fear of nuclear war and invasion were expressed in the media at the time, the anti-proliferation crowd fared much better. Movies like Top Gun and Firefox may have been quite macho, chest-thumping fare, but the big picture movies and mini-series had a much more sober message: Threads, On The Beach, Miracle Mile, Testament, Fail-Safe, Dr. Strangelove and so forth.

  5. 5

    mark spews:

    Yeah, God help us if a wolverine were to see a snowmobile its eyes might explode. I figured someday the environmentalists would be worried that the snow was getting messed up with all those tracks in it. On top of that curtailing another industry is always helpful for the economy. Another “idea” with a lack of scientific evidence. I can see why Saddam had a wood chipper out back of his office.

  6. 6

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @3 So you know more about wolverines than scientists who spend their lives studying them? Nice. Oh, and that’s Ms. Akins, you ignorant fuck.

  7. 7

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @4 Don’t forget The Day After, a made-for-TV effort to realistically portray the aftermath of a nuclear exchange that recently has been selling well off supermarket DVD racks.

  8. 8

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @5 Just what we need on this blog, another fucking wingnut scientific expert. I think I’ll take a piss break for a few minutes. Maybe it’ll help neutralize some of the intellectual pollution around here.

  9. 9

    demo kid spews:

    @3-5: Fucking idiots. ONE snowmobile does nothing. A hundred snowmobiles belching exhaust, making plenty of noise, and driving off the paths through habitat can do damage. No one is suggesting that snowmobiles be completely banned, but thinking that you have the unfettered right to do what you want is pretty stupid.

    @7: A shame that it’s mixed in with the straight-to-DVD stuff now… at the time, it was a pretty serious anti-war statement!

  10. 10

    Haywood Jablome spews:

    hey dipshit rabbit turd, Apocalypse Now came out YEARS BEFORE Red Dawn, not after.

    FFS, have a clue……

  11. 11


    Environmentalists, despite your (mark’s) ill-educated opinion, are who have provided data on wolverine sightings. If any of you want to get a doctorate in biology, zoology, conservation, boreal forestry or any other science, then you might have room to talk of the influence snow machines have on wolverine recovery. Until you do, or until you have logged many hours in the snow and cold waiting for an elusive and rare animal such as the wolverine, then STFU. When a human monkey blows by on a snow machine, the snowshoe hare or young deer bolts–and another chance as survival for a hungry wolverine bolts with it.

  12. 12

    Haywood Jablome spews:

    I cant wait for snowmobile season to arrive….god its gonna be especially fun this year….

  13. 13

    Broadway Joe spews:

    I only have one thing to say: If they found a wolverine, then Cyclops and Marvel Girl shouldn’t be far behind…..


  14. 16

    WatchmanOnTheWall spews:

    I think they left because of glaobal warming,Texas having its own shores, mountains, prairies and deserts found a good place where the climate stays the same.Just in Wa for a visit.

  15. 18

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @12 That pretty much says what your values are, doesn’t it? I.e., you don’t have any. You’re an egocentric human who thinks the world revolves around you and was made solely for your pleasure. Fuck you. A wolverine is an elegant, fascinating animal. You’re as elegant and fascinating as rat droppings, and no more useful.

  16. 19

    Steve spews:

    That Mark Sanford is practically normal compared to most Republicans. Sure, he abandoned his state and left his family in ruins, standard fare for a Republican, I suppose. But at least the Sanford sex scandal involved adults of the same species and there’s been no reports yet of animal costumes or diapers being involved. Well, not yet, anyway.

  17. 20

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    We wouldn’t need to ban snowmobiles if we could ban the assholes who drive them over critical habitat.

  18. 21

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @19 Don’t forget he used taxpayer money to fund his tryst flights. That’s also standard Republican behavior.

  19. 23

    Haywood Jablome spews:

    @17 – apparently you cared enough to post it as a reference(a badly mistaken one at that), dumbass. Giving everyone some phony bullshit story about who made the movie.


    I get a kick out outing bullshitters like yourself.

  20. 24

    Haywood Jablome spews:

    @18 – typical drivel from a pussified urban metrosexual progressive like yourself.

  21. 25

    mark spews:

    11 Waaaaaaaahhhh. Im buying a two stroke now just to watch the smoke besides they burn more fuel. Waaaaaaaaahhhh! LOSER

  22. 26

    mark spews:

    You stupid fucks couldn’t pick a wolverine out of a lineup. What a bunch of followers. Hows that Obama working out for you. LOSERS

  23. 27

    proud leftist spews:

    I think it’s damned cool that a wolverine has been filmed on Mt. Adams. Wolverines are not well understood. Even the wingies should be cheering, but they won’t be. They must await their spewing orders from Sir Rush, Sir Bill, or Sir Glen. The natural response should be–“damn, a wolverine this far south. Who’d’a thought?” Wingies, however, awaiting word from on high, are thinking, “should we canonize or butcher the wolverine?” They’re also thinking, “what the fuck’s a wolverine?”

  24. 28

    proud leftist spews:

    markie @ 26
    Obama’s working out quite well for Americans. From where do you come, North Korea or Iran, perhaps? Go fuck yourself, you unpatriotic piece of shit.

  25. 29

    Puddybud is shocked SHOCKED spews:

    proud leftist, did ya see ‘the messiah’s” navy decided not to board the NK vessel. Direct from a lintardo MSM source.

    Yep, strong really strong. So many Joe Biden opportunities and the United States votes Present.

  26. 30

    Haywood Jablome spews:

    @27 – actually, people of ALL political bents are thinking: “damn, proud leftist writes about as well as my 4th grader.”

  27. 31

    mark spews:

    28 Im unpatriotic because I dont want a govt that resembles N Korea? How about FUCK YOU back! Funny thing is you libs are experts in every field. HAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHH

  28. 32

    footsore spews:

    I am surprised that the wingnuts have so little compassion for the wolverine. They will bring down a deer, tear out it’s throat, eat it’s guts and urinate on the carcass, leaving it inedible for anyone else. Similar to the rethuglican practices of both the environment and fiscal policies. It’s an animal variation of “fuck you I got mine”. So where is the luv boys?

  29. 33

    rhp6033 spews:

    #9: “ONE snowmobile does nothing. A hundred snowmobiles belching exhaust, making plenty of noise, and driving off the paths through habitat can do damage.”

    Agreed, but let’s make it a little clearer by pointing out the (obvious) next step. A wolverine is a carnivoire. It needs small game to feed upon (like rabbits – sorry, Roger). Small game doesn’t like to stick around areas with lots of noisy vehicles which might run them over, crush their burrows, etc., so they leave the area. Wolverines must also leave or die for lack of food.

    I would have thought that would have been obvious. But heaven forbid that we spoil a little fun by insisting that someone remain on approved trails!