Will WA’s media finally cover Dino Rossi’s positions on women’s health care?

When Dino Rossi was asked about his stance on abortion during his first gubernatorial campaign back in 2004, he blithely quipped that “I’m not running for Supreme Court,” and everybody laughed and gave him a pass.

In 2008, during his second shot at Chris Gregoire, he pretty much offered the same non-denial denial in response to charges he was anti-choice, and once again reporters and editorialists pretty much shrugged.

And in 2010, sensing the Republican primary electorate shifting even further to the far right, Rossi grudgingly acknowledged that he opposes legal abortion except “maybe” in cases of rape, incest or when the life of the mother is at stake… but repeatedly emphasized that he’s “not running on that issue” in refusing to discuss it further.

So the question is, with the election only weeks away, and Rossi this time running for the U.S. Senate at a time when the Supreme Court is a mere pubic-hair-on-a-coke-can away from overturning Roe v. Wade, will our local media call Rossi on his obfuscation, and finally explain in detail where he stands on abortion and other women’s health care issues?

We may find out today at 3PM, when Gov. Gregoire and Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards hold a joint press at the Women’s University Club of Seattle to “highlight what’s at stake for women’s health care this election, including where the candidates stand.” If the cameras and reporters show up, and feature their comments on the evening news and in tomorrow’s papers, then we’ll know that the local news media is finally taking women’s issues seriously. But if they don’t, well, it’s another free ride for Dino Rossi on a position I’m sure he holds genuinely, but which separates him from a large majority of Washington voters.

To be clear, this isn’t just another press conference. This is the governor, for chrissakes, taking time out of her day to take questions from reporters. And since she’s not running for anything, likely every again, you just know this press conference is mostly about Rossi.

That’s news. But only if, you know, the press decides to report it.

The record is clear. Rossi opposes abortion, opposes funding to reduce teen pregnancy and opposes access to emergency contraception. He’s voted to oppose requiring insurance prescription plans to include contraception, and twice voted to deny family planning services through Medicaid. In 1992, he even spoke in favor of re-instituting “homes for unwed mothers” as an alternative to abortion. Most reporters know that.

But the fact that the latest SurveyUSA poll shows Rossi still earning 29% support from self-described pro-choice voters, is clear evidence that the public isn’t nearly as well informed.

This is an opportunity for our media to make up for six years of looking the other way. I’ll be interested to see if they take advantage of it.


  1. 1

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    What do you expect from a party whose candidates don’t want voters to know which party they represent?

  2. 2

    Glenno spews:


    Based on this post you don’t give the Elway poll much credit.

    If Elway was right why is Nobama coming to WA ST again? It can’t be to bring COLA’s for the Senior Citizens who made this country great.

  3. 3

    Mary Plante spews:

    Obama’s visit will boost Democratic turnout not only helping Murray but Larsen, Heck, DelBene and Smith as well. An increased Democratic turnout makes defeat of Eyeman’s 1053 and the BIAW’s 1082–all very good things IMHO

  4. 4

    Right Stuff spews:


    Total desperation.

    “A vote for Rossi is a vote for back alley abortions and coat hangers”

    Oh, and in case you missed it….

    This election is about JOBS. Or as the VP likes to say, “that three letter word J.O.B.S, JOBS”

    About the only person more unpopular that Obama right now is the Gov.
    very desperate moves indeed.

  5. 5

    ArtFart spews:

    @4 Actually, it’s about one job. A certain government one. And whether Mr. Rossi is blessed with even a smattering of the competence or moral fiber to qualify for it.

  6. 6

    Steve spews:

    “This election is about JOBS. Or as the VP likes to say, “that three letter word J.O.B.S, JOBS””

    Well, I’d say that it sounds one heck of a lot less silly than when Jim Baker used “Jobs, jobs, jobs” to justify the first war with Iraq.

  7. 7

    Michael spews:

    Regardless of whether or not Rossi’s running on the issue, it’s an issue the people of Washington should have a clear answer about. I bet there’s at least a few pro-have-the-government-force-women-to-cary-pregnancies-to-term folks that would like a clear answer to the question as well.


    WOW Total desperation.

    No, more like exasperation with local media that give Rossi a pass on way too many issues.

  8. 8

    Zotz sez: Puddybud is just another word for arschloch. spews:

    @4: Senators confirm SCOTUS judges, dipshit.

    It is THE most critical senatorial responsibility in the current political context.

    Of course you knew all that, you dickwaving piece of shit. Thanks for playing.

  9. 10

    pedophile spews:

    Yes, this election is about jobs, and which party you want to have in power: The one that is going to do everything in its power to encourage the continued outsourcing of America’s manufacturing jobs, or the one that is going to actually try to do something to bring jobs back to the U.S.?

    The Senate Republicans just killed a bill, that is supported overwhelmingly in the house, and by a majority of Americans, and by a majority in the Senate, and by the President, that would have provided tax incentives to bring manufacturing jobs back home.

    So yes, this is about jobs, vs funneling even more borrowed money to the super-rich that are doing nothing to create jobs in America.

    And this is about which candidate has the most influence over the tanker deal which would add local, high paying manufacturing jobs at Boeing.

    If you care about jobs, you’ll vote for Murray. If you care about further enriching the richest Americans and international corporations that ship our jobs overseas, at the expense of the middle class, you’ll vote for Rossi.

  10. 12


    I agree about Jobs being more important than sex. Important point.

    It seems to me that Steve should run for President. He would be shoo in.

  11. 13

    curtis spews:

    I just got the National Right to Life Committee’s endorsement mailing for Dino Rossi.
    The most important point, point three states: “Dino Rossi opposes abortion and supports legal protection for unborn children”.
    Point four states: “Dino Rossi is endored by the National Right to Life Political Action Committee”.
    You can’t get their endorsement if your not interested in it. He sought it out. He got it. His own actions prove that this issue is important to him.

  12. 14

    curtis spews:

    4. If this election is only about jobs then all candidates elected in this cycle can only vote on issues pertaining to jobs for the remainder of their time in office and keep their self righteous noses out of women’s business. If they are incapable of doing that then it is obvious this election is about a lot more than jobs and us women are entitled to make our rights a deal breaker when we vote.